Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

It’s the conspiracy that just won’t go away; right up there with Vince Foster and Ron Brown, the alleged ‘body count’ of persons Hillary and Bill Clinton have collectively, perhaps separately arranged to have killed for political, legal gain, in the interest of avoiding prison time. How suicides, plane crashes and tragedies are irrefutable proof of a hit list and equally as absurd; the republican spin machine utterly convinced the exposed records gap, former secretary of state Clinton’s, ‘hidden,’ ‘missing’ e-mail(s), were concealing critical information on their favorite pet obsession, Benghazi. Never mind it never materialized, after committee shake ups, embarrassing admissions this was actually an effort on the part of some to derail her presidential aspirations, whistleblowers denigrated as ‘damn liars,’ on national television, 11 hour testimony sessions that saw panel members responsible for said desired questioning bickering like children in a sand box while Clinton radiated calm; Tray Gowdy got one thing right in naming military failures, poor communication and poor security conditions on the ground weeks, months before those fatal, twin night attacks driving forces behind the death of 4 Americans in that volatile region of Libya. Still the cat was out of the bag so to speak, report not yet complete on one major congressional investigation, final price tag 7 million taxpayer dollars, they were vowing to begin another scrutinizing why and how Hillary Clinton had so successfully skirted government record keeping mandates, into what they were sure was her illegal private server. Assumptions made without having any foreknowledge of the state department’s polices, IT set up, probably having to eventually go through written laws detailing parameters on acceptable record keeping at that level; unable to adequately follow laws themselves threatening subpoenas they had no authority to issue in the process of their investigating Benghazi. But the very idea she would want one, a private server, let alone take steps to actually getting one, must mean there is something nefarious going on and by god they were going to get to the bottom of it. Ink barely dry on one report, incidentally finding no wrongdoing by Clinton, fact lost in speculation of what wrongdoing they might have uncovered, amidst swirling hype generated by Hillary Clinton killed my friends t-shirts and the impassioned, misinformed speech of a mother whose son was lost in Benghazi. Already having touched off an internal review at state, a looming FBI investigation, congressional republicans soon unhappy with the FBI’s final conclusive finding of non-criminal recklessness striking just shy of gross negligence; they are demanding FBI documents and promising their own inquiry. While America has been titillated with regular e-mail releases, indicating personality quirks, favorite foods, TV shows, navigating her fax machine and titillated again with FBI releases of new e-mails, their investigation notes pulling away the curtain behind their findings, creating a trickledown, ‘dripping’ effect impacting her poll numbers, feeding perceptions of her ‘untrustworthiness’, accusations of criminality, questions of how can it not be prosecutable gross negligence? Based on FBI director James Comey’s unprecedented press conference, finger pointing calling the FBI either weak or in ‘crooked Hillary’s’ pocket, probably both; origins of further lock her up chants, shouted, usually at Trump rallies, Hillary for prison 2016 anti-campaign slogans. Beside salacious media reporting, who has never gotten this right, announcing DOJ (department of justice) investigations the actual department of justice never planned on initiating; even exonerated her from any maleficence in deleting deemed personal e-mails, had they been on the state department system or her own. Naming FBI just released e-mail contents some new revelation when it was instead merely continued release of information that resulted in their ultimate finding, turning it into horserace journalism about elections for the Whitehouse leaving off critical contexts, logical interpretations, countering politicians and known Clinton rivals who are fixated on her 30,0000 lost e-mails by reminding them there are no longer a mysterious 30,000 e-mails where could be found any number of criminal indicators; rather she turned over roughly 30,000 at various requests, FBI officials able to recover another roughly 30,000 from the hard drive they obtained off that infamous server. Absent, in either set of documents recovered, testimony given, their hoped for smoking gun either on Benghazi itself, evidence she knew she was ‘breaking the law,’ flouting procedure, going against standard policy. Worse they uncovered, aide questions and help desk confusion because Clinton’s e-mail lacked familiar .gov identifiers so people knew it was her, not spam; concerns failing to make it up supervisory chains of command. Conversations about keeping X topics secure, not to send her sensitive, classified materials at X time, explanations to follow; caution showing the opposite of a disregard for security. Continuing, despite accusations threats were made about questioning her e-mail set up, there has been no release of the threat maker’s name(s), anonymous John, Jane Doe equivalent pseudonyms denoting either threat makers or who those threats were supposedly made to within FBI internal documents released to both congress and the media. Or journalists would have reasonably used supplied anonymity markers FBI personnel chose in summarizing document contents during broadcast segments, as they have in similar case reporting; even the plaintiff accusing Dennis Hastert of sex abuse as a teen and paying bribery fees for his silence was known as individual A, the companion of Tyler Clementi secretly caught on Dharun Ravi’s video outing his roommate, where he was later charged with a hate crime, was referenced in court proceedings and fillings as MB to protect his identity from future possible hate crimes, since he was only a secondary party in legal processes going forward, testifying as a witness only. Nor were they called to testify to the FBI, DOJ, congressional committees on Benghazi or the one forming now; intent: uncovering perjury, because secretary Clinton has always maintained she didn’t send or receive any classified materials for her duration occupying the position and she alleged the C marking in documents was perhaps placing paragraphs in alphabetical order, not a notation of classification at the lowest level used in the state department, confidential. As well as saying throughout interviews 30 odd times she didn’t remember (keep reading for more on all 3 items proving her humanity, her lack of being an automaton, robot over her incompetence) Often missed is why the FBI decided against a criminal indictment, legal precedent of there has to be clear intent to commit actions on par with treason, clear willfulness in giving classified materials to people unauthorized to have them, think David Petraeus giving materials to his mistress, aside, apart from people’s testimony they can’t produce, doesn’t seem to exist; they found a state department in complete electronic disarray for this being nearly 20 years into the 21st century. They found a lackadaisical work culture toward securing sensitive documents, subject threads that should have been some level of classified generated on a secure server, computer, began on un-secure state department computers, personal smartphones, blackberries or i-pads. They found a state department unaware people use those devices in a plethora of workplaces nationwide, used them at state to expediently communicate information between support staff and officials, official to official, unaware they needed secure, encrypted versions for staff and their top aides. And unaware of her non-government e-mail address use during her entire tenure as secretary of state; surely apprised of records gaps at the national archives, since a staffer from there spoke to varying news outlets, going all the way back to the 64th secretary of state, Clinton was the 67th. They found a history of government employees, former secretaries of state, ambassadors who used both personal and government e-mail, names included; they found the state department’s own categorized systemic weaknesses still present under a new secretary of state, independent 3 years having gone by and a should be evolution in policy to keep up with changing technology, to adapt to current, shifting situations namely continued hacks, hacking attempts on government systems; they found a state department equally as culpable in what Hillary Clinton did as Clinton herself.

Again the story, why people should care, is wholly divorced from Clinton herself, her ‘unhealthy penchant for secrecy;’ the story is quite frankly, no wonder she got a private server put in an odd, inconspicuous place (her apartment’s bathroom) seeing what she had to work, contend with at the state department. Of course they didn’t charge her with a crime; divesting oneself of case histories relevant to adjacent scenarios mentioned above, to prosecute her would have been to prosecute at least 2 prior secretaries of state before her, if not 3 or 4, and at least 1 ambassador. Keeping a running tally on what they don’t have, the state department or the FBI either one, don’t have names, even job titles of the person/persons she was supposed to obtain permission, authorization from to use her private e-mail and server, independent being under ‘an obligation to do so.’ Incongruent with standing state department policy stipulating she immediately turn over records upon leaving office, ‘not 21 months later,’ there appears no one to turn them over to. They can’t find a person, persons who trailed after Clinton as she was transitioning out of her previous office trying to get said records, written, electronic communications between her and state department or national archive workers attempting to retrieve those records, another thing not found in the foggy vortex labeled her ‘criminally implicating’ e-mails. They don’t have names, official job titles of the IT personnel, state department personnel who were put in charge, responsible for setting up, maintaining her .gov encrypted account; unspecified if there was any one job title, person, team tasked with maintaining all officials’ secure e-mails, secure computers. Even though there should be/have been and she was supposed to ‘go out and get one,’ instead of one expediently and automatically being given to her upon reporting to work after her confirmation as secretary of state. Redundancy piling atop redundancy, especially on this issue, they don’t possess a name, a job title, an interdepartmental subheading i.e. human resources, IT, finance, logistics, responsible for overseeing all state department officials get/got properly secure computers, e-mail accounts, shutting down inactive ones, ones belonging to outgoing, fired, transferred, promoted employees. They don’t have a person, persons coming forward saying they set up a .gov account and she refused to use it, they were prevented by Clinton, her staff from setting up said .gov account; tangible evidence suggests all they had was a help desk providing rudimentary tech support on how to operate state department fax machines, for example. And if they’re like most help desks, from your cable company to your internet provider, your smartphone carrier, that represents the whole totality of what they are capable, proficient in dispensing. Contrasted against their investigation’s subject claiming she has no memory of a formal briefing, any specific training on classifications, classification systems and their operation, apart from what they were and how to access them, stopping short of salient details one would need, on say security measures; we don’t have someone testifying, if not directly to the FBI, committee on Benghazi, the DOJ, then the news media saying they remember giving Clinton directed tutorials on both classification designations and security protocols because she seemed exceptionally knowledgeable or asked a particularly simplistic, bordering on foolish question. Once more missing, forget individual names, but the job title, interdepartmental designation, similar to above, of those doling out such critical briefings, a counterpart doing the same for aides, lower level staff new to the state department just as Hillary Clinton was. Likewise they don’t have names, job titles of supervisors at the state department who told curious askers, concerned IT help desk operators essentially not to worry about her private, unsecured e-mail; despite long held press suppositions many people in, then secretary Clinton’s, periphery knew about, had to know about her non-standard, unorthodox e-mail, voiced questions about it, their nebulous concerns never were reported to her boss, legal authorities of any kind. In fact no one has come forward to authorities or press affiliates contradicting anything Hillary Clinton has always insisted about her e-mail; pushback radiating from pundit conjecture and plausibly explained discrepancies in statements given and evidence collected. They went so far as to give immunity to 2 top Clinton aides her other close aide, besides Huma Abedin, Sheryl Mills and the primary IT person who set up that server, Mills then surrendering a laptop, and didn’t find anything not already available via investigative journalism conducted previously or parallel to their legally binding inquires. On the other side cataloging what they do have evidence supporting, it bolsters Hillary Clinton’s version of motivations behind what she did; FBI personnel assigned to unraveling e-mail-gate found a distinct policy void state department wide, coupled with previously tenured secretaries of states’ confusion on whether or not documents were automatically being backed up, their own admitted systemic weaknesses, just how long it took them to come to conclusions she indeed did break the law not limited to state department guidelines, parameters president Obama gave, according to media, circa 2009. Stacking up more reasons for Clinton to do what she did, unrelated source evidence, ABC’s World News Tonight, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show to name 2 who did stories within the last 6 months on the technologically backward government facilities and 60 Minutes, CBS entities having done them in recent years past, showcasing a glaring technology void that had people filing and printing documents then dropping them pell-mell into a box. No collating, just file, print, drop in everything you send or receive, to comply with record keeping statutes; state department hoping by the end of the current year to have an external electronic backup system, mirroring most major U.S. businesses. Largely searched out now because press got wind of missile defense systems run on 8 inch floppies dating back to the 1970’s, things in such a state of antiquation news reporters semi-sarcastically asking, during their reporting, if the government would be better off taking a trip to Best Buy. Peter Theil even making it a talking point in his RNC speech listing endless instances demonstrating how far America has declined, unworkability encompassing all government electronic devices, phenomenon not limited to state department computers. Common knowledge trickling down to comedians like Bill Maher hundreds were using their own, private e-mails, computers, blackberries, tablets and phones, because in his words, “most people in the state department used a private server because the government server wasn’t efficient; she needed a private server to get her work done. Because democrats do work, government work, they don’t hate the government; she was a wonk who needed something that worked.” Realities meaning no, Rachel Maddow’s background on government used technology, ancient protocols for ensuring backups, information retention doesn’t make her a lesbian, (her sexuality has nothing to do with her job performance) pro-Hillary Clinton, mainstream media shill doing pathetic reporting to distract from the real issue, Clinton’s violation of work policies in a place as significant as the state department, the United States government, handling issues of national security, classified, secret materials that cannot fall into the wrong hands. Her chronicling age of technology currently used in government versus what the average person has at home, the average business uses today, focusing on this hitherto ignored aspect is directly reverent to what is happening regarding Clinton; because if government tech functioned better, was on par with market available items they’d automatically have created backups sans employees spending valuable work time managing them. Continuing, they wouldn’t be able to lie, plead they couldn’t find document X, claim they forgot procedures to initiate backups, print memo, briefing Y. If proper technology were in place commiserate with running a westernized country people wouldn’t feel compelled to use their personal laptop, smartphone, blackberry, tablet to do their work effectively and efficiently. For that matter if government operatives got their collective heads out of their collective rear ends, stopped tabloid level ‘journalistic’ pursuits on her secret lesbianism, questioning daughter Chelsea’s paternity, obsession with her and her husband’s sex lives (chronicling his publicized extramarital affairs), calling her an alleged cat killer to intimidate her husband’s enemies, she wouldn’t be using BleachBit to take the last shreds of personal, political contact information off of a server. Taken together only mystery is, why they continued investigating Clinton, didn’t discontinue their investigation of her and go after the state department, contact and implore the appropriate government body, law enforcement agency to investigate them for gross negligence.

Understanding the secretary of state virtually operates with autonomy at the state department, they are boss over subordinates basically only answerable an inspector general, responsible for investigating waste, fraud and abuse within government agencies, at the government level and the president of the United States, isn’t evidence of Hillary Clinton’s power mongering, running her little kingdom when people weren’t looking, making her own rules at the state department and if you don’t like them get out. Neither is it a scenario where she was head of crafting policy, policy coming down from on high derived from “Executive orders, other legal authorities, and Presidential directives, such as OMB (office of management and budget) circulars, and Department policies.” Inspector general’s seat left vacant for her entire tenure as secretary or not, there remained a deputy inspector general, position designed precisely in the event something happened to the IG, there was a delay in appointing a new one and ‘temporary status,’ a skeptical lack of both ‘independence and institutional authority’ along with being politically vulnerable doesn’t excuse you not doing fundamental parts of your job, even when that meant confronting Hillary Clinton for her use of personal e-mail, a confrontation never taking place. It likewise doesn’t explain longstanding issues in the state department regarding record keeping, e-mail when there was a sitting, functioning IG; it doesn’t explain how there can be a hotline to the IG’s office for purposes of reporting fraud, waste or abuse, government mismanagement and none of these intimidated workers used it to report a problem. Authorities—predictability, on top of predictability, are conspicuously without any call logs showing voiced concerns, transfer requests from their variation on human resources by low level staff to get away from that office, unethical behaviors, are empty handed in terms of letters, e-mails sent to the IG office, any authority figure about what was happening in state department ranks turned ‘the department of Hillary;’ now that could be because they were never told of the IG office’s existence, the hotline’s existence based on educated inferences about the kind of training employees didn’t get, lower on the totem pole you are, the worse it is, unfortunately it’s again evidence they don’t have. Blaming president Obama and Whitehouse foot-dragging is another conservative copout holding less water than some of what they call Hillary Clinton’s ‘flimsy excuses’ on e-mail, when he came into office with a congress vowing it would obstruct anything he desired done on the sole criteria he wants it so of course it must be bad, we won’t let him have it; sentiments seen in what happened with attorney general Loretta Lynch, though they loathed Eric Holder, house speaker, at the time, John Boehner walking out of grand bargain talks that would have given the U.S. government a 10 year budget, the empty Supreme Court seat left by Antonin Scalia’s sudden passing. Repeatedly it comes down to what they, investigating authorities, be it the FBI, the select committee on Benghazi exc., do have as much as what they don’t; they don’t have the allusive director’s name quoted ‘staff’ mention being threatened by but Politico managed to unearth one John Bentel as listed director of Executive Secretariat’s information resource management division coordinating records and communication for state department leadership; piling on The Daily Caller, citing discrepancies between his Benghazi committee testimony and e-mails scrutinized by state department internal review, distinctly show a memo about the instillation of Clinton’s cursed private server in her New York residence. Next, another article details his immunity deal granted before FBI proceedings began; presumably because documents show he lied to congress, even going so far as to tell one questioner it had been approved by the legal department when it hadn’t. One report saying they found her .gov account with a few stray e-mails in it circa 2011 and telling her, her options on what to do with it coming from the same defunct director Bentel; funny, like rotten in the state of Denmark, according to the narrative they’ve always put forth: she got her server to defy policy and the law, because she thinks rules don’t apply to her, if her home server was installed in 2009 why was she still using the .gov one in ’11, unless she used her personal one more than her government one mirroring everyone up to that point. The Wall Street Journal even found a State department IT person, Lewis Lukens, ambassador and executive director of the State Department’s executive secretariat during Clinton’s tenure, who offered her a ‘stand-alone,’ independent IT network, PC in part to avoid cumbersome log in procedures, idea abandoned because according to a Clinton aide: “she didn’t know how to use a computer for e-mail only a blackberry/smartphone;” more pressing than the sheer absurdity of the aides statement about Clinton’s understanding of technology (could it be the aide is the one who thought her that deficient) is who is this guy to think he has the authority to suggest such a thing, implementing it beyond the pale? Leaving readers, people trying to unravel the Clinton e-mail saga with just one lone question, we know where John Bentel’s chance of indictment went yet that still leaves the deputy IG; where is his indictment, where is the rebuke, legal repercussions for every state department authority figure aware of Clinton’s e-mail use, where is the change in work culture putting a stop to whatever this was, Clinton favoritism she never asked for, awe and intimidation by reputation, presence ‘star power,’ where is the media, public criticism of that dangerous work culture? Because isn’t that the indictment against Chris Christie in and out of the court of public opinion, rendering him guilty due to cultivating an employment environment, a workplace where such behavior like clogging up the George Washington bridge in Fort Lee was interpreted as acceptable, applauded ‘problem solving;’ how is this any different, not an extension, more extreme example of the same thing with potentially greater disastrous consequences? They (FBI), and by extension us, also have, thanks to their investigation, Colin Powell’s e-mails to Hillary Clinton describing the advice he gave her particularly about privacy, record keeping and how to keep correspondence from prying eyes, and who better to take advice from than a former secretary of state, a person previously having held the job you are just coming into? Quickly revealing she didn’t randomly throw out his name because he too had used private e-mail, to cleverly deflect attention from her own mounting problems, but contrary to what he told People magazine blustering he was ‘thoroughly sick of being dragged into e-mail controversies,’ adamantly outlining he didn’t mention servers, basements, domains (we’ll educatedly assume he was referring to domain names), practically yowling Clinton’s people were “trying to pin it on him,” rather because his advice e-mail reads like a play by play for what Clinton did. Yes she added the server commiserate with available technology, seeming to otherwise follow directions on deliberately subverting data collecting government severs, computer terminals, having a separate computer for privacy concerns; his detailed e-mail sent days after she took office as secretary of state belying the “she was using her private server for a year before I told her what I did” line, correlating with the memo given to state department IT/communications director Bentel about the server installed in her home. Rachel Maddow’s technology segment highlighting that Mr. Powell too violated record keeping practices, not keeping any of his e-mails, saving exactly zero for records purposes, laid at the feet of the absurdity surrounding the file, print, dump in box procedure, fact nonetheless. Catching Powell in 2 key lies about his irrefutable connection to Hillary Clinton’s e-mail, officials ready to prosecute Clinton, apoplectic about her personal e-mail, private server are oddly unfazed by Powell, have no intention of dragging him before a committee, pressuring the FBI into investigating him; double standard much, the same double standard Clinton is accused of getting, taking advantage of. She gets hung out to dry for her deliberate act, he gets people saying his name in the news; public caring more about his snarky assessments of Trump, the Cheney’s making him sound like a high school, juvenile busybody not an elder statesman. Everyone, experts to ordinary citizens, are inclined to believe their situations are different talking about the technological backwater, land lines, AOL the state department was in 2001-to-2005, computers hooked to a separate phone line, question remaining then what was he doing doling out advice in 2009, advice we’re left uncertain if she reached out and asked for? Enthusiastically pointed to was 2009 policy changes which prohibited exclusive private e-mail use; however, Mother Jones did a story in 2013 showing their own anti-hacking office hadn’t updated polices since 2007 and was “so dysfunctional and technologically out-of-date that Foggy Bottom may be open to cyberattack.” Causing readers to conclude, if the anti-hacking division hasn’t updated since 2007, when do you think the main state department last did so; Mother Jones also finding work culture problems, surprise, surprise there too, operations director regularly out of the office leaving staff ignorant of daily work priorities. Who wants to bet the equivalent office designation at the state department proper was the same way; again leaving people wondering, though changes were prescribed in ’09 how long did they take to implement? Present day state department officials looking into what went on during Clinton’s tenure said this: “some of the most useful guidance were not issued until 2013.” The official said the department also did not do a “good job” making sure that “people understood them and had the tools to implement them. This has been a historic and systemic challenge,” the official said, adding that they are looking toward the future and are not planning to discipline any current employees.” [Sic] Examining emerging bigger pictures, puts a whole new face on her ‘lies’ the phrases it was permitted, it was allowed by the state department, it was done by my predecessor, because all appearances say it was. Polar opposite to general consensus it renders profoundly stupid and useless the narrative always framed about her e-mail, her server, but Hillary Clinton is the singular one deserving of criminal prosecution, being flayed in the court of public opinion about her judgement, her trustworthiness, not the people around her who were not her ‘yes’ people, not close aides, rather colleagues or authority figures.

Let’s also clear up once and for all accusations of concussion related memory loss, poor health proving she isn’t fit to, qualified to be president, accusations she committed perjury when the FBI contradicted almost every public statement she made regarding those e-mails. Being to the letter accurate about what she said regarding her 2012 concussion, no she didn’t admit to huge memory loss; she told investigators she was working part time and did not remember every briefing she received during that time, as if she was supposed to have a database strapped to her forehead and remember all of them to begin with, but Hillary Clinton is too robotic for some voters, too inauthentic. Day before, day after memory gaps are also not uncommon, with her known diagnosed concussion, during the time period asked about. Working part time also implies she wasn’t there for the normal, standard schedule, number of briefings customary for a full time, active secretary of state; you can’t ‘remember a briefing you were never a part of because you were home recuperating due to a medical condition we have a doctor’s report saying there were no lingering effects from, case closed. Of course she said 39 times I don’t recall, can’t remember; understanding she was secretary of state from 2009 to 2013, they didn’t start asking questions about her e-mail until late 2014, didn’t question her until summer this year, 2016. Do you remember what you had for breakfast a week ago; I can’t remember what household, random non-food items I bought at the store last month, don’t remember close to what I bought my friends’ kids for Christmas last year. Yet Hillary Clinton is supposed to remember minute details from up to 7 years ago; we, the public don’t even have a complete list of questions to which she answered I don’t recall, I don’t know, I don’t remember, to gage their importance. No, she legally truthfully didn’t commit perjury though her statements to FBI interviewers and the select committee don’t match, it’s the difference between willfully giving false testimony, telling something you know to be untrue and being mistaken, wrong; she did not commit perjury because she honestly believed she did not send or receive classified documents while secretary of state from her private computer/server. And it’s not like, since the 30,000 she gave to state for the select committee on Benghazi/national archives and the 30,000 FBI personnel retrieved were on the same, identical sever, now in the possession of the FBI constituting evidence, she could go back, look at it and see oh I did. Or that looking through 60,000 plus e-mails, estimated to be some 100,000 pages could be done in a day, a week, maybe not even a month. She too believed her and aides, her lawyers, whoever was helping her had physically gone through, read, used search terms, date parameters to separate her e-mail’s, work from personal, not stopping at reading subject headers alone; it’s, odds are, what she told/asked them to do as she took a stack or a portion on a thumb drive type device, gave a stack, electronically stored set to X staff and began sorting. Like it’s utterly impossible, looking at so much minutia, their eyes didn’t start to glaze over, some, all of them didn’t get sleepy, items got missed due to sheer volume, being toward the end of an e-mail thread; plus if it was her lawyers, why aren’t they testifying to the congressional committee on how they sorted things rather than her second hand, could it be because they couldn’t compel her lawyers to give congressional depositions but they could compel her due to her prior employment, service? No, headers aren’t irrelevant, people reading the content shouldn’t ‘just know’ it should be classified, if the manual (foreign affairs manual) states that to classify something it must contain a header, indicating its level of classification then that’s what has to happen. Isn’t that the crux of accusations against Clinton, ignoring procedures to the point of breaking the law; headers are one more preventative to exactly what happened, classified documents ending up someplace they aren’t meant to be. She doesn’t remember any formal briefings on handling secure materials, lock step with the chaos called the state department and borne out by The Daily Caller’s freedom of information request findings that officials searching databases for cataloged records denoting mandatory annual security training could find none for her, meaning they were never completed. What’s more interestingly shocking than that revelation is reaction; same people calling it mind blowing and mind boggling squarely blame the state department’s equally mind numbing disorganization while public commenters portrayed it as proof her forceful proclamations she takes security seriously are false, her failure to take training on the highest classification as well symbolic of her failure in every job she’s held, ‘proof’ she is responsible for our dead personnel in Benghazi, destabilization in the middle east, irregardless the secretary of state implements policy not makes it. Devil returning in the details, a former Special Operations Forces officer saying he would get a ‘nastygram’ if he didn’t compete required online courses, ensure his employees completed theirs, so where was her ‘nastygram,’ a reminder she needed to attend, where were correspondence threatening to remove her security clearance for non-compliance? They weren’t found in her e-mail, in thought deleted documents off her server, weren’t in the found .gov account the allusive ‘director’ asked her what she wanted done with housing e-mail circa 2011; meaning she didn’t get a ‘nastygram. Second part of security, classified handling training necessitated face-to-face briefings, so who was supposed to be doing hers, where are records, testimony of attempts to get a meeting with her to fulfill this important requirement and accusations she was never available? She was supposed to do this annually; did anyone tell her that, could she find, either electronically or by hand, a copy of the foreign affairs manual dictating office policies, computer/technology polities, training policies to endeavor to actually read it? If you’re not asking yourself post reading this far if someone set her up to fail, looking to harm her out of hatred for her or president Obama, unsettled with our first black president; if you’re not asking if this happened because she walked into a state department the electronic and organizational equivalent of moneys hanging on the ceiling, having taken over the zoo, you’re not paying attention. By the FBI’s own admission it was unclear it them if she should know what C meant contained in a document, now we know why; absolutely her security clearance should be suspended only and temporarily until she takes the required classes, does the in person briefings. In fact it should have been updated when she became the democratic presidential nominee slated to receive daily national intelligence briefings 1 of 2 a single step away from the presidency, because she has been out of offices, arenas where she needed security clearance for 3 years. Oh but she signed 2 non-disclosure forms stating she had been given briefings, information on classified materials and understood it, A-certainly back in 2009, no guarantee she would remember that today, B- how involved was the briefing attached to that agreement? Who wants to guess it went along these lines: a person standing holding 3-4 pieces of paper saying this is confidential state department information; you access it by steps 1,2,3—this is classification top secret; you access it by steps 1,2,3—and this is our highest level of classification special compartmented information only accessible here (points to somewhere in the building); you access it by steps 1,2, 3, 4. Do you understand what I just said; receiving a tentative yes, they say, then sign here, here and here, remove sheet one, set down sheet 2 with directive to sign where indicated. Echoing the agreement she signed stating she had turned over all work correspondence for record keeping, didn’t she, like Karl Rove, believe because they were interdepartmental they were being backed up and archived; wouldn’t her rumored .gov account with things from 2011 substantiate that in part? (To say nothing of the flurry of papers presented for your signature in such a job, at such a level matching the flurry of people all needing things and their paperwork now, being new to the job and setting up this that and something else). Otherwise how did the agreements land on her desk to be singed if she didn’t get the briefing, and if she did get a minimal briefing/training session wouldn’t that mean, talked about like they’re infallible, databases purportedly housing those records were incorrect; she at least thought she’d had the correct briefing absent anyone telling her different? No thought to 61 year old secretaries of state needing slightly more of a tutorial in computers, these computers that do things your average PC never will; it’s endemic of the job training people don’t get nationwide, people hired off the street for complex jobs expected to learn it by osmosis, forced to ask coworkers, thus getting bad, spotty information because bosses, managers are so bogged down with their own job duties they have no time to actually train employees. Employers who think earing a college degree means they don’t have to give basic job orientations on where to put paperwork, incredulous they have to train someone with a broad degree in social work to do a specific job, patently unwilling to tell the new company member with 25 year’s experience in boardrooms board meetings are on Tuesdays, to bring items X, Y and Z because we combine board and another lower level meeting, we discuss lettered example material there. FBI’s numbers not adding up either, Comey saying in his press conference it was 100 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains that were deemed classified by the owner agency at the time sent, news outlets reporting 82, 68 retaining their classification to this day, 3 classified SCI the highest usage; which is it? Doing one better, who do we think was sending her all these classified materials that weren’t supposed to leave the state department, could it be Huma Abedin, Sheryl Mills and Jacob Sullivan 2 of the 5 total individuals FBI gave immunity to, to help in their investigation, all of whom took some mandated security courses just not the entire set and not yearly, Abedin who had taken SCI the most classified training; since the 3 above top secret ones were received not sent by her, what do we want to bet all of the ‘questionable,’ classified ones were, and the 100 others that were found in ‘email chains.’ Doesn’t he mean threads since that’s the term for an ongoing e-mail conversation versus a chain e-mail, the upgraded version of a chain letter you are asked to forward to someone; ironic people the trying to tell her the ‘innumerable’ ways she violated record keeping and technology polices, tasked with investigating whether she’s guilty of substantial law breaking can’t tell the difference between an e-mail chain and an e-mail thread, no one on these select committees demonstrated to be any better.

Discussing BleachBit for a moment, her potential 13 smartphones that might have evidence of a hack on her server contained within them, 2 mobile devices broken in half and smashed with a hammer respectively, how seedy and shady it sounds to readers, news watchers, BleachBit isn’t some high end software program, usually used by secret agencies a-la the FBI, CIA, only known to high end techies in the computer world. BleachBit is a beyond free, open source program (computer software with its source code made available with a license in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose) available to anyone for the purpose of freeing hard drive or sever space on a PC or data storage apparatus. It is yes, also capable of wiping data before discarding an old hard drive, switching out a full, outdated or malfunctioning server; it can be used for questionable, shady dealings, to hide incriminating evidence, but it is more often used by people, businesses trying to avoid identity theft, theft of business intellectual property and records. Regarding the Reddit thread where Paul Combetta, managing IT person for Hillary Clinton, is said to have asked for advice on how to alter an e-mail address for a VIP in the to and from fields to keep in from ‘anyone,’ they can’t accurately, conclusively say the account does indeed belong to Combetta; moreover, that thread is about changing an e-mail address not deleting files, but somehow it’s a ‘smoking gun’ to e-mail-gate. Ok, following the presumption it was his and following conspiracy theorist story weaving he did this file deleting at Clinton’s behest after she was told not to by the congressional committee on Benghazi, the state department, entity murky at best, that still assumes his use of BleachBit was ordered by Clinton to subvert their investigation, not as normal cleaning procedures before discarding a full server slated for recycle, assumes he was immediately told about their investigation before having followed his boss’ previous instructions. Accounting for criminality, playing devil’s advocate on behalf of investigators, they have no irrefutable evidentiary proof that if he did do it knowing of the investigative order not to, he didn’t do it out of some misguided loyalty to Clinton without her knowledge or involvement; his own testimony implicates himself and Clinton aides, not Clinton herself. Certainly it could be a clever way, common criminal MO for insulating oneself from prosecution, but this isn’t the mob, mafia, Hillary Clinton, for all her powerful and positive attributes as a strong, accomplished women even alluded to in Sunday’s debate by rival Donald Trump, is not a female version of the god father and running her office, her staff like the family Corleone. Adjacently automatically deleting e-mails after 60 days sounds like A- what your standard ISP does with unread ones and B- good practice for keeping out spam, managing messages perhaps especially when you’re Hillary Clinton getting vastly larger amounts than the everyday person; questioning the credibility of what this non-descript IT guy titled a work-ticket, what he thought he was covering up, it isn’t s crime to clean out your in-box, have an automatic system for getting rid of unwanted, unneeded messages. Examined with all the other moving parts, persons, job titles who failed, fell down on their jobs, people guilty of more than Clinton will ever be and the abysmal condition of state department function from the moment she walked in, facts pertaining to her predecessors it makes criminality even more unlikely. Keeping in mind BleachBit was no match for FBI recovery software and top notch IT personnel; they found her ‘hidden’ information anyway and still, once getting the whole picture rightly declined to prosecute her. Comedian and politician Al Franken smoothly summed up her possible 13 smartphone use for the 4 years she was secretary of state as plainly not understanding technology, falling in line with Bill Maher’s, cut through the hysteria, commentary listed for younger generations, that baby boomers aren’t necessarily good with technology, that age appropriate gap attached to obvious job orientation, training lapses laid out above easily accounts for the double digit number of phones estimated to have information, explains the wipe it with a cloth comment from Clinton about her hard drive. Not to mention, if the audio on that video depicting the exchange is identical to the acoustics in the building, where it’s clear she could barely hear the question anyway, no wonder they got the answer they got. She has an age commiserate no idea what they meant by wipe, that’s why she hired an IT person to install her sever and an IT person to manage her sever; it’s what you do when you don’t know how to do it yourself, when you’re in the kind of position she was/is in as a politician, a business person. Banging smartphones, blackberries with a hammer, breaking them in half may sound crude and bizarre, but that is a quick, effective, inexpensive way to render them inoperable since there is limited BleachBit for i-phones, lesser known alternatives for android and none apparently for blackberry at all. This works too if you don’t know about BleachBit type software, can’t afford to take it to a professional for data deletion, are exercising legitimate caution against said professional desiring to steal your data, perpetuate identity theft; in the case of Mrs. Clinton sell ‘juicy’ personal secrets to particularly tabloid media. Remembering this is what an aide did to comply with their employer’s instructions to recycle or destroy an unwanted device, not direct instructions on what to do with a phone. Similarly there is what her e-mail didn’t do versus what the ‘scandals’ surrounding her e-mails have done; her e-mails have not lead to the deaths of thousands of military and civilian persons in either Benghazi Libya or anywhere else by virtue of being ignored, downplayed or forgotten. Her e-mails leaked by WikiLeaks, released by the state department, at her insistence it’s worth adding, made public by the FBI or simply know about did not lead to the death of an Iranian scientist who defected to help us stall Iran’s nuclear program. Her e-mails are not evidence of ‘pay for play’ activity between the state department and powerful Clinton friends, political donors, ‘pay for play’ transactions between ‘her’ state department and the Clinton Foundation. Paralleling DNC hacks orchestrated by again WikiLeaks they implicate the arrogance, entitlement of other people, people asking for favors thinking they’ll get them because they gave money to the Clinton foundation; no proof anyone ever got any of the inappropriate things they were asking for. Aides rather passing requests on to the persons making those decisions, once passing on a message to someone, end of the favor asked. Other cases they have reasonable explanations for, a person looking for a job who wants his résumé put in the right pile, put in front of the right eyes for consideration; a former advance staffer with nothing to do with the Clinton Foundation by the by. State department backing up their claim saying they routinely get job applications from outside sources; it’s called networking and what every job expert tells you to do if you want to be employed, networking that isn’t suspended at this ‘high level’ rather intensified. Another man had information on a country and was put in touch with the American ambassador to that country so his information could get through. And the loudest shouter of pay for play accusations, one Donald J. Trump, donated to the Clinton Foundation himself; further Bill Clinton has outlined changes to foundation operations should Hillary win in November, no more foreign or corporate donors. Nor was there any gaffe in leaked audio where Clinton referenced Bernie Sanders supporters during the primary saying many were millennials living in their parent’s basements, having gotten educated and the jobs available where not at all what they envisioned for themselves; Sanders coming to her defense saying she was absolutely correct. Going a step past that, it wasn’t a dis, it wasn’t disparaging, it was commiserating, fact; didn’t Paul Ryan say something along the same lines in 2012 talking about kids still in their childhood bedrooms looking up at faded hope a change posters, you can’t have it both ways. Equally the Podesta e-mails, her leaked Wall Street speeches stories she ‘threw off’ government security from her government plane to make room for Clinton foundation donors; assuming it’s true, which is assuming a lot at this point, wasn’t her opponent Donald trump the one shouting take their guns away, referring to the guards around her for 30 odd years by his estimation, then see what happens? You can’t have it both ways there either, you can’t say she should be without guards, basically before pushing to take ordinary people’s hunting rifles, their first line of protection away, better framed she wants common sense gun restrictions in the era of mass shootings, since we no longer live in the wild American west, on the American frontier, government and law enforcement fully formed and operational. Then get mad when she ‘throws off’ her security detail whether it was because she grew tired of no privacy, everywhere she turned at every moment someone watching or so ‘foundation donors could hitch a ride.’ And since when is, when making a speech, following the first rule of communication, written, visual, spoken, to know your audience, a bad thing; so she spoke in terms ‘Wall Street guys’ would understand, she spoke on topics that mattered to them, and considering what she was getting paid, who would have expected anything else? Since when is open trade and open boarders, open to legal immigration, another bad thing, free trade makes food cheaper, clothes cheaper, almost everything cheaper for the end consumer; again shouldn’t be a bad thing talking about the flatness of people’s paychecks and how far dollars don’t stretch anymore. Of course she probably felt disconnected from the middle class in 2013, when she gave the referenced speech, having just concluded her tenure as secretary of state, knowing she was ending a portion of her career in public service re-acclimating to a more ‘ordinary’ life, but like everything else, that should be held against her too? Contrary to what her actual e-mails haven’t led to, the story surrounding her e-mails has led to millions in tax dollars wasted chasing supposed misdeeds by her and staff all around the state department, wholly reminiscent of salacious reporting on White Water that had officials chasing Bill Clinton’s misdeeds all through Washington and Arkansas only able to find the president lying about a blow job quickly labeled one of the top absurd spectacles in politics, less here to find than that. The non-stop republican conspiracy churner turning out a new story a week, a month has led Donald Trump to invite the Russians to hack her e-mails, to please find her missing 30,000 e-mails intimating there would be a great reward from the American press; actually suggesting foreign actors commit espionage against his own country playing it off as he was ‘joking.’ And issues have been belittled down to what a campaign aid, manager said about Catholics, Latinos, getting out the Latino vote, in e-mails paling in comparison to Donald Trump’s have my little wine, little cracker, they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists actually problematic, offensive comments. Again since when is having a competent campaign manager who may be excellent at his job but not the best human being, especially in a private e-mail, a bad thing, showing strategy in achieving your goals instead of running head long into it and bungling all the way? Particularly knowing, thanks to your daily intelligence briefings this late in the presidential race, the unanimous belief Russia is responsible for the Podesta hacked e-mails, comprehending how Russian misinformation campaigns work, starting out with good, factual information then slowly slipping in fake materials, then to ooh and ah like what is said is a big deal when it might not even be real. Take Clinton supposed scandals about e-mails, DNC information, who leaked questions to who, versus the slew of campaign managers, chairmen with ties to the Kremlin, Putin’s Russia, domestic violence charges in their past; actual criminality and wrongdoing associated with Donald Trump his Trump foundation investigated by that state’s attorney general, told to cease and desist taking donations because it was improperly registered or unregistered as it turned out, fined by the IRS for being a charity and donating to a political campaign. Reportedly to head off Florida’s attorney general from investigating their state’s chapter of Trump University, allegations he actually raped a 13 year old girl going ahead in court.

As a concerned citizen and a registered voter I want to have a serious conversation about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails that goes beyond fitting her for an orange jumpsuit, chants of lock her up, Hillary for prison 2016 homemade signs and buttons. I want to know who’s going to, is cleaning up the state department; who is going to make sure no more limp wristed deputy IG’s are hired, appointed, however they get their jobs, the John Bentel’s are weeded out and prevented from working in such important positions. I want to know future, incoming secretaries of state will never again, barring major catastrophic event, come into a state department so disorganized and chaotic it readily resembles monkeys running the zoo; puts a whole new spin on her listed failures as secretary of state documenting the dysfunction around her, but she’s still responsible for everything from Benghazi to the Waco Branch Davidian cult deaths. I want to know knowledgeable people will be there giving proper, thorough briefings and orientations on security, electronics, classification and how to report major problems to the correct authority, telling people they must attend security training yearly and tracking them down when they don’t. And I want to know why everyone thinks she belongs in jail, from the select committee on Benghazi to ordinary people; when investigating officials leading the internal review said they weren’t seeking punishment for current employees rather looking to the future (implying they weren’t aiming to prosecute or persecute past ones either) chiefly because instructions, policies and implementation of the former 2 items were terrible to begin with. I want people who hate Hillary, for indefinable reasons they can’t name, to go back up to paragraph 1 and re-watch the last video there where an anchor for Fox news, the preferred news network of Trump supporters, perpetuators of conspiracies, purveyors of their own alternate reality at times concedes the state department wasn’t much better than her unsophisticated server piecemealed together from old computers after her 2008 campaign, rolled around town in a mini-van and tell me, tell Hillary supporters what she was supposed to do. Coincidentally held up beside attempted unsuccessful hacks on her server versus actual hacks on state department computers where they were infected with malware, the dozens of attacks on systems at all levels of American government. Bringing me to my next point, we have yet another Edward Snowden situation in which a government contractor has stolen state secrets out of his workplace and leaked them on the internet getting far less attention for any section of the media, conservative, liberal or independent; plus they (government employers) are still using the Booz, Allen, Hamilton firm that hired Snowden, where this most recent worker came from too, but we’re hyper concerned about Clinton who made no classified secrets public and whom the FBI noted trafficked documents between people authorized to have them, severing ‘Clinton Snowden connection.’ Dovetailing nicely into the novel—we know idea—that, if they weren’t spending 7 million taxpayer dollars for the 8th hearing on Benghazi, never mind the beginning to present price tag on the second or 3rd hearing into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, they might be able to afford the technological upgrades resolving the problem completely, not just going after people who made the best of a bad situation, devised their own solution when none was presented to them. They might be able to afford additional staff to oversee briefings, job orientations, offer better pay to workers so the bottom of the barrel wasn’t where they had to look for people you need to do very important things, whether that’s serve as an inspector general, or IT, communications director at the state department; just taking the monies from that one investigation alone they could probably do all 3. And what could they do for the American people if they had had one comprehensive investigation on Benghazi and one into candidate Clinton’s e-mails, based on what broke down at the state department, not how to eliminate a political rival? I want to talk about all the things they get wrong on Benghazi, e-mails or impingements to Hillary Clinton’s character, her judgement, her trustworthiness; starting with there were no smoking guns in those e-mails implicating her in Benghazi or any other illegal, negligent activity, there was no indication she understood she was violating policy and that’s borne out by the state department’s independent review conducted by completely different people than were there at the time. The repercussions of her e-mails has been purely political, none of the things on her server have fallen into ally, forget enemy hands, nothing from her sever went anywhere it wasn’t supposed to apart from off the classified network/server and to her as secretary of state and authorized to handle, view it. If they (some foreign actors, hostile governments) did have it why not use it, now would be the perfect time to sow chaos into an election; instead WikiLeaks is leaking someone else’s e-mails showcasing political infighting. Disproving Donald Trump, there was no acid washing (not sure that applies to scrubbing, wiping data off a computer, server, smartphone, tablet) using BleechBit wasn’t an expensive or even particularly involved process as you apparently download, set the features for all the things you want it to do or not do, wait for it to complete its task, but making it sound more complicated adds a layer of intrigue keeping people talking, feeds the air of ‘something bad happened here’ even if it didn’t. If there’s one fault in Hillary’s judgement it’s the people she consistently has working for her, a guy who needs Reddit to do his job, carting a server around in a mini-van, what some aide said on e-mail about groups of people we can’t win without, but what did we just say about quality workers. Some readers are old enough to remember the statement perfectly embodying just that “good help is so hard to find these days.” Ignored is you don’t hear Hillary Clinton, the individual actually running for office talking like that on e-mail or anywhere; never mind Jennifer Palmieri is catholic so she can talk freely about people bastardizing (corrupting, distorting) her faith if she wants to, people said similar things about the GOP turning god, faith and religious freedom upside down over bathroom bills, but hang this woman in the court of public opinion for what she said? And isn’t that the same indictment used by Muslims to distinguish between the practitioners of a religion and flowers of ISIS, extremist groups, radical lone wolves, they are distorting the faith to serve their agenda; not that we noticed because to too many Muslim equal terrorist and that’s the end of very limited conversation. I keep coming back to, when did being part of the ‘establishment’ become a bad thing, versus being an agent of change, an everyman; you don’t want every man doing your knee surgery, filing your business’ taxes, cleaning your teeth, teaching your children. You want a doctor, an accountant, a dentist and a teacher for each job respectively; in that same vein you want an established politician who knows how government, not the blanket negative term Washington, works in as much as who to go to, to get thing X done, a how to approach major tasks benefiting the country, solving it’s problems; in the absence of a career politician you want someone who has an excellent grasp on things, issues that will come across the president’s desk. Versus a guy who thinks immigration is solved by building a wall, banning whole religions, ethnic groups from entering the country and believes he knows more about terror groups than the generals receiving reports daily, boils cyberattacks down to a 400 pound person sitting on their bed. You want someone with gravitas, a cut above the rest, and why can’t it be that John Podesta, Jennifer Palmieri recognize who they’re not, see their warts for what they are, know they aren’t the best people, are best suited for the shark den of politics so the better people don’t get eaten by it, why the line themselves up behind a Hillary Clinton, because they know she can do what they can’t, is the better person, is worthy of the position? Because you want exceptionalism not an everyman sitting it the Whitehouse, so that, when the going gets tough, nothing is what they thought it would be, the unexpectedly horrible happens, they will be able to handle it, see our nation through the best and the worst of times.