Science’s Next Great Bad Idea: Make Eating Solely A Recreational Activity

Reported by The Atlantic in July; now Soylent 2.0, having spent 2 years actually in development before anyone outside science magazines picked up, the story or their premise, believes it’s ready for their next step and is going after our coffee trying to replace it with a green tea derivative. Wait, this culinary atrocity just waiting to happen has been being developed for 2 years, Atlantic’s author remarking Soylent makers despite warnings it isn’t yet a full time food substitute, rumored not to eat much, and no one reported on it until July 2016 and in a progressive publication not nightly national news; deceptively, covertly kept under the radar much? Hard to believe Ted-Cruz-ites, conservatives forever worried and warning about bar codes on our foreheads, the debt apocalypse is coming to America, the religious apocalypse is coming to the world types wouldn’t have something to say about slowly replacing food with nutrient supplement drinks best described as sludge, worst described as sperm like, sweet non-toxic Play-Doh; if nothing more than to call it alarmist nonsense on par with global warming and evolution as junk science to advance liberal agendas.