Politicians, The Corporate Media And The Right Wing News Entertainment Complex Aren’t The Only Ones ‘Running a Redundant Narrative’ If This Is All We Can Come Up With

At the risk of rehashing my own redundant narrative on the topic, until we get our mental health house in order, until we actively decide effectively deploying awareness to mental illness is better than shunning, ostracizing, name calling the people who have mental health problems, boiling them down to a character flaw, we will continue to see incidents like this. Until we consciously decide as a nation treating mental illness is more important than what is convenient, what is easy—… Until we mobilize a centralization effort for mental health medicine the way we have physical medicine, engaging in early intervention, early treatment the way physical medicine focuses on preventative care, routine screening, strict management of chronic illness we will continue to view news stories of persons across every racial, ethnic spectrum, socio-economic class and age group suspected of this type of crime…. Very latest on Jason Brian Dalton exemplifying the laid out here counter, counter claims to every narrative put forth on mass shooters, how and why they kill, what their rampages say about our culture… Unfortunately media aren’t the only ones who never seem to learn; we never do either, these mirroring facts staring us in the face and we’re still consumed with the gun, allow people to fill our heads with gun restriction what if’s on the promise it will stop tragedies of this kind; it won’t. Effectively addressing mental health is the only thing that can; too bad Chauncey Devega couldn’t just level with, be straight with us and say that.