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While political news shows were assessing the damage to Trump’s campaign, his presidential aspirations, speculating on how his surrogates, his running mate would handle this latest leaked scandal, shocking, over the top moment, especially how it would come across to evangelical, values voters comprising his base, holding his poll numbers in low 40’s. This video from an archived 2005 Access Hollywood TV show segment where he was being transported to a soap opera taping scheduled to make a cameo appearance on Days of Our Lives and passed the time talking about what he does to women, what he can get away with because he is a celebrity, including making sexual advances toward one of the married show’s anchors. Comments encompassing the crude quoted opening phrase seen in the title, bringing every charm, line, attribute he’s got, using his best moves, going all out, “moving on her like a b*ch;”still after being unsuccessful, describes seeing her later sporting, he assumed, fake breasts and having ‘totally changed her look.’ Both Trump and reporter Billy Bush pulling up to the set comparing looks of women going about their business around the studio lot hoping who they were to meet with wasn’t the publicist, implication she was unattractive; one heard saying move shorty to a woman who can’t hear them so they can see another female with ‘nice legs.’ Before getting off the bus Trump remarking he better use some Tic-Tacs incase her starts kissing any women, going on to say he doesn’t wait, he just starts kissing them, being drawn to beautiful like a magnet; enter the arguably most vulgar statements about when you’re a star they let you do it ending with boldly declaring he could, can, has been ‘allowed to’ grab random women by their p**sy. Short while post video release, issuing a halfhearted, double speak apology about how that tape doesn’t represent who he is, blaming a hot mic and spouting standard changed man rhetoric; going on to deny to Anderson Cooper, debate moderator for Sunday October 9th’s presidential debate, what he said had ever gone beyond ‘bad boy talk,’ ‘locker room banter,’ ‘locker room talk,’ how he framed it for debate audiences. Doubling down he had never basically sexually assaulted any woman as he had previously described; Cooper even had to explain to Trump that was indeed what his description indicated, the sexual assault, sexual harassment of a woman should you actually engage in such behavior, which is more than offensive, but a crime that can and will put you in jail if caught, subsequently convicted. Republican presidential candidates denouncing statements quickly proven untrue as more and more women come forward saying his actions went beyond just talk detailing grouping, unsolicited kissing happening to Temple Taggart former Ms. Utah moments after being introduced, Cathy Heller is the 9th and latest victim to say something similar happened while at his Mar-a-Lago hotel with her family, women lured to hotels to talk about a job in the case of Summer Zervos, cornered while covering Trump for a prominent magazine and having his tongue shoved down their throat when his wife left the room, one journalistically respected Natasha Stoynoff working for equally respected People magazine, grabbing one woman’s buttocks backstage after a concert while she was waiting to get her picture taken with the singer; name Mindy McGillivray. Airplane gropings one Jessica Leeds, bar scene gropings one Kirstin Anderson, elevator gropings one Rachel Crooks, walking in on several Miss Teen USA pageants, taking advantage of the ownership privilege to see young, underage girls in various states of undress, girls told to go up to him, fawn all over him; speaking out Tasha Dixon former teen Ms. Arizona. Next to video of him commenting to a girl on an escalator 10 years old he would be dating her in 10 years allegedly almost identical to what he said to a 14 year old, adjusting years to align with her legal age; on top of the ultimate hypocrisy of having an Apprentice contestant fired for her ‘locker room talk,’ additional tapes revealing endless comments on the looks of contestants for his business competition reality show. Going so far as to vote off Khloe Kardashian for her looks, calling her ‘piglet’ and ‘the ugly Kardashian,’ as opposed to her sister Kim; entirely too reminiscent of the Miss Universe referenced by Hillary Clinton in the first debate he believably referred to as miss piggy for gaining weight and miss housekeeping due to her Latina heritage. And the clincher, a lawsuit filed alleging Donald Trump raped multiple under-aged girls with the help of a known sexual predator, billionaire Jeffry Epstein and his notorious sex slave island, where he used a system of sometimes underage girls and concealed cameras to blackmail prominent business people, is back in court where Trump has been ordered to appear for a hearing, accusers including a then 13 year old girl. Putting in a whole new light past claims by women of rape, attempted rape going all the way back to what ex-wife Ivanna said during divorce proceedings about feeling violated after sex with her estranged husband, Jill Harth describing being grabbed by her genitals and finally filing a lawsuit for that assault after hearing him say to his own lawyer in an elevator, going to a breach of contract deposition, she was “a great piece of a**. Certainly it’s relevant considering very real implications we the voters, the citizenry could be putting a sexual predator in the Whitehouse; listening to First Lady Michelle Obama’s jarring words starkly alerting us we have a presidential candidate, a presidential candidate on tape saying you can do whatever you want to a woman, asserting kindness and decency are on the ballot too, not just choosing a leader, clearly shaken she has to address the issue the way Trump has forced us all to. Especially when the overwhelming thought process is this is a political ploy, these allegations were brought out not as a warning, but as down and dirty way to win, voter correlations to Herman Cain who was up in 2012 polls when women came forward detailing harassment, previous New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani saying the Clinton campaign hired a ‘bimbo squad,’ Michele Bachmann who blamed original video on good opposition research wanting someone to bring it up in that Sunday town hall debate. Of course, never straying far from Bill Clinton and his many indiscretions, swirling sex conspiracies too dating back decades; difference being Bill Clinton is guilty of consensual extramarital relationships, was subjected to added claims of sexual harassment, rape carrying varying levels of suspect credibility. Paula Jones who misidentified characteristics of his genitals refuted by both his doctor and the woman, Monica Lewinski, who was exposed to have willingly given the president oral sex on multiple occasions and still received a settlement; Juanita Broaddrick who originally signed an affidavit saying she knew nothing about Mr. Clinton’s sexual misconduct when asked to be a witness in Jones’ litigation, 2 witnesses, sisters who say Broaddrick told them about being raped by Bill Clinton had motive to want to damage him, his political aspirations after he commuted the sentence of their father’s killer, in fairness 2 possibly 3 other, totally unrelated persons who Broaddrick told did not, investigatory findings inconclusive. Kathleen Willey who raised accusations of rape in 1997, dating back to a 1993 assault while he served as president lied to the FBI about a previous relationship with a boyfriend, gave shifting accounts to the grand jury and her subpoenaed Paula Jones testimony on key facts pertaining to the purported assault, one witness for the defense Linda Tripp saying Willey pursued Clinton, even seemed excited about the ‘assault;’ final finding by Whitehouse counsel, there was insufficient evidence to prove to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that his statements were the false ones. Remembering ‘trooper-gate’ wasn’t real, rather the product of bored cops telling tall tales and conservative feelings about ‘dirty hippies’ in the Whitehouse; he went through the impeachment process, as much for his ‘long history’ of sexual misbehavior, extramarital affairs than for his lying about it under oath, for which he was ultimately acquitted. We don’t have former president Bill Clinton on tape bragging about illicit, violent, disgusting sex acts he does to women because he is/was president, could use his power to get away with it; independent assertions by Trump he, Clinton has said worse on the golf course, no one has come forward confirming any such statements. The worst we have Bill Clinton on tape for is a confirmed relationship with Gennifer Flowers he initially denied; more importantly we are not reelecting Bill Clinton to the Whitehouse. But Hillary Clinton, who shouldn’t be held accountable for her husband’s actions, for choosing to stay with him after infidelity; conservatives might want to reread their bibles stipulating infidelity grounds for divorce not mandatory, immediate, automatic dissolution of marriage. We do have Donald Trump on multiple tapes saying that, speaking with Howard Stern about abusing his pageant ownership to see half naked, naked teen girls, held up beside testimonies of women saying he did that to me, along with all the other disparaging things he’s said about women, women he’s refused jobs and business deals to based solely on their looks, blatantly illegal business practices if remotely proven. Many didn’t know what they were voting for on a national scale when they voted for Bill Clinton, it’s undeniable with Donald Trump, and if Bill Clinton, coupled with time has taught us anything, we don’t want more of that coming in right off the bat either to taint the Obama legacy or clean up the mess left after it, accounting for political persuasion.



(Warning graphic, unedited)

In recognized necessary discussion on Donald Trump, equal parts shock and story hype surrounding these new allegations they missed the other half of that conversation, the person laughing, smiling, cussing and disparaging women right along with him during the 2005 video kick starting our increased scrutiny into his womanizing, possibly sexually predatory lifestyle. The “normal” guy who is not a celebrity, who is not a billionaire, who seems to be enjoying their ‘locker room’ banter, ‘bad boy’ talk as much as the man himself, Billy Bush. Billy Bush who when Donald Trump describes making a move on his co-worker Nancy; Nancy being Nancy O’Dell, not singularly raunchy in his language saying he tried to f*ck her, he moved on her like a b*tch, but admitting to doing so while knowing full well she was married; doesn’t hesitate, doesn’t think, doesn’t utter any indications of shock, he just calls it huge news. Tellingly noted from the story all Ms. O’Dell wanted was information on good quality furniture, probably mentioned in casual conversation where he then offered to take her shopping because he thought her hot, she was then subjected to a proposition for sex, a relationship, and it doesn’t stick out to Mr. Bush as glaringly inappropriate, it doesn’t cause a gasp or a pause, instead the opposite, a laugh? From the normal person who enjoys about as much notoriety as local news anchors, remembering, though yes, Access Hollywood is an entertainment television show dishing on all the stars, it is still a place of work demanding professionalism, yet the initial conversation could have started there, with those motives and lead to that? Pulling onto the studio lot Bush sees a woman in purple and shouts geese your girl she’s hot as sh*t, yes, The Donald has scored, congratulating him on who he gets to hang out with all day, who he gets a chance to make another move on releasing he, Donald Trump too is married, newly married to current wife Melania; you hear Bush not Trump next clearly say it better not be the publicist. Now this could simply be someone they, he would rather not deal with that day, would spoil an otherwise perfect assignment, someone he’s had past grievances with and doesn’t want, strong implication her, poaching his story, undermining his work, but in the context of what they were discussing, continue to discuss until right before disembarking the bus, highly improbable. Particularly hearing what follows is Trump’s proclamation he better use Tic-Tacs and his monologue on kissing women sans consent, allowed to because he’s a star; Bush adding the whatever you want comment before Trump says his most vulgar line: grab them by the p*sy, eliciting almost hysterical laugher out of a guy who ought to know better. Understanding he comes from the Bush family, has sought lesser fame and spotlight in a more defined career, isn’t part of the Hollywood or political vortex. Until recently he joined such tame entertainment anchors as Mary Heart and John Tesh back in early years of Entertainment Tonight, Access’ predecessor and network rival; people who don’t usually make scandalous headlines, headiness at all except for changing networks, birth announcements, exclusive major stories. Further it’s his comment we hear about yeah, those legs, all I can see is the legs; becoming irritated as someone ‘less attractive’ blocks his view shouting come on shorty, oof get out of the way honey to some ‘ugly’ woman in order for them to see a better looking woman with ‘nice legs,’ continuing to lavish praise on them unconcerned about people waiting to do their jobs, waiting for Trump. No wonder his wife Melania believes he was egged on, because audio suggests he was; that’s the same Billy Bush one magazine thought was being bullied and excluded in his coverage of the Olympics. Jaw droppingly horrible is what happens when they get off Access Hollywood’s bus, where he plays a perverted wingman to Donald Trump and tries to cajole the pretty actress into hugging Trump then himself, also married 7 years at the time, merely to touch, to get close to a woman they think is hot. Trump elaborating to now obvious rolling cameras, Melania said this was ok; sure if it had amounted to a simple hug, graciously indulging a fan, exhibiting the kind of sociability celebrities often do, is expected of them, but again based on contexts of the previously held conversation, no one thinks so. Yes Billy Bush was forced to issue an apology upon the video’s airing during which he offered little excuse, unlike presidential nominee Donald Trump, other than he was younger then, calling his words stupid, facing suspension, followed by termination from his hosting job on Today, yet to understand how important the issue is for women, you have to equally understand how rare that is. Hollywood downfalls are nothing new whether it was Mel Gibson’s drunken rages and anti-Semitic rants, Michael Richards’ use of the N word, Linsey Lohan and Justin Beiber’s image problems following imbedded footprints of Brittney spears, Amanda Bines and Miley Cyrus. Sadly when those alleged misbehaviors, accusations involve sex, well look how long it took people like Whoopi Goldberg to acknowledge Bill Cosby was probably guilty; Cosby and lesser known case Stephen Collins, whose inappropriate thoughts and touching of a teenager were outed when audio made public the therapy session in which he told his wife what he had done, continue possessing their loyal defenders. Simultaneously reinforcing sentiments like whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, whatever happens in Hollywood happens in Hollywood, when you reach stardom you’re insulated from ‘little things’ like prosecution for sexual misconduct, sexual assault and rape are the stories coming out of the industry where women have been told by attorneys at law possessing a legal, ethical obligation they don’t have a case. Less on legal merits and more on their personal belief, or not, of the victim compared to who the accuser is. Barbra Bowman, one of 50 accusers reiterating unwanted, drugged, dosed sexual encounters with Bill Cosby sharing she was laughed out of a lawyer’s office, told point blank she made it up. An actress, Rose McGowan, told by a lawyer because she did a sex scene in prior movies there was no way she could prove rape, not consensual sex, is what transpired between her and the studio executive she sought to rightfully accuse in court. Keeping perspective, sex scene by even rated R Hollywood standards is not porn, part of the XXX porn industry, simulated sex acts seen in porn, is not borderline, a-la Eyes Wide Shut; what do you mean she has no case, can’t prove it, especially sense the sex scene wasn’t with him. How uncharacteristic it is to see a Roger Ailes be removed from his powerful position as it is for accusers to be silenced via money, intimidation, career demolishment, how long things at Fox remained Ailes’ personal locker room, exemplifying the worst of locker rooms according to one article; the outraging reality there may be more than a little truth to Billy Bush’s lawyer’s defense for his client he would face termination if he had stood up to Trump, seeing Roger Ailes’ Fox New before charges became public, independent investigators were brought in. Bush could easily have faced slowly being pushed out, getting lesser and lesser caliber stories, passed over for promotions, dropped for poor work performance calculatingly orchestrated. Broadened out into the everyday world, remember Don Lemon’s questioning of Joan Tarshis tap dancing around asking, if after saying you had an infection to avoid sleeping with him, you were forced and coerced to perform oral sex on him, why didn’t you bite him? How much of America, particularly, men believe preventing sexual assault, harassment, sexual battery, rape comes down to not putting yourself in ‘compromising’ positions, what you wear, how much alcohol you drank, if you flirted with your attacker, mixed messages of an interoffice romance. Vast swaths of republican voters who believe sexism and barriers for women no longer exist, the Home Depot founder who told news outlets to grow up, then ranted about the rule of law and state of the Supreme Court if Hillary Clinton was elected; granted he’s in an adjacent age bracket to Trump, arguably twin tax bracket too however, successful business franchise owner and creepy sex fiend don’t always go together. But totally side stepping rules of law on sexual harassment, assault, rape concurrently chastising Obama for executive orders ‘beyond the rule of law;’ therefore we, otherwise sane, normal people, have to elect sexual misconduct poster boy Donald Trump to preserve our highest court—hypocritically ironic. National conflict boiled down to, not necessarily Trump Jr.’s words, hardly socking is the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, easily comprehended where he gets his views, but radio hosts, workers heard in the background laughing while Trump Jr. spoke, agreeing with him. Virtually ordinary people who not only find it acceptable to say women shouldn’t be in the workforce rather teaching kindergarten, demeaning something also called work, but actually think that’s true; believe women’s outcry to what’s been revealed about Donald Trump is a mass female over reaction. Nodding their heads to Rush Limbaugh who frames consent a looming, chocking conspiracy from ‘the left’ pegging it overrated; challenging whatever the sex act, however many people involved it’s ok, sans any moral connotations surrounding what it is, oblivious to that’s how democracy, freedom and choice function. Comprehension consent also enfolds persons old enough to consent ruling out pedophilia (children), bestiality (animals), where obsessed conservative minds tend to go; other laws outside consent prohibit sex between relatives, and if you’re having those thoughts about family shouldn’t you seek psychological help, removing another purported perversion. Consent likewise holding off drunk or drugged persons, individuals unconscious for any reason from random, opportunistic sex acts; those facts dismissed, people who pursue justice on behalf of someone who didn’t give consent, usually the latter 2 groups, are mockingly named the ‘rape police,’ proving he doesn’t know the difference between rape and consensual sex blurring the lines between 2 distinct actions for all his listeners with impunity. It’s droves of athletes speaking out saying not our locker rooms, men don’t talk like that here; offended Trump would reduce a place where men regularly talk about their families, wives, children, current events, game plays, game progress into Lewd Men R Us, a cheesy name for an X rated store, places where they routinely bring their kids therefore keeping it some measure of clean. Going back to the Yong Turks unedited Access Hollywood footage and their commentary, it seemed like an approximation of what an inexperienced guy would guess locker room talk sounded like without an older brother to say no, Donald men don’t talk like that; their example was The 40 Year Old Virgin, except we aren’t in a movie these are real women’s lives.–and-now-women-are-telling-their-stories/2016/07/22/5eff9024-5014-11e6-aa14-e0c1087f7583_story.html?tid=pm_lifestyle_pop_b

Moving away from Hollywood seen as a bad, immoral place where anything can unfortunately happen, even subtracting politics often viewed just as dirty, cutthroat and immoral as Hollywood if not more so, it’s the ridiculous excuses used by Trump defenders largely members of the general public not political operatives, campaign surrogates to discredit an approaching double digit number of women coming forward and telling their stories, echoed and accepted by the larger deciding, voting public at minimum. Wildest one stating first class airplane seats didn’t have moveable armrests, retractable armrests in the 80’s, it couldn’t have disappeared, so therefore she’s lying about everything else too; never mind the crux of her story isn’t about an airplane armrest, whether he was able to lift it up, retract it back or used his considerable stature and girth, even throughout the 80’s, to make it only seem like it disappeared. Her point was he suddenly, without warning had his hands all over her uninvited, so invasive he is reaching up her skirt toward the p**sy he says he’s never actually grabbed. Likewise she’s ‘lying’ because she says he was like an octopus, it was like he had 6 arms or something, his hands were everywhere, but everybody knows octopus have 8 arms—case dismissed. Oh there’s a witness who claims he saw, or rather didn’t see, anything untoward, abnormal, nothing close to the type of pawing, sexual petting harassment Ms. Leeds detailed; ignored that, getting into how airplane seats are set up, he would have to be either sitting in the same row and really paying attention to his surroundings or behaving like an absolute voyeur leaning over a seat behind or in front of them to substantially see what was or wasn’t occurring between the 2. Secondly, side stepping ‘judge Jeanine’ calling her Jackie, not Jessica, is how do you remember what you saw on a plane 35 years ago meaning absolutely nothing to you, enough to give descriptions quoted in The New York Post reprinted by Red State of what both parties were wearing. Lastly fully discrediting our billionaire defending witness as the only statistically probable liar depicted, is his own past, yes he alluded to Fox News the internet was full of it, never disclosing what it was full of; you see Mr. Gilberthorpe sought out underage boys to have sex with powerful politicians in his native U.K purportedly on orders from then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher: “Anthony says he was a ­full-time ­political activist when he helped procure the “youngest and prettiest” boys for several cabinet ministers after being told to find “entertainment,” constituting the beginning of his connections to scandals dealing with sex and getting other people in trouble for it. Identical to anecdotal evidence, People Magazine reporter Natasha Stoynoff is lying because his butler went on Inside Edition and said the scene she depicted of him bursting in on Trump shoving her into a wall and groping her didn’t happen; ok fair enough, maybe it was a different staff member, a different butler, the man, Anthony Senecal (is there a conspiracy against guys named Anthony) attesting to Trump’s innocence, at minimum has a lack of knowledge on what she asserts took place, wasn’t employed by Trump at the time. He could be being paid for his appearance, loyalty; wasn’t that an accusation against Michael Jackson, he paid body guards for their silence, to keep quiet about what they knew regarding him molesting children? Delving into his past is found telling information, racist Facebook posts declaring president Obama should be killed, calling for revolution; fact he gets money from giving tours of Trump’s estate creating a vested interest in keeping his boss out of jail, his boss’ candidacy reasonably has him eagerly awaiting a boost in business if he becomes president, a butler Trump’s campaign since disavowed earlier this year thanks to those racist posts. Similarly absurd is assertions Hillary Clinton’s hardly surprising criticism naming his remarks horrific, emphatically announcing we can’t let this man become president, don’t have a leg to stand on because she likes singer Beyoncé, saying at a rally she desired to be as good a president as Beyoncé is a performer. And Beyoncé, to quote a Trump surrogate on CNN, generates song lyrics like: I came to slay b*ches when he f*ck me good I take his a** to Red Lobster. Except Newsy sarcastically differentiated quite exceptionally, Beyoncé was rewarding consensual sex [more accurately fantastically excellent consensual sex] with endless shrimp and cheddar bay biscuits; where Donald Trump was talking about sexually assaulting women though he refuses to acknowledge that. Alex Jones, famous 9/11, Sandy Hook truther, providing ‘evidence’ both were fake, hoaxes designed to further a liberal media and political agenda defended Trump saying: “it’s not sexual assault if women are throwing themselves at you;” to parrot The Donald, wrong knowing maximum age for the Miss Teen USA, were we have a witness/victim coming forward substantiating his own words he did this regularly, is 19, not all girls there of age 18 or aforementioned 19, ages still containing the word teen but indicating adulthood according to legal statutes. Wrong knowing minimum age participation requirement is 14, and if he hasn’t done his research, which we know he doesn’t do well as proven by 2 debate performances and now a disappointing 3rd, he’s not going to know who’s of age and who isn’t; forgetting sexual assault momentarily, try voyeurism, openly using your owner status to see girls, not women naked, giving off the perception one way to win is to flirt, sleep with the owner, make known you’re ok with that, up for that. Compromising the integrity surrounding any of the 3 pageants he oversaw should it be discovered true, to say nothing of 18, 19, though legal, is downright disgusting calculating age differences between Trump and pageant participants. Not only is Natasha Stoynoff lying; her 6 friends who corroborate her attempted rape allegations, hearing about it at various times directly after it happened, recalling how shaken up, confused and concerned about what to do she was, are lying to get their 5-15 minutes of fame, despite their names rarely being mentioned. They were even able to recount running into Melania along with Stoynoff, Mrs. Trump asking why they don’t see her anymore, friend(s) remembering the incident, right down to the shoes and/or outfit she was wearing, chiefly because Melania was carrying a child in high heels, is/was a celebrity; also key to why they’re lying, so they can say they met a celebrity. An encounter Melania denies effectively throwing that theory out the nearest window. Friends who, by contrast we’ve heard nothing about to date, who seem to have had no prior animosity toward Trump; polar opposite 2 of Juanita Broaddrick’s corroborating witnesses regarding Bill Clinton’s supposed rape, who had every reason to hate him, seek retaliation. Stoynoff immediately informing her editor and asking never to be assigned to the Trump beat again; addressing why her accusations didn’t become part of the story, charges were never pressed, she was advised by coworkers at People not to come forward, not to pursue legal action because of the he said she said nature surrounding applicable charges. Unlike above, these weren’t lawyers with a professional legal obligation, they were instead layman, friends of Stoynoff who were also considering what a trial would do to their friend, her career, her love of journalism, doubtlessly worked hard for. What does give Jill Harth a modicum of credibility if you don’t understand conflicting emotions felt by sex assault victims, affection sometimes felt for someone you were in a relationship with, a star with that kind of glitz, potentially explaining why she filed a lawsuit then agreed to date him, is she did try to bring a case against him; concurrently, years later she’s telling her story once more and for reasons beyond his running for president, poll numbers earlier in the year suggesting he might win, but because he lied both after the tape’s explosive release and at the second national presidential debate doubling down on what he said had never gone past locker room talk. Reasons echoed by Mindy McGillivray who jumped up off her couch to and shouted you liar at her television watching the debate, Kirstin Anderson thought, upon seen Access Hollywood’s recording, “wow that explains what happened to me,” Tasha Dixon responding to unearthed Howard Stern tapes describing exactly what she asserts happened in his own words, tapes shoring up her speculated suspicions about his true intentions behind owning the 3 prong pageant circuit again vocalized verbatim to Howard Stern in the same radio segment. Conclusively answering why now questions with something besides election timing and it being magically put out there; recognizing Trump did this to himself denying groping, kissing, assaulting women when he obviously has. Network legal analysts impressed with Summer Zervos’ attention to detail, imitating his voice, the way he spoke to her that night enhancing believability. Relatedly years later Harth isn’t not taking the path of Kathleen Willey, who first alleged Bill Clinton raped her in 1993, then in her 2007 new book claimed Clinton hired someone to kill her cat, lastly her husband met the same fate at the hands of a Clinton paid intruder, not evidence supported suicide. She isn’t Juanita Broaddrick, who notice isn’t following Cosby accuser precedent pushing to have laws change, statutes of limitation amended, changed, abolished so she can bring her rapist, powerful former president Clinton to justice, but she will go on TV in tears fearful of a Hillary Clinton presidency, willing to go along with Mrs. Clinton’s apposing candidate’s stunt of showing off her and other women having various encounters with Bill Clinton, at least one a consensual arrangement. Don’t you know you’re being used by another man; continuing Ken Starr was such a dogged prosecutor of Clinton he got him to admit to consensual affairs chancing ruining his marriage to convict him of prudery not sexual harassment, assault or rape. Next Salon author below is also correct, while sex assault false claims are rare, Clinton BS stories of every kind, flavor and topic abound, generating comments summed up by the following, “A good indicator that Bill Cosby’s facing real assault charges: He’s dealing with criminal prosecutors. A good indicator that Bill Clinton faced endless media scams: He dealt with Republican plumbers.” Interestingly stopped the moment he vacated office at the end of his 8 year term, to be redundantly clear, acquitted on all impeachment articles against him. Criminal accusations coming from 3 women as opposed to Cosby’s 50, lacking the eerie patterns to them as well, putting to rest stretches between Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby. No, who has more in common with Bill Cosby is Donald Trump openly threatening to sic lawyers on accusers, using his power, position and money to silence women, to create situations where he can abuse them, meetings in hotel rooms, telling one victim don’t you know who I am, after shoving his tongue down their throat saying you know we’re gunna have an affair right, when one told him to get real in response to his advance, he mocked her with a lurid ‘get real’ drawn out and supposed to be seductive. Making it that much harder for harassment, sex abuse, sex assault victims anywhere, under any circumstance to come forward, if we the public won’t endeavor to believe them until evidence gives us credible reason to disbelieve them.

When we literally have to ask are women people as opposed to sex objects, property, things, entities that exist solely for men’s sexual fantasies, sexual pleasure, sadly where we clearly are throughout some parts of society in America, in a place called the free world. Wrapping our heads around though it was Access Hollywood, earlier mentioned reporting on celebrity gossip more akin to tabloids, TMZ than ABC, NBC, CBS news, Fox News another television show/network housing a dubious reputation; to reiterate—it remains a place of work demanding standard professionalism regarding how one conducts themselves on a job.
It’s Nancy O’Dell, who despite her public figure job is a human being, wife and mother, having to take time during her current anchoring position at Entertainment Tonight to address what Trump said about her; humiliating conversations she had to have with her husband and children before they heard/saw that video on the news or internet, happening because she reported to work on that day, happily accepted an offer to look at furniture from Donald Trump who has built and furnished how many lavish, top of the line hotels. We have a therapist for Andrea Tantaros, once Fox News host, backing up her lawsuit claims about Ailes’ behavior; stopping momentarily to digest her boss, Roger Ailes’, actions, persistent, constant sexual harassment sent this woman into therapy, according to her suit she was demoted, finally fired because she would not sleep with said boss. Knowing this medical, psychological professional came forward on her own, no prompting from her patient, no pleadings to substantiate her accusations; rather the therapist heard and saw through the media how it was being portrayed, what Fox was saying about her allegations and chose to speak up citing what she had been told “in a therapeutic setting where she could have had no motive to lie.” Gretchen Carlson who filed the first publicly known lawsuit against Fox News, Ailes, predating Tantaros, and won just revealed to her contract kept her at Fox; question being are we surprised taking stock of morals clauses and dictates employees in any job past minimum wage are subjected to, things employers think they hold rights to control, benign own time activities suddenly off limits. And while someone is putting together pieces to turn Ailes’ rise, subsequent fall into a mini-series, Carlson is testifying to congress, examining forced arbitration practices, about her contract, the forced arbitration she legally had to fight, that would have kept her harassment case out of court. Commenting to Time magazine she doesn’t think human resources departments are equipped to handle sex harassment, corporations training courses are making a difference despite millions spent. Lining up perfectly in sick symmetry to 2 contrasting stories of domestic violence, one in which a 14 year old killed her father to free her mother from prolonged abuse spilling over into declarations to kill the whole family, abuse documented by police, reinforced by medical records doubtlessly; sent to juvenile detention pushing to be tried as an adult despite unmistakable signs of battered child syndrome. And another man who repeatedly violated his wife’s orders of protection granted after he kidnaped, pistol whipped, branded her and kept her in a closet for 12 days, serving time in jail, bonded out 3 days before making good on a repeated threat to kill her. Illustrating plainly how much domestic violence is a workplace issue too; women killed by estranged boyfriends, husbands, lovers at work—33% as of 2008, maimed from acid attacks, doused with flammables and set ablaze in the one place they need to be to achieve and maintain independence. Fact domestic violence can affect anyone, anywhere, either gender, all gender identities, sexual orientations, social strata, economic classes, walks of life; famous to a nobody, somewhere in between. Instances of workplace bullying often carrying an element of sexual connotation, sexual harassment dovetailing into escalating violence, women who feel uncomfortable, unsafe; here is what it’s like being a woman and going to work daily. Returning exclusively to Trump raised conversations stemming from his comments, Natasha Stoynoff was just doing her job during what happened, Summer Zervos didn’t come to his hotel seeking him out for a tryst, a rendezvous but in hopes of working with Trump, learning from Trump the business man, excited to work for him, meeting held in a room at a hotel he owns less weird and red flag inducing because he owned it. One of the things highlighted by The Young Turks agree, disagree or agree to disagree about their politics, reporting on Trump calling Khloe the ugly Kardashian is that he fired her, threw her off the show for her looks, not her business performance; recognizing that people compete on his show, most reality competition shows, be it fashion with Project Runway, cooking with Hell’s Kitchen, Rachel Ray’s Cook Off, stock entertainment big breaks featured on precursors like America’s Top Model, American Idol, current spin off The Voice, Apprentice the precursor to Shark Tank for business opportunities, a job, career launching moments, connections, a foot in the door to an otherwise unattainable industry. Khloe Kardashian at least has additional options, choices; ordinary people, non-celebrities looking for their next venture, aren’t always so lucky. Countering Alex Jones who in part said “it’s not sexual assault if women are throwing themselves at you;” it very well could be when women are told to go up to him, fawn all over him after appearing randomly in their dressing room, if they are led to believe it increases their chances of winning or is even a prerequisite for staying in the pageant. Is very much so understanding at least some pull behind participating in Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe, the 3 branched pageant sphere Trump owned and ran for 2 decades is scholarships winners receive to the New York film academy, modeling portfolios, a chance to travel and talk about social issues as a goodwill ambassador. And these incidents don’t merely happen to people seeking employment in Hollywood, to get their faces on television anchoring national, local news, journalistic careers following celebrities if they can’t be one; echoing domestic violence they happen to ordinary citizens daily in the most unlikely of places. Roughly 5 years ago an exposé was done prompted by teens describing sex acts demanded by their managers at McDonald’s, Starbucks and Taco Bell; teens who thought they needed to give in to those demands to keep their job they depended on to live, help pay for school, help supporting their family, to get a good start in the employment world build a résumé. 1 in 3 working teens possessing standard beginner, fast food, minimum wage, retail jobs reported sexual advances via adult supervisors; McDonald’s fellow employees weren’t surprised stating “don’t take it personal that’s how he is with every girl.” Taco Bell’s errant, pervy manager impregnated one teen working all of 2 months and attacked another her first day. Some may remember the phone scam where mangers are called by a person impersonating police and told to do sex acts on teen female employees. Anyone tempted to think that was then, things have changed because of such cases, there’s the Brooklyn case, 6 months old, were a teen girl interviewing for a high profile law firm receptionist position was coerced into stripping and forced into having sex; getting the job, on her second day is told she needed an STD test to keep her employment position, never returning, instead filing a lawsuit. This is what it’s like being a teen and stepping into the world of work in 2010, 2016, not 1960; stories like theirs why the Trump family got such backlash for their approach to workplace sexual harassment, ideas women can suddenly pull up stakes from steady income jobs, they should be the ones forced to leave (not to put up with poor treatment, taking responsibility for how they handle it) when others are doing wrong. Women in lower level jobs feeling they have no power, women in higher positions feeling they have everything to lose, years of hard work to get where they are, fearing retaliation for reporting; teens panicked they will lose their job, be virtually blacklisted, lose future jobs, not have needed money for family or school. Again, it’s judges berating domestic violence victims for not coming to court due to fear of their abuser, abuse induced agoraphobia, fear of leaving your home, prosecutors jailing rape victims to compel testimony against their accused attacker. It’s seeing the cat calls one woman recorded walking through New York on a typical day for her, recreated by ABC News, another woman creating cards to give catcallers It’s clueless men in the dark until news outlets set up cameras to capture catcalling to their girlfriends/wives; concurrently how catcalling men thought women wanted, appreciated the attention, not until anchoring story reporter brought up what if it was your daughter did one loud construction worker grasp the point finally second guessing his catcalling ways. Paralleling the Salon article above’s simple message, words matter, how men allow other men to talk about women matters; keep reading for a detailed why.

Horrifying how early it starts for young girls growing into women, compartmentalizing for the time being those abused by immediate family, relatives, family friends, neighbors, even school personnel, targets it seems to place on their backs; girls becoming women, never suffering childhood abuse in any form are spending their whole lives subjected to unwanted attention, harassment, sexualization by their age level peers, ogled by old men, commented on by college students as a pre-teen thanks to attractive looks, which should be an asset in our youth obsessed, shallow, pretty people culture and Trump’s characterization of locker room talk, supposed acceptability of such vulgarity referencing women. Trump’s accusations and accompanying dismissive, denying reactions, demeaning responses spawning several social media memes #NotOkay, a magazine writer’s tweet me your first assaults. Going first, telling her own stunning encounter story “old man on city bus grabs my p**sy and smiles at me, I’m 12.” 5 year old in a store, mother shopping the next aisle, man touches her a few times tries to take her, “boy grabbed my chest in 4th grade when I yelled at him to stop, he punched me so hard in the stomach I doubled over,” 14 year old grabbed from behind thought it was her fault she was wearing a dress, never told as soul, 19 year old first day in an office job, she said hello to male coworker, he kissed her full on the lips,18 assaulted in her college dorm by guy she went on 1 date with. “Optician fitting me for my first contact lenses “drops” one down my blouse, grabs, strokes my breast as he “saves” it. I’m 14.” Attacks getting out of cabs, a sneaky engineer who used to rub his arm into one woman’s breast reviewing projects with her, one woman writing a blog titled ‘my disposable body’ chronicling child sex abuse and later surviving rape, being in a crowd and finding someone’s hand inside your shirt. People of all ages being rubbed up against in a sexual manner on busses, trains, subways by all ages of men, boys; child sex abuse to full on rape that starts by crabbing that P word between a woman, a girl’s, a child’s legs. Comment sections on catcalling stories, meme threads altering us to more of the same, young girls catcalled at 14 with their peers in public, catcalled while jogging, honked at by grown men, college boys in cars just trying to walk home from school; knowing it isn’t the assault, their only assault but their first assault, and once assaulted they face chances of multiple assaults in their lifetime. “My 3rd assault was by dermatologist made me undress in his office closet. Age14.” Tens of thousands of stories touched off by one tweet, one invitation to share, writer shocked at the average rate 50 per minute challenging us to stop denying rape culture. Sexual harassment by teachers harkens us all back to judges dolling out light sentences to teachers, usually male, because the student shouldn’t have flirted, ‘acted intellectually beyond her chronological age,’ whatever that was ever supposed to mean. Kate Spencer, fiery 5th grader, who collaborated with her best friend to call out her sexist gym teacher and a principal who promised not to give their names to said teacher, only to be ranted at days later by him humiliated; how that impacted her choice not to speak up when harassed by a coworker in a job where everyone was friends with everyone else, who couldn’t tell her boyfriend till 2 years later when half drunk. Making a list of: “all the times I’ve been touched, followed, hollered at, screamed at, threatened and chased by men, all the penises I’ve been shown without giving permission,” contemplating adding that list to her Salon article seeing another fellow woman recently do the same, finding it empowering plus depressing to read. Being pulled behind buildings, flashed, seeing a man jerk of while your kayaking with friends, sent harassing e-mails, phone calls, threats to come to her house by a student met at a young leaders conference only to have police “look at her like she was crazy;” how much is one woman supposed to endure, why is life in western civilization this kind of endurance test? And when you go to someone for help with emotional issues, psychological diagnostics the last thing you need is, the unfortunately clichéd but very real, pervy therapist, talking about your dad’s controlling nature and your mother’s resentment you don’t need a guy asking if you think about him when you masturbate (at 16 no less) whining when you say that’s gross, constantly asking the question as if you someday will think about him when you actually do start masturbating. Asking if you want to know how to be a women not a scared little girl, asking about your sexual experiences in lascivious ways even if it was the ‘sexually liberated’ 1970’s, but that’s precisely Estelle Erasmus’ experienced described in her Salon essay. Actresses Amber Tamblyn and Viola Davis sharing their stories of sexual assault, the latter combining current statistics 1in 4 girls will be victims sexual assault comprising some form by their 18th birthday, by the time they reach age of majority, Taylor Swift suing a DJ for repeatedly groping her buttocks during a photo shoot; now a presidential candidate calling this just talk, proving no place is safe. Then we want to denigrate these women who didn’t come forward petrified by thoughts of retribution, taking weeks, months or years to get over the shock, admit, acknowledge yes it did truly happen; Erasmus didn’t because she was a child and wasn’t developmentally intellectually capable of understanding what he was doing was wrong, let alone he was abusing his therapeutic position. Donald Trump’s 10th accuser didn’t come forward for the twin emotional vice grips of shock and shame centered around wearing a short dress and high heels; to be dared is anyone who can read her descriptions of his crude comments to his buddies about her legs, his grabbing her breast, saying don’t you know who I am, read and absorb, imagining it was your wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, how it affected her. Years later agonizing over what dress to wear, is it too revealing, always wearing a shawl with evening gowns, at dinner parties, robbed of the enjoyment in dress shopping, turned off wearing high heels, having to answer her husband’s should be innocent questions about her odd behavior, telling someone she loves about what another man did to her, then try and come back with the excuse her assault, and that’s what it was, is because of what she was wearing, where she was, what she drank, how she flirted, what she said, not a man who didn’t give a second thought to he doesn’t have the right to randomly grab women in a sexual manner, why consent is so important. Personally I’ve never been the victim of assault or its darker companion sexual assault; I’ve never been the recipient of unwanted sexual attention, thankfully born plain enough, ugly enough and my physical disability, walking with forearm crutches, enough of a turn off. But I have been on the receiving end of conversations, interactions where people severely encroached on my personal space for other reasons, situations where I asked myself did that really happen, did he, she they say what I think they said, (topic far removed from sex, sexual connotations), asking myself am I reading too much into this, am I being over sensitive, did I imagine the whole thing? The teacher in high school who asked me during a dubious practical arts class called relationship issues, that was treated like a giant shrink’s couch, why I was afraid to have fun while I stared daggers at one of the class clowns dancing around in child’s boots (the classroom also dubbed as the space for childe deployment classes and regularly had preschoolers in for a daycare type setting) and singing I’ve got Velcro on my pockets, I’ve got Velcro on my pockets, because today was another day where nothing was getting done and I wasn’t learning anything to help me handle the issues or relationships in my life. Outweighing me and this teacher never got along, I wasn’t part of the class clique so was hated, spent a good quantity of her class in ISD, was she was sitting so close to me she was breathing in my ear, I could barely focus on her words for not tipping the desk over to create some space or screaming back the bleep up (getting in more trouble) therefore alternating between mumbling something and refusing to answer; wholeheartedly unnecessary if she had just backed up a little, held the confab after class or in the room set aside for over stressed kids to chill. I’ve shared before about the speech teacher deconstructing JFK and Martin Luther King’s speeches prefacing a statement with as far as I know there are no African Americans here tonight, me sitting right next to him, confused conversations with friends afterward, conflicting feelings about an already contentious student teacher relationship; what I add now is how hard it was to go back into that classroom, how hard it was to put my eyes on my notebook that night and not make a scene, because I didn’t want to be labeled the oversensitive black, disabled girl on top of my ‘controversial’ chosen speech topic that had him thinking I needed the school’s psych services, how hard it was not to reach across to the next seat and slap him silly while screaming right here you idiot, and if you have to preface your statement that way, save your jaw and don’t say it, because I didn’t want to be arrested, expelled, I valued my education far more than him or his opinion. Another teacher 5’8 to 6 foot failed to realize as he called me out for name-calling a classmate being alone in the room, me at the end of a long conference table, him standing next to me virtually pinning me between the wall, at 5 feet tall when I can stand totally straight, might make me uncomfortable not because I feared something sexual or that his bombastic bluster would lead to physical violence, but because he was in my personal space, all the more galling was that the ‘name-calling’ I was doing was to the text not the student making X point and everyone but him got that. Or the woman in my job placement class, who grand mothered everyone including myself, making her point one day up close to my face, so close I could smell the coffee on her breath, leaned over the chair I was sitting in, subconsciously pinning my hands to the arm rests lecturing me about my attitude, cynicism, that I have to believe things will work out. And even though I knew she posed no threat to me, all I could think was get away from me and how fast she would have been kicked, hit or thrown had I been an abused person, someone with a past. Causing me to question whatever happened to what they told us in kindergarten about keeping our hands to ourselves, respecting the standard personal space bubble whenever possible; remembering my own experiences with the odd, unnerving and disrespectful, I absolutely understand these women’s conflicted feelings, shock, shame, confusion, wresting with something a thousand times more invasive, devastating, undeniably violating, we all should. Coming full circle back around to Trump’s comments, the lager national conversation on sexual harassment, sex assault, it’s women who don’t even know they’re being sexually harassed, exploited, objectified so conditioned are they to it; it’s that Temple Taggart was introduced to Trump by her father, presumably saw the kiss forced on her lips, her shock, discomfort and did nothing. What Donald Trump, his supporters, his defenders and his shoulder shrugging apathetic voters don’t understand is, it isn’t just talk, talk like this leads inevitably to action, action being the rape, sexual assault, sexual battery of women leaving lasting scars on them and the country.

Returning finally to the purely political, it’s Michele Bachmann who prior to her 8 year stint in the House of Representatives was a wife and a mother to 5 children, 3 daughters, whose husband ran a counseling service, controversial to be sure, but giving her a window into what young people face nonetheless. Still sticking to conservative line, that video release was a ploy to derail their presidential candidate, elaborating god lifted up Donald Trump to be the republican nominee; nothing about his words themselves, what a horrible example they set for her sons, boys, young men and men everywhere, a single statement his words, at that point just words, are against the party’s family values. Latest really in a frustratingly long line of questionable things said by the tea party faction member of the Republican Party, extolling the best thing a woman can be is a wife and a mother, saying things were better in slave times, even for African Americans, due to increased 2 parent homes. Mike Huckabee elaborating on Bachmann’s thoughts, stating referencing the opposition, if they can’t find it they’ll fabricate it; unsurprising knowing here was the guy defending Josh Duggar’s ‘youthful indiscretion’ in molesting his sisters and babysitter only to find out Duggar as a grown man had, not 1 but 2, Ashley Maddison accounts on a site for discreet married cheaters and entered in patient therapy for that as well as a porn addiction. Paul Ryan who refuses to be seen in public with Donald Trump, backing out of a dual appearance rally event, still also refusing to repudiate his earlier, reluctant endorsement of the GOP nominee. Rudy Giuliani’s full throated defense of Donald Trump and the witnesses his campaign brought forth to dispute at least one sex assault claim, prompting CNN host Jake Tapper to exclaim ‘the former pimp guy’ who used to procure young boys, aforementioned bimbo squad comments and asking shouldn’t we be beyond that (Trump’s past, Bill Clinton’s past dragged into it when the former New York mayor was astutely questioned how voters who believe all the women coming forward talking about either man’s sexual misconduct reconcile that with his candidates much more vicious attacks on women) pivoting instead to who’s going to lower taxes, raise taxes, whose going to deal with ISIS, Somalia. Giuliani repeating he stands by his friend Donald Trump when he says he didn’t do it; Giuliani arguably seen as just as potentially senile, mentally unstable as Trump appearing to forget 9-11 and matching Trump for every outlandish thing he says. Running for vice president Mike Pence, who has 2 daughters of his own yet initially ignored all questions including one from a little girl at a rally asking about body image issues then who couldn’t understand Michelle Obama’s criticism of his running mate/candidate. Pivoting directly to Hillary Clinton, WikiLeaks purported preferential treatment to Clinton friends regarding reconstruction contracts in Haiti, talk about unsubstantiated claims every time new ‘information’ comes out standard news networks always saying they can’t, have yet to independently verify materials therein; you can’t have it both ways Mr. Pence, either we disregard unsubstantiated claims as it refers to both your candidate and Hillary Clinton, any serious topic where what’s being put forth can’t be proven, supported or we don’t. Further check your pulse if you don’t understand the emotion behind her words as First Mother to a high school and college age daughter respectively, defacto mother to our nation’s daughters hearing a man who wants to lead us say he can do anything he wants to a woman in 2016 not 1950; adding insult to injury trying to sweep it under the rug as locker room talk, the way men talk sans women around. At a time when we are grappling against rape epidemics on college campuses, president Obama is putting forth guidelines for k-12 educational institutions to combat, manage sexual assault claims, prevent them, girls, young women, women in their prime are confronted by body image issues, unrealistic goals physically; if nothing else the Trump-Pence ticket should be able to read a room and know none of this is going to go over in our existing cultural climate period. Hardly shocking when he tried to sign into law the most restrictive abortion law on record, blocked by federal courts, who allowed Purvi Patel to be charged with feticide and child neglect based on the idea she first tried to kill her unborn child past the legal time limit one supposes since that’s not made clear, next had a premature baby and let it die, though medical testing found no abortifacient in her system and persecutors used a controversial, routinely discredited test to say her baby was born alive when it could have been stillborn. Yes courts later reduced her child neglect charge down to a class D felony and threw out the feticide charge altogether reducing her maximum sentence from 20 down to 3 years, yet abortion rights activists and anyone with a modicum of common sense look at how officials trounced legal precedent in the first place, noting feticide laws were never meant to criminalize women for their own abortions, even technically illegal ones, cite if it wasn’t for her fundamentalist, religious family she could have gotten help and safe, legal abortion, if it wasn’t for Pence’s signed ultra-restrictive laws fostering ingrained mistrust and fear of the medical system for exactly this reason, evidenced by text conversations Patel had with her friend, she could have gotten help and a safe legal abortion. Hers the fate of all women in Indiana, and by extension soon America, if the Trump-Pence ticket wins. Collective support par for the course asking politicians their opinion on their commander in chief nominee one thinks; isn’t that how these things work, until you get to Ben Carson, who preceding this election cycle was a retired neurosurgeon, renowned for separating conjoined twins fused at the head, was a husband a father, old enough to be grandfather if he isn’t. And his response is he has heard locker room talk, wanting to wait until after the election to delve deeper into whether or not Trump’s accusers are telling the truth, like they haven’t waited long enough for some semblance of justice now laid in the hands of American voters to please not make this man president, pretending it has no impact whatsoever on the presidential race, the direction of a nation. It’s the candidates own words, reactions, setting aside 11 year old video, 11 year old audio from a shock jock’s radio program; his vulgarity, disrespect and dangerous denigration of women as the possible upcoming leader of the free world goes beyond stating they have no witnesses, no one was around, surpasses asking why his attempted rape/groping of the reporter never made it into her piece, how big a story it would have been, though when you have a journalism professor telling you your accuser could destroy you, that’s a pretty big clue. Karena Virginia, spoken about in the above paragraph, had people advise her to stay quiet as not to drag her family through the mud; corroborating witness for Summer Zervos, a licensed social worker, overlooked in the evolving of Trumps response, threats to sue sucking the air out of every room. It reaches past witnesses he’s brought forth, discredited though they may be, insinuations he was in a completely different place at the time they say X happened, his inability to remember some of them explainable by 30 odd years stretched between then and now, moving directly to why he says his assault of them is ridiculously fabricated; because, look at them, of Jessica Leeds he said she would not be my first choice, of Natasha Stoynoff he stated look at her, look at her words, I don’t think so. Kirstin Anderson he blew off as un-credible because he doesn’t sit alone that much in public then he supposedly went whoa (making a grabbing motion with his arm); except it meshes nicely to your videoed words and accounts from nearly a full dozen women coupled with tales from the Apprentice saying one particular singer (Emily West’s) skin sucked, she needed some f-ing dermatology, another woman was simply known as ‘the one with the big chest.’ An 11th accuser coming forward roughly 3 days before this went to press is dismissed out of hand by any and all listening because she worked/works in the adult film industry; never mind most films are simulated sex, not actual sex, only those wishing to do live sex acts with fellow actors do so, no indication she is one of them. On the day in question Jessica Drake was working a booth for her employer selling merchandise, not her body, when invited to Trump’s room; she didn’t feel comfortable going alone and so brought 2 female companions, was subjected to forced kissing, followed by turning down monetary offerings to spend the day, evening, night, what have you in his penthouse, none of these accompanying women coming forward shouting it didn’t happen like that. His comeback, as if this were some tit for tat teasing session between friends, “oh I’m sure she’s never been grabbled before;” previously blaming Hillary Clinton, fame seeking women, corrupt media everyone but himself or the scant idea he used bad judgment for their allegations, even painting himself the victim. Walking contradiction he simultaneously maintains the infamous central park 5 are guilty, independent police coercion tactics and DNA testing proving someone else, a singular person, was guilty of the gruesome rape/severe beating; that they were black and Latino helping society’s negative narrative right along. Spending the years he has in the spotlight equal parts business man and entertainer, crafting his campaign around his being those things rather than a politician, potential voters are to believe he didn’t know his mic was hot, with a reporter on their bus, implying 11 years has changed you? Obviously not as by the 3rd debated October 19th, when you touted your no one has more respect for women line, entire present audience can be heard laughing and even a little girl avoids your kisses as you try to appeal to ‘the people.’ More than that it’s where this isn’t moving the needle, changing voter opinion, how little analysts expect newest revelations to impact voter choices, women holding to support for Trump; women too who believe this was just bad boy talk, he was egged on, it’s how men talk in locker rooms, who’ve bought into it’s him or something far worse, they the next budding American tragedy.