Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Throughout the campaign it was the stigma she just couldn’t shake, no matter how many times stories and scandals were proven meritless or just plain bogus, fake from the start, running the gambit, closet lesbianism to a lesbian tryst with her close aid, weirder than republican unelectable Christine O’Donnell and her teenage dabbling in witchcraft, an alleged rape she committed during a satanic ritual; except O’Donnell’s was freely admitted forcing her to make an ad assuring her Christian conservative base voters she wasn’t a witch, whereas there is no proof Clinton ever did, participated in any such thing let alone a rape, committing a rape. Also according to the conspiracy theory spin machine her and her husband supposedly framed a local Arkansas rapist to avenge the attack on his distant cousin; this one harboring real consequences when conservative freedom projects and lobbying the governor saw him released to kill, confirmed one woman probably 2. By contrast, Mrs., former secretary, lastly candidate Clinton   enabled her husband’s philandering ways, because she chose to stay with him post infidelity, ignoring she would have been equally if not more so criticized for leaving, filing for divorce, additional reasons she is apparently lesbian. We even saw the public get mad as hell at Hillary when Donald Trump paraded former Bill Clinton accusers of sexual assault, rape, extramarital affairs into a debate hall to see if he would shake their hands; why because one was a 12 year old sex abuse victim and Mrs. Clinton, a lawyer once upon a time, was her accusers defense attorney. Exactly zero anger from conservatives, change desiring members of the public for Mr. Trump who exploited 4 women all over again at the hands of a man using them to execute a glorified publicity stunt to shame candidate Clinton for the assumed improprieties of her husband thoroughly investigated, charges never brought.  Never mind everyone is entitled to a defense under the law, and if we start changing that based on the severity, societal objection raised by the charges filed justice is truly dead; not to mention at the time Clinton was probably in no professional position to pick and choose her cases. Remembering Kathleen Willey is the woman who graduated from accusing Bill Clinton of rape to accusing Hillary Clinton of intimidating her, then in her 2007 book describes a bizarre, evidence lacking tale the Clintons hired someone to kill her cat then her husband. Public and conservative media/political personalities housing an obsession with both Clinton’s, their sex lives: cataloging increasingly insane tales of these ‘dirty hippie’s’ invading the Whitehouse, troopergate that wasn’t real, on one hand calling Hillary a closet lesbian having clandestine relationships with women based on event photos of Clinton and women smiling, aids, staff whispering information in her ear, one social media photo better proving coordinated outfits than any romantic, forget sexual relationship, on the other questioning who Chelsea’s ‘real’ father is; fabricating stories she cheated on her cheating husband with everyone from unknown Webb Hubbell to famously known Vince Foster making for a Clinton presidency soap opera.  Blaming her and her husband for the death of persons far and wide hoping to achieve political, legal gain, sidestepping prison, going so far as to enfold suicides, plane crashes, jail house heart attacks; blaming them for a host of ‘criminal enterprise activities,’ purportedly running one of the largest, best hidden criminal networks in operation, i.e. White Water whose salacious reporting that had officials chasing Bill Clinton’s misdeeds all through Washington and Arkansas only able to find the president lying about a blow job quickly labeled one of the top absurd spectacles in politics. Painting the branch Davidian cult standoff and deaths as a vast conspiracy by the Clinton administration is right up there with Alex Jones who says both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama smell like sulfur thus making them actual demons; identical to claims Clinton is building a new world order to destroy the white man or Huma Abedin’s possibility as a secret Muslim and Hillary Clinton is being controlled by the Jews. Veteran’s groups talking about her brainstem battery pack to conceal her Parkinson’s trimmers, referenced on another clearly altered video turning her nodding in response to a crowd, press question into a ‘health scare’ complete with her head behaving like a bobble head doll thanks to editing; hardly the first time, certainly not the last, conservatives have come up with wild ‘news’ exposés to explain irrational hatred of a political opponent, unliked group of people, Muslims, LGBTQ, African Americans take your pick. Ann Colter just came out with a whopper while defending neo-Nazis saying zero deaths had been attributed to them where 9 had been linked to the reverend Al Sharpton; no news source mainstream, independent able to phantom, forget verify said body count guessed to be as fictitious and absurd as the one attributed to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Endless YouTube videos speculating on ‘the bulge in her pantsuit pant leg hiding her elaborate ‘colostomy bag,’ she collapses from a combination of  pneumonia, heat and public official appropriate clothing for something as solemn as the 9-11 memorial and once more a YouTube user creating minimum one video asserting Hillary Clinton had died, others ‘revealing’ her standing at death’s door, celebrity doctors weighing in on her released medical information; all proof she’s unqualified and unfit, in additional ways, to be considered for the presidency. Then comes purely political and policy driven ‘reasons’ for her perceived lack of trustworthiness, honesty: of course the long beaten dead horse Benghazi, not a single word uttered about the RNC help given to mother Patricia Smith when she stood on stage at the convention swearing Hillary Clinton killed her son.  Worn out theories on e-mails, the newer but all the more irresponsible, on the leakers that is, WikiLeaks releases from hacks on the DNC to her released Wall Street speeches, speculated Clinton Foundation pay for play, influence of and on foreign governments, dismissing entirely Clinton foundation sales of arms to Bahrain were produced by fake news plaguing, and in many opinions, sabotaging the election. Campaign chairman John Podesta’s e-mail hack, including risotto recipes and comments on Nikki Minaj’s butt, complete with a white supremacist e-mail forward out of the Netherlands that was sent to John Podesta not to be confused with by John Podesta encompassing 20 other people on immigration: calling blacks, Muslims and Roma persons wishing to come to the United States never do wells when assimilating into American society, making the rounds as actual news ‘exposing what Clinton her staff really think of immigrants;’ except as mentioned it was spam, never meant to be taken seriously, promptly discarded by Mr. Podesta. At the same time a Trump adviser walked back claims 1 week before Americans went to the polls Hillary Clinton tried to rig 20l6 election outcomes in Florida, not really backing off merely stating Clinton staff met in a different county than the one he told press, inconvenient it didn’t happen or not for the purposes he alleged, oops. One seemingly legitimate scandal involving the DNC, Clinton surrogates and ultimately benefiting her centered around DNC chair Donna Brazile, who took over for shamed Debbie Wasserman Shultz after leaked documents ‘proved’ in the court of public opinion the DNC tried to shut out Bernie Sanders, stack things in favor of Clinton, who then forwarded her a town hall question on the Flint water crisis to be asked via an audience member who felt used post finding out the leading candidate wasn’t getting said question for the first time that night. Still those actions implicate Ms. Brazile not candidate Clinton, but because they were more fuel added to the growing narrative, carried the WikiLeaks taint similar to Anonymous we somehow deluded ourselves the worst thing we could end up with in the Whitehouse was Hillary Clinton. Suddenly decidedly unimportant to voters in the shadow of ‘Clinton corruption,’ an election determined by emotion not fact, Donald Trump’s charity being ordered to cease and desist collecting donations due to improper registration, said foundation being used to settle Trump’s business debts, monies raised went to expensive self-portraits and novelty items for Mr. Trump, recent admissions they violated laws against self-dealing. Ties to Russia held by both Trump and several Trump staffers, Paul Manafort anyone, while one of his banks caught with Russian connections too equals political fearmongering. His Ponzi schemes perpetrated on unsuspecting Americans from Trump University to bribing Florida’s attorney general to not investigate the defunct ‘educational institution’ to his own wife’s work history in the country sans permits, her immigration status concurrently railing against immigrants and illegal immigration except when he wants to hire them to build his hotels and haphazardly checks their status, who cares.  Workers stiffed out of monies owed for work completed, warnings given but not heeded about his casinos, racist practices unveiled at Trump properties, won’t affect us in the now, he’s done it all so he knows how to stop it all. His partial 1995 tax return indicating he lost almost a billion dollars, why he might not have paid taxes for close to 20 years, certainly proving he is not a billionaire; response, you said yourself incomplete, moving on. Further his companies’ holdings probably violated the Cuba embargo, but, because so did a lot of businesses in their curious fascination, attachment to Cuban cigars, concern is rendered null and void. Difference, none of them are/were running for president of the United States on a platform of anti-illegal immigration. James O’Keefe, known for ‘exposing’ democratic, liberal corruption through his Project Veritas, ACRON’s alleged voter fraud and counseling persons on how to set up a brothel in public housing (turns out playing along long enough to call the police) behind the infamous propagandized Planned Parenthood videos, latest ‘revelation’ the DNC, Hillary Clinton sending people to incite violence at Trump rallies during election season was paid $10,000 via the Trump Foundation 1 month before he announced his candidacy; sure there’s nothing fishy, dubious there, no possible election influence, but we nearly lost our minds at the prospect of madam president Hillary Clinton. Welcome to the looming prospects of Trump’s America, Trump’s presidency; don’t bother with a seatbelt for this wild ride, it won’t help.

And the corruption potential, conflict of interest probability, very real likely law breaking hasn’t stopped merely because political factions and persons have exited the campaign trail; if anything, it has intensified. Solidifying forming realities the Russia ties to Trump and suspected election interference, attempts to do so weren’t just noise, a distraction are Russians now bragging about their communication with Donald Trump, Trump staff all throughout the election cycle, they insist it was in the course of normal business dealings; however, no one can be sure when documented hacks on the DNC, the Podesta e-mails, 2 local voting stations can be credibly traced to a singular source conclusively outside the country, Russia. But to diehard republicans, supporters, independent media skeptics the ‘Russia connection’ was a convenient attention grabbing cop out to distract from Hillary Clinton’s problems and conflicts with her own foundation; oh and utterly McCarthyite. That whole Federal Election Commissions investigating him, president elect Trump, for over 1,000 violations of campaign finance laws is supposed to mean nothing, FBI investigating campaign manager now chief strategist Steve Bannon for mirroring breakage of said laws accepting millions in donations over the legal limit something to shrug off. Or that he too took donations from a controversial Ukrainian donor allegedly tied to the Clintons causing him to accuse them of corruption and special favors delivered via the state department to aforementioned donors; the FBI truly turning into Trump land when they may have been investigating him, Russian hacking, his Russian affiliations during latter election days refusing to produce any and all documents requested vis-a-vis freedom of information showcasing a glaring double standard announcing 10 days before people went to the polls a reopening of the Clinton e-mail/server investigation, 3 days to mass ballot casting no charges, no changed findings. But Hillary Clinton should have extracted herself from the race because she was under investigation, totally unheard of a person facing the kinds of legal trouble she was to be also running for office, and he had the jaw dropping audacity to run on crooked Hillary. While various persons in and outside the beltway, commentators, analysts and ordinary citizens nationwide are shaking off their grief, shock and anger to assess what happened, how we got here, how democracy seems to have failed so miserably, Megyn Kelly is being once more outspoken, not just about Roger Ailes’ sexual harassment but how furious Trump was with her about unflattering coverage centered around his ex-wife’s later recanted rape allegation, threats to unleash his twitter account on her evolving into Trump staff retweeting calls to gut her, fear for her personal safely she felt because of him; bad enough he had his base so amped up she needed security from his followers. An even bigger clincher, he apparently tried to use gifts to gain more favorable news coverage of him from her and  her employers’ network (Fox News), some unnamed ‘egos’ willing to take him up on his offer; Donna Brazil kind-a pales in comparison doesn’t she considering if you weren’t prepared for a question on Flint Michigan noting the location of that town hall you weren’t paying attention, or that to expect a question on Flint Michigan was common sense and closing, Bernie Sanders lacking prep time ‘unfairly’ given Clinton had better answers. But the mainstream media is corrupt, a spin machine for Hillary Clinton producing exactly zero stories she bribed, tried to influence coverage of herself apart from maybe a magazine article whose author took it upon themselves to run what appears to be the entire story by her; though final outcomes are undetermined because it was part of the already suspect Podesta e-mails disseminated from middle man WikiLeaks origin unknown, where glaring alterations have been found when looking closely and, even by independent media, was acknowledged to be incomplete. Pivoting back to pending president Trump, his ongoing lawsuits will trail him right into the Whitehouse, settling the Florida Trump University matter only succeeded in remove one off of a pile, ongoing, civil proceedings numbering as high as 75. Putting in context, perspective his typical boasting telling media he could run his business and the country, the law was on his side, that the president can’t have a conflict of interest, since pledging to divest himself of his business, bowing to public pressure he take that step for optics, avoiding even the appearance of impropriety, his kids are supposed to be overseeing the Trump business enterprise now that he is officially president elect; instead raising eyebrows, they have been seen taking high level meetings alongside their father including his meeting with Japan’s president as simultaneously daughter Ivanka’s company was finalizing a deal there partnered to a company wholly owned by Japan’s government. Hints why she wanted to ‘simply sit in’ on a meeting, daughter Ivanka, who suddenly wants to move to Washington D.C. post drawing fire for using the Trump family photo during their 60 Minutes interview to promote her jewelry line. On top of his own high level meetings enfolding Argentinian officials where he’s suddenly been given the green light for business ventures there, meeting with Indian business officials, footage of his D.C. hotel opening foreign diplomats galore in attendance at the ribbon cutting, foreign leaders showing up there booking rooms, hoping to curry favor with our newly minted president  known example, the kingdom of Bahrain renting its presidential ballroom, conflicts pertaining to holdings in China, Deutsche Bank who has secured him loans. How foolish were we to think a secretary of state taking meetings with foreign leaders, whatever the reason, was in some way bad on its face, because so and so purportedly gave to a legitimately charitable foundation; information culled from staffer e-mails consisting of phrases like I don’t know I’ll ask when confronted with possibly inappropriate requests? Again discussing the coming administration, sidestepping handing your business over to your children is neither blind nor a trust and doesn’t begin to solve conflict of interest problems tallying up all his foreign business contacts, investments, deals we remain in the dark about in full because, despite their candidate winning, on tap to become president of the United States, faithless Hamilton electors unlikely to change anything, recount efforts brought via Jill Stein denied in 2 states, he continues to refuse releasing his tax returns, campaign, transition staff pushing back on that too. For all the problems with the Clinton Foundation it’s hard to imagine Hillary Clinton, had she won on election night, violating the emoluments clause of the constitution chiefly because she doesn’t appear to be aware of such a clause making it more than preference, symbolic gestures that presidents put their holdings into blind trusts or other separating procedures, e.g. liquidating business assets. Message to the public shaping up, just ignore justice department officials looking into his conflicts of interest, issuing legal interpretations of said clause legal experts find him blatantly violating, if it’s not foxed by his swearing in on January 20. Contrary to any such thing he’s keeping an executive producer credit to Celebrity Apprentice where he will be paid some type of money, salary, wage, royalty; he stands to make ongoing monies off his presidential campaign virtually grifting those donors turning around and offering huge perks to inauguration donors; this from the man who pledged to self-fund his own campaign, bragged about being unable to be bought by anyone because he wasn’t beholden to special interests, statements proven untrue through documented campaign money problems, workers who didn’t get paid, efforts soliciting public money for various operations. Nagging question, what does he need inaugural donors for with taxpayers forking over millions to security, swearing in ceremony costs; New York City spending vast amounts of cash providing secret service protection to Trump in Trump Tower, journalists compelled to ask is secret service protection now an amenity of that New York hotel post real estate agents trying to use it as a selling point, hardly the actions either of a person governing on behalf of the working man. True to fears a Trump presidency would be little more than padding cabinet positions with campaign loyalists and reciprocity based backscratching, majority of his cabinet picks and transition team members are people who supported him early and defended him relentlessly holding few exceptions making it less about their qualifications and more unwavering devotion; scary thought.  Paralleling what he did with Mr. O’Keefe before his campaign, he has selected Linda McMahon to head the small business administration; forgetting the WWE where she was former CEO isn’t exactly a small business or that deregulation has a disastrous history of hurting American citizens most recently and prominently in the financial crisis, housing boom and bust brought on thanks to Bush era regulation rollbacks they championed was for business, small business we still haven’t fully crawled out of, she donated millions (5) to his foundation, surpassing that number by a full million when donating to his presidential campaign a whopping 6 million explaining exponentially why she got the job. He pledged to drain the swamp of Washington insider’s, lobbyists, Wall Street persons simultaneously inviting them all in; Steve Mnuchin Wall Street king of predatory lending and foreclosing on innocent citizens solely because he could to run treasury, Steve Bannon shady  news extraordinaire as chief advisor to the president , Wilbur Ross commerce secretary, Gary Cohen sitting COO of Goldman Sacks to run the president’s economic council coordinating official presidential economic policy, hiring Tom DeLay’s lawyer as Whitehouse council left one prominent journalist with no words. Commentators remarking, it’s the richest cabinet in recent history, just the latest in a long list of broken campaign promises, looming problems amassed during the short span before Donald Trump makes it to his swearing in.


Added to unprecedented conflicts of interest and how it could negatively affect America’s collective national interests, undermine our global reputation, is the sheer incompetence displayed during the transition to this point, not singularly of a non-politician surprisingly turned president elect almost overnight shocked by his unexpected win, but the people he insists on surrounding himself with; true rumors he sought security clearance for his oldest 3 children turned out to be only that proliferated by a low level staffer who wanted to appear in the know, promptly fired. Yet Donald Trump is actually seeking clearance for his son-in-law Jared Kushner as an adviser, opening up serious questions about nepotism laws, whether he takes a salary for his probable top level advisory positon or not, who when touring the Whitehouse shortly after his father-in-law was deemed president elect asked how many of the staff would be staying once president Obama left, only to be told none of them, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow stating disbelieving of displayed ignorance resonating in her voice ‘you do have to hire 4,000 people’ excluding cabinet members. His son Eric illegally tweeted a picture of his election ballot, granted so did many, especially celebrities, but it is considered bad form when a president’s own children can’t follow basic rules; can you imagine the scandal, the uproar if Malia Obama had done the same?  Jared Kushner who reportedly pushed the ouster of Chris Christie as transition team head speculatively to get revenge for his father whom Christie prosecuted leading to jail time; key— that it was allowed to happen, we’re getting a glimpse what he did will be a matter of standard operations in Trump’s presidency. Recalling Trump surrogate  Omarosa’s vague references to an enemies list quoted  in an interview saying, “it’s so great our enemies are making themselves clear so that when we get in to the White House, we know where we stand,” reported on the heels of portrayals Donald Trump views the presidency as his own personal revenge fantasy based on internal conversations devising ways to hurt ‘never Trump’ republicans signaling real worry he’s literally going to use the oval office to get back at people who were mean to him. Abjectly frightening is the YouTube video of Omarosa going into ecstatic detail describing people who will have to bow down to Trump, every critic, doubter, skeptic detractor, person who disagreed, challenged him; calling it the greatest revenge becoming the most powerful person in the universe. Except we live in a democracy, flawed certainly, holding fast to democratic ideals meaning no one will be expected to bow down, lick boots, prostrate themselves at the feet of our leader, at home or visiting from abroad, that’s 3rd world, puppet government stuff having no place in America, which is one country among several westernized ‘superpowers’ nullifying her universe hyperbole; governing responsibly thrown completely out the window.  Sketches of the forthcoming Trump Whitehouse seemingly substantiated by former George W. Bush counselor Eliot A. Cohen who warned fellow republicans to outright avoid Trump’s administration filled with little else apart from unquestioning loyalty falling in line with organization chaos warnings, confusion about a clear chain of command according to Mike Rogers who was removed from Trump’s transition team proceedings. A Trump transition team so devoid of organizational function it can’t follow its own ethical guidelines in respect to hiring team member lobbyists, mandating anyone participating in lobbying for the past year exclude themselves only to hire 8 such members who should be disqualified under named criteria. Intensifying immediate worries about the Trump transition, at the time of that Rachel Maddow Show airing referenced above transition staff for our president elect had made no contract with transition members from the state department, CIA, department of homeland security or the pentagon, who had their teams standing by ready to hand business issues off and no one is returning their calls. Speaking of calls, apparently when Australia’s Prime Minister wanted a phone conversation between himself and our newly minted president elect, courtesy, to express congratulations or discuss trade he had to get an unsecured cellphone number from an old golfing buddy done via the Australian ambassador to the United States who likewise had no other way of contacting Mr. Trump; also world leaders were apparently cold calling Trump Tower trying to find him. Ratcheting things up several notches higher was president Obama’s characterization of their meeting after which he said the president elect seemed surprised by the scope of his coming duties and it was clear to the outgoing president he needs more help than typically provided by predecessors. Characterizations validated by information indicating he isn’t getting regular intelligence briefings, even those his vice president listens to almost daily. Spokesperson Kellyanne Conway assuring the public president elect Trump is getting his intelligence from a variety of sources; problem, are they the right, best sources befitting a president considering biographer reports on how much cable news he digests, rises in fake news, the ever yellowing ‘journalism’ of Fox New, tabloidization of that network and mainstream news generally, what happens when he’s making decisions based on something that isn’t real, without all the facts? They dislike so many establishment republicans, qualified people available to take important positions they are struggling to staff high level positions so those persons can coordinate staffing of deputies and built in redundant safeties put together so our government wouldn’t collapse upon the death of official X.  Sure establishment republicans, Trump voters and predictably a fair share of democrats not keen on cleaning up the fallout mess would love to believe there was some strategy behind his, they claim, prearranged call with Taiwan, that he was indeed using it as small future leverage against China, he was intentionally breaking with 40 year old convention and policy marking a new era of how America will approach things for the better of the global stage and all people on it; rather than the overwhelming feeling, instinct surrounding president elect Trump’s ‘foreign policy actions’, hither to consisting of random calls discussing anything, everything and containing no small amount of shameless flattery taken from foreign leaders, that the Taiwan call was made, prearranged merely because he felt like, thought it would be cool to talk to Taiwan having no earthly idea what current U.S. policy is pertaining to that county considered to be part of China under deals and negotiations with them. Worst case scenario, going back to conflicts of interest, corruption and who is influencing, guiding, shaping Trump’s actions and ideas, legitimate journalist stories implicating Bob Dole’s law firm in  lobbying efforts by Taiwan to intercede with president elect Donald Trump to the tune of  140,000. Equally playing both sides of the age old Pakistani Indian conflict one minute gushing over Pakistan’s leader breaking away from campaign trail rhetoric where he raked them over the coals for harboring Osama Bin Laden, failing to apologize for 6 years according to tweets; simultaneously reaching out to Hindus in India with a political style ad last month calling himself a big fat Hindu and saying they would be a big friend to the Whitehouse, showing no acumen, understanding or reverence for their long contentious history. Beyond showcasing ignorance of current standing policy relevant to the 2 feuding counties what he’s doing/saying does nothing to get these 2 nations to more permanently resolve their issues peacefully, not plunge the planet into nuclear fallout when they can’t; sadly for America, neither do the people around him know that should be their goal, have a lingering clue they should be steering him in that direction. Fact Trump’s transition team is filled by un-vetted, under vetted staff, not one person who knows about proper vetting at this level; Kris Kobach who not only authored Kansas’ discriminatory immigration law, gave Trump ideas for his infeasible, ineffective boarder wall then turned around and outed homeland security plans during a photo op for want of covering up the papers he’s holding during the taking of said picture made public thanks to editing tools. Guessing he’s never heard of a briefcase and continued is the notion Hillary Clinton is the one who can’t be trusted with sensitive documents because she put them on a home sever, not left them to be photographed— oops. Next before they fired one Michael G. Flynn Jr. son of general Michael T. Flynn senior for retweeting, spreading the fake news story pizza-gate: Hillary Clinton John Podesta are running a child sex trafficking, child abuse ring out of a D.C. pizza parlor—in actuality prior talks were, definitive past tense, about a campaign stop at the named popular pizza restaurant that didn’t materialize throughout election cycle, events that got morphed into that, leading a concerned, armed citizen coming all the way from North Carolina to ‘investigate’ blatantly fictitious, fabricated allegations opening fire on the business, fortunately no one was injured or killed, man surrendering peacefully once he realized no children were in danger— they had planned to give him security clearance. Breaking news touts Rick Perry, previous governor of Texas who oversaw the most repressive abortion law in history later deemed unconstitutional, who faced indictment on charges he abused his official capacity and coerced a public servant, charges ultimately dismissed, and slogged through 2 failed presidential bids giving us debate highlights where we couldn’t discern if he needed medication or needed to be taken off medication for all the gaffes, brain freezes, incoherent answers, talk about low energy, famously forgetting he wanted to abolish the department of energy has been placed as what, energy secretary; chief qualifications, his oil holdings in a known oil run, driven state economy.  Most shocking of all to date president Trump’s just named secretary of state, it couldn’t be stability bringing Mitt Romney oh no, Trump loyalists hate him too much, went on a public boycott via twitter of that idea, so in his place we get former Exxon-mobile CEO Rex Tillerson. Exxon-mobile being the same Exxon responsible for the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, Tillerson housing no government or military experience is head scratching cataloging how much he beat up on Hillary Clinton and what a horrible job she did, parts of the world left in shambles thanks to her to hear him tell the story in countries like Libya. Should be thoroughly disqualifying yet clearly not in Trump’s eyes, confounding anything but growing claims and mounting proof of Russian interference and collusion with the Trump campaign if not Trump directly, Tillerson’s ties to Russia are so close he was awarded the order of friendship by Russian president Vladimir Putin, an order given to foreign persons whose work benefits the Russian federation. At the risk of sounding repetitively redundant you know it’s bad when the previous Russian energy minister can in broken English tell American media reporters Tillerson’s conflict of interest is written on his forehead.  Someone needs to acquaint both Mr. Trump and his staff with the phrase to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, because with that pick alone he has stepped far past appearance and gone straight for actual impropriety on glaring display. Lock step with John Bolton rumored to be named deputy secretary of state, who is not merely an anti-islamophobe, but wanted war with Iran, thinks we should have bombed them years ago meaning more boots on the ground, disadvantaged persons becoming cannon fodder. There are people right now speculating Donald Trump won’t make it through his first term either through sheer arrogance, not caring which laws he breaks or sheer ignorance of laws governing our nation at the presidential, congressional level, others who think he may even voluntarily leave out of extreme boredom because there’s no money to be made, the Whitehouse isn’t ritzy and extravagant enough for him; whichever we hope they’re wrong secretly feeling they’re right.

Multiplying already voiced concerns about Trump’s staffing, confirmed cabinet picks and those on respective short lists aren’t disgruntled murmurings simply boiled down to Donald Trump being an undesired republican appointing, par for the course with whichever party wins the Whitehouse, a who’s who of stanch party members, here republicans, the crème de la crème of republican names to key positions, as advisers, secretaries of government agencies; it is specifically who he’s chosen for exact jobs and their potential impact on our nation going forward through the next 100 days, the next 4 years. Beyond  Breitbart’s Steve Bannon’s purported white supremacist ties, his affiliation with decidedly fake news and its impact on election outcomes, perceptions, backtracking to 2008 we saw public rejection of war, war, war, superseding its monetary cost to its human cost thus many voted for president Obama; why then would we support a national security advisor who believes Islam is a cancer, a political ideology not a religion, promoter of anti-Islamic conspiracy theories: infiltration into western countries to ‘get into the blood stream of the opposition,’ repeating right wing mythology about creeping Sharia law in America, serving as advisor to one said conspiracy group knowing he will have to work alongside Muslim counties in his job, who is also possibly being paid by Turkey and had involvement in their coup? Never the less meet Michael Flynn reading the last paragraph you have to wonder if he would have been hired had they known of his conspiracy theory group affiliation, items uncovered by adequate vetting. Similarly a transition team national security advisor, Frank Gaffney, believes the Muslim Brotherhood might seize power in Washington going on call for a McCarthy like committee to be reinstated investigating ‘the extent to which the Obama administrations anti-American activities reflect the success of the toxic Muslim Brotherhood in penetrating and subverting both U.S. government agencies and civil institutions.’ James ‘mad dog’ Mattis is slated for secretary of defense the man credited for giving Trump a new perspective on water boarding, which is scheduled for a comeback under president Trump; Mattis someone else housing his own baggage, a former solider alleging he left his men to die. Throwing a wrench into his confirmation process is he must achieve a waver to serve in a government job, since he hasn’t been inactive from military service the requisite 7 years; onlookers speculating republicans will use upcoming spending legislation to push through that aforementioned waver. Poised to be CIA director Mike Pompeo believes Edward Snowden should be brought back, given due process, then finds it appropriate Snowden be executed for sharing things much less classified, materials much less classified, as he point out, than David Petraeus gave to his mistress. Sole purpose impressing a girl; where Snowden was, could be classified a whistleblower alerting American citizens to government spying, wiretaps, personal data colletion. 2 post his conviction, serving not one day in jail and he’s being vetted for secretary of state. You know it’s bad when even his mistress who benefited journalistically from the information she was given is surprised he was a secretary short list member. Purely domestically Jeff Sessions pick for attorney general’s racist past matters when Michael Slager the cop who savagely fired 8 shots into the fleeing back of Walter Scott, caught on video doing so and rifling his pockets as opposed to administering CPR can receive a mistrial; compounding that sentiment information tells us that hung jury forcing the judge to declare said mistrial was thanks to a singular hold out juror vote who couldn’t convict on any charge including manslaughter. When there are no charges against the officer who shot Keith Lamont Scott in the back after repeated commands to drop a gun his family is adamant he didn’t have, who was originally sitting in his car waiting for his son to come out of school, allegedly rolling a joint and waving a gun prompting officers to break their surveillance of another person and confront him. Scott ending up dead despite his wife informing them in self-captured cellphone video he has a traumatic brain injury, has just taken his medication, begging them not to shoot him. Sessions can easily be seen, by more than the black, minority community as the wrong person for the job when under African American attorneys general both Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch we saw Ferguson and Baltimore unrest touched off via should be criminal encounters between police and civilians, where police acted dubiously and upon the latter set of officers going to trial a judge openly questioned whether or not a crime was committed. Even though police had no grounds to stop Freddie Gray, yet they did, they had no grounds to arrest Freddie Gray yet they did, subsequently filing him into a police van sans seatbelt, drove him around for 3-4 stops ignoring pleas for his inhaler, medical attention, was shackled within police restraints at one point, seatbelt ‘forgotten’ again Gray dying of a broken neck reasonably garnered from that van ride as an indentation in his skull matches a bolt on the van wall. An attorney general who says “it’s dangerous to ban the execution of ‘retarded’ people” irregardless most westernized nations don’t execute people period no matter their crime, they like us draw the line at ending the life of someone who is developmentally delayed, has intellectual deficits to the point of not understanding fully the crime they committed. Another stark departure from progress, public attitude toward drugs, cannabis specifically, he is recorded as stating  good people don’t smoke marijuana, directly flying in the face of overwhelming public opinion to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use, sentiment it’s time for, minorities particularly, to stop doing years of hard prison time for petty drug possession; more compelling, newfound medicinal uses to treat seizures, MS, glaucoma, pain, new studies showing psychedelic mushrooms may benefit cancer patients or ecstasy could provide relief for PTSD. Realities all but the final one are natural substances found in nature, or many of our legal sanctioned medications are formed from plant derivatives; here is a man also poised to reignite the war on drugs with renewed fervor. Equally Ben Carson for Housing and Urban Development secretary raises eyebrows, not for the go to reason shouted by conservatives put on news and commentary shows race, rather genuine competence and qualifications, not to be merely an advocate for low-income and fair housing but to run the agency responsible for it on a nation level. Appointment and its acceptance by Carson all the more peculiar when his own top advisor reported to media he excluded himself citing experience, his lacking it, only to hear defenders of his being given said job tout his brilliance as a neurosurgeon bashing critics implying his not smart enough to cotton on how to run a government agency; deepening interest, his original answer in light of the fact he thought he had the knowledge, acumen to run for president, run a country regularly referred to as the free world smacking as hypocrisy on steroids. Most acknowledging his background would protest his being tapped for surgeon general remembering in an interview he mixed up RU486 the ‘abortion’ pill and morning after, Plan B contraceptives hoping rape victims went to the hospital and received the former not the latter in his mind ending discussions on the need for abortion after rape. Remembering this is the same Ben Carson who talked about his tithing tax plan that was actually 14% not 10, the biblical tithe he based it on; the Ben Carson shadowing Alex Jones in connecting Hillary Clinton to Lucifer AKA the devil based on a paper she wrote about a book where the professor called Lucifer the first radical, having little to do with her. Bringing us lastly here to what may lay ahead for fair and low income housing should Carson be confirmed, legitimate questions about will he generate the innovative solutions hoped for or be more of previous conservative views on the people who need public housing, welfare single mothers popping out more children for more assistance. Will his having grown up in public housing mean he understands the need for the most modern amenities, whole home Wi-Fi, simplicities such as new telephone boxes that can handle high speed DSL, functional traditional cable lines to accommodate cable internet added to housing units, in the era of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn’s roll garnering people jobs, lifting oneself up from poverty, these tools prominence in the increasingly freelance economy representing the difference between ability to support yourself and not, importance for students to have home internet access to do their best in school to take advantage of the best opportunities? Or will it be more of the years long shaming of single women having children out of wedlock to unsuitable fathers, incongruent the number of nuclear families in subsidized housing, telling people if they want listed luxuries work their way out of something meant to serve only as basic shelter, blinded by hardworking people who are holding jobs, never answering why plain housing, non-subsidized housing, dwellings not set aside for low income individuals, families costs so much even in lower cost of living areas. My own city’s public housing renting units in 2016, 16 years into the 21st century without dryer hookups when a teacher just highlighted on a national problem for school age children in our recession time missing school for want of clean clothes, too embarrassed to come to school wearing dirty laundry, born to parents who can’t afford a washing machine, dryer, struggle to pay electricity bills to run either. Further, Ben Carson is who you choose scrutinizing the past 8 years alone, a republican dominated House of Representatives, obstruction baked into anything that was ever going to happen and qualified HUD secretary, when you could easily ask where is the urban development, the latter half of that department for areas like Detroit, Baltimore who saw riots after Freddie Gray, dido Ferguson Missouri? Where instead of trying to develop economic opportunities on a local level, petition funds from this national government agency, its state counterpart they were caught filling city coffers from exorbitant largely minority overzealous traffic fines, compiling on penalties when people couldn’t show up for court dates to a courthouse, lower court handling misdemeanor, traffic minutia only open once a month. Is it really a surprise public housing, HUD initiatives haven’t been as successful as desired in alleviating poverty when a major national employment agency is facing a lawsuit attempting to prove it discriminated against black workers in favor of undocumented Mexican, Hispanic and Latino workers less likely to complain about unfair  wages, unsafe, poor working conditions. Ending this segment, where is development, classify it urban or not, of places like West Virginia coal country, Glouster Ohio, manufacturing areas of Kentucky, Tennessee so they don’t become ghost towns, where are ideas, innovations economic opportunities bridging the gap between them and the next metropolitan hub, and we expect Ben Carson to do that, direct subordinates to that goal on a national scale?


There are real consequences to the things president elect Trump says he wants to do, passivity toward legislative actions going on in states nationwide bolstered by his victory to reshape America the way they see fit—polar antithesis to president Obama.  His much talked about Carrier deal turns out isn’t as good as he crowed to media saving only 800, not 1,100 according to Carrier’s union leader who on national TV and quotes for magazine, online articles boldly accused him of lying his ass off, not knowing his numbers, a cardinal sin for a businessman especially of his bragged about caliber; only to be blasted by the president elect’s twitter account for essentially telling the truth. Sound familiar he did identical things with a Kentucky Ford plant boasting he had saved jobs slated to go nowhere; continuing with Carrier, 300 of those jobs he’s taking credit for were never going anywhere and 600 are still going to Mexico, unbearably bitter sweet for Indiana, just down the road are more factories whose jobs are destined for overseas, workers shouting hey what about us? Moving on to the deal itself, it isn’t really a deal rather a particularly dangerous bribe that sets a perilous precedent for the next time any company decides to ship jobs overseas; Bernie Sanders and others calling it Carrier held American jobs hostage and won. Carrier’s parent company who made 7 billion in profits last year and gave their CEO a huge golden parachute then relocates jobs out of the country doesn’t need an equal 7 billion in tax breaks; you know it’s bad when Sara Palin is one of your critics on something you’ve done accurately, amazingly pegging it crony capitalism at least saying she wants Trump to focus on policies that keep jobs here as opposed to negotiating one at a time. You don’t need to be a brilliant political mind or an expert on par with who should be staffing up key secretary positions at the Whitehouse to know it isn’t good when you can send a company’s stock plummeting via tweet, perhaps most significantly as president elect, even less good comes from actually doing so, following through on what can only be described as impulse; nevertheless that’s what he did to Boeing when he didn’t like the 4 billion dollar price for new air force one’s commissioned by the air force. Dismissing it was for up to 4 planes not 1 and a service contract to be filled over 8 years replacing our existing 2 Air Force one’s coming off the line 25 years ago. Followed by tanking Lockheed Martin over the ‘extravagant’ expense for the F-35 aircraft, but contrary to independent news anchor statements it’s not about differentiating between truly liberal and progressive persons versus those who pay lip service to its principles, those tagged democrat or republican, it’s not about dealing a blow to the massive military industrial complex, rather skimping on what the president travels around in conducting our nation’s business, having the ability to run the entire country from up there if necessary is not where you cut cost, nor on R&D, research and design. In any field that takes massive and extraordinary amounts of money, muscular dystrophy, cancer, new drugs for Alzheimer’s to name a singular section of medicine alone, or for new aircraft with Russian and China nipping at our heals as an inconvenient sidebar.  It is absolutely about  how companies will respond to those losses, who they will take those losses out on, which lowly grunt workers putting parts in these machines, midlevel designers did you just tweet out of a job; irreprehensible the person responsible is president elect. Switching gears slightly proposed tariffs (35%) on imported goods from places i.e. China, Mexico have been tried before on electronics, socks, steel, cars and solar panels to list but a handful and 35 years has taught us it doesn’t work very well, why: “duties came too late, were circumvented or were made largely irrelevant as imports shifted to other foreign countries;” too, leveling such threats means risking, provoking a trade war that will inevitably raise prices and cost jobs. Expecting miracles and buying into we can go back to America’s good old days won’t generate jobs, won’t train, retrain workers for in demand jobs or reorient mindsets out of I can have only a high school education, go work in one field 30 years and retire; things are too fluid for that today.  Here is where who Donald Trump appoints to what position moves out of the realm of abstracts and into things people can understand at their kitchen tables; if the odd, extreme, fringe things said by compiled persons headed to Trump’s cabinet didn’t grab your attention, you still wish to give Ben Carson a chance, let’s say you are clinging to the few mining jobs left in America then Wilbur Ross letting 12 people die in a mine he owned thanks to 100’s of ongoing, systemic violations is a red flag as is his commerce appointment in addition to his Wall Street ties. It matters that fast food CEO Andy Puzder is set to be labor secretary making 300 times what any of his workers do opposing both the affordable care act and elevating federal minimum wage above $9.00 per hour, glorifying what machines can do compared to the best human worker, more aptly what they don’t do: call in sick, slip and fall, claim harassment, discrimination, but it matters too that it falls in line with president elect Trump offering jobs to people he knows and the people he knows are business tycoons making their fortunes fixating on bottom lines and lining their pockets at the expense of workers who are hardly more than insignificant lines on balance sheets. Department of labor responsible for enforcing labor laws on the books, labor laws 50% of his restaurants are in numerous violations of, no conflicting goals there. Since it was announced Steve Mnuchin housing, seeing a pattern here, no public policy experience and who oversaw one of the biggest bank failures of the financial crisis yet touted his banking ability and pending, if he gets the job, rollbacks of regulation so banks can lend as his qualifications, will lead treasury, one woman has come forward disclosing she lost her home to him when he worked for IndyMac, formerly One West;  credibly  asserting it was Mnuchin who refused to work with her on her mortgage payments, lied to her stating she had to be behind on her payments to receive help, detailing thousands in compounding interest fees, sloppy accounting, shifting amounts owed by vast thousands of dollars. Her far from alone joining the ranks of multitudes ranging in the thousand foreclosed on by Mnuchin including a 90 year old after a 27 cent payment error; stories like theirs common during the recession, as common as incomplete, fraudulent foreclosure documents cutting corners to get properties back in banking hands, really working against their own interests as vandals and squatters moved in destroying them where renting the property back to the former owner or renegotiating puts some money back into your pocket. That interviewed Trump voter now regretting her choice, saying she has lost faith in government totally. It doesn’t rank insignificant that Trump’s tax plan numbers don’t add up in the slightest and favoring the wealthy isn’t the only way citizens can be screwed as it plans to further reduce corporate tax rates of which only 1 in every 9 dollars of federal money is derived now vs. 65 years ago where it was 1 in 3. Offshore profit taxes go from 35 to 10 on cash lowered to 4% on non-cash items, hedge fund managers get an even bigger break comprising a 2/3 cut. Begging sane, mathematical questions: how states like Indiana will pay for Carrier’s tax incentives, how to pay for all these stimulus initiatives targeted at infrastructure, how to compensate for the coming, if this goes into effect, 10 trillion dollar deficit he’s adding to numbers presently defying imagination, foreseen cuts to food stamps, worker rights, consumer  financial protections exc. It’s important to listen when we hear about president elect Trump’s team scrutinizing government energy department staff, disseminating odd, invasive surveys making people fear data collected during their service to the Whitehouse on climate change NOAA, atmospheric information could disappear under the new administration, creating fear the agency won’t be able to do its job in expanding knowledge about our planet, human’s impact upon it. Since the survey’s existence was made public Mr. Trump has deflected its core intentions calling it unauthorized and blaming it a staffer who has been properly counseled, an explanation that at best underscores transition team disorganization; at worst brings back the height of McCarthy era shenanigans for an administration fighting a perception of being down on science, making things worse for STEM field workers. Continuing all of no one agreed to changes proposed to Medicare, Medicaid or social security yet that’s exactly what is taking place behind the scenes of Trump transition,  Medicare who already doesn’t cover dental work, thinks a full set of dentures for older citizens who’ve had to have all their teeth pulled either before the latest dental advancements, hereditary genetic disease or for lack of care no one provides sans an entirely separate insurance plan, is cosmetic; Medicaid for the most indigent and destitute citizens who have no money or next to none who waffles every few years on adult dental preventative services and is nearly impossible to get, again for adults, unless you are deemed disabled through the social security administration still subject to spenddowns according to income, costs and cuts slated to go up for each program under president Trump, Paul Ryan and long held plans to dismantle them. Gutting Obamacare is making even the insurers and healthcare providers who hated it nervous, causing some lawmakers to fear a cliff; worse after years of promised repeals and replacements they haven’t got a viable replacement, current plan frameworks will counterproductively leave people in limbo for 3 years while they hammer it out topped off by governors in select states trying to save part of it the Medicaid expansion. Speaking of health it matters that the selected leader of the FDA (food and drug administration) believes in dispensing drugs first and testing them for side effects, lethal reactions and basic safety second, shamelessly using the American public as guinea pigs only without the financial stipends, disclaimer forms and monitoring, not to mention choice to participate, even desperate choices by people just trying to pay their bills. Actions that are sure to get harder for American seniors, disabled workers and those receiving social security spousal or child benefits if republicans get their way, and controlling all 3 branches of government there is little reason to believe they won’t; to correct social security’s non-existent insolvency problem they are proposing drastic cuts to the program (17% by 2030 and 28% by 2050) to avoid also removing the payroll tax cap, switching to mandating Americans pay the same rate versus the same amount removing insolvency issues permanently. It dovetails right into the GOP’s fear mongering fallacy we can’t give gay people equal rights and by virtue of those rights equal benefits, spousal, death, social security under the law because we can’t afford it; identical absolute bologna that brought us DOMA (the defense of marriage act) skillfully manipulating moral beliefs of Christians and conservatives to save a few bucks, doesn’t stop them from revving it for round 2 though. There are many views on LGBTQ Americans but why are we suddenly, cravenly hoping for their suicide by passing repressive legislation; criminalizing their consensual sex lives, passing literal law that allows parents to find out of their college age kid is gay and forcing foster home oversight by religious institutions because republican dominated Texas refuses to adequately fund it’s foster care system could plunge LGBT youth into proven psychologically damaging conversion therapy. Methodology that tries to cure their homosexuality, transgender and gender queer tendencies, status using restrictions akin to prison, prayer and in extreme cases drugs, pornography and forced or coerced heterosexual sex to make often troubled youth straight; spelling one thing, more suicides in an already vulnerable group, echoing what’s happening to Muslims, blacks, immigrants other minorities, stances taken trying to ban abortion, render protesting illegal, ban headscarves. Defying sense, common or not, seeing as that part of the world ISIS excreta et al already hates us for our immoral ideas, our freedoms, the wars engaged in in the middle east why then would we further infuriate them unnecessarily having had an event like 9-11, intelligence agencies the FBI, homeland security stretched to the limit keeping the slimmest grip on terror threats aimed at us by announcing publicly we are bringing back waterboarding, floating during the campaign killing terrorists families? Consequences people consequences.–abc-news-topstories.html–abc-news-topstories.html




True to what I and others forecasted regret and buyer’s remorse are starting to set in, entire social media pages (Tumblr) dedicated to letting voters express their earnest wish they had filled out their ballot differently; citizens’ concerns ranging from silly, abjectly patrician regretting voting for him if Kanye West, seen meeting with Trump, has anything to do with his presidency, presidential decisions, shouting upset about zero plans to lock up, jail Hillary Clinton, to the kitchen table serious wondering if seniors and disabled persons could lose their Medicare to vouchers. Persons now begging someone on president elect Trump’s team to please explain to him how capitalism, a free market works to demanding something be done about if allegations are true Russia meddled in our election to help Hillary lose. Going beyond the woman who had her home foreclosed upon by Steve Mnuchin shocked to find him nominated treasury secretary, David Petraeus’ mistress flabbergasted he was on the short list for secretary of state, though he didn’t get it, are voters, supporters examining his choices worried his chosen education secretary Betsy Devos will defund public education; defunding, diverted funding to charter, private and parochial schools previously taking place in places like Wisconsin, Kansas and  taking shape in North Carolina. Ordinary people in the heart of rustbelt country, a-la eastern Kentucky, almost inexplicably panicking that Donald Trump and eager republicans who’ve been waiting for this chance will follow through on his chief campaign promise to repeal Obamacare, though they’ve personally benefited from it and the state, neighboring ones like it have seen fundamental drops in the number of uninsured they also inexplicably voted for him. People who thought his pledge to do away with Obamacare, Medicaid expansion, provisions to keep children on their parent’s insurance to age 26 even removing private banks from student loan processes (a rider attached to get it through) was just rhetoric politicians say, one in a long list of promises politicians spout they can’t fulfill, know they can’t fulfill and have no intention of fulfilling. Others who genuinely thought repeal and replace meant “fix the problems in Obamacare to make it work better,” couldn’t conceive of him repealing a law that had done so much good for them, ignoring completely it’s what they said they wanted en mass at rally after rally, after rally. One angry Trump met with the New York Times and is soft on climate change, non sequiturs though the topics are, asking WTF, ending with stand up Trump exclamation point; mystifying why they are surprised when he called climate change a hoax created by the Chinese to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive, stated repeatedly no one knows if climate change is real. Serious questions about his vow to rip up the Iran deal, relocate the embassy, what he actually plans to do regarding deportation of illegals, will there or won’t there be a physical wall built on our southern border, to meetings taken with Al Gore, Sara Palin tapped for cabinet position, accusations he’s not draining the swamp rather filling it up with the establishment, lashing out at his continuous tweet storms. Trump-splainers are coming around to the cold hard reality Donald Trump isn’t who or what they thought he was, isn’t going to do what they thought he would. They are coming around to the slow, dawning, train wreck reality that some, if not all, the negative things said about him weren’t just partisan spin to make you hate one candidate and vote for their guy (in this case gal) they were legitimate concerns about corruption, election interference and what a Trump presidency would look like, who he would pick to aid him in running the country, partly effected by who he knows and the only people he knows are rich, Wall Street and business fat cats. When people talked  relentlessly about Trump’s bad personality traits they weren’t harpies akin to everyone’s stereotyped bad mother-in-law, nagging co-worker, annoying friend of a friend; amateur and not so amateur psychological analysis outspoken professionals felt forced to give for the good of the country wasn’t idly throwing around potential diagnoses from dementia to narcissism simply to shock us, they were doing it in reference to dictators past and what they did to the areas and people they ruled to everyone’s detriment, they did it to show what these disordered deficits would do to policies impacting ordinary citizens. And only now are Trump supporters fully understanding they should have been paying more attention to his bankruptcies, lawsuits, unpaid worker allegations, ties, however loosely to alt-right movements, Russia, conflicts of interest that they were important to the political conversations not just as barbs used against him but how those conflicts of interest could shape trade and foreign polices to America’s detriment. Our only hope now is in confirmation processes that won’t let in extreme members of various fields, people with no experience, background in what they’re being tasked to do, hold positions they’ve been assigned by a child king, mad man whom we’re used to seeing on reality TV; our only chance not to spend the next 4 years in a vortex it will take the following 10 to dig out of is the checks and balances built into America’s unique and arguably strongest democracy. Our only hope is faithless, Hamilton electors and their consciences could they fulfill their version of the 11th commandment not to let the unqualified, unfit achieve the presidency. Because we’re already seeing the effects of his presidency before he is so much as sworn in, other counties’ fake news campaigns are swaying elections in favor of isolationist, nationalist views, nations all over the globe shifting towards an alt-right position emboldened by both Brexit and Trump. Here at home from the racist official who got their job back post Donald Trump’s election to the white supremacist protested while giving a speech at Texas A&M, and that’s just on one issue. Thanks Trump voters America won’t be the same anymore and in this case that’s decidedly not a good thing.