He was banned from the local mall, a community WMCA, twice ousted from his judgeship for an inability to follow the constitution; what was he doing running for the United States senate even before we knew he was a bible thumping, god squad pedophiliac?

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

We’ve never treated women well in this country, hell anywhere across the globe, spanning the planet; why should now be any different? Forget shocking loopholes in other looked-up-to European countries where Germany just revised its rape law to put the victim first, corrected just last year; horrifying verdicts in model civilized countries, Italy and Australia to name 2, where skinny jeans became a rape defense for men, judges arguing they couldn’t have been removed without the woman’s consensual help. A French teenager who had to record her father’s regular sexual abuse before actions were taken to remove her from the home are almost as appalling as his attorney’s nauseating excuse for his client saying he missed his wife. Ireland’s drove of catholic hospitals who won’t deliver/abort (gasp) a woman’s miscarrying fetus until she dies of blood poisoning; why, said fetus had a heartbeat, even though they admitted they could do nothing to save it. That that tragedy took place in 2012 and it took until spring this year, 2017, to get a parliamentary referendum to so much as consider changing abortion restrictions there says volumes of all the wrong things. Supposedly secularist, progressive nations, America often told to follow their example, hold some astonishingly arcane and frankly ridiculous dress codes for both men and women few knew about, but unsurprisingly especially singling out women; case in point mandating they wear heels to office and waitressing jobs in Canada, the UK respectively. The Canadian woman’s feet were bleeding in a restaurant posing a likely health hazard around food or drink but her manager didn’t seem to care; UK woman showed up to a new job in dress flats owing to the 9 hour shift she planned to work continuously showing people to meeting rooms, retrieving documents, probably no shortage of coffee, presented with the option to change shoes or be fired. One Norwegian tyrannical boss not only timed women’s restroom breaks but dared make women wear red bracelets on their period; a Swiss bank internationally shamed and laughed at for its 40 page dress code telling men how often to cut their hair, forbidding hair dye and telling them how to match their tie, appropriately tie their tie. Women subjected to far more intrusive suggestions including best underwear and makeup choices, when to apply lotion/moisturizer; thankfully Canada revised it’s worker rules barring employers from forcing women to wear heals, nothing to be said about select countries enacting the provisions, statutes, laws in the first place. Forget backwoods remote places, countries most people couldn’t pronounce let alone find on a map where child marriage and distorted Islam keep women uneducated and subjugated; places like Nepal marrying little girls off to middle aged men, engaging in female genital mutilation, Jordan that just did away with their marry your rapist loophole allowing men to marry the women they violate avoiding charges, India just beginning to confront its rape epidemic, stereotype perceptions encompassing anywhere in Africa. Right here in America, the bastion on a hill of democracy, land of the free, home of the brave, long before critical behind the scenes roles exposed by the movie Hidden Figures, long before the modern day women’s movement of the 1970’s women have had to fight for every scrap and morsel of being seen as fellow citizens, fellow human beings. They fought for suffrage, won far too late the right to vote on issues affecting the country in which they lived, were born; fought to own property just as their male counterparts always assumed they would, aspired to do so. Waged an almost 100 year battled to work outside the home at all, get paid when they did. The idea of working in any field they want, having a career unheard of until much later; next came clawing for their right to manage those wages independently and autonomously instead of beforehand needing a husband or male relative to open, never mind control, her own bank account, earned monies. Women took on a biased justice system starting in the early days of our nation battling to initiate divorce proceeding rather than begging her husband for permission, bereft if he wouldn’t grant it; often bereft anyway with no financial means to support children in days well preceding birth control on any meaningful level, giving sex to a husband sickeningly seen as a wifely duty and his marital right to take any time he wanted until far too many decades into the 20th century. Closely tied to our backward notions on purity, purity double standard women supposed to hold onto it at all costs while men are encouraged to spread their ‘wild oats’ going back to the era of The Scarlet Letter and continuing up to present day in barely disguised forms. Playing out in public schools and workplaces all over America where bare shoulders earns you a bad Photoshop job in the yearbook, affirmation tattoos scrubbed and the term cleavage refers to all visible area between a woman/girl’s neck and her actual breasts to be covered at all times and all costs, at least according to the blue-haired old ladies on the yearbook staff trying to improve their odds of getting into heaven. Others told their outfit ‘enhanced their figure too much’ (what does that even mean); sound familiar Alabama? Enforcement of said codes are not singularly limited to ejecting predominantly girls from the educational environment sent home to change ‘violating’ shorts, skirts, tank tops, but means submitting to humiliating public tests administrators putting 2 fingers on/ between a girls thigh and her knee to test length of potentially offending garment, telling girls to grab their crotch in a public hallway so officials can measure their clothes. One giving an assembly on attire telling girls to bend over during a clothing check reportedly saying “if you’re not comfortable bending over then we might have a problem;” high schooler asked to leave prom when chaperone dads couldn’t stop ogling her because of the way she dressed and moved her body, students rightly pushing back against the concept they are responsible for others’ thoughts and drives. While another prom saw teachers, school staff reaching up girls’ dresses to ensure they weren’t wearing prohibited thong underwear; teacher eventually demoted, but it isn’t just the policy begging the question: what were you thinking? Workplaces not immune to sexist slants on attire in addition to their obsession with appropriate in light of millennials breaking down traditional rules; several will remember the makeup ad that went viral contrasting men and women’s appearance, personality traits pertaining to management: a man is neat, a woman vain, a man the boss, the woman bossy, men thought persuasive, women thought pushy, man working late driven/dedicated, woman working late selfish. A female lawyer was denied access to her client because her suited skirt was 2 inches to short upon sitting according to prison dress code delaying his defense another day; laws just enacted to keep male lawyers from making sexist remarks in the courtroom too prone to calling female lawyers honey, darling, accusing them of being overly emotional, naming rigorous questioning of a witness quote: ‘unbecoming of a woman,’ merely a handful of what female legal professionals have been dealing with daily for years. Congress recently got in on this asinine debate decrying the bare shoulders of female journalists standing outside doing their jobs in 90+ degree heat banning them from a reporter section known as the speakers lobby because their dress had no sleeves. Despite strides made by the women’s movement of the 1970’s, surpassing women integrated into nearly every field of work and profession imaginable, demands for equal pay lessening the gap between wage disparities based on gender, unwanted flirting, sexual attention, harassment, touching, repeated asks for dates progressing to open requests for sex have been seen as the price women pay for being in the working world, wanting to be equal to men in the professional arena. And we still have a gender pay gap alongside CEO’s like Satya Nadella telling women not to ask for a raise but let karma take care of it, Tim Armstrong who scaled back retirement benefits blaming it on distressed babies of employees. Prominent women more than betraying the sisterhood, as it were, but being just as bad as patriarchy’s worst men in telling women to lean in, Ariana Huffington’s book Thrive putting a fresh coat of paint on going into the family business and marrying into yet more money and influence. Yahoo CEO banning telecommuting at the tech giant seeming like some feminist hero only taking 2 weeks maternity leave; then building a nursery off her office so she doesn’t have to suddenly worry about her kid, childcare expenses or logistics, her employees not so lucky. At a time 4 years ago when telecommuting was a huge part of modern workplaces, seen as the future, swell of research finding workers more productive and ABC News had just done a segment on killer commutes and the bloated time millions were spending in traffic. Simultaneously fellow women were sounding off about a crisis of confidence among women, by a year later Sheryl Sandburg suggested banning bossy when referring to young women and girls to get them to aspire to leadership, year after that news reporting on girls professing they didn’t desire leadership roles; this blog holding its own thoughts on all the above. Shattering the paradigms of story authors agreeing with a challenger to the women and confidence piece if you’re a woman and not insecure you’re not paying attention, calling banning bossy a bad campaign not the least of which for suggesting the removal of a word from the English language; concluding by positing if we want young girls, career women to take up the mantle of leadership we must redefine what that means. Stop expecting them to do it like men to the spectacular failures of Sandberg and Mayer marking Facebook’s horrible IPO, the latter’s ouster from Yahoo lasting 5 years and removed with the Verizon buyout. Women still blamed for their lagging salaries, lack of accomplishment, beyond being punished for taking off to raise their children through those crucial first 5 years, what as struggle it is to get back in independent having kept your skills sharp, up to date on current trends, methods, technologies dominating your profession; look at Jennifer Lawrence post the Sony hacking debacle how quickly she was willing to shoulder total responsibility for her subpar negotiation, not thinking to negotiate for better. Blog author here crafting their essentially op. Ed blasting that in favor of asking why there was no salary formula for employers who want to do it right, to pay workers regardless of gender on excellent traits exhibited rather than sole, too much reliance on subjective evaluation of negotiation skills. Making negotiation part of it at all really when a more concrete here’s the job, here’s the pay balanced against education, experience, desirability in the field (was the person headhunted, how many other companies did they pull them away from), based on type of job sales records, clients gotten provides transparency and holds better accuracy. Cold hard truth— it isn’t about women who are too nice, concern themselves too much with being liked, though you will be booted from our team oriented, team player above all else workforce if you’re not; it’s their legitimate tangible worry of negotiating themselves out of a job offer, out of an existing job, promotion where they automatic accompanying pay raise makes life a bit more livable for people who aren’t Jennifer Lawrence, don’t make close to the money she does. Roger Ailes’ Fox News and Harvey Weinstein exposing structural institutions designed to forestall women coming forward asserting claims of sexual harassment, sexual assault, Gretchen Carlson trapped in her contract at Fox forced into contractual arbitration keeping many other women’s claims secret and thus deluding society into thinking we’ve come farther than we have. Weinstein added to the PI’s, foreign security forces he allegedly hired to discredit and intimidate his victims, like other media mogul/Hollywood power players had clauses built into his contract if he did A type of harassment he paid blank dollar fine, if he did B type of behavior he paid bigger blank dollar fine; should it get all the way to C he paid blank hefty dollar fine. Also like Bill Cosby before him surrounded himself with a team of lawyers and henchmen type enforcers to keep complaining women away and polish his image to the public. Our United States congress forces women into mandatory counseling, a 30 cooling off period before they are allowed to file charges, bound to arbitration and non-disclosure agreements if they do. To this day the rapes, sex assaults, sexual violence women regularly endure from an early age blamed on them and the clothes they wore, the flirting they did, the bar they went to, the drinks they consumed, that they dared drink at all, that they dared invite a boyfriend, coworker into their apartment then have the temerity to say no. Perceptions backed up when women take on this mantle like the Christian wife who vowed to no longer wear ‘lustful’ leggings saying it provided too much of a temptation to men to look at her body promptly facing appropriate 21st century backlash by women on venues like Facebook, YouTube. Reminding us “not wearing leggings is not a magic bullet that will stop men from looking,” or quite correctly reorienting our confused understanding thus: “She doesn’t seem to realise that the screwed up logic she’s applying here is the same exact screwed up logic that is applied in Saudi Arabia to justify making women cover themselves from head to toe in a burkah. When are we going to stop telling women that they are responsible for men’s thoughts. MEN are responsible for MEN’s thoughts. What are women supposed to do? Never play sport in proper sport’s gear? Never wear a bathing suit (the most modest of which is still more revealing than a pair of leggings)? Never wear summer clothes, because they’re shorter and more revealing? Or should they just never leave their house? It’s such stupid thinking and it needs to stop.” [Sic] Comments currently resonating again as former U.S. gymnastic team member Gabby Douglas’ response to reports of repeated sexual abuse on teammate Aly Raisman is to talk about women’s need to dress modestly; keeping in mind Raisman is just the latest in a string of prior U.S. gymnasts to allege abuse by disgraced former team doctor Larry Nassar, presently serving prison time for possessing child pornography. Likewise meaning provocative dress had nothing to do with it, probably being in her gymnastics uniform, athletic/track sweat suit type wear when it happened; as he used medical treatment, sports medicine as a guise to massage and then finger girls’ anus or vagina. Now if we want to have a conversation about changing the revealing, leave nothing to the imagination leotards, body suits that need body glue in strategic places to hold them on, absolutely have that conversation; but, don’t turn around and make it about female modesty when wearing the prescribed uniform for your job, when the victim describes their attacker/abuser cleverly drugging them, getting them alone in a hotel room alone on a road trip for the U.S. team. Candidate Donald Trump’s various accusers prompted the Tweet me your first sex assaults twitter meme request from a journalist generating untold responses at ghastly ages going first, telling her own stunning encounter story “old man on city bus grabs my p**sy and smiles at me, I’m 12.” 5 year old in a store, mother shopping the next aisle, man touches her a few times tries to take her, “boy grabbed my chest in 4th grade when I yelled at him to stop, he punched me so hard in the stomach I doubled over,” 14 year old grabbed from behind thought it was her fault she was wearing a dress, never told a soul, 19 year old first day in an office job, she said hello to male coworker, he kissed her full on the lips,18 assaulted in her college dorm by guy she went on 1 date with. “Optician fitting me for my first contact lenses “drops” one down my blouse, grabs, strokes my breast as he “saves” it. I’m 14.” Attacks getting out of cabs, a sneaky engineer who used to rub his arm into one woman’s breast reviewing projects with her, one woman writing a blog titled ‘my disposable body’ chronicling child sex abuse and later surviving rape, being in a crowd and finding someone’s hand inside your shirt. People of all ages being rubbed up against in a sexual manner on busses, trains, subways by all ages of men, boys; child sex abuse to full on rape that starts by grabbing that P word between a woman, a girl’s, a child’s legs. Comment sections on catcalling stories, meme threads altering us to more of the same, young girls catcalled at 14 with their peers in public, catcalled while jogging, honked at by grown men, college boys in cars just trying to walk home from school; knowing it isn’t the assault, their only assault but their first assault, and once assaulted they face chances of multiple assaults in their lifetime. “My 3rd assault was by dermatologist made me undress in his office closet. Age14.” Tens of thousands of stories touched off by one tweet, one invitation to share, writer shocked at the average rate 50 per minute challenging us to stop denying rape culture. Sexual harassment by teachers harkens us all back to judges dolling out light sentences to teachers, usually male, because the student shouldn’t have flirted, ‘acted intellectually beyond her chronological age,’ whatever that was ever supposed to mean. Kate Spencer, fiery 5th grader, who collaborated with her best friend to call out her sexist gym teacher and a principal who promised not to give their names to said teacher, only to be ranted at days later by him humiliated; how that impacted her choice not to speak up when harassed by a coworker in a job where everyone was friends with everyone else, who couldn’t tell her boyfriend till 2 years later when half drunk. Making a list of: “all the times I’ve been touched, followed, hollered at, screamed at, threatened and chased by men, all the penises I’ve been shown without giving permission,” contemplating adding that list to her Salon article seeing another fellow woman recently do the same, finding it empowering plus depressing to read. Being pulled behind buildings, flashed, seeing a man jerk off while your kayaking with friends, sent harassing e-mails, phone calls, threats to come to her house by a student met at a young leaders conference only to have police “look at her like she was crazy;” how much is one woman supposed to endure, why is life in western civilization this kind of endurance test? Lining up alongside previous news segments of the regular, routine cat calls women receive in normal clothing some in work attire headed to the office; men positively unaware what they’re saying might be construed as offensive let alone unwanted instead viewing it as complementary. Still we elected the p*ssy grabber in chief when no less than a dozen women had accused him of assault and rape; including a 13-year-old, at the time, during a party held by known pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, heard not 1 but 3 tapes of him discussing decidedly inappropriate behavior towards women and girls beginning with the very publicized Access Hollywood tape where he details moving on Billy Bush’s co-worker ‘like a b*tch’ but couldn’t get there, when all she really wanted was advice on good furniture. Casually remarked about using a significant quantity of breath mints should he start kissing any women openly admitting he doesn’t wait for permission just starts kissing them, let do so, anything he wants, because he’s a celebrity; ending with the now infamous line gram ‘em by the p*ssy. Another from 1992 where he comments to a 10 year old on an escalator he’d be dating her in 10 years, a Howard Stern interview where then businessman Donald Trump talked about the perks of being Miss Universe pageant owner, permitted back stage to see sometimes underage girls in swimsuits, various stages of undress, once viewed eccentric comments regarding his daughter that if they weren’t related he’d probably be dating her. So is it any significant surprise these women didn’t come forward before now in a society determined not to believe them, shame anyone who dares speak up and say X happened to me, I too experience Y, exactly what happened to them. Revealing things deeply personal and traumatic in a public venue for the betterment of your fellow citizens only to be called liar not singularly by your abuser, harasser, attempted rapist but your community, the country as well, to have your history of failed marriages, financial troubles, sexual partners, weekly presence at a bar for girls night (being single and unattached) bought up as reasons you shouldn’t be believed, taken seriously, asked well what did you do, did you flirt, when regardless of flirting no still means no, period. But women who come forward are up to something nefarious, a fake news conspiracy, sure.























Remembering most of his accusers were children/teens at the time, children who even at this late stage, budding on adulthood, have an uncanny ability to make things their fault whether they feasibly are or not; sexual abuse, assault victims doubly, triply prone to thinking it’s their fault if they were too shocked to say no, are unsure if they clearly said no. Teens chronologically 18, legally an adult but psychologically still very much a kid; more importantly kids, just turned adults not looking to date, get into a relationship, be kissed, fondled, have sex, certainly not interested in the attention of an older man: case in point 22 year old Becky Gray. It’s Bill Cosby all over again someone of fame, notoriety, power using those things to prey on women and girls; only this time adding in the worst elements of small town, Barney Fife America. A place where justice is doled out by a city, county sheriff, series of them and based on whether you’re liked or not in the community, seen as good people or not, their collective interpretations of your community standing. Far less on fact, tangible evidence, inconvenient corroborating witness statements, conflicting statements designed to discredit, shame the victim in the eyes of the community. A place doing its best to imitate, too often forgotten fictitious, Mayberry anchored in so called ‘good Christian values;’ who would doubtlessly agree with the backwards school dress code policies, various nationwide clothing bans on thong underwear and deemed ‘see through’ clothing worn in public regardless of the visual reality you can’t see anything untoward/indecent. People conditioned to think baggy pants are immoral and ‘slutty,’ ‘easy,’ ‘loose’ women running around like ‘that’ deserve what they get. Roy Moore used his standing as an attorney on his youngest victim Leigh Corfman and her mother offering to sit with her while Corfman’s mother went into custody proceedings stating she didn’t want her daughter to hear ‘all that; spending the time chatting her up, getting her phone number to days later take her to his wooded cabin where he undressed her and himself touching her through her underwear and manipulating her hand to touch him. He used his age and the popular gathering hub that was Gadsden’s new mall, combined with the strangely low age of consent (16) to troll for teen girls he wanted to date, flattering them with the attention he gave them, soliciting and receiving their phone numbers; teens like Gloria Thacker Deason, Kelly Harrison Thorp. No doubt playing on their desire for romance coupled with making them feel grown up, mature; only troubled later as they grew older and understood how abnormal was he did really was. Undaunted by continued rebuffs, he used his profession to call the local high school and have one teen he was interested in taken from trig class (trigonometry, that’s math), brought to the phone in order to ask her out. Gena Richardson recalling to this day nervously thinking it might be her dad, utterly shocked at who was actually on the other end of the phone, feeling like all eyes were on her, saying yes to a date because she didn’t know what else to do; fitting a pattern of others who agreed to stop his harassment, only to be forcibly kissed and have to tell him her curfew was right now prevent anything else from happening. He used both his job as district attorney and guest speakership in a high school history classroom talking about the law, the justice system to pick up a 17 year old Debbie Wesson Gibson; and, when we say pick up we mean ask out on a date. He bluntly told his 5th victim, coming forward to cameras in a press conference, she was just a child and he was the district attorney of the county before dumping her out of his car into the cold; unsuccessfully able to physically subdue her into giving him oral sex initiated post offering her a ride home from the diner where she worked because her boyfriend hadn’t shown, as he usually did. Troubling isn’t just the allegations leveled against Roy Moore, it’s his response to them; confronted with what women said he did to them as minors, while working at his law office again he then used local culture to deny, deflect, lastly defend his actions. Engaging a rambling interview on radio programs like Sean Hannity’s encompassing non-denial denials of the allegations saying he A-doesn’t remember dating teen girls, never dated any women/girls without the permission of her mother. Concepts he told his lawyer to use defending him to media outlets, partly to blame for the awkward word salad viewers were treated to before he (the lawyer) commented on MSNBC’s Ali Velshi’s background; what he was trying to communicate was that, in Alabama at that time, if you wanted to date a girl/a woman it was customary, polite manners to obtain the permission, usually of the father, but mother works too, thereby normalizing his behavior for the region/time period and implying he had parents’ permission. B-making everything he did or didn’t do, he also suddenly doesn’t remember, perfectly ok and aligning with his loudly espoused Christian values, something else he used both to lure victims and deflect accusation exposure. Exempting predictably those parents who didn’t give their permission whatsoever; mother of Wendy Miller who instead made a comment about robbing the cradle. Mirroring Cosby, classic predator behavior Moore knew exactly what he was doing when he met Leigh Corfman around the corner from her house on a dark, cold night letting her think they were going to the movie, waiting until the second time he ran said routine to ‘seduce’ her, her word describing the abuse in a later Today Show interview. He knew what he was doing repeatedly making himself a presence at the diner waiting for an opening to get a girl, the girl he’s had his eye on alone; an opening materialized that cold night exiting said diner able to freely offer Beverly Young-Nelson a ride when her boyfriend was late picking her up. He calculatingly knew precisely what he was doing parking his car in back between the dumpster and the building where passing people, cars couldn’t see, locking the car doors so she couldn’t get out; panicking when he began trying to remove her shirt, fondle her breasts then push her head toward his crotch. Yes the age of consent in Alabama then and today is 16, unsettling as we may find it, it’s the law; however, forcing/manipulating someone into having sex, attempting to do is called rape/attempted rape and is still against the law. Beverly Young-Nelson did not consent, wanted no part of a sexual encounter with Moore, let alone participating in oral sex; and made that clear in her physical efforts to fight him off, still making it a crime independent Alabama’s views on who is old enough to consent. Smoothly coercing Gena Richardson into his car prior to giving her the, unexpected, paramount unwanted, ‘forceful kiss’ that left her scared (making his actions sexual assault) wasn’t a happy accident for him, but the disgusting ease of a practiced predator who had done this so many times it was routine. Mr. upstanding DA employed another common abuser tactic on his ‘dates’ with teen girls introducing alcohol, liquor; liquor he gave to Corfman before removing her clothes, touching her and convincing her to tentatively touch him. In another instance specifically Mateus Rosé wine again using that need to feel grown up, flattering, a confidence booster he thinks they are mature enough to handle it, to further ensnare him in what he wants to do. Alcohol known to lower inhibitions especially in inexperienced drinkers; drunk/tipsy victims always more pliant, prone to memory gaps where perpetrators can spin whatever story they want and the victim has nothing to contradict them because they don’t clearly know what happened. If they get nervous, back out, threaten to tell he uses it as leverage to keep them quiet reminding them underage drinking is illegal, they’ll dually get in serious trouble with their parents; though it never came to the latter and it appears alcohol was used solely to authenticate the feeling it was a date in Ms. Thacker Deason’s case, according to details offered by her. Remaining is the factor of again Alabama’s lowered drinking age at the time (19) and the girl he did this with was 18; why not wait a year to date and legally let her dink, knowing too the age of consent is 16? He too being an attorney is an officer of the court held to a higher standard; almost certainly disbarred, jailed if caught giving alcohol to minors incurring a harsher sentence, because he above all ordinary citizens else, should know better. He promised contradictory evidence to reasonably refute these women’s claims he never produced; the best he and his lawyer could come up with is to smear the message in Ms. Young-Nelson’s yearbook she said was written signed in part Roy Moore DA. Even Sean Hannity was disturbed by his answers, on-air revelation he didn’t seem to see anything wrong with the idea he might have dated teen girls during his 30’s; Hannity initially giving him 24 hours to bring forth ‘satisfactory’ explanations sans contradictions, quickly backing down after his imposed deadline passed. No one ever answering the single lingering question left by sane, logical people pondering if the yearbook is fake— why would she even bring it up; she was willing to tell her story on video, in front of cameras eliminating perceptions women are hiding behind print media too scared, ashamed of their ‘lies’ to show their faces provide their names; she therefore didn’t need the yearbook but it does represent tangible backup to her harrowing assault. Enter the longtime friend of Moore dutifully telling MSNBC this isn’t the Roy he knew, has known for 25 years citing women who’ve known him for 40, 50 years and never heard such allegations; asking who signs there name like that, noting lawyers don’t, persons who understand rank, alluding to his time at West Point and service in Vietnam, doubtlessly. Trying to correct facts, Moore was assistant DA not DA in ’77, the ‘Roy Moore DA’ line according to both attorney and friend coming from Ms. Young Nelson’s ‘99 divorce decree; “it’s not how he signed his name.” So according to your ‘knowledge’ of Moore, your knowledge of documents (her divorce filing), your logic, she what, created an artful forgery combining his ‘original’ innocuous, benign message to a teen girl he regularly saw in the diner where he ate with the signature on her divorce papers to make him look guilty? Tell us Mr. Staver was that before or after seeking out an attorney, being contacted by Gloria Allred; we know it was before she decided to go on camera, not stop at adding her story to the newspaper articles already partially written. Today planted DNA, elaborate frame jobs and convincing hoaxes, on or off the internet, have moved out of television shows like syndicated CSI re-runs and into real life; perhaps, were she the only victim speaking up, we could then put all our faith in him and you dismissing her as an angry divorcé unhappy with the parameters there in, finding the perfect time to avenge herself of a man she sees as an unfair judge who did her wrong. Dismiss her as old, mentally unwell, affected by the onslaught of dementia and lashing out, but she’s not; she was the 5th, more preceded her and more proceeded her. Returning us to who indeed and why; couldn’t be ambition, arrogance, where he saw his career going, a subtle message about the power he believed he would soon wield should she so much as think of telling anyone about his attentions, couldn’t be that could it? Commenter alerting watchers of the MSNBC YouTube segment to 2 things, 1 his purported actions against these young women particularly the 14 year old predates the years of your friendship with him; and 2, pedophiles usually don’t go around bragging about their assaults, unless it’s on the dark web in sick chatrooms with people sharing the same deviant proclivities—that last part added by this blogs author. Accusers still tricking out of the woodwork, why threaten to sue them when attacking the media works just as well; it’s the lies, or better phrased, purposeful misdirection orchestrated by Moore’s wife Kayla falling back on local pastors, religious leaders previously to have endorsed him pretending they still are. It’s the hitting all the conservative hot points mattering to base supporters backing him robocall cycling through Alabama; supposedly generated via a big city, elite newspaper, done by a guy with a stereotypical Jewish accent (Jews control everything by racist dogma) ginning up propaganda hiding truth from the public, unconvincingly claiming to be a reporter from the Washington Post. Looking for women in their 50’s who have stories on Roy Moore, they admittedly don’t intend to investigate thoroughly, but will use. Oh and don’t forget the reward is 5-7,000 dollars, reinforcing defenders, conspiracy theory sorts standing firm the only reason these women are ‘telling tales,’ broadcasting their ‘sweet dreams,’ AKA fantasies, is the money they’re getting. Call obviously not from the Washington Post, not the least because they don’t pay people for stories and didn’t need to, considering what was already published about Moore. Droves can hear the chorus now calling it piled on fake news, typical dirty politics, take your pick, but there is something particularly craven about trying to capitalize on the suffering abuse of teen girls, women for financial or political ends; imagine if it was your daughter coming forward with the same allegations against someone, to you, a local newspaper trying to prevent person X from working with kids or seen as a pillar of the community one day longer knowing what they’ve done. To be fair, starkly unclear is if Roy Moore’s official campaign had any hand in the call, whether it was done by supporters attempting to help his senate bid, utterly silent on it entirely in fact. Worse, paralleling Harvey Weinstein, Moore’s behavior was an open secret most in the community knew; diametrically opposite of his rambling I don’t know if I dated any teens when I was a grown man twice their age, I’m not ruling it out, the assistant DA working closely beside Moore told media outlets everyone in the office knew he dated teen girls them wondering why. Backing up, Kelly Harrison Thorp’s encounter when repeatedly approached for her phone number she said ‘do you know how old I am (tender 17); his response, ‘I date girls your age all the time.’ Current and former residents of Gadsden, workers at the new mall told the New Yorker their unease, confusion regarding his interactions with teens; multiplying the collective betrayal by adults, authority figures on several fronts other than what people knew and when, what they comprehended and didn’t, there was an entire network of police to store/rec center security amplified community neighborhood watch, so to speak, actively keeping him away from teen girls, young women, as much to defacto insulate town celebrity/VIP Moore from negative publicity, consequences than to protect teen children. Co-workers and managers at the many stores advised younger, new workers to stay away from him, girls taking it upon themselves to hide when Moore visited the store; probably something similar at the YMCA, managers also warned at the diner where Beverly Young Nelson was employed, he teasingly pulled her long hair repeatedly before for the horrible night of the attempted rape, his ban from the Gadsden mall consisted of security instructions to patrons/ store staff they let them know if he was seen, that’s it. And now there’s a former police officer speaking out stating almost verbatim the above, word for word; though the prevailing persistent rumor mill, as she referred to it, was he liked young girls but thought that meant simply women younger than him i.e. their 20’s, professing no knowledge it meant 14 year olds, waiting expecting a complaint to come in if something was happening. Added to being kept away from the mall for stalker-esque behavior he was booted from the YMCA for the same accusations making female teens feel uncomfortable; officers finally advised to monitor him if he were to show up at presumably high school, maybe college ballgames, that he didn’t hang too long around cheerleaders lest he be able to harass them. Apparently wholly ineffective hearing his own account of meeting his wife, whom he first saw then sought out when she was 15 or 16 showing up at a high school dance recital, depicting himself in his book So Help me God being enthralled by her; immediate question, forgetting his track record momentarily, and no one asked what you were doing there Roy Moore deputy DA by then a known quantity, face around town. Well aware of his propensity for whatever parts they understood regarding what he was doing, why was he allowed to randomly wander into high school dance performances; creeper is his description of meeting her 8 years later and asking about having met her previously, when she was younger, her saying no she didn’t think so. Indicating he watched her absent her having an earthly clue he was there; next immediate question, did he stalk her, watch her, keep track of her close to 10 years until she was of an acceptable age to date without causing a scandal? Sound familiar, Donald Trump said something equally gross to to a 10 year old on an escalator remarking he’d be dating her in 10 years; Moore too failing to grasp what AL.com articulated so succinctly “here’s a grown man at about 3 years old attending a girls’ dance recital, and doing what exactly?” Better yet, he tells this story to reporters and they don’t look at him sideways, they don’t ask more, pointed questions; example, let me get this straight you went trolling for the woman who would become your wife at a high school dance? A better questioning line for Sean Hannity wasn’t bringing up his daughter but Roy Moore’s own 2 daughters and how he would feel seeing them pursued by 30 year old men, ‘dating’ 30 year old men, remembered from a high school performance by someone twice her age. We know he has grandchildren, does he have any granddaughters; how does he plan to react when they bring home a 30 year old calling them their boyfriend and they aren’t old enough to drive? Highlighting persistent problems with small town justice, justice systems: euphemisms not always making clear what someone means when they say something, when they talk about issue X, especially if that issue involves socially uncomfortable topics, things not socially acceptable to talk about in public according to unwritten town rules, social norms of yesteryear still adhered to. Like physical child abuse, like domestic abuse shortened to wife beating, incest, child sexual abuse from a teacher, neighbor down the street, especially if it necessitates using proper names of body parts such as penis, vagina, details ‘unnatural’ behaviors i.e. anal or oral sex; being any variant of gay, lesbian, bisexual transgender. Having a child with a disability downs syndrome to autism, general developmental delay, physical problems, child, teen or adult community member battling mental illness, depression, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis; tendencies across the board to say oh that’s so and so they’ve always been that way than garnering genuine understanding, getting adequate treatment. Tendencies to downplay crimes committed by townspeople as youthful mischief, simple fights harkening back to when local police officers did the same things as kids; why a supporter tried to compare what Moore did to stealing a lawnmower, results, complete failure to identify real, significant danger and stop persons who will only escalate their behavior, are true predators. For Moore predatory behavior apparently not stopping once he was married understanding Tina Johnson’s jaw dropping experience in his law office circa 1991, seeking legal services over a custody matter accompanied by her mother; they conclude their legal business, he asks polite questions about her children, get up to leave, Johnson’s mother exits the office first, as Johnson proceeds to get up and walk out she states Moore grabbed her buttocks. Not a pat, not a swipe, not a tentative, squeeze but grabbing it so hard Johnson can detail, nearly 30 years later, she could feel the impressions of his fingers in her backside. Again he knew exactly what he was doing, choosing to flirt with, ask out on a date while married himself, then grope, a recently divorced, implied emotionally fragile, woman necessitated into signing over custody of her son to her mother; waiting for her mother to leave the room, actively maneuvering things so she left first leaving him just enough alone time with his unsuspecting, understandably distracted, possibly distraught, victim. There are approximately 9 women accusing Roy Moore of varying degrees of sexual harassment, misconduct, assault and one attempted rape over nearly a 15 year period; who knows if the 1991 incident was the last one, or if instances stopped less because his libido slowed down, he was no longer interested in chasing younger women, was getting his needs met by his wife, but because he no longer had unfettered, easy access to potential victims either through increased public awareness, outside world penetrating Alabama, or presiding over a judgeship meant less chances to get teen girls, young women alone— sobering thought.







Nor did these women stay absolutely silent for 40 years, not that it wouldn’t be standard psychology if they did, because it would fit to a T profiles of sexual violence, molestation sufferers; many sexual abuse victims/survivors, sexual assault, rape victims/survivors take years to come forward, come to terms with it enough to speak openly about what they endured. However every teen case told friends or relatives sometime between when it happened and present day, most mere days later; ready to speak they tell people they trust, persons in their life that make them feel safe, why they told who they did. Corfman told friends she was dating an older man and when pressed gave Moore’s name, walking away from their discussions feeling she had done something wrong. Thus deciding to keep quiet, telling her mother somewhere throughout the decade of the mid ‘90’s after seeing his face in the newspaper and up for a circuit judgeship. Mall department store portion of Gena Richardson’s account was corroborated by co-worker Kayla McLaughlin also relaying her interactions with the DA, pursuing her; friends recall bruises all over Beverly Young-Nelson’s neck following her attack, 2 years later informing her younger sister. Like many child victims she feared telling those around her not wanting Moore to harm her, potentially her family citing his violent temper; Richardson, similar to siblings who endure sexual abuse believing they are protecting the other(s), thought she was the only one he had done this to, becoming physically ill years later as a mother and grandmother realizing she was just a notch on his pedophile, child abusing belt. We have to fully conceptualize when this was, late 70’s early ‘80’s, general public under the prevailing impression things like sexual predation didn’t happen particularly of children; Roy Moore’s, let’s call it what it is, predation started a documented full 2 years before Etan Patz disappearance brought national attention to missing and exploited children leading to faces on milk cartons, the only other high profile case being Adam Walsh leaning towards the sense those things happened in big cities, over there not here. Too Patz and Walsh were younger children than Moore’s victims and it took time for his parents to channel their grief into what became the nation center for missing and exploited children, not founded until 1984 (Moore’s mall trolling seemed to have tapered off by ’82); never mind find phone bank operators, skilled investigators to produce results in locating, retrieving victimized children, young adults. It was the mid 80’s before stranger danger, good touches and bad touches segments were added to schools teaching children what to do if…leaving a whole generation of what are now called tweens and teens, categorized in parental community thinking as somewhat able to take care of themselves, open to exactly the kind of exploitation used by Moore; because they never understood the danger, the wrongness of his behavior, had no frame of reference to prevent the situations they were put in, unwittingly put themselves in. Recalling Don Lemon had the insensitive, audacious gal to ask Cosby accuser Joan Tarshis, when detailing her sexual coercion experience with the entertainer roughly a decade prior to Moore’s earliest known victim, as she described making up an infection to avoid having traditional intercourse with him, helpless against forced oral sex: ‘why didn’t you bite him?’ Thinking like a person of today, late 20th century, early 21st century; knowledgebase of predator psychology, rape psychology, trickle down basics taught in self-defense classes even if you’ve never taken one you’ve probably seen segments on the news. Not a girl of 50 years ago taught to respect authority figures unto near blind obedience, taught men will take care of you, the surest path for a women was to find a man to get married to so they would take care of them; 1969 when women didn’t leave home until they were married, the feminist movement had yet to secure closer equal pay for equal work, guarantee women’s right to work whatever job, field they chose. All aspects of why Joan Tarshis didn’t know how to tell her parents, feared their disappointment (possibly being thrown out), Tarshis’ mother who idolized Cosby to top it off. Women/girls of 50 years ago ignorant of her own anatomy not to mention the male anatomy, ignorant of what oral sex was, what was about to happen when Bill Cosby opened his robe, took down his pants, far from realizing in that moment she could bite him and get him to stop; much of that holding true in small town Alabama 1977 to ‘82. And if a former boxer/MMA fighter all the training, muscle that implies can be shocked into temporary immobility when Kevin Spacy sat next to him at a bar reaching under the counter to grab his genitals ‘very hard’ stunned having never been groped before, trying to piece together what just happened. We can, more than forgive, but deduce grown women would have identical reactions; multiplied exponentially discussing teens who had never had their first sexual experience, haven’t progressed to their first kiss, their first kiss coming from a predator like Moore. Hearing his victims tell their stories, the 2 agreeing to television interviews, you expediently conclude these were girls who had no idea what was going on, what was going to happen until it was happening and too late. Listening to Leigh Corfman’s Today interview cements in your mind her Washington Post statements: I wanted it over with — I wanted out,” she remembers thinking. “Please just get this over with. Whatever this is, just get it over”…‘She remembers thinking, “I don’t want to do this” and “I need to get out of here.” She says that she got dressed and asked Moore to take her home, and that he did.’ She sounds like exactly what she is a child/teen victim of pedophile grooming and culminating abuse; combining victims’ innate sense such abuse, violence is there fault is how it intertwines catastrophically with small town values, small town rearing it’s ugliest head again via ingrained sentiments echoed in Corfman’s extended interviews. Telling both the Post and Today’s Savannah Guthrie she previously thought of confronting Moore on multiple occasions almost did during the early 2000’s when he was up for Alabama chief justice, but decided against it based on her small children still in school, her less than perfect/idyllic life, 3 divorces and spotty financial record. Elaborated on during that same interview she was a single parent, sitting her kids down, in elementary and Jr. High at the time, terrified they would be ostracized from their respective social groups; thus deciding against it. Sounds an awful lot like another accuser of another prominent political candidate, it echoes Natasha Stoynoff’s encounter with businessman turned presidential candidate Donald Trump advised by friends and ultimately choosing not to let him win, ruin her career, by filing charges initiating a public legal confrontation. Sad realities that don’t make these 2 women’s experiences, important distinction, not fabricated stories, any less true; Beverly Young-Nelson said in her press conference she probably would have taken what Roy Moore did to her to her grave if not for the courage of other women affected to speak first. CNN revealing in a profile on Moore’s wife Kayla maiden name Kiser was in the same graduating class as, wait for it, Beverly Young now Young-Nelson; gee I wonder the other half of what closed her mouth for a good 30 of those 40 years? Who else among his known victims, ones who have yet to come forward, never will stayed silent after adulthood, stay silent did so/do so currently because they have relatives who are friends with the Moore’s, the Moore siblings from years ago? And don’t want to be the subject of town gossip, suddenly known singularly as the person who accused Roy Moore of the unthinkable, losing what little support system they have in terms of friends, emergency babysitters for their kids, people to watch their house while they go out of town for work, to handle a family emergency? Victims who want to remain living in Gadsden, where they grew up, despite everything find it a good place to raise their kids; more simplistically, want to go to the grocery store, gas station, continue working, attending church, community functions without being gawked at, bombarded with questions, anger, hate, run out of town by vandalism, violence, harassment because they told the truth about what he did to them, a truth no locals weren’t ready to accept? What will be the social fallout, repercussions for people coming forward who right now live in Gadsden, have family in Gadsden; will they find themselves forced to move, to keep a job, extract their children from torment at school, their grandchildren, get a loan, all things effected in a small town when you’re part of a scandal like Roy Moore’s, whether you did anything wrong or not. Will it be a case of desiring to move to regain the peace and quiet they once had in this previously sleepy Alabama town, escape character assassinations from people they once called friend asking how they could do such a thing to him, a good Christian man, to them his supporter, their parents, siblings cousins; saying they’re only doing it for money, attention, because they are mentally unwell, not because it’s 100% true. No, no these women did it for nothing other than spitefully ending his political career; not because his political career, which is supposed to be an act of public service, should end, not the least of which for the plausibility of the accusations against him piled atop abysmal policies he fully intends to bring to the United States senate. Lending credence to the claims legitimately branding Roy Moore a child abuser, repeated sexual harasser and habitual sexual assaulter regardless of age, how many years have passed since the incidents took place doesn’t merely come down to the immaculate, extremely detailed reporting incorporating 30 some odd corroborating witnesses. General feeling of locals about Moore and his behavior, a plethora of whom were adults at the time, not stopping at fellow teens; the added ones who keep coming forward as the article your reading was being prepared for posting, including one person who didn’t want their face shown but permitted reporters to use her undisguised voice. Telling reporters Roy Moore was a regular at the Old Hickory House diner/restaurant; she knows he was there 3 to 4 times a week because she picked up her sister there after work. Her flanked by an employee of the restaurant (now an urgent care facility), both speaking out because they don’t want him using serious lies to get elected. It’s the consistent pattern emerging, the same actions repeated over and over in almost stalking victims, teens advising each other not to make eye contact with him lest he see it as an invitation to bother them, harass them, hit them up for a date. Victoria Beverstock working at another restaurant where Moore was a regular told press “His eyes crawled over our shirts and our backsides. He was so open about it that I would try and handle his order as quickly as possible.” Frequenting the identical highly inappropriate places for a 30 year old grown man to just randomly be for no defined purpose, frequenting teen hangouts and lingering around bathrooms, laser focusing on vulnerable, naive girls, the one with the strict Baptist preacher father, another with a strict mother, girls described by friends as the opposite of worldly. Identical kinds of sexual assault, groping, unwanted kissing endless making feel teens uncomfortable enough to complain to store managers, establishment employees, consciously avoid him during the course of doing their jobs. Unforgivingly egregious when confronting the smear campaign launched against these women, haggling over the authenticity of the yearbook as if that’s what matters, the mental gymnastics of conservative, religious evangelical supporters comparing his ‘bad behavior’ to stealing a lawnmower, relentlessly repeating the he’s a good Christian mantra almost as if they say it often enough they themselves will actually believe it (and the more comes out about the republican candidate the more outrageous, farfetched the excuses get— keep reading for more on that). Is we know what this behavior is we know what it means, we know what they didn’t 1977 to ’82; we know it’s the signs of a predator, pedophile hunting, grooming his victim. We know that rape isn’t about what you were wearing, how you were flirting, what bar you were in, how much you’ve had to drink, how attractive your figure, how many sexual partners you’ve been with, or town gossip guesses you’ve been with, the dubious tag your ‘easy,’ rather about power. Too we know there is always a power dynamic with any man dating a younger woman, intensified when discussing a girl in high school possessing significantly less resources monetarily, in terms of support system, life skills and knowledge. Doubly intensified when dissecting the behaviors exhibited by Moore; purposefully getting them alone in secluded areas, strategically waiting for the absence of boyfriends, luring them into his car. The Roy Moore adult friends, acquaintances, co-workers say never dated anyone age appropriate, his own words regarding meeting his wife, his own words, lack thereof on the wrongdoing leveled against him; we know what shady, shifty answers mean from persons accused of such horrific acts, forget what they inevitably mean falling out of a politician, hopeful politicians mouth. The Roy Moore who enjoyed god-like local celebrity status mimicking Hollywood power players accused of shockingly grotesque non-consensual sexual behavior, sexual misconduct who might as well have been Gadsden’s own Bill Cosby, Rodger Ailes, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, James Toback, Louis CK exc. rolled into one. Systematically getting lost among debates about legal statutes in Alabama, age of consent, drinking age at that time, how many years it’s been is the lifelong impact Roy Moore’s behaviors had on these teens as they aged into women. Leigh Corfman was very forthright about what her experience took from her, robbing her of trust in people, stolen innocence, the specialness of sex, when it’s engaged in at the right moment for you, with a person who deeply genuinely cares about you. She alluded to the darker things it lead her to delve into, the darker paths it lead her down; drinking, drugs, boyfriends, a suicide attempt 2 years later at 16, because she felt responsible for what happened between her and Moore. Demystifying that for readers let’s explain Leigh Corfman’s ‘teenage recklessness’ fits the pattern of a wealth of data provided by sex abuse, assault/rape survivors, substance abuse, drugs or alcohol, maybe both, cutting is unlikely due to Corfman’s age but not out of the question and was replaced by a suicide attempt, also common, promiscuity, at minimum bad for you, failed relationships. Initiatives like tweet me your first assaults tells us too child sexual abuse, rape, harassment up into your teen years can open you up to victimization later in life, there becomes something about you predators can just sense. Anecdotes have proven your first assault isn’t your last instead a continuous exercise in fending off men whether you’re wearing a cocktail dress or mom jeans, at a bar or walking home from the grocery store/laundry mat or with your child in tow; personally I’ve heard no end of said scenarios from my plain Jane looking friend wearing unremarkable clothes and running basic errands. Corfman did talk about the years it took to regain back confidence in herself; dare we wonder why she’s a 3 time divorcé, single parent plagued by financial problems? Certainty past trauma and abuse is not the lone reason for failed marriages or divorces throughout the feminist movement, decades after; but dare we really wonder why Beverly Young-Nelson has also been divorced? Do us one better citizens of Gadsden, dare to explain to us why had she (Corfman) confronted him when she originally wanted to she would be the town pariah, when as acknowledged and proven above, his odd actions around teenagers and their discomfiture with his attentions as well as his banns from community hubs all through town were an open secret? Tina Johnson telling Megyn Kelly’s new program added details about her run with him at his law office that she was signing over custody of her son because she couldn’t afford an attorney and her 12 year old wanted to go. Enduring nonstop flirting from her mother’s lawyer behaving the apex of unprofessionally, never getting around to the paperwork; rather sitting on the end of his desk being sure their knees where touching, so close she could smell his breath, asking probing questions about her other children becoming totally unnerving and send alarm bells off in her head. As mentioned above asking her out, her not knowing he was married, until present day and increased information circulated about him; finally they get up to leave her mother goes out and Moore grabs her behind for all its worth shocking an already creeped out women even further. So stunned she didn’t react, instantly ashamed thinking her dress inappropriate Johnson saying the buttocks grapping incident had scarred her for life; which frustratingly predictable bought out people who responded please, give me a break. Tell us if she were full on raped would we doubt her assertion; but if they think she’s faking, exaggerating they should go watch, re-watch the account of Karina Virginia, the outfits she wouldn’t wear, agonizing over what to wear so as not to draw unwanted attention to her body, the high heels she could no longer stomach, having to tell her husband why she hated dress shopping insisted on long dresses and wore shawls at dinner parties, not her own conservative modesty but a side effect of assault, after being groped by Donald Trump. Johnson another worried her past would be used against her brushes with the law, whose family and friends reacted negatively thanks to those recurring small town mentalities you don’t air your dirty laundry; sounds an awful lot like actress Janice Dickinson who was called at rehab by Bill Cosby and told to report to Tahoe for some career related meeting. When she does show up she’s plied with alcohol, asks for a pill for cramps, along the lines of you got any aspirin/Midol, is given something totally different; wakes up the next morning sans her pajamas, last remembering him shedding his patchwork robe and climbing on top of her. But Ms. Johnson is right about one thing when she says it isn’t mine; the dirtiness doesn’t belong to her, it belongs to Roy Moore in as much as, if nothing else, he put himself into a position where accusations could be made, conducted himself in a way abuse claims seemed plausible, and not just remotely possible, at that. Correcting the mistaken impression once something as ‘low level’ as groping is over it’s over, not for the woman it’s not; it affects them from that point forward in varying ways. Whether that’s how they dress, always conscious of will my dress, my outfit draw attention to me, cause the same thing to happen again, inability to have functional relationships with an existing boyfriend, husband, progress to the next step, have pleasurable sex, touching interactions with that right person when you find them, anxiety being in certain used to be innocuous places/situations. News analysts and commentators remarking too, challenging the ‘if proven true crowd’ of republicans and citizens alike bluntly telling them there will be no trial, this won’t be settled in a court of law (statute of limitations long expired); simultaneously innocent until proven guilty is a phrase for a court of law, not equally applicable to, forget the court of public opinion, but when deciding to who to vote into a position. If your so inclined as a voter you can maintain your belief in his innocence and vote someone else in because you want them not to be expelled from the senate, as there is talk of doing with Moore should he actually win, because you want the Alabama senator representing your district to focus on getting Washington to help Alabama, not resolving their personal issues. Shattering Moore campaign and right wing media framing, politics is of little interest to his former victims who simply want the people of Alabama to fully know who they’re electing, they want their voices heard, they want their stories told; majority lifelong republican voters, Beverly Young-Nelson openly telling the world she voted for Donald Trump, Ms. Richardson self-described moderate republican abstaining from the 2016 election and Alabama primary. These women aren’t getting paid, Corfman brutally honest she’s losing money not working doing this because it’s important; balancing all the things enumerated to this point, the women brave enough to speak out seem to have waited until the last possible moment yes. But not the last possible moment of vengeance, political tactic, the last possible moment when he not only decided to run for United States senate, but could actually win; they, above all else, knowing why that shouldn’t happen. Coming forward publically, reaching past recounting their experiences for family members, for them meant being approached; Tina Johnson plainly telling Al.com why her and the others featured in the article didn’t say anything sooner “it’s because somebody asked; if anybody had asked, we would have told it.” Coming forward publically in Leigh Corfman’s case meant being given a platform where minimally the people writing the stories wouldn’t judge her, asking her why she did X, Y or Z, didn’t do X, Y or Z, didn’t she know it was wrong past rendering it in their own words that readers might understand; at a time when it wouldn’t harmed the families they’d created, the pieces they’d managed to pick up from the destroyed wreckage of what Roy Moore did to them. Telling different people in different increments Corfman spurred on by his continuously rising career; alerting her mother in the 90’s, alerting Alabama and the rest of the nation now to the benefit of her state and our collective democracy. For some meant giving their name but not photographs, a substantial chance they would be listened to not only by their fellow community but the larger nation, a climate that didn’t exist until recently; for them, the victims it’s about the weights being lifted, about the fear dissipated, the power he no longer holds over them decades later they are finally free. Following Karina Virginia’s telling of her groping assault by Donald Trump and meeting him years later without him even knowing, having any recollection who she was Ms. Corfman said these lasting words about Roy Moore’s repeated denials of knowing women like herself; “I wonder how many me’s he doesn’t know?”





Neither is Roy Moore the first holder of public office, hopeful public office holder wanna-be marred in some sort of sexual impropriety scandal, believable ones derailing campaigns, spelling resignations; years before Bill Clinton, years closer to the time frame Roy Moore was doing inappropriate things to young girls there was Gary Hart. Where the mere allegation had him suspending his campaign before the picture emerged of a woman, not his wife, perched on his lap in what looks like an intimate weekend getaway not a publicity photo where some random person jumped on his lap exclusively for the picture. Arguably most famous instance, known in every corner across the country, former president Bill Clinton; difference is Bill Clinton has been litigated to the nth degree, many of Clinton’s accusers were not credible, provable to the standard merited in a court of law. Juanita Broaddrick twice said nothing happened to her before telling the truth to special investigator Ken Starr in 1998; 2 of the friends she told about the rape shortly after it happened including 1 who found her ‘dazed and with a bloodied lip Clinton supposedly bit before forcing himself on her’ aren’t credible by virtue of the partially understandable grudge they hold against him for commuting the sentence of the man who murdered their father, when he was governor of Arkansas. Another person she told was her then lover whom she was with while still married to her husband; which is quite different than judging a single, unattached woman for the sheer number of sexual partners she’s had as a free agent. Independent the lies she told her husband about where she was, what she was doing to be with the lover, if someone is as emotionally confused, conflicted, psychologically turmoil-ed enough to be cheating on their marriage, how likely could it also be the rape charge was a twisted coping mechanism for the guilt of consensual sex when already in 2 relationships? There’s information her husband was abusive so maybe it was a story to cover the bloody lip he gave her in a more acceptable way than talking about domestic abuse, which you didn’t do in small towns and certainly not in 1978 when this purportedly took place; all of the above Slate laid out in their 1999 breakdown of theories on his guilt and innocence. Vox magazine reiterated the same things about Broaddrick in 2016 after presidential candidate Donald Trump paraded Clinton accusers into the democratic debate against Hillary Clinton hoping to give the public a spectacle of Mr. Clinton’s reaction; updated recently as public opinion, thought evolves in light of Weinstein, Spacey and now 3 sitting congressmen accused of varying levels of harassment and one nude photo of self coupled with an affair while separated from his wife. Journalists trying to square the peg of Broaddrick’s shaky story into the round hole of what we now understand about rape, rape victims/survivors; parts of other victim’s stories identical to hers that were believed, while hers was not. But there is one standout thing we know about rapists, they tend to escalate in behavior not deescalate; meaning they may start out as a voyeur, peeping tom, graduate to stalking or groping, then finally to rape. So if Bill Clinton seriously did rape Juanita Broaddrick in 1978 it’s incongruent a serial rapist and habitual abuser of women, what the right has tried to paint Bill Clinton as, would be satisfied with exposing himself, groping a woman and 2 consensual affairs, one centered around a blow job. Taking the rape accusation out of it however you have a philandering man who can’t keep it in his pants, his hands to himself or away from women not his wife; much more consistent. Paula Jones’ lawsuit was a civil action claiming sexual harassment, not sexual violence or a criminal case, Gennifer Flowers was an instance of an infidelity relationship people chalked up to dirty politics at the time admittedly consensual by both parties; troopergate wasn’t real merely the tall tales of bored Arkansas patrol officers with nothing to do. There really is no truly questionable narrative surrounding daughter Chelsea’s parentage; like the Clinton murder rap sheet housing victims of plane crashes, heart attacks, self-inflicted suicides and a handful of persons still very much alive when conspiracy theory publications said they were dead. Difference is we didn’t know what we know now when we first elected him to office in 1992; Pula Jones’ lawsuit didn’t come until 1994, concluded by summary judgement against Jones in ’98, Kathleen Willey stated her groping and forced fondling of his genitals didn’t take place until 1993 reported also in’98, 2 years after his reelection to a second term. Willey who went on to write a book published in 2007 alleging the Clinton’s hired someone to kill her cat, then her husband, graduating to full tin foil hat conspiracy level non-sense. Analysts too have a point saying that comparing Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, currently Bill Clinton and Roy Moore is false equivalency; fundamentally because, directly contrasting Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani’s rehashing and re-characterization, Monica Lewinsky never accused him of rape rather admitting a consensual relationship. The thing they could legally prove approaching beyond a reasonable doubt was Bill Clinton lying under oath about a consensual blow job given by a well of age woman. Difference is most, most media nicknamed ‘sex scandals’ involving political figures, waiting in the wings political wannabe’s didn’t/don’t involve pedophilia, the systematic sexual abuse, exploitation of children and underage persons; though Roy Moore is not alone in this category either, who could forget disgraced former house speaker Dennis Hastert. Hastert caught when he broke banking laws paying off an accuser for his silence; judge calling a serial child molester in open court before elongating his sentencing on the banking charge to 15 months. Whom coincidentally no one had trouble believing accusations against, yet it was after 9 years of victim Stephen Reinbolt’s sister Jolene Burdge trying to tell his story (Reinbolt died of AIDS in the mid 90’s) 25 years waiting for some tiny modicum of justice; Reinbolt another victim of small town who will believe me syndrome, he’s speaker of the United States house of representatives who would take me seriously? Except even here when we found out publically about Hastert it was well after he had retired, ceased being speaker of the house; Ms. Burdge’s 9 year odyssey to get media to believe her regarding her brother beginning in 2006 when he had been speaker already for 7 years and would only serve an additional year in the position. We’re being told now about what Roy Moore has credibly said to have done to 9 people, 9 people he’s impacted horribly; not because he prosecuted them for reasonably thought guilty wrongdoing as a prosecutor, even was overzealous in the pursuit of a suspected criminal he thought was ‘his man’ and got it wholly wrong locking an innocent person away. Not because he harshly sentenced someone who came before him as a judge, even under his extreme religious beliefs deviating from the constitution; but, because of his proclivity for ‘dating’ teen girls. Trolling the local mall, YMCA, ballgames complete with cheerleaders, high school dances, lurking outside public bathrooms to the point female workers were avoiding him, outright hiding from him, complaining to managers, drawing straws to see who would have to go down to the courthouse to turn in store receipts (described as a dreaded experience for older teen managers), earning him 2 bans from the first places listed and putting local police on watch alert for games. Hounding and badgering them until they gave up their phone numbers or said yes to going out with him only to forcibly kiss them in a way that frightened them. Playing on his ‘wholesome’ nature to gain a parent’s trust while they handle a custody matter spending the intervening time priming her for the abuse he was already planning to inflict; on eagle-eyed alert for opportunities to, let’s call it what it is, assault, abuse engage in active predation. Like seeing the teen at the diner walk out end of shift and her boyfriend be late giving her a ride, garnering trust because he’s the district attorney; only to be groped, have your shirt nearly ripped off and extensive bruises on your neck, because you dared fight having your head shoved into his crotch. Eventuality: giving him oral sex, except he gave up and dumped you on the cold pavement and rode off into the night. Why would we, citizens of Alabama or elsewhere across the country, want to send him to congress to continue chasing interns, groping female staff and quite possibly answer more allegations as they come forward; instead of focusing on national policies that can help Alabama, taking the people of Alabama’s issues to Washington to be heard? Returning momentarily to Clinton dubious comparisons, reaching beyond the Salon article’s comparisons on holding rape to the same standard as burglary in terms of law enforcement believability, pointing out those supporting Clinton victims’ stories were right-wing based publications, who also churned out fantastical tales chronicled in a few of the linked BS files here and more. Bill Clinton never used drugs to ensnare his victims, was never accused of initiating sexual activity, making sexual advances towards, or sexual assault of teenagers half his age; where Bill Cosby was notorious for giving women pills, passing off powerful drugs as herbal supplements, aspirin and anxiety natural remedies, dropping pills into unsuspecting women’s drinks, giving booze to a known addict. Cosby and Harvey Weinstein known to give, or at least try to give, alcohol to underage girls before abusing them, planning to abuse them; abusing some girls who were underage, just of age and culturally naïve. As did Moore before groping Leigh Corfman, on ‘dates’ with Gloria Thacker Deason; age difference making it inappropriate even if the age of consent in Alabama is 16. Kevin Spacy outed as a serial harasser and assaulter after Anthony Rapp opened the floodgates to secrets on the actor detailing what happened to him at 14; Heather Unruh, former news anchor, coming forward with the story of her then 18 year old son piled with alcohol until he was staggeringly drunk then put his hand inside his pants groping his genitals. There is no credible evidence Clinton paid women to keep quiet about consensual affairs, settled numerous harassment claims or the like, settling Jones’ appeal alone; whereas Cosby paid out untold thousands to mistresses, mothers of potential love children, suspicious payments for ‘good grades in school’ to maintain his image. Weinstein among names like Bill O’Riley had it built into their contract, got their company’s/networks to dole out millions in settlement payments to droves of women alleging various types of harassment, groping, lewd comments, hostile working environments. Sitting senator Conyers used taxpayer funds to settle a harassment claim by a staff member while denying validity of her accusations saying he settled to end protracted litigation and move on with his life, implied also his congressional work; independent media’s Cenk Uygur right in noting the monetary amount says severance package not silence payment. Bigger story here, the millions congress’ office of compliance has paid out for multi-pronged workplace claims, but mostly sexual harassment all done in secret; or, that he paid out those monies from his office’s budget not personal funds or office of compliance’s set up. Nevertheless there will be an ethics investigation, congressional version of due process and based on information gathered thing will or won’t move forward as necessary; Roy Moore never had to pay out monies successful at frightening and intimidating his teen victims into silence. Seemingly obvious but needing to be said, Bill Clinton isn’t Donald Trump, apart from the again conflation of consensual, if immoral relationships, questionable power dynamics in an older man younger woman partnership Bill Clinton was never accused of raping his wife, being physically aggressive or abusive with her. Donald Trump can’t say that; President Trump has been accused of rape twice. Once by his wife during a nasty divorce this blog admitted sounded like 2 rich people going at it over money in an environment where tensions were high but did ask what he did to her to make her feel that way; and, the more disgusting accusation, about sex with a 13 year old at a party hosted by Jeffry Epstein, known pedophile. Accused of attempted rape by business associate Jill Harth, slamming her up against a wall at Mar-a-Lago, lifting up her dress and groping her sans consent; between 16 and 18 women accusing president Trump of some degree of assault groping, kissing, grabbing genitals, fondling breasts, sticking his tongue in their mouth. Looking at the potentially criminal activities Bill Clinton has been pegged to have skirted the statute of limitations on hypocritically, he is accused of dubiously raping one woman, exposing himself to a woman and groping then forcing her to touch his genitals by another woman. Absolutely the number of victims doesn’t and shouldn’t matter, one is both enough and too many; enough in that if credible they should be adequately dealt with and unwaveringly taken seriously until a definitive determination is made, too many in that it should never happen in the first place. Yet the problem is Bill Clinton doesn’t fit the/have a pattern like the other equivalency cases he’s held up to; 60 accusers accusing Bill Cosby, 16-18 accusing Donald Trump and 9 teens, mostly teens at the time of assault accusing Roy Moore factually, statistically pales to Clinton’s 3, 5 if you broaden out to his immoral affairs. There aren’t the scarily creepy similarities in stories, MO as to how he pursued, groomed or targeted his victims as opposed to Cosby, Trump and Moore; oddities later remarked on that looking back should have been more frightening than they were. Think Andy Richter talking about the recliner Dennis Hastert sat in, in front of the boy’s shower ‘to prevent fights, Cosby’s virtual pharmacy of pills, predators in general’s habit of plying victims with alcohol. Honestly Roy Moore has more in common with Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby, Donald Trump than Bill Clinton surpassing the age of their alleged victims; chiefly it’s a 50/50 guessing game whether the Clinton legally prosecutable stories are authentic or conservative retribution for his womanizing ways. Consider too the open secret Weinstein represented directly paralleling Moore, everyone knew about both of them, dido Louis CK, whispers of Cosby and rape that were publicly dismissed largely due to an army of lawyers whose job it was to threaten and intimidate victims, arrange to pay them off. People knew Kevin Spacy as a bully on set of his films, Netflix TV series House of Cards employees painting a picture of a toxic work environment for young men; he purposefully targeted members of low level staff, production crew, drivers exc. including groping, crude comments, harassment, touching, Spacey throwing his status around. Going back to excluding the rape assuming he is guilty of the exposure and groping, you have a philandering man who can’t keep it in his pants, his hands to himself or away from women not his wife; in Bill Clinton you had at least then a guy who would first with anything that walks, make a move on any women he could. Sometimes leading to the exposure justifiably legally termed harassment, groping legally justifiably termed assault when he overestimated their interest, that should have been subject to the appropriate grade, likely misdemeanor charges, and would have ended his presidential run but for the timing of his behavior, when he met say Kathleen Willey. Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby exc. and Roy Moore are something much more insidiously dangerous actively preying on people, teens not just flirting, making moves to see who’s willing. Moving away from Clinton entirely in the saga of persons justifiably never entering political public service, ousted from it or never reelected post scandal there was Congressman Gary Condit and his affair with Chandra Levy, his implication in her death ultimately losing him the democratic primary for the House of Representatives in‘02; Chandra’s death still a mystery after the case against an illegal El Salvadorian immigrant finally fell apart in 2015 and Condit only proven to have lied about the nature, extent of their relationship. 2007’s Larry Craig arrested for propositioning an undercover cop in a public bathroom; asserting he has a ‘wide stance’ while using the restroom and may have touched the officer’s foot in the adjacent stall, denying the elaborate tapping scheme indicating he was interested in buying sex in that bathroom off someone he believed a male prostitute. Facing accusations of being gay, ultimately pled down to a charge of disorderly conduct, from lewd, conduct for his actions; not up for ‘08 re-election. Precursor to Kentucky’s David Narramore summer 2017 accused of indecent exposure in a Tennessee department store’s men’s room stepping down as republican county chairman for the GOP. Anthony Weiner was pressured into resigning from congress circa 2011 even before not one but 2 additional sexting sex-ploits; including one under the screen name ‘Carlos danger’ ala 2014. The last that saw him charged with a crime (2016) for inappropriate messages sent to a high school girl age 15; derailing his reentry into politics and sending him to prison for up to 21 months post pleading guilty to federal obscenity charges encompassed in suggestive photos also featuring his young son lying next to him on a bed. John Edwards, once upon a time senator and presidential candidate’s, morally repugnant affair cheating on his sick wife, the love child; indicted on charges of taking illegal campaign contributions in part to conceal his affair and mistress’ pregnancy, found not guilty but forever shamed and removed from political public service. Herman Caine withdrew from the 2012 presidential race after multiple women started coming forward detailing again a consistent pattern of sexual harassment, dubious situations amounting to a minimum of poor judgement the American people weren’t going to gamble with. On top of 9, 9, 9, electrified boarder fences with signs telling illegal immigrants it could kill them and fumbled answers on Gitmo, repeated claims, no he didn’t know everything, but would surround himself with the best people; oh how times have changed in the latter regard. Bob Filner was exposed for decades of sexual harassment involving 18 total employees encompassing groping and sticking his tongue down one woman’s throat; leading to his kicking and screaming ouster, but ouster nonetheless. Vance McAlister was a tea party Louisiana conservative family values darling until video surfaced of him kissing someone not his wife. And it isn’t just ethics violations, potential criminal activities related to sex, harassment, violence, affairs, womanizing attempting to cover up those things; Aaron Shock resigned from the senate less over speculation he could be gay, though he was another new conservative wonder where being gay would have been a problem for the family values party. Instead because he didn’t seem to comprehend why he’d been sent to congress; it wasn’t to use congressional funds to redecorate his office like Downton Abby, it wasn’t to show his lavish lifestyle on Instagram, billing the government for170,000 miles work travel for a car with only 80,000 miles on it— oops. Political watchers were surprised to hear political disrupter Steve Bannon was supporting defunct congressman Michael Grimm for a position in New York after Grimm served prison time on tax fraud charges; most recognizable for threats to throw a reporter asking about said investigation off the capitol balcony after making crude insults about his manhood, lack thereof. Why this blog asserted the need, tackling Donald Trump’s rampant disregard for the rule of law and making things that were once matters of decorum legal mandates, either for barring felons, persons with extensive criminal records from holing office at all or subject to review. To ensure the felon in question held the right mindset; i.e. making things better, more socially equal to prevent criminality or showcasing the example of a changed person devoted to showing others a better path. None of which seem likely with Mr. Grimm who simply appears to want his old job back, thinks now he has served his time he can easily pick up his old life where he left off; it remains to be seen if voters will agree on either count. Concluding this section with Roy Moore, the decisions facing Alabama voters, key here too is the point of everyone’s collective outrage, that he could get this high up in his career having done what all accounts say he did to children, yes. Also, no one is asking to suddenly throw Roy Moore in jail lacking a trial, inability for due process, no one is asking for vigilante justice; they are asking we please not elect him to the United States senate. Guilty or innocent there is too much at stake to take a chance on him.






Did the Clintons Try to Whack a Cat?











Truth is Roy Moore had problems beyond running as the family values candidate from the beginning of his senate bid, even if his defiance over the 10 commandments display in his courtroom or his vow to put an identical monument in the courthouse lobby was defensible to his electorate; as was his stance on gay marriage, refusal to inforce it, orders to his district clerks and judges not to, could have pushed him over the edge in terms of winning. There were and are countless red flags Moore was not who he purported himself to be or a good prospect for the job he was essentially applying to, announcing, going ahead with his candidacy. From the outset he flunked knowledge of fundamental issues that would have disqualified him running in a state house or senate race on the basis of incompetence; Salon.com noting he came into his bid not knowing what DACA was, dido right to work laws. So how would he help his state navigate critical issues handling their immigrant populations, craft decisions either shoring up unions or continuing right to work policies because they are working for your state, never mind showing up to the United States senate having anything to contribute to policy conversations effecting the whole country, areas drastically more impacted by those 2 issues alone. Prompting the question what additional issues specific to Alabama, adjacent state, regional designation known as the south doesn’t he know about? Further he suddenly believes the NFL national anthem protests are against the law direct contradiction to the constitution, having nothing to do with his stated biblical views; a giant indicator he has no intention of following the constitution in any circumstance rather the bible combined with his gut intuition, making him dangerous as a government public servant designated law maker. His protest anthem stance an added negative comprehending NFL anthem protests are about police brutality and racial injustice within the justice system nationwide holding large support generally; and Alabama specifically had a narcotics investigation unit exposed circa end of 2015 planting drugs on blacks for decades. Now unclear is if the rouge narcotics unit is in the exact district which Roy Moore will be tapped to represent, but it tangibly effects Alabama, Alabama’s reputation and fuels perceptions protesters concerns have more merit than originally thought; not that they needed much persuasion seeing the same police brutality videos as the people of color taking a knee, abstaining from the national anthem or supporting prominent figures who do. To that end, what does senator hopeful Moore plan to do from his place in Washington to correct things like the errant narcotics unit, stop others from taking its place, root out and prevent them in other areas throughout America; what does he plan to do to keep Alabama, parts of it from becoming the next Charlottesville, site of scenes like those created by Dylan Roof at the Emanuel AME church in South Carolina? Next were his recorded comments on race, how he referred to other nationalities, the fact it reverberates like it’s from 100 years in the past referring to American Indians reds and Asians as yellows; granted he did so shrouded in the context of division, how bad it is for our country, but that remains no excuse. Alabama like the rest of the collective south spending years trying to erase its racist persona, or was that just during the Obama years? Moore has dug himself deeper in the racism hole taking huge sums of money, half a million dollars over the last decade plus, from an extremist pro-secessionist group and founder who calls for the ‘more Christian south’ to secede plus wanting to start his own Anglo-Celtic elite state; perhaps having graduated from law school and aspiring to a U.S. senate seat he might want to show them the supreme court case Texas V. White making secession illegal instead of pocketing money from them. Roy Moore, close to his flagrant race bating, bigotry doesn’t stop talking about religious freedom apparently only believing it’s for the ‘constantly oppressed Christian’ referencing both his comments about Islam and his reaction to Keith Ellison, who generated right wing scandal of the highest order when he took his oath of office hand on a Koran; taking it a step further saying Ellison shouldn’t be permitted to serve because he’s a Muslim and in Moore’s experience ‘the only thing he understands about Muslims is spelled 9/11. Despite the reality there is no requirement you be sworn into public office on a bible, or religious book for that matter, you could be sworn in on a copy of Sports Illustrated if you so desired; knowledge that should fall under things we learned watching iconic political classic The West Wing. But before we get to that there seems to be a need to review other fundamental basics about American government, the founding of this country and pivotal mandates to hold office; first and foremost that there is no religious test involved whether holding the highest office or the lowest, junctures in between. Roy Moore is free to tell whomever he liked why he wouldn’t vote for Ellison, free to try and persuade others to come around to his point of view, even if that point of view solely consisted of ‘don’t vote for him he’s Muslim,’ good luck getting people to follow that advice, but once he was duly elected Moore had no right to question his seating on the merits of his religion no less. You support the second amendment wonderful to your constituency, how about coupling that with advocating basic gun safety since the popular mantra of second amendment enthusiasts is guns down kill people, people kill people; preventing accidental shootings, child deaths due to improperly, poorly stored guns. By insisting getting a gun permit come with mandatory training, a written and practical test mimicking a driver’s license not limited to passing a background check and ability to pay for weapon, ammo, licensing and permit. At the very least not making yourself a picture perfect example of why we need tighter gun control, leftist extremes of banning civilian gun ownership altogether abruptly pulling a gun out of your pocket, waving it around at what’s billed as a campaign rally and casually announcing your support for the second amendment. Attendees could have easily gotten hurt, like the man who shot himself and his wife in a church when showing off his gun; while discussing ironically church shootings. Secondly support the man being charged with reckless discharge of a gun, mandatory training upon first offense and loss of gun for repeat offenses; gun safety basics listed by David Pakman echoed by a gun safety expert issuing reminders to local residents after a Missouri 19 year old accidently shot his gun off at the local mall. More than inducing panic a mass shooting might have come to the relatively small town, leaving-himself with life threatening injuries. Attractively popular as his positions on sexuality and social issues may be, worth weighing carefully for the citizens casting ballots in Alabama is results garnered in North Carolina’s bathroom bill; something Moore would surely throw his weight behind from Washington, push for on a national level rehashing DOMA (the defense of marriage act), a constitutional amendment defining marriage. Calculating vast quantities of revenue that fled the state, businesses that refused to go ahead with developments there, singers, entertainers who boycotted the state, canceled upcoming concerts exc. there, relocation of all basketball; an immeasurable block of income for the state clearly not worth risking. Mirroring effects in any state also considering bathroom bill legislation Mississippi and Georgia to name 2; Georgia particularly poised to be hit hard called the Hollywood of the south, if they had gone through with their religious liberty bill holding bathroom provisions forcing persons to use the restrooms, locker rooms, fitting rooms corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate. Alabama already scorned nationally for the LGBT phobic reaction to a gay character in the Beauty and the Beast remake; at least one drive-in there refusing to show the movie on those grounds. Expanding upon reporters remarking about just how out of step he is with most Alabama citizens/voters, true they may not be big fans of homosexuality but don’t think the entirety of America is evil because of it or agree that legalizing gay marriage, permitting homosexual persons to marry like anyone else, be a complete part of society is worse than slavery the way he does; exercising a modicum of common sense it’s hard to see the Yellowhammer state going along with his stated perception homosexuals, homosexuality should be outlawed, clogging court systems with persons trying to disprove their gayness so they can rent an apartment, get a job, see their long time doctor, let alone stay out of jail, prevent being rounded up because they are, thought a ‘fag.’ Roy Moore’s allegations reeking of rank hypocrisy and casting in new light judicial decisions he’s made while on the bench; once decreeing during a lesbian woman’s child custody case she couldn’t see her child unsupervised or with her partner based on the harm homosexuality does to children. Never pondering also the psychological impact of barring a child from their mother, already processing the stress of a divorce, because of their romantic relationship, no evidence she’d done anything irresponsible in her parenting, was abusive, neglectful, exposed them to someone inappropriate, allowed the child to see them having sex, taken the child to rendezvous to have sex; just that she was getting a divorce, identified as a lesbian and judge Moore didn’t like that. Decided another jaw dropping case where he ruled in favor of a daycare worker who raped a 12 year old because he said there was no ‘implied threat of physical injury;’ not that anyone has ever heard his definition, reasoning being the standard to prove or disprove rape. The standard is did person X, the defendant brought up on charges, standing in the courtroom force the identified victim to have sex with them, attempt to force them to have sex with them, perform sex acts on them involving their mouth, objects, fingers making contact with genitals exc. Here standard being statutory since the child’s 12, and even if she ‘seemed to be/behaved in a willing manner,’ has no legal capacity to consent; meaning having sex with a 12 year old is against the law, and if you prove that indeed did happen to the level accepted in a court of law, you’re guilty to be sentenced accordingly period. Further any pediatrician, let alone someone with half a brain, would disagree rape most certainly can and will cause harm to a child’s physical body just by the size difference of anatomy; size playing a role too in whether there is an implied physical threat when the person abusing you, in this case raping you, is 2, 3 or more times bigger than you in terms of actual stature, build debunking the argument behind his legal finding. In a subsequent daycare case were a presumably male worker raped a 4 year old Moore said “sodomy is an abhorrent crime and should be strictly punished” but argued the evidence did not support a lower court’s finding that Higdon had assaulted a child using “forcible compulsion.” What do you mean forcible compulsion, remember the child is 4 and again is physically incapable of fighting back by the sheer stature of their abuser; considering his toddler age coercion is probably all he had to use until the boy was too trapped to get away, but under no circumstance is sex with a child potentially still in diapers acceptable, even thought about by someone who is not seriously mentally perverted. To say nothing of the psychological impact rape, whatever the specific/horrific details, has on a fully grown adult forget a child, unfathomable for one pre-school age still learning to form words, speak in complete, more complex sentences; and you’re ok voting for this guy Alabama? Senate candidate Roy Moore who challenged his state’s rape shield law meant to protect victims of sexual violence, positing in his dissenting opinion offenders should be allowed to use parts of a victim’s past as evidence in their defense; as if bringing your rapist to justice wasn’t difficult enough emotionally, psychologically, system often seen as victimizing the victim multiple times over by the time a verdict is rendered. Nor was his opinion a rare one attached to individual cases where the victim had a history of false accusations, psychosis related mental health problems or other extenuating, mitigating circumstances where not lifting it in the prescribed instance would hinder the defendants’ opportunity for an adequate defense; The Guardian uncovered during his last 3 year stretch as Alabama’s chief justice of their state supreme court he cited similar thinking on 13 of 16 cases having to do with sex crimes, downright creepy all around when mulling over the accusations leveled against him. Frightening foreshadowing it play there was his opinion on a case scarily parallel to his own interactions with young women, saying of a school police officer accused of having sex with a 17 year old student: “although I do not condone the behavior” of Bonds, the courts should consider the notion that Bonds was not technically an employee of the school, and therefore may have been wrongly prosecuted.” Rather than recognizing even though the age of consent remains 16, the unequal power dynamic and given authority makes it inappropriate enough to prosecute in a court of law. But what we must look out for is the gays, lesbians, sodomites, Alabamians need to seriously ask themselves the same question Charles Krauthammer asked last year in the midst of the bathroom bill dust ups, do we have an epidemic of transgenders being evil in bathrooms; relating it to Moore and the vote taking place in a little less than 2 weeks, do we have an epidemic of LGBT rapists anywhere, LGBT predators preying on children, sodomy negatively impacting anyone besides the people willingly engaging in it, key word being willingly? Or, is it what has been pointed out for years A-we have more arguably sexually repressed, supposedly straight republicans doing creepy things in bathrooms? B- the biggest problem we have on the LGBT front is harm to members of this community visited upon them from the so called ‘normal’ rest of the town, city, state, region, nation, globe; ‘normal people convinced by their religious dogma LGBT is an abomination, unnatural, even contagious ‘normal’ people who replaced lube containers with acid in an Australian gay club, a Georgia man who poured scalding hot water on his girlfriend’s son and his boyfriend leaving them with 3rd degree burns, horrendous pain, endless surgeries and lifelong scars, their only sin that night, sleeping in bed after a hard day’s work. The tragic fates of Mathew Sheppard and Brandon Tina the most horrifying bookends to numerous accounts sexual bullying, sexual humiliations, occurrences of rape, sodomy, sexual assault, brought down on LGBT persons by characterized ‘good Christian’ boys and girls, teens and adults thinking because they’re gay they’ll like it, because they are gay they deserve the pain and torment forced sex brings, believing they can turn them straight make them realize they are indeed the gender they were born anatomically by having sex with them. C- clever predators using sickening methods to rid their prey of their gayness to hide their own sexually deviant tendencies and have unfettered access to a wealth of victims; like the teacher, at a Christian school, who spent weekly appointments raping one young man him, in every way possible, because he was gay, wanted him to hate men, so he would change. Which is realistically the greater threat to society/people’s feeling of personal safety, LGBT persons who like the same gendered person, both genders, not about sex at all feel they were born in the wrong body, all wanting to just be who they are, go about their business, same sex couples who want to marry like their heterosexual counterparts, to borrow a phrase from his vocabulary ‘live right;’ or, sexual harassment that effects both genders and can happen regardless your sexual orientation, gender identity? Usually perpetrated by straight, predominantly white men who feel entitled to comment, evaluate and indiscriminately touch women’s bodies whenever they feel like it, sexually or not; Tennessee so focused on their bathroom bill, regulating LGBT people they ignored their own sexual harassing straight, male predator in their midst until he had potentially assaulted, in some way, 34 women. How about the country board member caught p*sy grabbing shortly after the election of Donald Trump who thought the election of the president meant he didn’t have to be bothered by fussy political correctness; ignoring since when was it under the term political correctness to keep your hands to yourself, expressly off a woman’s behind, genitals or breasts, your tongue out of her mouth, anywhere else you can think of unasked for/uninvited, that’s common decency, a crash course and how not to get arrested for assault, novel thought. Same sex sexual harassment in the ‘strange vortex’ Hollywood is known to be split into 2 categories: pedophilia, what Moore is accused of only rampantly seeking young boys not teen girls; and, the same feelings of entitlement brought on by their position as producer, director, well-known name, career maker mirroring what men have toward women leading to the harassment of actors like Terry Crews and Kevin Sorbo among many others. Extrapolating a little farther, voters should gravely contemplate the true answer to the following question: which stands to do/ has been proven to do more extensive harm to children inclusive bathrooms, an LGBT parent now in a functional if same sex relationship finally happy, the 2 consenting adult/similar aged teen homosexual relationship, emphasis on consenting individuals, willing participants, or what Roy Moore was consistently allowed to do to teens at the mall, hounding them, harassing them, forcefully exposing them to things they weren’t ready for through surreptitious coercion and manipulation subjecting them to the worst psychological/physical violation there is? Unrelated to his popular evangelical stances on abortion, gay marriage, homosexuality, sodomy he professes sweeps our land, he had little ground to stand on morally Christian parameters or general ethics either one when he wants to be a United States senator bur refuses to fully participate in the process by debating his opponent; hardly Christian at all that it seems like he’s hiding from his unpopular stances on issues just cowardly. Interesting, he regularly rants about immorality going from the dubiously sourced campaign funds instance above to discovering he took 1 million dollars from his charity after lying about taking no salary and while simultaneously begging rally goers for donations to continue his campaign; exemplifying the greed we’re sure he gets around to decrying as long as it’s not his. Morality he champions not only as things come to light about him and teen girls when he was in his 30’s but as his son was recently arrested for the 9th time, been arrested 8 previous times learning Moore family lessons well trading on daddy’s name to mitigate the trouble he got into; while parents can’t always be held accountable for their children’s actions once they reach adulthood, children brought up in loving, necessarily disciplined homes can still turn bad, go down a dark path for a time, his sons’ repeated arrests sound like a small town case of ‘affluenza’ perpetuated by a father who refuses to follow any rules he doesn’t like either. Running directly counter to the following quote used in the Washington Post piece opening the can of worms now known as the sexual assault allegations against him; ‘By his account, chronicled in his book “So Help Me God,” Moore spent his time as a prosecutor convicting “murderers, rapists, thieves and drug pushers.” He writes that it was “around this time that I fashioned a plaque of The Ten Commandments on two redwood tablets…. I believed that many of the young criminals whom I had to prosecute would not have committed criminal acts if they had been taught these rules as children,” Moore writes.’ Coming off to readers, not keen on religion to begin with, as you could put tablets in your courtroom to sway wayward young men but failed to instill them in your own son, bad Christian Mr. Moore. Contrast what usually happens to pedophiles in Alabama to what hasn’t happen with Roy Moore for 40 years; a man, regular average Joe citizen, was convicted of “Using a Computer to Attempt to Persuade, Induce and Entice a Child to Engage in Sexual Activity” and spent 5 years in jail independent never having met the 14 year old because she did not exist and it was a sting operation by law enforcement to catch predators such as himself, upon release placed on the sex offender registry listing his home address make model and license plate of his car, identifying scars. Comparing like powerful people look at what’s taken place with Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacy, Mark Halperin, Charlie Rose, Roger Ailes, Bill O’Riley and Eric Bolling before them, all fired from their professions, persona non grata in the professional circles they used to inhabit, awards, honorary doctorates, professional society memberships retracted, rescinded and revoked; Mr. Moore on track to go to the United States senate instead, what’s wrong with this picture?






Roy Moore Stands by Assertion Keith Ellison Shouldn’t Sit in Congress Because He’s Muslim











No it’s not ‘fake, lying news from the swamp’ these women came forward and accused judge, senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual harassment, assault, attempted rape; these uncovered stories came from fellow Alabamians. Washington Post and other reporters initially there to do a story on Moore supporters; changing direction when they heard rumblings of Moore dating, pursuing teenage young women that then becoming the story. Assuming for a moment that it was what Moore and subsequent supporters claim fake news, a democratic/opponent conspiracy to discredit him, why have the 3 largest newspapers in Alabama seemed to arrive at the correct conclusion he’s a pedophile, or at least let’s not elect the chance. Putting their plea begging Alabamians to choose decency above the fold, above bylines, above the name of the paper itself; whether that means voting for the democrat, writing in a viable name up to the individual voter? Why has every republican of any functional operation in the United States senate/congress un-endorsed him, come out condemning him including Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, to name but a few; every republican organization, mobilization apparatus designed to get republicans elected at local levels want nothing to do with Roy Moore, actively distancing their efforts from him? The RNC (republican national committee), the National Republican Senatorial Committee who stopped support for Moore, the republican candidate in Alabama; conservative activist groups doing likewise the Alabama chapter of young republicans disavowed him, stopped fundraising for him. Rand Paul making headlines for being almost the singular republican not to retract their endorsement, though even news outlets suspected, when they reported on the topic, that had to do with his only recent return to congress after being assaulted by a neighbor. No it’s not odd these women waited 40 years to come forward, having already somewhat debunked that claim, in a macro society spanning America now dubbed rape culture; where catcalling and low level harassment are part of daily life for women especially, far from excluding no shortage of men. Where a rape epidemic on college campuses was met with one school response telling girls not to go to frat parties, showing up to a job interview can mean being propositioned for sex, forced into sex, and to be clear this was a teen hoping to work a law firm receptionist gig. We’re hearing about more than Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey the ‘bed of sin’ Hollywood is often called when morning show TV hosts, family oriented personalities piped into our living rooms daily, Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer’s sexual deviance is exposed. No place is safe either when driving a bus means putting up with the sexually inappropriate dispatcher puckering his lips less than 2 inches from a female driver’s face like he’s going to kiss her; all she did was attempt to pick up her schedule. Another completing the same benign job task reported being licked from her chin to her brow and contemplated suicide to make incidents like that one stop; doctors are caught molesting their patients, forcing their patients to touch them during general anesthesia outpatient in office procedures, dental appointments and a lawyer was sentenced to 12 years in prison, will be placed on the sex offender registry upon release, for hypnotizing and groping, making clients perform varying levels of sex acts. Regardless these stories hitting the news, undercover police investigations, not just news reports, sex rings, cults and the horrible things that can happen to you merely going to work; women still struggle to be believed when they say co-worker, powerful person, local person of note X harassed, groped sexually assaulted or raped them. Comments on Beverly Young Nelson’s interview fixated on the yearbook, whose initials DA happened to be (not Roy Moore), arguments old hickory house was never spelled olde, saying sexual harassment is something women claim because “honestly it’s just a trend now to come out and yell sexual harassment because it’s popular instead of doing it when they had time to do it like months or years ago.” Trapped in a micro society, their community, where not only is the abuser well known and well-loved enjoying god-like celebrity status intensifying backlash at least 10 fold; it’s 2017 yet people are still playing don’t talk about it, variably shunning anyone who does. With saddening predictability Beverly Young-Nelson said she might have to move if he wins, describes the care she must take now wherever she goes, being followed by people because she dared say plainly and clearly this is what happened to me. Where people are telling reporters Roy Moore’s detailed behavior was normal back then; though to be absolutely fair and abundantly clear, the white haired ladies residing in a senior center said dating not predation in empty homes in the woods. The dark alley parking lot scene of every B-movie horror flick that just happens to line up with one instance happening in Alabama featuring an attempted rape. Plying minors with alcohol to make them more compliant, add a thrill of excitement and danger; plus leverage should they talk about what you’ve done, suddenly become uncomfortable enough to speak up. Advanced age aside, they had 20 years or more on Roy Moore’s victims, and as cringe worthy as the idea his behavior was normal in the 50’s, 60’s, it was 1977to ’82; people knew that behavior wasn’t normal. Though you wouldn’t know it seeing the latest polls, local comments, voters happily in his corner dismissing the inconsistencies in his answers as it was 40 years ago, the old ‘do you remember what you ate for breakfast last week’ defense; oblivious to comparisons the questioning reporter was making was 2 weeks ago versus that very night’s rally, town hall. The governor exuding tribalism to press cameras willing to vote for the republican, implication no matter what, extoling why we/they need him to go to the senate, next thing out of her mouth is that she had no reason not to believe the female accusers of Roy Moore; translation, she either doesn’t believe them but won’t say so on camera or, she believes them and doesn’t care. Someone please vote her and those like her holding the latter view at the next possible opportunity; because, it’s one thing not to believe the accusations against him, to think it’s all ginned up to actively prevent/destroy his chances at the open seat, it’s another thing entirely to ignore your instincts, your own feelings on what you’ve heard, the swirling rumors you perhaps grew up with, willing to vote for him anyway due to the R beside his name on the ballot. Not to dismiss the groundswell moment we are in as a nation pertaining to sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape; women who have collectively stood up and said unanimously they will no longer tolerate being treated worse than pieces of meat, going through their lives dealing with these assaults, many times the plural, staying silent. Women who refuse to be relegated to the offices,’ the boss’ sex toy, sex object, flirt magnet, crude comment target; it may be the way things have been, but not a second longer. Women who for the first time since their life changing, absolutely not for the better experiences, feel safe coming forward saying things like #metoo, # Not Ok. And you’re doing it all for what, to quote Kellyanne Conway, tax cuts, governor Kay Ivy’s citing supreme court justices and other appointments that need senate confirmation; puzzling why she, fellow politicians, voters period, thinks maverick Moore who was willing to defy the constitution unto being removed from his judicial bench will play ball in the U.S. senate if it’s something he disagrees with. Astute political analysts wondering open mouthed at why everyone seems to be doubling down on this single seat in Alabama subject to special election; needing to remind voters even if it does go democrat this round it won’t stay that way forever in 2 to 4 years it will revert back to republican and Alabama’s deeply red state Roots, the only thing lost is the state’s, the GOP’s reputation much harder to get/gain back. Let me, outsider looking in, get this straight you’re doing this because he’s your guy, he’s one of you, that’s your story and you’re sticking to it, the democrat is oh such a terrible prospect; well all the specters that could be dreamed up about what damage a democrat could do to the great state of Alabama, Doug Jones hasn’t been accused of a long history encompassing inappropriate behavior with anyone, let alone sexual misconduct, assault, attempted rape, again of anyone forget a 14 year old child. Dough Jones didn’t/doesn’t have a habitual track record of trolling malls, teen hangouts looking for dates among people minimum half his age, being kicked out, banned from community hubs for virtually stalking and harassing people half his age. When Doug Jones wanted a justifiable attack ad letting Alabama know just what kind of deplorable he, people outside Alabama thought Roy Moore was, he used fellow republicans, political heavy weights own responses to publicized allegations; he crafted another using the faces of our disgraced judge’s reported victims as they looked at the time of his abuse/assault, unwanted pursuit, they had provided to media. Roy Moore couldn’t even be bothered to denounce an obviously fake robocall. Instead stood back using it and the foiled sting operation by Project Veritas, right wing bogus sting operation machine responsible for the ACORN takedown, though workers were playing along only long enough to call police on a couple trying to illegally open a brothel, empty voter fraud claims, Planned Parenthood harassment, their latest stunt meant to discredit the Washington Post’s original and continuous reporting on Moore’s sexual abuse/sexual assault allegations, as cover to call everything fake news, a political hit job. While again staying totally quiet as his campaign staff engage in the fast forming new tradition of moving from verbal, metaphorical, perhaps legal attacks on media to actual physical, in person assaults on reporters doing their jobs; 2 staffers confronting a camera man outside a Moore event. Readers might remember Montana’s Greg Gianforte who body slammed and broke the glasses of a reporter covering that election, going on to win his race there. For all the religious people, fellow politicians, ardent supporters tying themselves in knots, twisting themselves into unfathomable contortions to defend Moore from referencing ‘very old’ father of John the Baptist Mary and Joseph, parents of Jesus, her a teen him a grown man accounting to the person; somehow forgetting their own theology his was the one and only immaculate conception and they weren’t married yet. Reviving tried and true, disgusting statements like ‘some 14 year olds could pass for 20,’ the new version of she didn’t look 14 (what president Trump said when he defacto endorsed Moore adding “he denies it”) that also from the pastor who asserted these women were getting paid substantial sums and having sweet dreams to come up with this stuff; to Roy Moore dated teens for their purity referencing his wife only to sputter when confronted with facts she’d already been married once and divorced before dating then marrying Moore. Another claiming that when Moore returned from service post-Vietnam all the age appropriate women were taken; making little sense from a logical, factual standpoint because wouldn’t the death toll mean there was a shortage of age appropriate young men available never mind willing to marry, capable of being good providing husbands? And as if that should ever be an excuse for praying on a child; but rational thought isn’t what we’re discussing here, still one more referencing a song by of all things The Beatles to defend him citing Ringo Starr’s remake of You’re 16, “You’re Beautiful and You’re Mine.” Except, as the Young Turks commentator pointed out to his audience, we don’t know if this was a song sung from the point of view of another 16 year old similarly aged teen talking about a fellow 16 year old or what; it was a remake which means Ringo Starr didn’t write it while in his 30’s as implied. There are religious persons who are against him, call his and the republican party’s Christianity fake; women too are not all Kay Ivy, enamored with Roy Moore content to blithely brush aside what he might have done, young women like young republicans rejecting Moore. Christian women who aren’t interested in his selfishness opposed to focusing on Alabama issues even before you throw in the 9 allegations against him; women videoed paragraphs above who are mothers first and republicans second, meaning they won’t be voting for Roy Moore and all his possible child abusing baggage. This blog wishes it could say that seemed to matter. but the latest polls say not Moore up 6 points in the tracking; shouldn’t republicans, Americans be proud? Going from the Grand old Party of thugs, liars and religiously brainwashed mental health cases to a legitimate question of will they be forever and henceforth known as the party of pedophiles, already the party of repressed gays with a different kind of problem? In the sobering words of victim Tina Johnson “quit being willingly ignorant;” it’s time to stop being willingly ignorant, you’ve heard this all your lives, there are 30 odd witnesses on record that remember being told by friends what he had done to them, incalculable how many know but haven’t stated so publically, some remember seeing him go after their teen co-workers back in the days of their first job. Some of you know the mothers’ of these victims, are friends with them, knew the character of the child when it happened, others you’ve heard from them what he did; it’s time to use the knowledge you’ve been given, again not to throw Roy Moore in jail sans the due process no longer capable of taking place, simply to not elect him to the U.S. senate. Alabama you can do that for your fellow townspeople, your state and the nation, can’t you?