Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

It was the shock rather than the shot heard round the world, republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump had won the presidency, the vote, was now boosted to title president elect. Where 4 years ago there was jubilation and hope at President Obama’s reelection, 2016’s outcome touched off palpable and open scenes of grief, visible pain, stunned disbelief, effecting financial markets and world leaders across the globe uncertain as to what comes next, what to expect from the bombastic reality TV star now spearheading our politics, poised to lead a place called the free world. Already sending conflicting messages calling the protests to a great, fair election unfair, spontaneous protests taken to the streets, as his opponent continues to outmatch him in the popular vote by hundreds of thousands progressed to millions, demonstrators professional protesters, using twitter of course; next day praising small groups of protesters again on social media for their passion. Appointing Reince Priebus as chief of staff and Steve Bannon embroiled Breitbart News founder, suspected white supremacist, certainly white nationalist in to be chief counselor and strategic advisor to the president. Signaling he’s fine with gay marriage but his pro-life values means putting a pro-life judge on the Supreme Court eventual goal to overturn Roe V. Wade sending it back to the states, nonchalantly remarking when pressed some women won’t be able to get an abortion, they would just have to go to a neighboring state belying his pro-life ‘values’ as a moral stance; this being the same republican nominee, now president elect who said there had to be some kind of punishment for women who receive abortions. After meeting with president Obama backing off a total repeal of Obamacare announcing he would try to keep provisions giving insurance to those with preexisting conditions and allowing children to stay on their parent’s insurance to age 26 crediting his predecessor for changing his mind as 100,000 new people sign on hoping to get coverage before anything changes above the 20 million already enrolled, creating one more pocket of uncertainty nationwide. Paul Ryan re-nominated to be speaker of the house is already pushing, under the radar, for the privatization of Medicare, next social security, moves our president elect seems to agree with according to his transition website which talks about modernizing Medicare to handle an increasingly retiring baby boomer population and beyond, proposes giving more power to states to organize Medicaid to better serve America’s poorest citizens; code many feel for coming cuts doubly insidious after he promised seniors he wouldn’t touch it, would instead save it, part of ads running in key states like Pennsylvania. For those checking the box next to his name for his immigration policy, hoping he would build that wall, he says it could now have some fencing in it, that that would be appropriate for some areas; for those who believed he would see the invisible working class like democrats and others had failed to this time around, broke their promises in 2012. Elizabeth Warren got it right; they didn’t elect him to ditch his press pool, go out to dinner where A-they sell entrees and B- the cheapest item is a $36 burger, worse to tell gaggles of NYC elites how he’s going to lower their taxes instead of lowering ours. Republicans plan to dismantle senator Elizabeth Warren’s consumer financial protection bureau, the government agency that gave millions back to ordinary Americans from scam bankers a-la Wells Fargo, no sign our newly minted president elect rejects the idea, nor laws not only preventing abortion in the case of severe fetal abnormality where the child is slated not to survive. But in an ultimate act of cruelty toward women, force them to cremate or perform burial services for any abortion or still-birth even those taking place before fetal viability, before the human nervous system is formed at a time when the hallmark sign of a miscarriage is heavy bleeding and there is nothing to burry because it was naturally absorbed by a woman’s body. Then she is likely to be charged with feticide and serve time in jail like in the case of Indiana’s Purvi Patel; again no directive from the president elect to focus on say what he campaigned on bad trade deals, creating better economics, avoiding ‘stupid wars’ in the middle east, halting illegal immigration. Instead his publicized short list for secretary of state, the job he criticized Hillary Clinton so heavily for doing exceptionally badly, include Rudy Giuliani with so many foreign business ties he couldn’t travel anywhere without bumping into a conflict of interest, displaying identical temperament issues that frighten U.S. allies about the coming days or John Bolton who wanted to bomb Iran years before, was gung-ho about Iraq. He promised to drain the swamp yet his short lists for key positions in his administration are the swamp, so is his transition team packed with a laundry list of lobbyists for oil, gas, asphalt paving, telecommunications giants, treasury secretary could be none other than JP Morgan Chase’s Jamie Diamond; confirmed picks for actual cabinet positions, not just transition team members include Michael Flynn as national security advisor known for controversial dealings with Mideast terror efforts and being pushed into early retirement over squabbles with authority, leaving him bitter according to former colleagues. And Jeff Sessions for attorney general facing questions about his civil rights record and allegations he once referred to a former fellow black congressman as boy advising him to be careful what he said to white people. Only time will tell who makes it into these key positions, who survives the confirmation process and who doesn’t and which policy ideas make it into a workable agenda toward laws, changes to existing laws in this country, but was definitively onto something our first clues of what is to come are “uniformly awful.” Meanwhile amidst the grief, shock and sadness is no limited amount of equal parts fear and anger; anger manifesting as growing protests in our streets making it all the way to unlikely places i.e. Travers City Michigan all ages, races, men women, but especially students who reject the president elect shouting as they march not my president, not just as they see Hillary Clinton win the popular vote by literally now millions, genuinely confused as to how you can be pronounced president, electoral college or no electoral college but saying, no to bigotry, hate, division and violence against minorities, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims. Students who were too young to vote boldly saying this isn’t who I am, our election result doesn’t represent me. Fear, fear among Latinos, Hispanics, Mexican Americans the man we voted in by electoral majority will not singularly make good on his threat to deport illegal citizens, dreamers who came here young and don’t remember any county but America, pledge allegiance to no other flag but ours, also deporting legal U.S. citizens by birth because their parents are illegal. Fear shaking the Muslim community while they navigate the hate thrown at them, Islamic women told to remove their hijab because this is our nation now, a lupus patient wearing a scarf on her head, for sun protection mistaken for a Muslim had her car vandalized while hiking complete with note telling her to get the F out. Muslims worried not just that their relatives will never be able to visit America in the near future, it won’t be safe, they won’t get to see the place giving them such an opportunity, but they too will be ejected from the country they legally immigrated to, subjected themselves to double and triple background checks to come to, treated with hate and suspicion at every turn because to people here in the land of the free, the immigrant nation Muslim is just another word for terrorist, no distinction, no exceptions. Fearful that under president Trump less will be done to stop fires at their houses of worship, just as sacred to them as our churches are to us; apprehensive people will continue to face prospects of being set on fire, attempts to do so, for modest dress according to culture as much as religion. Worse are the refugees terrified by prospects of returning to a ‘home’ torn apart via violence, bombings, war, areas fled because they weren’t safe for their minority, compared to the region, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic heritage amidst a cleansing sanitized term for slaughter; people who would be apoplectic watching David Muir’s ABC special including children being taught the traditional Muslim/middle eastern greeting (their version of hello how are you) to welcome their 6 year old classmate Hala a Syrian refugee child, not terrorist who is here because her home, her country are little more than a rubble heap. Welcome to Trump’s America, a genuine attempt to make the USA white again.

Is this what you envisioned Mr. President elect Trump post your victory, your win, an America where school children can’t so much as hold a mock election without someone repeating something offensive you’ve said shutting it down? Is this the nation you thought you’d be leading, presiding over, guiding where students in middle school chant build that wall while Latino, Hispanic, Mexican American students, likely born here, not illegals cry, where students in a high school lock hands going down a hallway shouting white power and holding a Trump campaign sign? Is it gratifying to you to see scrawled signage reading F- all porch monkeys# whites only# white America, above a blurred or sanded down sign reading F n*ggers, in a high school, a doll lynched on a poll in an elevator on a college campus, supposed to be places of higher learning, diversified thinking, opening minds of all ages to new possibilities, things different from themselves; where instead a white student’s black-face Snapchat post got them expelled? Added to swastikas painted on churches, signs over drinking fountains in one school reading whites only and colored, your name among the graffiti, one student’s promise to a black classmate he would shoot her (12) and all the black people he could find? Is this what you meant when you said make America great again usually found somewhere in these hate filled messages to the ‘other’ elements in America who are something other than white, have retained pieces of their native heritage no matter how long they have lived in the U.S. whether they were born here keeping the rich traditions of parents, grandparents, great grandparents come before? Were all advocacy and minority assistance, outreach, resource groups correct when they speculated make America great again was code for make America white again; beyond the local running political candidate who modified your statement just that way running for office and faced backlash, ordinary citizens seem to think so spray painting just that on a baseball diamond in New York. Are you aware suicide hotlines saw a spike in calls once election results were tallied, people watching in real time learned the outcome in real time; most calling in, seeking support LGBTQ persons worried, worried the equality, rights to marriage they fought so hard for will be stripped from them by the Supreme Court, executive orders allowing openly gay military service will be rescinded, provisions for them in the Affordable Care Act, not to mention local municipalities and federal government contract laws preventing employment, housing, social services discrimination against LGBTQ persons will evaporate. To be replaced by our vice president elect’s support of conversion therapy, the psychologically traumatizing and ineffective method to ‘cure gay people via a Christian religious tinge. Knowing they will face more hate and bigotry fueled by your name after small gains they achieved, freedom they’ve enjoyed to live openly and they have a right to be just as openly concerned considering you are being courted by groups National Organization for Marriage, merely one and properly identified a hate group, whose sole focus is eliminating LGBTQ rights as we’ve come to know them. Concerns wholly validated as they’ve witnessed, felt, been victim of resurgences in hate including a Canadian watching election news on a California bar’s big screen only to be told “We got a new president, you f**king faggots,” have a beer bottle bashed into his head, blackout on the pavement, receive 4 stiches in his head and have a video of him gushing blood from the wound go viral on social media, now how the world will know him; not mentioned is if he is actually gay. Brace yourself Mr. President elect such people have been emboldened by your candidacy, your election where they believe you are taking our country, think you stand behind them and the things they do; racists are burning New Balance shoes after a neo Nazi leader took the companies answer, in support of your opposition to TPP as a sign they support white supremacist views saying, “New Balance is making a gesture to support White people and to support US manufacturing. We need to support that [;] I see New Balances now becoming the official shoes of White people.” However when New Balance predictably responded denouncing bigotry and intolerance it provoked an equally vehement response from the white supremacist who started talking about the “obviously fake Tweet” and claiming that LeBretton (New Balance’s VP of public affairs) had since sent him an email denouncing “filthy anti-Republican Jews,” ending with telling his readers not to let ‘the lying Jewish media get them down.’ The Ku Klux Klan intends to thrown you a victory parade in North Carolina, a white male wearing sweater vest had a complete meltdown in Starbucks because his black barista, coffee was taking too long demanding his money back shouting he voted Trump, and a Montana coffee shop owner whose establishment had yet to launch will likely soon go out of business thanks to his disparaging comments on blacks and Hillary Clinton in response to black person’s beating a white man. Who on Facebook said “These f*cking monkeys would be hanging if I saw this sh*t,” later adding “you don’t see white people do this sh*t.” pre Trump’s win he similarly stated sharing an image of Trump in the White House, with a caption that read, ‘If Trump wins the election, it’ll be the first time in history that a billionaire moves into public housing vacated by a black family.’ Commenting on Hillary Clinton seemingly out of nowhere, ‘She needs f*cked with a bat! Right up her liberal f*cking ass! ;’( aren’t these the people against homosexuality and unnatural sex; one guesses when they don’t want to use it as punishment and humiliation) convinced Trump was slated to lose elaborating, ‘The Coffee Tavern will never recognize a murdering whore for president!! Don’t like it, keep the fuck out!! We don’t tolerate scum!!!” While a majority of teachers, educators across the country are commiserating with students, doing their best to calm fears, turn current events into teachable moments about coping with uncertainty, against hate, violence, discrimination link 16 is an example of why citizens dreaded your presidency. That Baltimore teacher fired after calling her class the N word and telling them they would be shot, following a mayor who compared Michelle Obama to an ape then resigned amid backlash. Muslims too experiencing a drastic uptick in hate leveled against them increased by 67% according to FBI statistics along with the woman mistaken for Muslim who had her car windows smashed and was told to get out of America, the woman speaking to CNN about how unsafe it is to wear her traditional headscarf detailing a scene in a hospital sitting next to a white guy who pulled out his pocket knife, set it in the empty seat between them, waited a few moments closed it, re-pocketed it and walks by saying “deport them all.” An Uber driver who happens to be Arab America is cussed at, called terrorist, threatened with deportation by a Trump supporter before said supporter drives off when the light changes, traffic moves. Incidents not limited to a few misguided citizens by any means when a Georgia lawmaker introduces a bill to amend statutes banning KKK hoods, a recognized symbol of hate, to include Muslim burqas, headscarves implied; when a member of your own surrogate staff Newt Gingrich suggested bringing back the un-American activities committee in the house and a top security hopeful under consideration for a key position thinks McCarthy was spot on. Further it isn’t just a supporter who cities Japanese internment camps as precedent for doing the exact same to Muslims; it’s your transition team member Kris Kobach who wants to bring back the Muslim registry, practitioners of peaceful Islam’s only recourse, to say we will endure. Your unwavering support of Israel has drawn criticism from people devoted to Palestinian rights in the region, who believe an independent state is the singular way to peace there, yet here at home you are forgetting Jewish populations who feel more under threat than ever before in the modern era. Political reporters are getting anti-Semitic threats sent to their homes, piled on top of harassment online, you may not have seen but we did, a supporter at one of your rallies chanting Jew-SA later trying to walk it back stating that’s how he’s always pronounced USA. Still students taking to the streets saying they reject the president elect, shouting not my president, concurrently denouncing hate, bigotry, violence against people they don’t agree with, standing with immigrants and Muslims are professional protesters, crybabies or goons and thugs; the best thing anyone can come up with is Ann Coulter fat shaming protesters calling waving signs some sort of exercise “but they also need Atkins,” yet we’re the problem. Not the Iowa lawmaker trying to enact laws aimed at punishing state universities ‘providing assistance to students protesting the recent election’ nicknaming it the suck it up buttercup (who says that) bill, because “the problem with annoying protesters is s that they’re getting coddled in schools” i.e. student organized sit ins and grief counselling for those who chose to use it, supposed taxpayer dollars going to each. To be guessed is it’s cheaper, or they think so, to sand blast blood and brain matter off a sidewalk post student suicide than it is to staff a grief counselor, as if crying were limited to college students post-election night. Protests are the problem, not the Washington state senator proposing a bill virtually rendering the peaceful right to assembly non-existent, going against one of the bedrock foundations of the constitution, not it’s redundancy that blocking traffic, impeding emergency service vehicles, vandalism, looting and physical assault aren’t already illegal smacking of the unnecessary repetitiveness conservatives normally abhor, never mind labeling it a shock value phrase like economic terrorism. Perhaps most disturbing is schools knew how to deal with these instances even amid shock of having to, in America of all places, cities knew how to deal with it firing mayors for racist comments, firing teachers for theirs, expelling students behind racially motivated harassment, internet posts, violence to Trump supporters or protesters, other educators doing the best they can to teach life lessons in the moment, New Balance rejected the white supremacist and people won’t be coming to the coffee shop of a ranting Trump supporter who called African American’s monkeys, referred to the Whitehouse as public housing and called for Hillary Clinton to be sodomized. Contrastingly you tell Americans not to be afraid; we ask you how we can not be when this is our reality as brown persons, black persons, bi-racial persons, Muslim persons, Latino, Hispanic, Mexican persons, LGBTQ community members? At the same time all you can say is, during an already scheduled interview, stop it, noncommittally, nonchalantly, unsure it will help, make a difference.–abc-news-topstories.html–abc-news-topstories.html

It’s not enough Mr. President elect Trump, if that isn’t who you are, bastion of white supremacists, white nationalist, Islam, Muslim hating, Jewish hating, black person hating billionaire media mogul now leader of the free world, you must stand up and say so. There should have been a press conference, a series of them offering the hand of peace, cooperation and attempts to find common ground where there have been none. I am an African American female who doesn’t want to get shot if ever stopped by the police because my jerky, twitchy movements are mistaken for criminally, reaching for a gun/weapon because I cannot both stand up and put my hands up in the traditional sign of surrender, non-threatening posture; why, I am also a person with a disability, cerebral palsy, walking with forearm crutches. The longer I walk, stand on my feet the more difficult is for me to do so; turning, reaching, balancing difficult also, hints the nagging ghost of fear creeping into my head these days. It’s not enough Mr. President, not nearly enough when Keith Lemont Scott was shot in the back for possibly rolling a joint in his car, when authorities concede the officer responsible for the death of Philando Castile had no reasonable cause to shoot him as both he and his girlfriend tried to alert the officer to his legal permitted gun, in his pocket in an open carry state, gun retrieved from that pocket off his dead body post the officer standing there shouting panicked ‘I told him not to reach for it’ (forget what he was reaching for was the I.D. license and/or registration that officer just asked to see); you said yourself officer Shelby, who shot Terrance Crutcher appeared to choke shooting him over a stalled vehicle in the road, a man in need of a tow truck. It’s not enough Mr. President, far from enough to say you will protect LGBTQ persons, shield them against an Islamic foreign ideology, where you think surges in homophobia originate, when you can’t name one clear, substantial policy you have aimed at their community, they can’t find a single one on any of your websites either to date. When your supporters think your campaign and now your achieving the presidency means open season on them; in light of the man sentenced earlier this year for pouring boiling water and his girlfriend’s gay son and his boyfriend innocently sleeping in the same bed after a hard day’s work, oblivious to debilitating, horrifically painful second and 3rd degree burns he left on them necessitating weeks and months in the hospital respectively. Gay pride flags are being burned, road rage with a side of homophobic bigotry is uploaded to social media and hateful slurs are everywhere “a note left on a gay couple’s car in North Carolina, the state that is home to House Bill 2, one of the nation’s most notorious anti-LGBT laws. “Can’t wait until your ‘marriage’ is overturned by a real president,” the message reads. “Gay families = burn in hell. Trump 2016,” even though voters overturned that stat’s bathroom bill voting in a democratic governor as well after Pat McCrory lost the state untold millions if not billions in tourism, sponsorships, the NBA, NCAA, every major basketball franchise fled the state, prominent musicians refused to play concerts there, canceled remaining, upcoming shows, businesses changed plans for building projects there. Not that it matters as waves of oppressive legislation are speeding toward the Whitehouse and state houses nationwide; bringing disallowing trans bathroom use to the lone star state and one allowing, mandating colleges out students to their parents as LGBTQ. Thus being a person with a disability I take particular umbrage to your mocking of a reporter housing an obvious birth defect to his hand, but rather than hold him up as an inspirational example for people with disabilities and what they can accomplish despite challenges, you made a caricature of him because he called you out on an issue. That not holding a candle to what you ordered your staff, security, to do, what they did to a 12 year old boy, also with cerebral palsy, fearful of what will happen to him and other children living in spite of disabilities upon your election; ejected from your Florida rally, your supporters chanting USA, shoving, kicking his wheelchair. We are your America too Mr. President with all of our abilities, quirks, special needs, accommodation requirements and things both tangible and intangible we give freely to society at large, not simply take from it. To that end I and others like me don’t need our social security, supplemental security income payments yanked out from underneath us beside senior citizens because you’re fellow party cohorts want to privatize the program in order to ‘save’ it from insolvency, snatched from us, though we qualify through rigorous parameters because you, your forming cabinet members think we can work. Completely sidestepping the reason many members of the disabled community, the developmentally delayed community, those with mental health struggles can’t work, don’t work, have such an agonizing time finding work independent desire to be productive is because the employment world refuses to make a place for us, recognize our abilities over our disabilities, employment being more about who you know that what. Forgotten entirely the people who do work, part-time thought it may be to cover the expenses associated with personal care attendants, housekeeping or shopping help we need, jobs obtained to help meet Medicaid spenddowns, supplement Medicare ‘doughnut hole’ gaps in coverage. Speaking of medical insurance, we don’t need our Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare health insurance upended from the most vulnerable, second only to children, robbing us of critical services allowing us to live outside an institution, maintain our independence. Obamacare was confusing enough for the public during its first round, now we’re somewhere between an entire repeal and amending it knowing stories labeled Obamacare, the ability to gain access to insurance, purchase affordable insurance saved my life, my family’s life, my child/children’s lives continue to pour in, but Obamacare has to go. No president Trump it’s not enough to say you are going to repeal and replace it, you have to articulate details of its replacement, key points of phasing in one plan and phasing out the other over a course of years, not days, weeks or months; you must show how you plan not to leave millions in the gap of uninsured even for the shortest time, you must prove it won’t be the folly of the previous program you pledged to abandon. No not enough by a long shot. Echoing the Salon author linked below, parents here as one of the few women in America lucky enough to date not to have ever been a victim of sexual assault, rape or incest, how do fathers, mothers, parents, teach their sons, daughters too, to put a fine point on it, about consent now, now that the self-confessed pussy grabber, aggressive kisser who doesn’t wait for permission, consent has made it all the way to the Whitehouse despite his admission? How does she tell a future daughter to avoid men, boys who exhibit this behavior because it can lead to nothing but trouble, heartache alongside physical and emotional scars that will never fade; how does she teach her son Donald John Trump’s behavior is not a good way to score with a girl but a good way to land in jail, not respecting women’s bodies, which is something you would want from them, your fellow college classmates/roommates, fellow human beings is instead to a fast track to being labeled the campus douchebag women won’t come near? How do parents address concerns Harry Reid brought to the congressional floor where young people looking on begin to think racism and particularly sexual assault is normal, prevalent enough on high school and college campuses as it is? It’s not enough Mr. president when your election inspires fear and trepidation not in our enemies but our allies, not in lingering parts of the 3rd world dominated by warlords, corruption and coups, but in fellow westernized nations uncertain about what you will do, how much of your campaign bombastic rhetoric was to get elected and how much of it was your real intent. When parents have to see their kids through something else, the uncertainty of these chaotic times, what comes next in the imminent 4 years, how bad, good things get. When you’re not inspiring fear in dictators, currency manipulators, trade charlatans, global business moguls who know there is a new sheriff in town, America won’t be taken advantage of any longer, though that’s what you think you’re conveying, but your own citizens, the black ones, the brown ones, immigrant ones living here who would love to make their presence official if you’d only let them, who couldn’t wait for the slow wheels of immigration review and bad laws to open that big door you keep talking about putting in your equally enormous wall, the gay, bisexual, transgender, gender queer ones who should still be able to get a job, rent an apartment, see a doctor, chose their child’s doctor regardless their employer, landlords, child’s pediatrician’s religious beliefs, be able to get on a subway, walk down a street and yes use the public restroom where they feel most comfortable and safe sans harassment, slurs, physical attacks. Like it or not Mr. President elect where America goes the world follows, so where are you leading us; already alt-right factions, extreme fringes of nationalism world over think they have an ally in you, supremacy groups in Germany, France, across the globe connecting with American supremacists taking events like Brexit, our election as their cue to come out of the shadows. Signs their views and voices will be heard, respected, legitimized; an alt-right group recently held a meeting in D.C. praising you using words echoing Hitler, hail Trump and hail victory. We commonly know it as something else Heil Hitler and Sieg Heil; standard Nazi wording out in the open, in Washington DC again with a weak response expressing your condemnation. While white citizens you are president of already believe the white and whole, not disabled or diseased in any way, are the only Americans that count judging by what was chanted to that 12 year old with a birth defect, what was shouted at the Uber driver holding a job, providing a service; another author is right this cannot become our new normal where hate, bigotry and violence are reaching to a greater level of common place, as run of the mill, ordinary as traffic jams, trash day, long lines at the DMV, something we put up with, throw into the column of inconvenience as part of living in the world, as part of having a society at all. You have a Muslim little girl writing to you begging you to be good, she isn’t the only one vocally or silently pleading for you to do the right thing by all of the citizens comprising the country you fought and won the right to lead. Please Mr. President elect, be better than the basest campaign promises to jail your opponent, ban an entire religion from entering our borders, throw out all immigrants even those defacto US citizens born to illegals; please be better than all the hatred inspired, carried out in your name.–abc-news-topstories.html–abc-news-lifestyle.html

To Trump voters on one hand I get it the solid, good paying jobs your parents had, you once had are no more, you don’t have that to pass on to your children, your grandchildren; they are all leaving for greener pastures elsewhere with better opportunities while used to be booming towns become ghost towns, barely survive, everyone’s on welfare, food stamps or social security, jobs pay minimum wage, maybe as high as $8.00 an hour. Then came the financial crisis, recession, people in bigger metropolitan cities 2 years later talking about recovery; at a time when you’re thinking recovery what recovery, and not just from the latest economic downturn we’ve been struggling like this for years and no one in Washington, in government speaks to our issues. Middle class, upper class, college, paying for our children’s college; we can’t afford our light bills, we can’t keep our heat on, repair our homes, we feed ourselves with food stamps lest we starve. Perplexing is the pride exhibited in a job, an industry actively making your children and grandchildren‘s asthma worse, taking serious chance you’re grandchildren’s grandchildren won’t have a planet to live on, at least not as we know it: clean water, air, animals a plenty; pride in a job, an industry, a tradition known to give it’s workers black lung, maxing out insurance, making it more difficult to get with a preexisting condition, simultaneously hating Obamacare. Perplexing is where the emphasis, seen in the 1950’s let’s say, on education has gone, knowledge once seen as a vehicle to bigger and better things than the steel mill, coal mine, if that’s what children chose, key word being choices, a larger swath of them, a larger swath of the world open to them fulfilling the 11th commandment to give better to your children than you yourself had. Baffling until it borders on irritation, particularly for my generation and anyone younger is how it is ok for older adults, by as little as 5 years, all the way up to little old ladies and mellow grandpas the former of whom were born into an era where they weren’t allowed to vote casting ballots on election day, to chastise millennials for their characterized unwillingness to move, relocate for employment, chase a dream cross country like fictional greats you read about in school a-la The Grapes of Wrath. While they’ve expected presidents going all the way back to JFK in the 60’s to save their coal mining, manufacturing jobs from progress, automation, not ‘tree huggers’ environmental regulation, alternative clean energies, dido manufacturing steel to cars, to goods you buy at Wal-Mart. Because… I don’t know it’s an American tradition, the American way somehow forgetting what’s happening in West Virginia coal country, throughout the rust belt today is what happened to California boom towns after the gold rush was gone, economies change, times change. Public observer comments ranging from: “I have a lot of sympathy for these people, but this makes me respect Trump less, not more. He won by promising disadvantaged people that we could go back to a time where (at least if you were white and male) you could have just a high school diploma and get a decent job with a living wage that you could work for 30 years and then retire comfortably, but that world simply is not possible anymore, and he knows that damn well because he’s been sending low-skill work overseas for decades now. He sold these people a hopeful lie, and they accepted it because they are hopeful, because they have to be. Coal isn’t coming back. Low-skill manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back. There are still a very few companies that make basic items, like clothing, in the US, and they are basically luxury goods now because that is the cost difference between things made with fair labor and things (like Trump hats) made in sweatshops overseas. I am sorry if the economic changes of the last 50 years have made your home a place where it’s difficult to make money, but that reality, and no politician can turn back the clock.” [Sic] To, “Here’s a crazy thought, instead of hollering about the good old days, how about getting off the mountain dew and going back to school and learning a new skill other than how to tunnel underground and catching black lung? you got half of West Virginia dealing with waste water thanks to all the blasting of mountains, and then you got the other half wishing it was 1979 all over again. The dirty secret that they don’t want to tell anyone, tween jobs going overseas, domestic companies that would rather pay illegal immigrants half of what the citizens here make (because you know damn well your not going to work for 8 bucks an HR when the same job use to pay $20), and those same companies switching to computers that will never call in sick or ask for time off, those jobs are NEVER coming back, but as long as they keep selling you this illusion that if you vote for this person it’s gonna be the “good ol days” all over again, you will keep on taking the bait.” Despite the sarcasm in comment 2 they have an enduring point, coal isn’t coming back precisely because it’s a natural resource in limited supply, there isn’t much left; manufacturing isn’t coming back for the simple math of cheaper labor overseas, the advent of robots to do things once done by humans. And while everyone else has faced a glorious maximum of 8 years in a given job, job field before being forced to change professions, reinvent themselves, the youngest workers looking at the least job stability, security, you haven’t attempted to reinvent, relocate yourselves once. Additionally proving public commenter 2’s point you’re not standing up demanding job training in comparable fields where you can use your skills at physical labor, clean energy refits to homes, putting solar panels on roofs to name 2 possible jobs, construction, plumbing, heavy equipment operation, HVAC; you’re howling bring back our old jobs. Mirroring what I said about Brexit, glaring, urgent need for local revitalization, both there and here, government nationally has failed in any plans to revitalize urban blight, Detroit to rural areas, i.e. West Virginia coal country, Appalachia, yet you’re not vocalizing your anger at local city, state, county commerce boards for having seen this coming for 50 years, reiterating public commenter 1’s words, and a total lack of even attempted diversification, business enticement to bring something besides coal mines, a manufacturing plant or 2 to your town meaning jobs, growth for your area, federal government entities for the same thing; you’re screaming bring back our old jobs. Virtually ignored republicans vetoed every jobs bill crafted over the past 8 years seemingly only because it had president Obama’s, a fellow democrats name on it, stretching for a valid excuse they would cite the deficit, deficit reduction; jobs bills that very well might have brought retraining, building, infrastructure and business enticement initiatives to your state. Again where is the initiative to revitalize your own neighborhoods, communities, where are the non-for profits using donations to do what one Michigan woman did in honor of her son, collecting donations, putting neighborhood young men to work refurbishing bought dilapidated houses to create a library, park, homework house and café, local efforts with handyman skills and a bucket of paint putting a fresh look on Glouster Ohio, will to try opening a business or marketing an idea, entering a contest for anything you appear to have a talent in like the woman who entered a greeting card contest turning funny pictures of her dog into a business— redundant, these people haven’t tried once. Unknown or brushed aside is states who voted against president Obama in ’08 or ‘12 needed more government help then promptly rejected offered government funding, surpassing Obamacare, and affordable insurance could be achieved sans skyrocketing premiums for more people if all 50 states permitted the affordable care act’s Medicaid expansion, they reject funds for preschool, transportation, rejected stimulus monies for unemployment at the height of the recession. Stimulus monies our nation would not have gotten had it been up to them contrasting Europe who chose austerity measures to violence, uncertainty and not fixing their economic woes, just now learning stimulus is the answer, while nationally we are at least plodding along. Suddenly too you’re ant-immigrant honestly believing they are stealing good, solid wage jobs from want to be hard working Americans, there couldn’t be a bigger lie; farmers in Alabama and Florida to name just 2 states can’t find enough immigrant workers to pick fruits and vegetables we demand in our grocery stores. Despite high 2012 employment rates in the latter state farmers couldn’t find America workers who could or would do it thanks to the stigma, those who tried couldn’t tolerate the conditions and didn’t have the expertise migrant workers do having done it all their lives. Wisconsin dairy farmers same problem, they can’t get American workers to do the work; even with mechanical milkers they must be attached to the cows utters carefully, you’re coming in contact with cow dung, mucking stalls. However instead of handing willing workers temporary, seasonal work permits to fulfill agricultural work quotas from people who have no interest in immigrating here, want nothing from us apart from work opportunities they can’t get at home, desiring to return home when finished we’re going to toss out all illegal immigrants; Trump’s envisioned great wall actions they say may make it harder to cross the border for work but by no means impossible. Oversight findings coming out of the inspector general auditing citizenship and immigration services uncovered incorrect documents, visa’s longer than they’re supposed to be; likewise unsurprising would be if we found some thought illegals actually had their papers but we don’t know it thanks to the litany of errors. Meanwhile Chinese billionaire glassmaker buys, refurbishes an American factory, not to stock it with his workers from China but hiring Americans, still we should start a trade war with China. Never mind wait why aren’t American businesspersons doing the same thing? Realization not dawning on collective working class consciousness keeping U.S. manufacturing jobs means paying $14 for specially socks, key to revitalizing one dying factory; opponents of cheap, sometimes child overseas labor have long called Americans spoiled by $20 jeans $10 t-shirts and hats. Do you really want to pay $50 for generic brand jeans your kid will grow out of in 6 months with your limited paycheck already concerned about stagnating wages, or would it have been better for coal to be shut down, put out of business and you retained for comparable paying jobs in sustainable, more practical, equally profitable industries; interestingly exactly the plan of candidate Hillary Clinton.

Confusing beyond belief trying to understand Trump voters, why they think the man who lost almost a billion dollars leading to him possibly not paying taxes for the past 18 years (we don’t know because unlike 40 years’ worth of previous presidents he hasn’t released his tax returns even those not currently under audit) will financially be able to turn our country around. Compounded by his Atlantic City bankruptcies, people then displaced out of a job, no matter how coolly he answers he used existing tax law to get out from under a financial nightmare; Michael Moore, who seems to have a pulse on rust belt thinking’s comments about how many people in his neck of the woods sit down on April 10 and try to figure out ow not to pay the government anything, as little as possible thus Trump’s statement is appealing. Except you have to pay your taxes, however begrudgingly send off your check to the IRS by April 15, patiently await your shrinking refund, why shouldn’t he Mr. businessman, Mr. rich, Mr. wealthy beyond belief and bragging about it, Mr. doesn’t have to worry about health insurance, Mr. doesn’t stress over where his kids must go to school, his neighborhood and what influences are in it, Mr. doesn’t tell his kids the value of education living in fear and trepidation of how you’re going to pay for it when they do get in, bracing himself for the disappointment, disillusionment when you have to tell them that’s great but I can’t afford to send you, financial aid doesn’t cover enough. Instead of calling him out, challenging him to pay his fair share so that they can get a little help, make it a little easier to send their child to post-secondary education after that child has put in the hard work, made the grades, taken steps to be accepted, they are calling him smart. Noting the types of workers, blue collar, working class Americans drawn to Trump promises, should be catching their interest is contractors, lower level workers stiffed out of money, reality his Trump Taj Mahal closed recently leaving thousands without work. Truly eye-popping or should be, particularly to the aforementioned voting bloc, he was warned back when he built and opened 3 casinos 26 years ago it was unsustainable and went ahead anyway, going a step further calling up the gaming industry expert’s boss getting him fired; said employee eventually wining a wrongful termination suit against his employer and a definition of character suit Trump settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of money. Fact his business genius consists of a loan from daddy after blowing through 50 million dollars before age 35 and continues his risky business ways, patterns of not paying persons working for him; example his pollster whom he still owes 750,000 and counting. Trump University was billed as handpicked, by Trump himself, business experts teaching ordinary people his success secrets; what attendees actually got for up to 35,000 was a series of seminars, mentoring sessions and online curriculum topped off with a list of properties in foreclosure. Completion garnering you a measly certificate of accomplishment post strong arm tactics to get you enrolled saying money was no reason not to attend, suggestions on borrowing against your retirement account to invest in real-estate properties; his Trump University lawsuit a red flag alone, his decision to settle at least one case in one state, there are multiple states suing him over swindled money, just another reminder people got taking for a ride, duped out of hard earned money to Trump’s not their own benefit, but to his supporters, his voters he can do no wrong. How about the Trump recession proof supplement venture that not only failed but failed miserably, both were Ponzi schemes; here is the ‘businessman’ you just put into the Whitehouse. We all want our kids to go to good schools, mystifying is how that’s going to happen under president Trump choosing an education secretary bent on school choice, AKA vouchers which take money away from public schools where everyone has to go unless you are independently wealthy or extremely lucky to win the voucher lottery. Charter schools who have their own set of problems routinely performing identically or worse to public school systems, employing harsh, draconian methods leaving teachers screaming at beginning grade school students to achieve results, too much emphasis placed on standardized test metrics vs say love of reading, lacking oversight. As if privatizing state education systems has worked so well previously ala Kansas’ funding nightmare literally ruled unconstitutional or Wisconsin whose schools were a bright spot in American education until rightfully elected republican governor Scott Walker sought to interfere ruining a good thing, preschool already plagued by waiting lists, hit or miss, luck based lottery if you can’t afford to pay for it, kindergarten teachers ill-equipped and unprepared to teach a non-preschool prepped child; now imagine Trump’s new education secretary repeating their mistake nationwide. Voting for him still a wise choice Trump supporters; added information on Trump University staff he supposedly handpicked that included a drug trafficker and a child molester. So that information calculated in, what guarantee do we have his cabinet, advisors and people flowing down the line to teachers in our kid’s classrooms, administrators in our kids schools won’t be the same caliber of bad, maybe guilty of crimes exceeding those unearthed, we don’t. How much harder will it be for students to complete their homework, Americans to stay informed, have access to information of all kinds and stripes if he decimates internet neutrality; answer, much harder and we won’t, because not only will it give businesses paying more a-la Netflix top billing but also eliminate regulations on providers, limit competition driving up net costs for consumers, the poorest of consumers. We all want our children to have better opportunities than we had part of the anger fueling a Trump vote, knowing their kids have, will have less; going back to the scenario of working class parents worried about paying for their child’s college, steeling themselves against the day they have to tell them they can’t, unspecified is what makes parents think voting in the ‘billionaire’ will achieve the more they want to give them, want society to give them upon fulfilling the commandments of working hard, attending school, doing well when he wants to ban federal student loans, the only functional way students have any hope of higher education being poor, coming from a lower middle class family. Michiganders yes the Flint water crisis is appalling, lead pipes, paint is something we long ago should have dealt with going back to the 1970’s when we first learned it was dangerous and government has done a horrible job by anyone suffering effects of lead; but Michael Moore president Obama’s water drinking stunt shouldn’t have been a knife in the heart to local people provided they A- switched to the previously used, cleaner water source functioning before the switch and B- added the lead neutralizing chemicals. Further if they hadn’t done that why would he do what he did, nor can people there be blamed for skepticism, those measures only a temporary stop-gap to ultimate solutions, complete replacement of all lead pipes; though remembering who exactly is responsible for the Flint water crisis, the venture capitalist, businessman, there are Michigan residents who voted for Donald Trump, cut from the same cloth, state going to Trump in electoral college math by about 1%. That fails to justify 90,000 of you calculated by Moore who voted for everything on your ballot but president, who, he describes as those who couldn’t vote for Trump, because they knew that wasn’t right still managing not to muster the ability to vote 3rd party, Hillary Clinton, basically handing your state and the win to Trump; who newsflash, independent campaign rhetoric won’t fix your water, won’t bring jobs, revitalize the states troubled cities. Colin Kaepernick congratulations, for all your hope to effect change, standing by your decision to effect change in other ways than voting, you handed the election to someone who runs totally counter to our interests, the cause you began in a unique way. Anyone else flashing back to what Oprah Winfrey stated about the election and this nebulous dislike of Hillary Clinton surpassing bogus news stories, 90’s scandals, Benghazi or e-mails; “she not coming over your house, you don’t have to like her… do you like this country?” Worth expounding on you’re not picking a best friend, a bride’s maid, who will be next to you in the delivery room at the birth of your child, not even a nanny, a business partner; you were picking a president, not who could win your personal popularity contest. Proof elections have consequences, votes cast have consequences; that infrastructure project he keeps touting may well be a way to provide rich companies a tax write off for things they planned to build anyway pocketing government money, is geared toward private projects not public ones attached to shoring up our nationwide crumbling roads and bridges, described crumbling water systems. Remembering republicans, the party, banner Trump ran and won under are the same party, agenda, ideology who gutted unions in states like Wisconsin, Chris Christie’s New Jersey, unions and collective bargaining that consistently lead to higher, competitive, living and fair wages, unions throughout their history who have given us 40 hour standard workweeks and safe working conditions, safety regulations; by the way, how much did ‘bridgegate’ cost the garden state anyway? Arizona you ousted controversial sheriff Joe Arpaio still voting for Trump, North Carolina you unelected Pat McCrory and still managed to hand your state to Trump. Even a right wing think tank believes Trump’s tax plan promising cuts to all but the wealthiest of Americans will add trillions to the debt alone, besides all the spending he intends to do to ‘make America great again,’ and if we don’t make trade deals like the trans-pacific partnership other global powers will say China, us forced to stand there asking what happened, why are they doing so much better than we are? Forget analysis of will Trump create jobs, bring back manufacturing lay out the solid global forces strongly indicating he won’t be able to no matter how good a trade deal(s) he manages to hammer out with which strategic world leaders; the jobs you have probably won’t remain as safe as they are now if the deregulation businessman has his way. Very possibly gone in the near future— president Obama’s overtime rule, extending overtime pay to millions, rules on workplace walking surfaces to reduce falls, following OSHA recommendations to limit employee exposure to silica, curtailing repertory distress and illnesses for construction workers. And the blame on the other candidate, mainstream media stops here; links listed here alone prove your nightly 5:30 6:00 news, 10:00, 11:00 news on ABC, NBC, CBS national news segments covered every one of these issues, cable networks CNN, HLN and MSNBC in depth owing to the drastically more time they had, hours of daily programing to fill on nothing but news. Trick is you have to watch it, you have to pay attention, you have to be informed; it’s more than changing the channel off Fox News, listening to Glen Beck and Alex Jones as if they were gospel, going for national news on a basic affiliate it’s understanding the issues.

Mostly I feel sorry for America post November 8th, I feel sorry for anyone who didn’t vote Donald Trump on their ballot, who chose any other name present, I feel sorry for what’s coming next to immigrants, gays, Jewish persons, Muslims and other minorities under this conservative, republican oligarch headed for autocrat. I feel sorry for the labor workers who weren’t enticed by something reading like a Johnathan Swift essay but everyone didn’t get the joke, I feel sorry for working class workers coming into dying fields, simple manufacturing who will have to contend with choices made by someone other than themselves. I feel sorry for the American Brexit-esque situation of regret, buyer’s remorse non-Trump voters know is coming when those who voted for him finally see through him, see he won’t keep his promises, there was never a way to keep them in the first place, that he literally pledged to do 21 long, lengthy, detailed things in one day, his first day in office when he and the majority of his staff will still be mastering building layouts and office spaces. His fist 100 days don’t fare any better according experts viewing his latest YouTube video and pointing out the limitations of his office based on constitutional, governmental checks and balances. I feel sorry for the rude awakening when they understand their error that no one asked what making America great again meant, looked like to him. A year or 2 from now when they begin to see the country is worse off than it was before and Hillary Clinton wasn’t the political Cruella de Vil 25 years of spun conspiracy theories, B.S. scandals and fake news painted her to be. I feel sorry for people caught in the endless cycle of political exorbitant expectations where we don’t like party X’s performance over 4 to 8 years, elect the other party, then holding them to impossible, unattainable standards shouting angrily, voting them out of office with little forethought when they can’t deliver. How we got Ronald Regan after Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush plus 2 wars after Bill Clinton and currently Donald Trump after president Obama was sent in to clean up the financial mess of 2008. I feel sorry for the planetary consequences sure to be visited upon our earth thanks to an anti-regulation president who once tweeted climate change was the brainchild of China to make American manufacturing non-competitive, who calls FDA the food police and is an anti-vaxxer to boot, potentially irrevocably impacting the health of people globally outside indigenous tribes, ways of life, rising sea levels, water shortages in desert regions, mounting asthma rates, superbugs, product dangers to consumers, financial peril to consumers without the post 2008 recession safeguards sure to disappear. I feel sorry for the young people unable to vote this time around due to age who will have to live down the legacy of adult choices made election day for years, if not generations to come. I am embarrassed for the first time in my life to be an American and have to explain a Donald Trump presidency, to explain let alone defend, an electoral process that allowed this particular man within 100 feet of the Whitehouse. I am embarrassed by all the neo-Nazi, white supremacist, alt-right groups and individuals 2016’s election exposed; ‘second amendment people’ who thought being a patriot was alluding to gunning down their political opponent should they win. I am embarrassed by all the vitriol leveled at Muslims, who clearly aren’t terrorists most likely refugees it’s time, long past time America, the nation of immigrants took in her fair share of, from a place larger foreign superpowers, who ought to know better, have made a rubble heap in the pursuit of ideals; Mexican, Hispanic and Latino immigrants especially dreamers who were brought here as children, remember no other home, salute no other flag and made no conscious choice to break the law. I am breathtakingly ashamed to be an American, to live in the same geography with voters so ill-informed about their own governmental process, as to contest the primary system the way they did, very much akin to waking up one day and noticing what a closed primary was. So ill-informed they want to reject the very immigrants responsible for the food on their tables, in their supermarkets, milking cows that give them dairy products, so ill-informed repealing Obamacare or hacking it to pieces excites them. I am profoundly ashamed by the blind faith people placed in a business shyster who said multitudes of things reaching far past politically incorrect or offensive and lining up with completely unfit to hold office while analysts say media, political opponents spent too much time talking about how bad he was and not enough time selling their better plans and policies; the hypocrisy exhibited by voters who in the 90’s thought the Clinton’s were too much dirty hippies to be in the Whitehouse, racist bigots posting memes on social media saying the Obama’s leaving the Whitehouse will be the first time public housing has been vacated by a black family, yet by vote the pussy grabber, the doesn’t wait for consent when randomly kissing, groping women, has scores of accusers saying it’s more than talk or kissing barreling up to full blown assault candidate wins, they wanted him to win? At least exposed Bill Cosby wasn’t running for president of the United States, didn’t win after what most are pretty sure he’s done. Yes it is a sad day in America and I hang my head.