Who Is the Truly Entitled Generation- A Look at the Origins of the ‘Me’ Culture

…summing up the me culture and ‘New Left McCarthyism’ coddled, infantilized college student driven witch hunts bordering on the absurd into the neat little packages actually wanted by their generational predecessors… oh heaven forbid our young people display sensitivity enough to recognize that whole camel, hump day incident could be offensive to someone from the middle east regardless of what funny commercial they haven’t seen. Maybe if we demonstrated that level of sensitivity in assessing how we are perceived by other parts, that part of the world, they would have less reason to call is the great satan, if they didn’t believe we were all MTV, Girls Gone Wild; understood is, reasoning with extremists is as bad as people think using logic on millennials is, but why give them justifiable ammunition….Addressing broader comedy issues popping up on college campuses…the hallmark of their non-coddled, non-selfish, bigger ambition for a better beyond themselves stance, “These young people have decided that some subjects—among them rape and race—are so serious that they shouldn’t be fodder for comics. They want a world that’s less cruel; they want to play a game that isn’t rigged in favor of the powerful. And it’s their student-activities money…” Shouldn’t that be what we all want….The loudest whiners have a lot of nerve yammering about who wants to be coddled when it’s secretly them not their kids… Read More