Election Aftermath: Those Blaming the Main Stream Media Stop It That Means You Too Cenk Uygur And TYT, David Packman Et cetera Et Al

Multitudes desperately needing to remember those multiple choice tests we took in school where sometimes the answer was all of the above; similarly here the answer to Hillary Clinton’s loss isn’t one thing, big or small, there is no glaring, smoking gun telling us why she won’t be our first madam president, won’t be sworn in on January 20th, it’s everything with a side of issues almost no one is talking about including supposedly independent media. Problem, her failed campaign is 10% Hillary’s personal, political, public speaking shortfalls and 90% the other things listed in different proportions, but she gets 1,000% of the blame alone, any other explanations are categorized as not serious, utter non-sense, deflection— are we tired of, done with being wrong yet?