People where so busy focusing on the purported ‘millions’ she called deplorable they forgot to check statistical math proving her 100% truthful; and, since when does being a public figure, running for office, even the highest office, mean candidates have to report to the world every time they get a cold, the flu or, gasp, pun intended, pneumonia?

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

2016 election—then you can bet someone said something outrageous, Hillary Clinton remarking at the LGBT for Hillary Gala fundraising event in New York, where she predictably gave a speech, that half of Trump supporters could be put into a basket of deplorables: racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, islamophobic. Immediately compared to Mitt Romney’s 2012 47% remark in which he said: “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what … who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims. … These are people who pay no income tax. … and so my job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” Or his binders full of women response to a question on do you support equal pay for equal work; rather than a basic yes or no people got, “We took a concerted effort to go out and find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet (in Massachusetts). I went to a number of women’s groups and said, “Can you help us find folks?” and they brought us whole binders full of women.” Pundits, analysts, news anchors all wondering if this would do her in like it did him; some calling it worse asking how you can claim to be president for all Americans when you just said 25% you don’t want to be president of, have contempt for. On the other side people who say finally something is off limits, something is deemed unacceptable, after Donald Trump has insulted major groups of people whether it was Mexicans being rapists, drug dealers and criminals, or his plan to ban all Muslims because they might be terrorists, to pointing out ‘my African American’ while fanning the flames of birtherism he only denounced at the 11th hour to avoid questions about it in upcoming debates, keeping the Obama might be a secret Muslim meme alive and well. Supporting her, citing statistics of self-identified Trump voters, potential voters who want his Muslim ban, want his mosque surveillance, his ‘extreme vetting,’ people who support blocking gays from entering America from other countries, more than half who still think Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. 60 plus percent who believe he is a secret Muslim. Trump who built his campaign and garnered vote after vote on erecting a wall on our border with Mexico promising to deport up to 11 million illegal immigrants, forcing their children, even US citizens by birth, to accompany their parents in returning to their ‘home’ country. Wondering how people who rally to Trump’s banner for telling it like it is can be so outraged when Clinton does the same; context mattering here too, deplorables mentioned after detailing what she planned to accomplish on gay rights, healthcare, including addiction and youth homelessness, saying we can’t do it alone, asking for audience members’ help achieving her goals for enhancing lives of American citizens, enfolding marginalized LGBT populations. Her deplorables comment not coming in until reminding listeners the number days left before Election Day, time she, supporters have left to make their case, warning against complicacy and ideas the next shocking thing Trump says will end his presidential aspirations. Not stopping at simply lumping half of Trump supporters into a basket of ‘deplorables,’ but then naming those deporables, only calling some, an implied much slimmer number, irredeemable, i.e. known white supremacist David Duke, alt. right newspaper (Breitbart) owner now Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon. Funny isn’t that an identical argument used to defend Donald Trump, he only said some Mexicans were rapists, knowing full well people took it to mean all; whereas candidate Clinton said what she meant and meant what she said? Elaborating there is this basket of depolrables and to her point, Trump has lifted them up, given them a voice, placed them in the mainstream and made their views acceptable to the determent of America and the values it was founded on, values fought for through the generations. Also, coming on the heels of a bad week, including continued conversations about her e-mail and growing scrutiny around the Clinton Foundation, allegations of pay for play access; it’s seen as the last thing she needed. Her ultimately walking back the number quantifier, not its sentiment, saying she was grossly generalistic and that’s never a good thing, continuing; it was a mistake to put such a large number to it. Same could be said for her initial not feeling well at New York 9-11 memorial remembrance events and subsequent fainting spell, a horrible capstone to a bad week politically, not only that it served to confirm every right wing conspiracy theory about her failing health, age-ed condition making her unfit to hold our highest office as president. From Karl Rove’s brain damage speculation, rumors she suffers chronic diseases, MS to Parkinson’s, hither to unfounded by more than a persistent cough she attributed to seasonal allergies. A ‘doctor’ who believes she’s being systematically poisoned, doubtlessly by the Russians who share documented culpability in hacking networks such as the DNC database pointing to election interference, attempts to influence our outcomes. To clusters of YouTube videos saying at least one major network announced her death post collapse, calling her reappearance from her daughter’s apartment 90 minutes later after rehydrating and being seen by her doctor fake, along with appearances 1-2 days before. But setting off a torrent of questions about what little we actually know about our top candidates’ health, 2 of the oldest runners for president and what the American people should know, be allowed to know, expect to know before reporting to their voting booth in November. However, do we really need to know about running mate Tim Kane’s broken clavicle (collar bone), dislocated shoulder, removed wisdom teeth, plantar fasciitis (An inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes)? Do we really need arm chair medicine on top of arm chair psychology from entities like Dr. Drew blasting the kind of care she was getting because she was on Coumadin (blood thinner) after a blood clot not newer Xarelto, Eliquis, even though he has never examined or treated her, does not know her medical history in full? And, advertisements for the latter drugs themselves say in their own commercials there is no comparative data between patients on Coumadin and better outcomes if they switch to Xarelto, Eliquis. Do we really need to know more than we already do about her leg blood clot, her 2012 concussion, about her hypothyroidism, sinusitis? Yet she somehow committed an egregious political, public relations faux pa by being diagnosed on a Friday with a mild walking pneumonia, and didn’t immediately dial up news outlets; dido when she fainted, not collapsed, not was on death’s door, let’s cut the hyperbolic adjectives. Upon fainting, instead of seeing to Mrs. Clinton, aides were supposed to be contacting ABC, NBC CBS, MSNBC, HLN, CNN, Fox News, the Washington Post and New York Times, not a um, let me think, doctor; do readers, never mind perpetuators of this need to know everything, including every time public figure X goes to the bathroom, gets a hangnail, stubs their toe, understand how ridiculous that sounds? FDR hid his paraplegia and concealed medical predictions he couldn’t survive another 4 years in the Whitehouse while seeking a 4th term, still managing to give us The New Deal many have argued we need a 21st century version of to revitalize our economy, restore jobs, rebuild infrastructure; Eisenhower was hospitalized for 6 weeks during the 1956 election, his vice president Nixon running America during his convalescence, elected by a larger margin than 4 years prior. John F. Kennedy battled adrenal disease to give us significant movements on civil rights, speculated to be what got him assassinated, and his vice president Lyndon Banes Johnson gave us the great society initiative instituting federally sponsored social welfare programs we count on today, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, Head Start, Job Corps, National Endowment for the Arts and the Humanities, HUD, the civil and voting rights acts, the criminal justice act guaranteeing right to legal counsel, millions devoted to mass transit and highways, meals on wheels, in home services for the elderly. Plus droves of other positives woven into the fabric of our lives republicans want to unweave because ‘it makes us dependent, lazy, unproductive.’ Reagan is said to have had early symptoms of Alzheimer’s while serving in office, possibly showing cogitative impairment in reviewed debate footage; nevertheless going on to become a republican standard bearer referenced repeatedly over 30 years later. There’s Bill Clinton’s quadruple bypass circa 2004, 3 years post leaving office, a medical time bomb that could have gone off earlier. Nothing quite compares to Dick Cheney’s heart problems, necessitating surgeries, eventually a transplant, aware he a was vice president to George W. Bush, what upheaval it would have been to have something happen to him then have an ailing vice president too. Still Hillary Clinton has ratchetted up her untrustworthiness by incalculable exponents because she got pneumonia and didn’t rush to tell voters, the media, hold a national press conference.

Question, who doesn’t think the things Secretary Clinton, candidate Clinton listed are deplorable; sexism, particularly considering concepts floated around like rape culture, high school and college campuses riddled with sexual assault, opposing republican politicians who don’t support equal pay for equal work, who however subliminally, want to punish women for having kids, taking time off to raise those children in critical years then complain when parents don’t take that time and the kid turns out a criminal, ordinary citizens who endorse both views, think women should just work harder, college kids should stop drinking and high school girls shouldn’t wear ‘booty shots’ if they don’t want to be called a slut and worse. But Hillary Clinton, by running for office, has lost her rights to free speech, to call those ideas, and them deplorable. Racism, beyond Black Lives Matter and police gunning down unarmed black people for a moment, prevalent adultification where black children and teens are seen as much older than they are; like Tamir Rice actual age 12, assumed age 20 by police who shot him for playing with a toy gun, or a New Jersey boy 10 enveloped by police, guns drawn because he looked like, ‘fit the description’ of a 20-year-old adult suspect in an armed robbery. When African Americas are born into families with minute fractions of wealth, income compared to their white peers, when schools populated majoritively by African American students are 2 to 18 times more likely to be patrolled by police, excess security and metal detectors inducing ‘more’ discoveries of minor drug possession, confrontations between teens and cops creating a school to prison pipeline, African American college students get a miniscule fraction of their return on investment for achieving a college education, earing identical qualifications to their white counterparts, knowing in 2016 an African American sounding name can get you rejected for a job before a potential employer has ever seen you, news reporting racists letters sent to a Kansas woman about her biracial grandchildren, racist graffiti sprayed on a Washington state family’s home while they were out of town, juxtaposed up against Trump’s campaign chair who believes current resurgent racism came behind Obama’s presidency. Not deplorable in the slightest, just another upstanding citizen saying what we’re all thinking and too afraid to speak out in our overly politically correct, stifled society. Returning to violence, rhetoric consisting of if only they hadn’t been armed, had complied with officers, if only they weren’t rioting, looting and acting like animals held up beside a jail who put a mentally ill, developmentally delayed man in general population then shut his water off after he ‘tried to flood the cell,’ next giving him no drinking water for 6 days until he eventually died of thirst. Another man beaten savagely when he didn’t want to be put in the mental ward of a jail, fearing being viewed a monster, fracturing his face, breaking ribs, puncturing his lung, one officer taking his ripped out dreadlocks, wanting them as a trophy for his motor cycle, finally fabricating injuries to justify their beating. A man arrested under Louisiana’s ‘baggy pants law’ post a domestic argument at a gas station ending up dead in jail effects of tasing him repeatedly despite warnings from his girlfriend about his high blood pressure; trouncing the argument of oh well don’t do something to go to jail, he was erroneously arrested for baggy pants after the dispute was over and officers should have just walked away, stopped at giving him a fine for violating the town’s new decency ordinance, mailing him a summons to appear in city court for multiple offenses. How many videos have we see of people shot with benign objects in their hands, the man shot lying on the ground hands way up because the cop missed his autistic target holding a toy truck, but a USA Today conservative columnist referencing Charlotte, where one more black man has been shot for having what his family says was a book, what cops say was a gun, said of protesters blocking a highway “mow them down,” next trying to blame twitter’s limited characters for being unable to fully explain himself; stories aside, Hillary Clinton continues to be wholly unjustified calling those instances and attitudes, select persons happy to vote for Trump, deplorables. Racism and xenophobia, Trump’s appearance to have embraced both resulting in the Boston brothers who urinated on and beat up a Latino homeless man claiming to be inspired by none other than one Donald J. Trump republican presidential nominee, followed by his dismissive response that his people were passionate. The Latina waitress born and raised in America, as if it should matter providing she did her job, insulted by a couple who 1., refused to look at her 2., later replacing a tip with this rude message scrawled on their ticket: “we only tip citizens,” upset at the attention, being banned from the restaurant. A man who stabled a kissing interracial couple for no other reason than they were 2 different races and obviously romantically together, then praising Trump. But that, and the people who perpetrate that, aren’t deplorable and admittedly pulling a lever for Trump on Election Day. Homophobia, and let’s be clear the level of homophobia we’re talking about, reaching far past individuals who say homosexuality isn’t for me, people who find it unnatural and strange, people who want it kept away from them; still as long as you don’t try to foist your lifestyle on them, try to come on to them, they don’t care, pretty much subscribe to live and let live, they don’t really understand transgender, what it feels like to feel you were born in the wrong body, but to each his own. She was talking, at a LGBT gala mind you, about disingenuous authors of bathroom bills mandating transgender persons use the bathroom corresponding with the gender on their birth certificate, in response to select municipalities in North Carolina adding sexual orientation and gender identity to their discrimination statutes, based on some urban legend transgender persons are pedophile predator men deciding one day they are female to go after our little girls in bathrooms then switching back the next day; other states following their bad example enacting similar legislation. Local officials predicting dooms day, ends to institutions i.e. public education because president Obama stepped in and said there will be federal guidelines requiring public schools, schools receiving federal funding to allow gender identity bathroom/locker room use after stories surfaced of grade school, first, second, third grade students being caught in the middle, singled out, harassed, ostracized by adults as their parents tried to do what was right for their child in petitioning their school for that ability. She was talking about people who assault, beat up and accost LGBT people just because of their chosen sexuality, gender identity we’ve seen a marked uptick in, security guards rousting people out of bathrooms, citizens attacked by fellow Americans on subways, thrown out of rallies for being transgender. Described down home American citizens who did things like what was done to Mathew Sheppard tied to a fence and beaten solely due to being gay; Bandon Teena born female, living as a male in a time when transgender wasn’t a word, surgery and mental health help lightyears from readily available, forget expensive, discovered by friends of friends, forced to strip down revealing his biological sex, forced into a car, taken to a remote area, repeatedly sexually assaulted and later murdered for filing a police report on his assailants. For people believing that was another time, we’ve expanded our tolerance since then, agreements to disagree, if the bathroom bill eruption didn’t convince you of the contrary, there are people like the Georgia man sentenced to 40 years in jail for pouring boiling water on his girlfriend’s gay son and his boyfriend merely sleeping in bed together while saying “get out of my house with that gay shit” (it wasn’t his house it was hers); afterwards telling authorities, “They were stuck together like two hot dogs … so I poured a little hot water on them and helped them out, they’ll be alright. It was just a little hot water, they’ll be alright,” oblivious to horrific injuries he inflicted. A man in Australia who replaced containers of personal lubricant with acid; thankfully they had been tampered with before so alarms had been place on containers so no one was injured. How dare she label such actions deplorable, it’s an insult to us; neither should she so name Americans cheering them on, individuals who wish they’d thought of it. Islamophobia, again being clear regarding extent expressed by Clinton in her comments, understanding of people’s heightened fear of terrorism, ISIS, legitimately concerned about sleeper cell possibilities in their neighborhood due to seeing so many on the news, a little or a lot nervous getting on an airplane because you never know. Islamophobia to the tune of facing federal charges post ripping off a woman’s hijab (head scarf) on a plane flight concurrently shouting this is America take it off, when we now set mosques on fire because a terrorist went there; never mind an overwhelming body of evidence Omar Mateen was in the closet, good possibility committing the attack as atonement to his god than it was genuine upset about bombing is country, or it could have been both. New York City police searching for a man after he attempted to set a Muslim woman on fire only catching her sleeve she quickly put out because she was Muslim and wearing standard conservative dress; let’s stop and digest that latter story, that an American tried to set someone on fire for their religion while we call a nebulous them barbarians, heathens holding archaic beliefs we’re willing to fight wars over. Children can get dumped out of their baby strollers by whites upset they are in their country, because they are Muslims; people who would be apoplectic watching David Muir’s ABC special including children being taught the traditional Muslim/middle eastern greeting (their version of hello how are you) to welcome their 6 year old classmate Hala a Syrian refugee child, not terrorist who is here because her home, her country are little more than a rubble heap. But these things aren’t somehow deplorable because so called Muslims, better described radical jihadi extremists, attacked us on 9-11; there have been both thwarted and successful attacks since?

No, Chris Mathews sorry, it isn’t disparaging millions of Americans, wrong for her to call deplorable, deplorable, to define what she means by that and stick to her guns; when moving from isolated incidents and speculative evidence to nearly 60 percent of Trump’s supporters who hold “unfavorable views” of Islam, and 76 percent support a ban on Muslims entering the United States. We know that some 40 percent of Trump’s supporters believe blacks are more violent, more criminal, lazier, and ruder than whites. Two-thirds of Trump’s supporters believe the first black president in this country’s history is not American. These claims are not ancillary to Donald Trump’s candidacy, they are a driving force behind it to quote Ta-Nehisi Coats. Moving from the political spectrum to polls of Americans on issues who think varying levels of prejudice don’t make you a bad person, who apparently need to go back and read dictionary definitions of what prejudice means, offended when you call them what they say they are. When Donald Trump, addressing Charlotte unrest, at what was supposed to be an energy conference, wanting more police in violent neighborhoods, suggested stop and frisk, praised it’s effectiveness in New York despite it being ruled federally unconstitutional for disproportionately targeting minorities, despite statistics saying its disbanding, removal of overuse brought both crime and tensions down. Praised former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, talk about a legitimate case for substantial cognitive decline, for his implementation of stop and frisk; Giuliani who has markedly diminished in his advancing years, seeming to forget 9-11 happened when claiming terrorism didn’t happen before president Obama took office, who equally asserted emphatically Trump renounced his bitherism claims years before he did, who called Black Lives Matter racist. Donald Trump, who literally something like the day before, stated he was troubled by the Tulsa shooting where video shows a man with his hands up still getting shot, not surviving, saying he didn’t know what the officer was thinking, didn’t know if she was choking (as in panicking) the man seemed to be doing what officers wanted him to, doing everything right; only to announce ‘solutions’ of more police, stop and frisk, later limited to extremely violent areas i.e. Chicago. Coming off a decision where courts just ruled in Boston Massachusetts fleeing police shouldn’t be an automatic assumption of guilt; there might be reason for people of color there to flee citing the impossible catch 22 law enforcement has placed citizens in where your shot for running away, your shot for walking towards them, even if you are only looking for help like Johnathan Ferrell, mirroring lager cities nationwide. Coming out of an appeal filed on behalf of a man arrested for a gun charged based on the most generic description hoodie, dark clothes, black (for comparison it might was well have said skinny white male wearing a blue t-shirt, (turquoise, to navy to pastel), police originally wanting to question him regarding a burglary and his matching said indiscriminate description, ran, was charged for an illegal gun found in a nearby yard. Judge who ultimately overturned his conviction cited officers lack of probable cause, a non-specific description that could have fit thousands of African Americans; data confirming African Americans, accounting for all other factors, crime, socioeconomic status, get pulled over, questioned more by cops exposing blatant racial profiling. The Young Turks anchors irreverence aside, highlighting probable cause, the reality just because you are a cop you cannot randomly go up to someone and start asking them questions, intent on charging them with a crime; putting both together, the court ruled that constant profiling provides reason to flee police absent guilt. Still Trump only vaguely mentioned better police training couched in a lecture about how violent protest, looting, rioting won’t be tolerated in a Trump administration, as if it’s being tolerated, sanctioned now or that there’s much more than is already being done now to be done to stop it past declaring marshal law bringing us back to constitutional questions, oblivious to the reasons for it. While Hillary Clinton is talking about funds for implicit bias training, aimed at ridding police officers of their engrained subconscious prejudices so they don’t take it out on the public they are to serve, less people get shot, killed holding benign objects mistaken for a weapon; greater police accountability, so when instances like Tulsa happen officers responsible are charged, tried, convicted and put behind bars. Back to that 25% of the electorate she purportedly alienated with her comments, what president is going to campaign talking to just 25% of the electorate, leaving the other 75%, who doesn’t feel that way, out in the cold; what president isn’t going to appeal to the better angles of our nature not our worst saying, reading between eloquent, nuanced lines racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic islamophobic, may be the America we have at present but isn’t the America we want to build going forward? Worth asking is if there remain millions of Trump supports, as opposed to perhaps several thousand, hundred thousand, taking into account his perceived flip flop on immigration, the Mexican president emphatic he won’t pay for a wall, his public backtracking on birtherism, contradictory statements on a Muslim ban, Muslim surveillance, extreme vetting, what he will do about ISIS and radicalization in the wake of recent attacks. Coupled alongside, forget establishment republicans publicly jumping ship, on record announcing votes for Hillary Clinton, credible rumors that includes former republican president George H.W. Bush, those who say, not only are they not voting for Trump or Hillary, maybe a 3rd party candidate, but are not voting at all, people who are choosing to sit out this election due to the caliber of the candidates offered. And who could blame them when alternate 3rd party candidate Garry Jonson is asking what is Aleppo, sticking his tongue out mocking upcoming debates, saying of the NYC and New Jersey bombings no one got hurt, what he obviously meant was no one got killed, but dozens most certainly were injured; plus last thing we heard about Jill Stein is she and her running mate had a warrant out for their arrest under criminal trespass and criminal mischief charges related to spray-painting bulldozers protesting the Dakota access pipeline. Completely ignored, were the other half of identified Trump supporters highlighted by Mrs. Clinton, the people who feel let by their government, let down by their nation’s economy she tried to reach as more than a ploy to win votes, but to say I haven’t forgotten you, I understand why you might vote for Trump, want to vote for Trump, help me understand more. Concurrently to Donald Trump’s stunt of brining good, hard working, blue collar American workers, small town dwelling ‘non-deplorables’ on stage at his next event, simultaneously addressing Tom Brokaw’s explanation why her self-inflicted political wound could be so bad for her, imploring them to look closer at him, his policies and where he truly stands on issues effecting working class people, people devastated by manufacturing job losses, rundown small towns where everyone leaves including their children who, having only there social security left to them, they want to see once and awhile alongside their grandchildren. Why can’t the hardware store owner in Ohio understand complexity, nuance; that if you are not islamophobic to the point of unprovoked hate speech, physical injury, harassment directed at women, children, displaced refugees, calling your store a Muslim free zone, cheering for a ban on all Muslims and extreme vetting and surveillance she’s not talking to, about you? That if you are not homophobic to the point of hate speech, bodily harm, denying housing, employment, medical services to LGBT persons; even if you believe marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman. You are not pulling a Melissa Klein owning a bakery, doing wedding cakes, then refusing to serve a gay couple instead of getting out of the wedding cake business; you’re not practicing the stupidity of Barronelle Stutzman who provided floral services to a known gay man for years except when it came to his wedding, committing the number one business no, no in not clearly ascertaining what the client/customer wants before refusing on religious grounds when, in deference to those beliefs he was willing to take X flower arrangements done in X style and go, her admitting in court had she known he didn’t want the full wedding services package, set up, consultation, onsite display, she would have sold to him, then wanting to stay in business rather than paying the fine, selling her business, no longer doing weddings, approximately 3% of her business, on principle, choosing to fight, because to do otherwise would ‘betray Jesus.’ If you’re not behaving like Kim Davis and refusing lawful licenses, to do your job as opposed to resigning, getting another job that does not conflict with your religious beliefs with valuable clerking skills that can be used elsewhere, she is not talking to or about you? That if you are not sexist to the point you agree with Donald Trump’s misogynist comments about women, despicable comments about dating his own daughter, support equal pay for equal work, paternity, family leave policies for families, not just women, and don’t buy the Trump family’s overly simplistic views on what women can do about sexual harassment, she’s not talking to or about you. If you aren’t a member of white supremacy groups, want nothing to do with the rhetoric they spew, renounce violence at Trump rallies, Trump Jr.’s skittles comments referencing refugees, marginally understand why his gas chambers comments were offensive to Jews, perhaps don’t like illegal immigration but know deporting 11million persons is A- impossible and B- not the answer, can have explained to you the need for a clear, standard, legal immigration policy, which we don’t have right now, then you are not who she’s talking to, about? If you’ve seen the videos of unarmed black and brown people shot by cops and find it disturbing, hear the stories on the news of double digit numbers of bullets going into a single person holding a knife, hear the flimsy justifications and think we need police reform, criminal justice reform, things need to change, she’s not talking to or about you? See democrats, liberals, progressives, all those ‘dirty’ words used to describe opposing political views also encompassing people, thinks he/she can, and politicians do them a disservice assuming they can’t failing to bother explaining multi-faceted issues like our current immigration mess. She wasn’t wrong; she shouldn’t have apologized, felt compelled to apologize because people want to continue pretending to be ignorant to the facts.

Hillary Clinton is not the first presidential candidate, president to have gotten sick, in public, had their illnesses become news; in addition to those who hid major chronic health problems Jimmy Carter can faint from heat exhaustion during a race, George H. W. Bush can vomit all over the Japanese Prime Minister then faint, George W. Bush can lose consciousness from choking on a pretzel during a football game he was watching, sporting a bruised cheek for his trouble. But Hillary Clinton did something egregious by ‘hiding’ she got sick with something slightly above the sniffles and didn’t make a major announcement. Once and for all Hillary Clinton got pneumonia, not the bubonic, pneumonic plague, TB, she was never diagnosed with a serious long term, ongoing medical condition, MS, Parkinson’s Lou Gehrig’s disease, even diabetes; she has not died, isn’t dead. Her contracting pneumonia not surprising considering background information many Clinton campaign staff had contracted severe colds, 2 of them, not Clinton, hospitalized with repertory infections. Yes she originally told press around her her noticeable cough was due to seasonal allergies; that wasn’t campaign spin to hide a larger, ongoing health problem, a chronic condition she didn’t want the public to know about. It was her doctor’s initial diagnosis when she came to her with fatigue, a low grade fever and cough, was given a short course of antibiotics, probably due to her history of chronic sinusitis (an inflammation or swelling of the tissue lining the sinuses) presumably told to come back if symptoms got worse, wanting to see her in X days, weeks for a standard checkup. Upon said checkup symptoms remained, doctor heard congestion, opted to do an advanced chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia, ended up ruling it in; diagnosing her with a mild walking pneumonia, called such in layman’s terms because individuals with it can usually carry on with their daily activities, may not even know they have it. Advised rest and modification of her rigorous campaign schedule; advice Clinton admits to ignoring until she couldn’t ignore it anymore feeling ill at the 9-11 memorial, trying to discreetly leave, as not to disrupt proceedings, and fainted getting into her car. Never taken to a hospital, rather her daughters nearby apartment because, recognizing what this was, there was no need to sit hours in an ER, disrupt operations at a local urgent care clinic when your name is Hillary Clinton and you’re that Hillary Clinton; her doctor willing to come to her. Evaluating her, finding her dehydrated and in need of rest, probably embarking on a lecture about self-care, listening to your physician; candidate emerging 90 minutes later appearing fine, cancelling a California trip for that Monday, returning to campaign activities that Thursday, short of the 5 days respite doctors recommended. Oh but she was coughing days, weeks before that to quote Donald Trump and others, except a persistent, hacking cough is a symptom of many minor respiratory illnesses. Bronchitis treatable with symptom management or antibiotics, depending on if it’s bacterial or viral, only being serious in the very young, very old or those with chronic major health issues asthma, COPD, none of which Clinton has; or what, walking pneumonia her final diagnosis. It should be reassuring we now have a recent health history on Secretary Clinton, many of her public knowledge heath issues explained: her hypothyroidism, very common in women, extremely common in women over 50, resolve easily with daily medication. Medical reasoning behind her taking a blood thinner previously having deep-vein thrombosis, (a blood clot in the leg), blood thinners what they put you on after such an event to prevent reoccurrence, bigger medical problems/complications, her concussion in 2012 and subsequent blood clot from hitting her head. Countering celebrity doctors like Drew Pinsky, known for treating famous addicts, background in psychology, the expanded physician’s letter released following her Sunday fainting spell, reading like a physician’s referral of a patient to another doctor, notes that the prism glasses were used to treat double vision for two months after the concussion, and then discontinued; double vision a common symptom/side effect of a concussion. Concussion also explaining the ‘rare’ cerebral blood clot despite being on a blood thinner “he had only seen one in his career (unsurprising since his career consists of TV shows and psychoanalysis)…it essentially guarantees someone has something wrong with their coagulation system;” there is no mention of any other ‘brain damage,’ his claim. To the contrary, her history reveals a CT scan related to her sinusitis, uncovering no lingering effects of that concussion and no brain abnormalities. Don’t we wish we had the exact same information on Trump, whose public behavior has been so erratic, bizarre, to borrow Dr. Drew’s favorite word, it brought psychiatrists out from behind their medical ethics walls feeling they needed to comment regardless of laws, standard social norms regarding doctors commenting about patients they haven’t treated; including Pinsky himself concerned about Trump’s mental health? Clinton has also had coagulation (blood clotting) studies finding no abnormalities in her clotting factors, blood clotting abilities; her decision to take Coumadin a precaution against further blood clots. Cardiac tests revealing zero plaque representing near zero risk of heart attack, probably why they didn’t proceed with newer testing; this may have also been less invasive of the 2, particularly on a 68 year old woman, contrasted against Trump who could stand to lose a few pounds and takes a statin. All medical definitions herein garnered from google searches and Web MD, Wikipedia equally available to the public through identical means; on a personal note to timeline the use of blood thinners a bit, my grandmother was on Coumadin until the day she died in 2011 post a mid-90’s stroke. Xarelto wasn’t approved for use in preventing DVT until 2012 unless you were having a hip or knee replacement and Eliquis wasn’t approved until 2014; seeing as Mrs. Clinton had her DVT before then she, of course, was placed on Coumadin, since there is no noticeable difference between outcomes, was kept, on, made the choice to stay on Coumadin. Armour Thyroid could be another choice, patients still have those ‘Dr. Pinsky,’ could track back to when she was diagnosed, she could have tired newer Synthroid and it not worked well, she could be allergic to the other ingredient; Armour Thyroid does contain one main compound used to make Synthroid. Pointing to Dr. Drew relax; get off the radio and go practice your own specially, which is miles from endocrinology. You know you have a problem when Newt Gingrich, tinfoil hat guy of the Republican Party, tells everyone to be skeptical of medical advice doled out without ever examining the patient in question. No, we don’t need to know Tim Kane broke his collar bone, dislocated shoulder, had his wisdom teeth removed, deals with plantar fasciitis; equally we don’t/didn’t need to know about Hillary Clinton’s sinusitis, her ear tube put in to prevent ear infections related to chronic sinusitis, her hypothyroidism is inconsequential due to its easily treatability using medication she is taking. Her pneumonia diagnosis was/is none of our business until she had to cancel events because of it and only because she has to cancel said events; anything else gets us into a slippery slope of how much is too much information when it comes to disqualifying a potential commander in chief, where is the line of privacy concerns even when you are leader of the free world. Are we really going to come to an era where oh he has a family history of heart disease he can’t be president, he has a genetic predisposition to diabetes he can’t be president, he could develop cancer he can’t be president, possessing zero existing signs of a medical problem? Lastly in this section, who is more believable a physician who comports herself like a consummate professional drafting a corresponding professional letter as if she were writing to a fellow physician, or a ‘doctor’ who greatly resembles that guy from The Big Lebowski, long hair, beard? Who is more believable a candidate who authorized their medical doctor to give out what Hillary Clinton gave or the candidate who goes on a doctor’s TV program (defunct doctor Oz having his own ethics and credibility problems testifying before congress and sanctioned by his state medical board), trots out 2 pieces of paper from the same hippie-esque doctor as before, and askes Oz to read them? Purportedly a more professional sounding letter and results from his latest physical; which could have been a grocery list and the start of his Christmas list, for all we concretely know. Performing standard sleight of hand trying to make people think he’s done something he didn’t actually do, release his medical records; telling us nothing about his lifelong medical history, any major events, serious ailments suffered. Answering questions like why you’ve been seeing a gastroenterologist for 35 years, aren’t seeing a general practitioner, why they didn’t do the medical write up if he is seeing one; conclusion remains Hillary is hiding something—logic anyone? It should be reassuring candidate Clinton, possible future president of the United States, is being treated by a professional, someone who exudes professionalism, who can navigate the exposure, status, publicity of her patient; it should be reassuring secretary Clinton’s minor, age commiserate health issues are under control, scrutinized by the watchful eye of a doctor, versus who knows what Harald Bornstein could be missing with Donald Trump, what tests he’s not allowed to perform being awed or intimidated, manipulated by his patient. Unfortunately in this climate it isn’t; the best of standards screams not good enough.

But Hillary Clinton has always been judged on a different playing field trapped in republican bizarre-o world where effect video editing, making her head bob around spastically imitating a bobble-head doll proves she’s prone to seizures; her fondness for muumuus is concealing medical devices not in evidence or on the market, i.e. Veterans for Trump’s deep brain stem battery pack that counters her tremors. Nor was there any cover up, attempt to mislead people about the state of her health in saying she was merely overheated as opposed to ‘coming clean,’ not waiting 7 hours to announce she had pneumonia; not to overwhelm the tiny brains of republican conspiracy theory spinners, the presumed tiny brains comprising America’s voting populous, it was both. At the 9-11 memorial she was dehydrated, overheated and thus fainted; said dehydration, overheating possibly due to underlying pneumonia, anti-biotics taken, but not necessarily or always. Doesn’t matter that senator Chuck Schumer came forward announcing his doctor diagnosed him with pneumonia a few weeks prior and no one knew outside his physician, immediate family, closest staff perhaps; more importantly no one cared. Or that Secretary Clinton isn’t president yet; scrutiny, panic and medical mollycoddling to come when she is actually president elect. Doesn’t matter that someone fainted at a fundraising event where president Obama filled in for an assuredly resting candidate Clinton, presumably from the heat, Obama not missing a beat reassuring everyone said person would be ok, reminding them to bend their knees, drink some water. Prince William helped a fainting dignitary at an event in the UK and it only made news because it involved Prince William and Duchess Kate, members of the royal family. It still holds inconceivable Mrs. Clinton got overheated at 9-11 memorial ceremonies wearing a dark pantsuit, similar to what you would wear to a funeral denoting the somber occasion, definitively not a place where you don shorts and a tank top being an ordinary citizen, never mind a public, political figure on top of it. Add in her pneumonia diagnosis and it makes perfect sense, as if sense was ever what was driving this frenzied conversation. Doesn’t matter if she attended local 9-11 memoriam activities or didn’t, whether she told the country/world she had pneumonia or not, because if she does the sane thing, takes her doctor’s advice, Trump, his surrogates and her legions of haters spanning throughout decades are on her in a second saying she’s too ill, doesn’t have the stamina to be president. If she toughs it out, tries to power through it as she did, it solidifies questions about her judgement, coughing her germs all over dozens of people, even though her doctor ruled it non-contagious. Fitting in nicely with their narrative on her e-mails as Secretary of State, her use of a private server, whether or not top Clinton foundation donors got access due to her being Secretary of State; all the way back to why she stayed with her exposed philanderer husband Bill Clinton through Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers and of course Monica Lewinski and her knee pads. Whereas had it been Bernie Sanders in the exact same position, having the identical fainting spell Trump, republicans would have said look at him toughing it out while Hillary Clinton probably wouldn’t have bothered to show up for our fallen heroes, how shameful. Had it been Trump he would have leaned heavily on his doctor’s advice, defaulted to he didn’t want to make others ill even if he was non-contagious and pivoted to something along the lines of when you are commander in chief you have to take care of yourself to lead a country, sounding very ‘presidential’ virtually selling snake oil. Creating a dammed if you do damned if you don’t scenario which can easily be called par for the course in politics as long as you, viewers, members of the public along with pundits, analysts, commentators understand that’s what’s happening. Upside, bright side proving her fitness for president is she got pneumonia and isn’t in the hospital, isn’t on supplemental oxygen, isn’t confined to a bed, struggling to do basic things like walk to the bathroom and had to be forced into taking a few days off from a grueling schedule. Trouncing these relentless stamina questions and can she handle the physical demands of presidency, if one bothers to educate themselves marginally about pneumonia; voters seeming to be on her side in developing pneumoniagate believing Hillary Clinton will be fine. Candidate Clinton’s forced sick days should have sparked a completely different conversation, set of conversations before she brought it back to the campaign trail—what millions of sick people, workers in the freelance economy, minimum wage job holders, to small business owners do in this country when they can’t take off from work to mind and care for their health, when they are already living paycheck to paycheck and they can’t afford to miss a paycheck or their rent won’t get paid, their lights won’t stay on, reality for multitudes of hard working Americans. When you, like she, can’t flake on a round table of foreign policy experts, a big product rollout, a months’ long prepared presentation, fundraising events if you want the financial capital to achieve your goals in getting to the Whitehouse to make a difference for average Americans, such as the one your mother was coming up for very little. Your boss doesn’t stop expecting you to make the company money because you’re sick; you can’t miss the region wide sales rep conference. What people do when they don’t have health insurance, when their employer isn’t large enough under Obamacare to be mandated to provide health coverage options, when you can’t afford to see a doctor; how minor infections and would-be simple outpatient, same day surgical procedures become costly ER visits, complicated surgeries, lengthy stays in the hospital, as whatever it is can no longer be ignored. Why people in stable jobs, budding careers or even long time workers at company X don’t take sick days in this country, even if they have them, let alone a vacation fearing for their job, being passed over for a promotion. Studies showing working overtime can kill you, shorten your lifespan, triples risk of major deadly diseases; heart disease, cancer, diabetes. At the same time is floating 4 day work weeks, except fear is, they aren’t finally realizing working people less and giving them more time with their families, to pursue hobbies or sleep in once and awhile is a good thing, they aren’t being innovative, frugal, cutting edge; rather have found a clever way to cram 5 days work into 4, leading to stress, mess, workplace accidents, injuries and no shortage of health problems, many of those same health problems noted in the overtime story, especially again, for women. Salon author’s self-deprecating assessment he shoehorned Hillary’s pneumonia into a policy examination, policy article because he is an exclusive political writer aside, his question is valid and his answer just as important as her medical records, arguably more so, in terms of things that should be driving our election decisions this election cycle. What would the Trump health plan do to struggling Americans who have health coverage for the first time in their adult lives thanks to Obamacare, uphill battling millennials in the freelance economy who can look after their health while young potentially avoiding huge problems down the line, but that all goes away with his promised repeal of the Affordable Care Act, whose largest selling point is then insurance companies’ ability to sell insurance policies across state lines. Reality, that mirroring all things Trump his health plan, available on his website, isn’t a plan instead a series of opaque generalities and talking points similar to 1 line zingers seen in the primary debates. His ‘plan’ says nothing about preexisting conditions among a host of other things, benefiting the rich, who don’t need benefits or help, reverting to the ‘better not to get sick’ mantra of HMOs, no care at all, virtually takes us back to the pre-Obamacare years abruptly robbing millions of coverage. Moving backwards not forwards to a national healthcare system that works for America not Scandinavia, the UK, absent scare words like universal healthcare, single payer; improving on Obamacare until it covers ever single man woman and child living in America, instead of his party members running states denying Medicaid expansion, top insurance companies bailing out of federal exchanges, Zika funding held up by the same republicans. Because it can be transmitted via sexual contact with an infected person, a significant communicable disease having devastating impact on pregnant women and their unborn infants, born with equally devastating health complications that will cost society for the whole of their lives gets relegated to the ‘keep your legs closed, don’t get pregnant, take personal responsibility and you won’t have any problems files. Which does nothing to address fact Zika is spread by mosquitoes not sex, does nothing to combat the spread of a serious communicable disease, put money in the hands of scientists who can fight the disease, most notably in the form of a vaccine so it could go back to mattering a lot less if you are bitten by a mosquito in the United States of America or abroad. Speaking of vaccines, where is the one for HIV/AIDS , while researchers are putting together one for the common cold, except the common cold is morally, neutral isn’t mentally relegated to the sexually sinful, promiscuous or those performing unnatural sex acts; otherwise public health, public good be damned.

Uniquely ironic Donald Trump talking about transparency whether it be Clinton’s health or his taxes, the hiding behind an audit every expert says doesn’t prevent him from disclosing past, current tax information, then telling people what it doesn’t tell readers about a person’s finances, lastly settling on people just aren’t that interested in his tax returns. Secondary to why we need to see his tax returns, investigative journalists want to know and the public needs to know about any potential conflicts of interest, particularly with say Russia, documented business holdings in China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates weighed beside legal fact he is not required, should he win the presidency, to set up a blind trust(a financial arrangement in which a person in public office gives the administration of private business interests to an independent trust in order to prevent conflict of interest. Under the trust, the owner does not know how the assets are managed), divest himself, his family, from the daily operations of his business holdings to avoid conflicts of interest as lower level government employees are. Coating on another layer of shady adding to stories on contractors and lower level workers not paid for building Trump buildings, numerous lawsuits being the final outcome, accusations he encouraged models to work in America illegally, to skirt immigration laws, questions about his own wife’s immigration to America, work status when she first came into this country. Yet Hillary Clinton is hiding something because people can’t keep track of 30 thousand e-mails she turned over at request and the subsequent 30,000 thought deleted the FBI retrieved. Who knows what his full tax disclosure, his complete tax returns, e.g. from last year, might reveal about biases, soft spots he could have to trade policy, business regulation, deductions, debt, charitable contributions; charitable contributions a key point sifting through what has come to light about the Trump foundation. When the barest minimum investigative journalism turned up tangible wrongdoing in which Trump donated to the attorney general campaign of one Pam Bondi in Florida fined by the IRS for his trouble, fine failing to address optics he did so to preempt her investigation of Trump university affiliates there. Trump who hasn’t put any of his personal money into his named charity since 2008, him using other people’s money to make donations, causing them to think it came from Trump. Using funds from his charity to buy a Tim Tebow helmet for himself, a 6 foot portrait of himself, using charity funds to pay off business debts, even to collect debts from others, how people basically got duped into ‘giving’ so much to his foundation; things so bad the New York attorney general is opening an investigation. This is on top of a mirroring investigation into exposed Trump University running a for-profit model using predatory sales tactics to get people to go into debt, give up savings to attend near meaningless classes, where he famously insulted the judge for ‘being of Mexican descent’ despite being born and raised in Indiana, but former first lady, former secretary of state Clinton needs to exercise more transparency. Trump then hammering transparency and pay for play antics at The Clinton Foundation seems downright silly because at least they aren’t paying punitive fines, give millions away not spend millions on frivolity for one’s self, for political, legal gain; the worst that can substantially be proven about their foundation is that wealthy donors thought they could use Mrs. Clinton’s position as secretary of state to get special access, have their issues heard and weren’t shay about asking. Miniscule proof they ever got anything they were asking for beyond perhaps a meeting with her and even there information is hard to come by. Whereas Trump’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort resigned when extensive ties to Russia were revealed and that’s not the one who just resigned for racist comments; his current campaign manager is a member of the alt. right, extreme right wing conservatives, white supremacies and was once accused of domestic violence. If he’s so against on record white supremacist David Duke, and by extension the office runner who, used a turn on Trump’s slogan Make America Great Again to come up with Make America White Again drawing obvious protest, denounced his support, would notably condemn the other, where is the sit down with David Duke he can crow to media took place where he told him to knock it off and Duke listening because this is Donald Trump business mogul, billionaire and republican presidential nominee? Where is his righteous indignation at someone taking his slogan about bettering America, restoring it to its former glory and turning it into a racial slur, saying that wasn’t what he meant calling it stupid as he has call varying members of the American citizenry, American public, select job titles, holders of those titles throughout his campaign. Unless make America great again really is code for make America white again, as especially African Americans, but all minorities fear; Hillary Clinton is not the one with a transparency problem. Trump has zero room to talk about openness, honesty, full disclosure, question medical conditions of others when he can’t even get his doctor to produce what secretary Clinton did a medical health, history summery like what a doctor would receive on a referred patient. Instead what we got was a one page letter sounding like, to reiterate, it was written by Trump himself or that guy from The Big Lebowski; actually from an admittedly rushed gastroenterologist who wrote it in 5 minutes while a limo was waiting. Credibility further undermined noting his also aforementioned long hair, beard, hippie state of dress, lackadaisically leaning on one arm during an interview discussing said letter and Mr. Trump’s health standing. Raising questions about what kind of doctor, supposed medical professional would agree to write such a letter coopting their patients distinctive language knowing it was to be released to the public for the purpose of informing them about his health, his potential fitness to serve in office, agree to write it under such time constrained pressure, without any current tests like what he eventually had done and gave to Dr. Oz. then give an unpolished interview about it. Echoing the Pinsky line of questioning is this the kind of doctor a future commander in chief should be seeing; what does it say when an intelligent man who regularly touts his capability to fix ailments besieging an entire country if he consents to continue seeing a perceived subpar doctor? Let’s talk about his judgement, the kind of judgment you want/need to see in the next leader of the free world that he wouldn’t find another doctor, at least a general practitioner; particularly important considering data statistically available on men’s tendency for self-care, a distinct lack of it, who avoid, put off seeing their doctors when feeling unwell, who don’t schedule routine preventative exams, are abysmal at taking prescribed medications, wives, girlfriends, sisters often instrumental in getting the men in their lives to book and keep appointments, follow physician directives. Donald Trump whose campaign manager prior to his booking on the Dr. Oz show said of releasing standard, bona-fide medical records, following every other president in the modern era, everyone has a right to privacy; privacy they aren’t equally willing to extend to Hillary Clinton because of her cough, owing to the narrative he and republicans have built up around her health, speculation she has everything from AIDS to Parkinson’s. But Hillary Clinton needs to be more forthcoming; to quote one commenter on one of many articles about Clinton’s health, political optics and the absurdity this has all taken on, “Honestly, watching the response to this has shown me why she lies. There’s no longer reason to tell the truth.” More accurately reflecting expressed sentiment, we see now why she doesn’t disclose any more personal, health information than she absolutely has to; there is no reason to be that open, vulnerable, ‘transparent,’ ‘honest,’ ‘trustworthy.’ Because, people are going to make it up, draw their own conclusions, create their own reality no matter what you tell them or don’t.