Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

He walked on stage clearly in the lead, holding ever increasing popularity in the polls, with everything to lose opposed to his party rivals, fellow GOP candidates whom he hopes to beat to the nomination and walked out roughly in the same condition despite sticking to his shtick, repeating how we’re not winning against China, Japan, Mexico, stopping at the sound bite  really, missing an opportunity to announce policy of his own; unlike his stage-mates, who when given the chance to speak, said things that should, quite frankly, have us all collectively voting for anyone but members present in the debate arena. Despite making decidedly inappropriate comments, picking a fight with moderators, despite a predicted stall in his poll numbers post his performance yet to materialize, days later still insisting he won the debate contrary to critical analysis, actual post-debate polling being assembled; facts that didn’t stop ‘The Donald’ from complaining the moment the debate was over about questions put to him during the nearly 2 hour Q&A session between top polling GOP members throwing their hat in the ring to lead this country, designed to let America get a better feel for them. At issue for Mr. Trump, Megyn Kelly’s questions on his known comments regarding women; when she confronted him for calling various, in some cases highly successful, highly capable, household name women fat pigs, slobs, referencing his twitter remarks, though getting no further, interrupted when he remarked, only Rosie O’Donnell. Once Kelly completed her question on how he would answer likely democratic nominee Hillary Clinton calling him part of the war on women, his answer was one of the problems today was our insistence on political correctness that he didn’t have time for political correctness and neither did the country referencing how much jeopardy he believes we’re in, ending with, “what I say is what I say.” Leveling a quasi-threat at Kelly about having been nice to her up to that point going on saying he could be no so nice based on how she treated him. And that should have been the end of it seeing as Kelly made no more direct “attacks” on him, only asking him directly one other question related to his “evolving” statements, positions on social issues chiefly abortion, his prior ideas on healthcare, former support for democrats, his longtime association with Hillary Clinton rolled into that question, ending in when exactly did you become a republican? Hardly worth the post-debate dust up including invading the talk show circuit calling the questions put to him unfair, almost pouting no one else got asked such questions, calling Megyn Kelly unprofessional, criticizing the debate as a whole, discounting moderators with their opening question, if there was anyone unwilling to pledge their support to the eventual republican nominee, Trump predictably raising his hand; upon first hearing media highlights, the controversy, then viewing the whole debate via YouTube, as a voter, I couldn’t believe this was it, this is what the news was talking about, wondering if there was something to long voiced claims of bias. Until 2 things happened, media outlets revealed the highest internet searched persons afterwards where Donald Trump and Ben Carson and footage showing the former taking to twitter re-tweeting a comment calling her a bimbo, at one point saying she had blood coming out of her eyes, out of her wherever leaving people wondering if he was referencing the female menstrual cycle, how inappropriate it was whatever his point, concurrent footage of Trump questioning whether he had ever truly made the statements Ms. Kelly listed beside footage or testimonials demonstrating he did. Finally fully developing my opinion on debate coverage, seeing Trump follow up his lack luster, devoid of substance performance claiming he would be wonderful on women, women’s healthcare, shamelessly trying to ingratiate himself to female voters slamming Jeb Bush’s comment asking do we need half a billion for women’s healthcare, even after he said he misspoke and was only speaking to Planned Parenthood funding in light of disturbing videos seeming to highlight the sale of fetal body parts, tissue by Planned Parenthood staff, a very plausible explanation, better than Trump has for any of his comments; the latter going on to say it would be Bush’s version of Romney’s 47% dooming him as a probable nominee. Yes this from a guy who hasn’t got anything good to say about women unless they are 24/36/24, to quote the Sir Mix-a-Lot song. So once again we’re talking about Trump, leaving everything else on the cutting room floor, shocking tax plans, military expansion, plans to fight ISIS/ISIL, startling thoughts on abortion, economic growth; the only consolation for the American people, that none of the debate stage participants saw jumps in their poll numbers apart from him.

Sadly we do have to talk about Donald Trump because, more than his petulant, adolescent over the top response to something ultimately favoring him, only coming out negatively due to his own actions, his own words; true, according to some measures there is ample reason for certain sectors of the American public to perhaps call Megyn Kelly a bimbo, if nothing but a reflection of where she works however, debate night wasn’t one of them. Instead she asked relevant questions tailored, it seemed, to each candidate based on their statements, involvement pertaining to top issues; she also asked Jeb Bush about Iraq and his defense of father and brother on the matter, she closed the questioning round asking candidates of faith if they felt they had a word from god on what to do first should they land in office, asking the arguably seen as “token” black guy on stage about the Black Lives Matter movement, police and race relations across America, but he wasn’t the only one and the candidate make up isn’t her fault or her problem. Her tone with Trump wasn’t much different than it was with everyone else housing slightly more sarcasm due to the type of question or to match a little of his trade mark own; the opening question entirely appropriate for persons standing on a GOP primary debate stage, registered as republicans and one of them saying, well, I’m running now as a republican but if I don’t win, if they don’t treat me right, a phrase he can’t even articulate what that means, looks like to him, I can always run as an independent. The reason he had to raise his hand, be singled out is because he feels that way, refuses to pledge his support to the eventual nominee, refuses to forgo running in an unaffiliated fashion if things don’t go his way; realities that make conservative, republican voters, his audience that night, nervous. Kelly’s question on women entirely appropriate considering his on record, in various places, statements about women, forget fat pigs, slobs, dogs linked to his war of words with Rosie O’Donnell; had it seriously been limited to his very public feud with Rosie O’Donnell, we might have been able to let it go. But Kelly was right it goes so far beyond Rosie O’Donnell, here is a man who once had his wife describe sex with him as rape, making her feel violated; now most agree the story is old news drudged up to smear Trump, try and stop his climbing poll numbers, bigger question, what did he do to his wife to make her say that about him? Here is man who just had a women come forward and detail a “freak out” he had over breast milk, her need to take a prearranged lunch break to pump breast milk jumping up, shouting, calling her disgusting; he can say it was for her 15 minutes of fame pointing out what a horrible lawyer she was all he wants, but maybe it was about people knowing who the man vying to be the next leader of the free world is, how he behaves in supposed to be professional settings. Too, don’t buy the “I don’t remember saying it” line, ABC news aired footage on their nightly broadcast the following evening showing Trump uttering the very line about an Apprentice contestant and it being a pretty picture to see her on her knees; sure the context was she had apparently begged on her knees to do the show, but he said it, a professional choosing interns for an internship, slated to mentor, set up a mentorship for one promising up and coming in business and this is what he defacto planned to teach them?  Subsequently obtained, a statement from a New York Timescolumnist who after criticizing Trump says she was sent a copy of the article with her face circled and a picture of a dog painted over it; Megan Kelly definitely not this rage filled, out to get him moderator having an ax to grind, the picture he tried to paint to entities like CNN. Neither did he best her with his response, on the contrary, his post-debate behavior demonstrating exactly why she bought it up, why she asked what she asked. You don’t like her, you believe she is unprofessional, rather than stopping there you re-tweet a comment advising Fox News to “give low marks to Bimbo @ Megyn Kelly;” again real professional Mr. Trump. Further, if he meant, with is controversial blood comment, blood coming out of her eyes, her ears, nose, her mouth as a metaphor for rage, he claims is a common one, why stop at blood coming out of her eyes then next it’s coming out of her wherever, not whatever, the better word if you were going to phrase it just that way, like you were trying to avoid being censored on television for something too vulgar for primetime? Why not continue listing benign body parts so “deviants” wouldn’t arrive at that gross conclusion; why not associate your provocative comment with what you intended, rage?

To the accusation of unfairness, to people coming up to you and commenting they were glad they didn’t get the same questions; of course they were, they were expressing their relief they never said such outlandish things thus having to answer for them. The only reason anyone would have to call the questions put to Trump, via all the moderators not exclusively Megyn Kelly, unfair is if they were unfamiliar with Trump’s long, long history of bizarre theories, disparaging comments on women, what he has said past or present on healthcare and where he has put his money politically over the years, repeatedly and consistently supporting democrats, in one interview years before calling himself a democrat, considering himself liberal on healthcare because we have to take care of people, hints the question tinged with attitude on when he became a republican; perhaps they were indeed that ignorant when it came to their opponent. The same applies to those, if they do exist and are not figments of the spin, exaggeration Trump is nearly as known for, who were left with the impression Megyn Kelly is unprofessional, tried to go after him using an inappropriate question. It isn’t unprofessional to highlight a twitter account, which she didn’t get to, where he said regarding Hillary Clinton, “if she can’t satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy the American people?” A backhanded comment at the LGBT community while blasting another well-known woman, “@ariannahuff is unattractive both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man- he made a good decision,” trying to make his offensive remarks ok, completely justifiable by tying them singularly to Rosie O’Donnell throwing her, a proud lesbian, under the bus to do it; his Arianna Huffington comment proving that an outright lie, not that he remembers all his offensive statements, he makes so many on a regular basis. To be fair, I too have criticized Arianna Huffington, however on the merits of her book, on her claims of success as an independent, trail blazing women, as opposed to manipulating patriarchy to her advantage; the only thing I ever said about her marriage was that she married into influence and privilege partly to achieve what she has in analyzing what she penned about women and leadership, hardly out of nowhere.  Unlike Trump whose comments, some complied by, include this one, unmentioned, “You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass;” I guess he didn’t like Kelly’s derriere. A mere fraction of the disgusting, deplorable things he has said over his 69 years, many of them in business; none of the above unfair, off limits in a time when women’s issues are at the forefront, they are fighting for their comprehensive healthcare and reproductive rights, usually against republicans, present at a republican primary debate, determined to circumvent if they cannot repeal, rescind Roe v. Wade enacting personhood bills, declaring all birth control abortifacient, and therefore morally wrong, whether it’s scientifically accurate or not. When we recently learned about ingrained biases in the workplace toward women in management, biases based on decades old perceptions, antiquated thought patters about the attributes, capabilities of women, family structures throughout America today, the, shouldn’t exist, pay inequality we have been made painfully aware of, when we see the lengths male businessmen, CEO’s will go to, to explain their otherwise unacceptable actions. Microsoft’s CEO telling women not to ask for raises to trust karma, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong blaming distressed babies, specifically their costs, for reduced retirement options given to employees, Facebook and a select few other tech giants, who think the solution to, what they would doubtlessly call their “women problem,” was to offer to pay the cryogenic storage fees to freeze their eggs until later in their career, not sane work hours, a family friendly workplace. Especially considering new research exposing the negative effect irregular, unpredictable, switching shifts weekly work schedules have on kids, schedules impacting roughly 17% of the workforce; Netflix and Microsoft making news when they offered as a perk paid maturity leave. Issues juxtaposed, coupled with Trump comments, just imagining what it must be like to work with, work for a Trump affiliated company, what it signals he will do as president handling women’s issues, how much or how little a priority he might make them, potential to call increased advancements in female, family friendly work environments neo- femme-nazi whining regardless of what it could do for quelling poverty, creating jobs, getting the right people for a job, one of his big slogans, growing our economy. And yes you did so something wrong Mr. Trump, several things to be honest, first you arrogantly assume your words have no consequences, you wouldn’t be called on your crap, wrong; second, you refused to own your prior statements, your recent statements, key ones elaborated on here, a list that could go on and on. Third, you assumed no one was going to hear you say about a woman, she had blood coming out of her wherever, and do a double take disbelieving of what they heard, get pushback from women who don’t want to hear anyone talk about women, who have long been discriminated against, still face obstacles in their careers, achieving their full potential the way you do as a matter of course.

Addressing his response to individual candidates such as Jeb Bush who called his tone divisive, implying his demeanor is the frustrated, angry result of seeing events transpire with ISIS/ISIL, our perceived failure to win in trade with China, Japan, jobs going over there, our being beaten at the border with Mexico, in trade, virtually all the problems America has; his tone on ISIS beheading Christians in the middle east, simply because they are Christians not Muslims,  on boarder security isn’t what’s getting him disinvited to the red state summit, not remotely his misrepresentation of facts on illegal immigrants being largely murderers and rapists, despite emerging headlines and a media trend toward suddenly checking the immigration status of criminals arrested for violent crime. It’s his tone on women, his Megyn Kelly blood comment when things didn’t go precisely his way, merely representing the latest; Jeb Bush getting it right asking do we want to alienate 57% of the voters, 57% of the electorate? It’s his flippant comment on political correctness and his lack of time for it when what people are requesting is basic decency, class, rudimentary sophistication, an understanding you don’t say those kinds of things because they are wrong, crass, gross, disrespectful precursors to domestic abuse, rape, making women nothing apart from things, objects, sex objects primarily and totally unbecoming of a president. An understanding you can still be forceful, tough, no nonsense without making racially, ethnically charged, sexist misogynistic comments every time you open your mouth chiefly by having your facts straight; an understanding you don’t want to give off the impression to would be voters you will likely start World War 3, an entire, dangerous, international incident because you said something, you would normally say about an “undesirable” American woman, about a foreign leader, foreign dignitary’s wife. Except, we very much do have time for political correctness in terms of policy correctness, policy correctness particularly aiding women mandatory maternity, paternity leave mirroring the rest of the western world; do we think we’ll get that from a guy who says the things he does about women, who said of equal pay for equal work, he would look at it. Talk about something that warranted an immediate response; it should be something he’s willing to do, executively or working with congress, within his first 100 days in office no exceptions. We’re supposed to believe he’s great on women’s health issues, you cherish women, but you talk about them like that; who once said of his own daughter she was so attractive, if she wasn’t his kid, he would probably be dating her, epitomizing the rape culture all around. Why both Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul called him out post-debate on his too harsh tone, they understand you cannot be president of the United States and have the mouth of a truck driver; it makes you, your country, your people look bad not bold, brave or ballsy, was their polite way of saying, stop the crude crass, racist, sexist, provocateur comments. It’s his flippant tone on every major issue, we solve the problem with Mexico simplistically by building a wall, we solve Iran by ditching the deal, ditching John Kerry as negotiator and getting other nations to impose greater purposed sanctions by leadership, leveraging what we give to these countries according to a follow up speech in Burch Run Michigan. Absolutely unworkable strategy accounting for these nations, apart from America, affiliated with the Iran deal would gladly trade with them where we understandably won’t; if we back out of the deal, try to threaten them into doing what we want, they will simply get what they need from Iran, promptly ignoring us. Interesting he also said in the same speech you have to go along to get along, you can’t do everything by executive order, his previous sentence being about him getting along well with Russian president Vladimir Putin, no one stopping to ask if that’s a god thing, when he is the one continually running afoul of the constitution in his proposed plans to make America great again. Who thinks imposing tariffs is as simple as calling up Ford and making the threat, NAFTA, the WTO be damned, who wants to put homegrown, American terrorists, who join ISIS, in Gitmo despite us already having a legal procedure to process said persons through the court system, his solution, to a non-existent problem, what to do with Americans who join terror groups, not to be confused with how do we stop them from joining terror groups, untenable under current law. Trump speaking to crowds in Burch Run, who bashed Caroline Kennedy and how she apparently got her job as ambassador to Japan, mocking that she went to the Whitehouse and simply asked for a job said, paraphrasing her 60 Minutes interview answer, she went in saying uh, is there anything I can do, and was made ambassador to Japan, people currently screwing us on trade. Let’s not forget who he’s referring to Caroline Kennedy as in those Kennedy’s, closest thing America has had to royalty, epitome of class, family and service, assassinated president John F. Kennedy, assassinated presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy long serving congressional member unto his death due to terminal illness, long history of political activity, public service. So what is likely to have happened is, she went to the Whitehouse asking if there was anything she could do to serve; after discussion, perusal of her many works in non-for profits and public service organizations, being on foundations and boards of directors, raising money for numerous causes, working with many kinds of people, she was appointed ambassador to Japan, conformed by senate committee, a little fact conveniently forgotten. Never mind since when was being an ambassador to a country involving little more than the ceremonial, the perfunctory; continuing how do we know Ms. Kennedy is responsible for our “bad” trades with Japan not adjacent accompanying diplomats he’s always beating up on? We don’t; sneaky suspicion, neither does Trump. Predictably wanting to replace her, another woman he doesn’t like, with a man, a business killer as opposed to our babies, his word for diplomats, trade negotiators, Carl Icahn; planning to appoint him, upon winning election, ambassador to both Japan and China. I have to give it to who said this discussing Trump’s approach to trade, “To diplomats, international trading is a give and take between two countries. To Trump, it’s a win-or-die competition.”

Lost in the constant morass of Trump sucking all the oxygen out of a room, a debate  is detrimental policies unveiled by candidates, social strategies that do not align with the American majority slated to put us in as bad a shape as Trump already believes we’re in; Ben Carson, striking how much he sounds like Herman Cain having to study up on presidential components, foreign policy to name one, who punted a question on what to do about ISIS, foreign terrorism falling back on the I don’t think we should be telling people what we’re gunna do line. In other words he has no idea, who wants a tax system based on Tithing, easily guessed people watching even religious sections of the republican party had to look that one up; 10% tax on income, no income no tax. Mike Huckabee who wants a tax code based on the fair tax, a consumption tax paid by everyone right down to prostitutes and drug dealers; which would be disastrous for our current consumer driven, functional, if slow economy, because no one would want to buy anything, plus putting us at odds with the rest of the developed nations on the globe, how they structure their economies, even developing nations clawing their way out of extreme poverty.  Marco Rubio besides giving points to Hillary Clinton saying, in part, it can’t be a resume contest, if it’s a resume contest she will be the next president, proclaiming we need to repeal Dodd Frank, meant to restore post Great Depression banking rules to avoid another housing bubble, financial crisis, Great Recession, because it’s killing small business and small banks who would lend to them. Marco Rubio and Scott Walker both who defunded Planned Parenthood, long before the horrifying videos came out and who can’t even support exceptions to the conservative abortion platform allowing it in cases of rape, incest, and here’s the biggie, life of mother respectively, a mother who may have other children; who can’t support an allowance for the life of mother? Mike Huckabee for one saying young life even at conception is to be cherished, especially citing the DNA science we have on that, interesting it’s the only science he, his cohorts support agreeing with the evolution is lies from the pit of hell stance, perfectly willing to let born infants and young children suffer poorer air quality, higher rates of asthma and respiratory distress before admitting the reality of climate change, manmade or not. Who wants to enact the 4th and 14 amendments to protect that life rather than they be “chopped up like parts to a Buick,” coming back to the Planned Parenthood videos; yet to be determined if any laws were actually broken, anyone to so much as suggest a law against the sale of fetal tissue believing defunding Planned Parenthood will eliminate the problem, as if they are the only abortion clinic, still undetermined, did Planned Parenthood corporate, staff of the facility employing seen individuals know about, authorize said sale, or would the situation be resolved by firing them?  To be clear, persons in the alleged videos were purportedly discussing the sale of fetal tissue for medical research not some barbarians personal collection, not to be put back in our food or other sick purpose; the ethical thing to do in said situation is to obtain consent from the women undergoing the procedure then give the tissue to medical research, taking the profit out of it. Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee vowing to increase our military exponentially, the latter complaining our navy is the smallest since the early 1900’s, our air force using B52’s from the 60’s, bemoaning the size of troops, how many secondary forces who should be ready at a moment’s notice, aren’t. The former being Chris Christie, who couldn’t pass a military physical to save his life, rattled off bombastically how many navy, air force, army, marine troops he would bring our military up to as little more than a readiness exercise, incase they’re needed type thing. Both seeming to forget we don’t have so much of all the things listed partly because we aren’t in Iraq and Afghanistan the way we were in the early 2000’s, technology has replaced the need for significant portions of the navy and air force as they described them, using drones for key strategic strikes on targets; terror that is not entirely Islamic extremist and some that is, is coming in the form of cyber threats, those suspected from Russia and/or China on government facilities, ISIS getting names, addresses and personal information on soldiers and turning it into a hit list, tactics you don’t, can’t fight with a B52, naval battle ship or ground troops unless they are trained in cyber warfare- dah!  Lost is that Trump couldn’t adequately answer any question he was asked, forget the ones that he wasn’t able to answer for the sake of time, the number of other people on stage; asked for evidence supporting his claims most illegal immigrants are rapist, murders and otherwise criminals, he turns it around to the audience and says, if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t even be talking about illegal immigration. Not entirely true since they would all be running on a pledge to revoke president Obama’s blanket amnesty, what they call the dream act meant to give young illegals brought here as children, educated here eligible work, higher education status. When pressed by moderator Chris Wallace to actually answer the question asked, he vaguely alluded to conversations with boarder guards, what they say is going on; but, we know on his trip to the boarder he took more time talking to the media than talking to the people on the front lines of the signature problem he intends to tackle as president. Confronted on his  whopping 4 bankruptcies he emphatically insisted he had never gone bankrupt, trying to make some distinction between personal and business bankruptcy, saying he used the laws of this country to his advantage; oh so bankruptcy is a tool to you? Business bankruptcy arguably worse than personal bankruptcy when discussing a person, as president, partially responsible for the finances of an entire country; what is he suddenly going to suggest the best way to get out from under out debt is for the whole United States of America declare bankruptcy?  It was a repeat when he was scrutinized  on his vow to repeal and replace Obama care, he told watchers your healthcare premiums were going up, 20%, 50, 55%, in actuality rate hikes not yet approved, talking about how he couldn’t make a bid, assumedly for healthcare, across what he called artificial lines controlled by the insurance companies, saying get rid of the artificial lines and it would be great; his “policy” making the least sense of all the outlandish, outrageous, are you serious policies articulated that night. At a press conference Q&A almost a week later he still couldn’t answer their question on that or key other parts of his platform saying the policy papers were forthcoming; gee everyone else showed up to the debate with their homework. Even if people didn’t like the answers, to paraphrase Ted Cruz responding to some current administration policy he didn’t agree with, thought it was the stupidest thing, you could understand what they wanted to do, combatting 1 minute answer times, 30 response, rebuttal times; not so with Trump.

Going forward political watchers remark Trump is starting to be seen as a serious candidate, noted for sounding a little more like a politician, reportedly staffing up in key campaign states, pundits praising his mention of placing Carl Icahn in charge of trade with 2 major Asian countries, letting press know policy documents will be released shortly. Except he should have already given policy outlines at the debate or certainly have been ready to do so in the Burch Run speech, housing again more of the same repeats we’ve heard over and over, frankly so many times we’re sick of it. He waits until today, Monday, to unveil specifics on what his immigration reform plan will look like; building the wall which we knew, charging more for immigrant visas and work permits to help pay for it, tripling immigration enforcement agents at the border, ending, birthright citizenship, in other words deporting the children of illegal immigrants born on U.S. soil saying we are the only country that puts the needs of other nations ahead of our own. Fraught with problems to say the least, so under Trump we’re going to use a person’s ancestry, who their parents were to determine citizenship, not solid documents like a birth certificate currently issued to every child born in this country, women who go to the hospital to have their child will have to prove their citizenship, through some sort of new document since birth certificates will no longer matter, before information can be processed for her child to be given one, under Trump, the birther, president Obama and his daughters, possibly his wife would be deported “because a certificate of live birth isn’t the same as a birth certificate” and no one had ever heard of the guy until he went to Harvard, really? Furthermore we’re going to be continually in the practice of punishing children for their parent’s mistakes; oh we’ll keep the families together as in deport all of them, children born here included. Never once addressing the singularly most interesting thing said by Marco Rubio during the debate, the calls that beseech his office from immigrants waiting to come to the United States people who have paid their fees, done it the right way waiting 15 years, why is that, why can’t we increase visa processing staff, decrease the entry time for good people willing to do it right also decreasing, possibly eliminating illegal immigration especially across the Mexican border? Because it’s not like e-verify, the system used to check social security numbers, permit papers of immigrants, hasn’t made an error, can’t be hacked by oh so smart, cunning Mexico, ha; because immigration enforcement has never made a mistake, the same people who deported a troubled teen girl, clerical errors abound in such places, as they do everywhere, but were gunna put all out faith in this, trust it with people’s lives, uh-huh. Of course this is the guy who said at his last press junket he would make America’s military so strong, so big we would never have to use it, they would be afraid of us; wait isn’t that North Korea, why would we ever in a million years what to emulate North Korea? And remind readers, why are we praising Trump’s staffing choices in Carl Icahn when he also said he would like to have Sara Palin take a spot in his cabinet; young people news media remarked turned out in Birch Run to hear what he had to say, believing he is the person to find the right people to do the job. Why do we still think that when he’s already had to answer for an intern using Nazi soldiers in a campaign image, had to distance himself from a lawyer’s, more than controversial, totally wrong comments on rape, who fired a campaign aid over racially charged Facebook comments and who either fired his policy adviser or had their policy adviser quit because he was too busy fighting with Fox News instead of concentrating on releasing policy plans, getting down to the meat of running a presidential campaign. Like I said the only consolation for the American people is that his are the only poll numbers moving, what consolation that is remains to be seen.