Why Mental Illness Isn’t a Big Lie with Mass Shooters Regardless of Race

Interesting Chu leans heavily on the “expertise” of the mental health community engaging in its own “cop-out,” who has repeatedly said and maintains how hard it is to build an accurate profile of a mass shooter despite clear markers present in all the headlined shooters…. All exhibited by the latest Dylan Roof who was a transient student in school, changing so many times in his middle and high school years he wasn’t anywhere long enough to obtain a disciplinary file, while enrolled hardly showed up for class, dropped out in the 9th grade; before he brought a gun into Emanuel AME’s bible study he talked with friends about reigniting a race war, was banned from a local mall for asking people there bizarre questions, arrested again in the same location for trespassing, arrested for possession of a narcotic usually used to treat drug withdraw. Conclusion Dylan was spiraling out of control; Dylan Roof was in all probability suffering from some degree of mental illness making him susceptible to flashy propaganda selling the worst of humanity.