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October Falls: The Plague of a Coming Age

October Falls like to keep you guessing. The band was originally conceived and executed as the solo project of one M. Lehto, who gradually expanded the lineup to include a handful of musicians from other …Read More

Various Artists: Who’s That Man: A Tribute to Conny Plank

Whether you read On Some Faraway Beach, author David Sheppard’s biography of Brian Eno, or writer Geeta Dayal’s in-depth investigation of Eno’s 1975 watermark Another Green World, at one point, you’ll come upon Eno’s comment …Read More

Carmen Villain: Sleeper

Carmen Villain’s first single, “Lifeissin”, was a placid ballad with something dark and evasive at its core: Over a faint glimmer of guitar, Villain murmured sour nothings about closing the blinds, going to hell, living …Read More

Rachel Zeffira: The Deserters

Horrors frontman Faris Badwan was the famous face behind Cat’s Eyes’ 2011 debut, but Rachel Zeffira’s story has since proved more intriguing. A half-Irish, half-Italian classically trained opera singer with roots in rural Canada, Zeffira is …Read More

Batillus: Concrete Sustain

The bulk of “Rust”, the fifth song on the new album from New York heavy metal hoarders Batillus, is pure pit invocation. The quartet falls in behind Willi Stabenau’s initial bass rupture and powers through …Read More

Bandshell: Caustic View EP

Bandshell’s part of the ever-growing generation of young artists who, thanks to the digital age, could potentially pass through the gates of dance culture without setting foot inside a single club. In an interview with …Read More

Ellen Allien: LISm

Berliner Ellen Allien clearly doesn’t view boundaries in quite the same way as many of her techno peers. Using terms like “fearless” to describe musicians who cycle through contrasting styles in their career often comes …Read More

Toy Love: Toy Love

Though they existed for less than two years, Toy Love are immeasurably important to the history of New Zealand music. They helped inspire the creation of Flying Nun– perhaps the most important independent label in …Read More

Golden Grrrls: Golden Grrrls

Remember how the internet was supposed to make albums extinct? Around the turn of the century, serious-minded pop scholars were telling us that listeners would stop caring about compendiums of songs with pre-designed tracklists and …Read More

Deathfix: Deathfix

Brendan Canty played drums in Fugazi; Rich Morel’s a singer-songwriter with a side-hustle remixing Nelly Furtado songs for the club. The two met when they both joined Bob Mould’s touring band (Morel and the ex-Hüsker …Read More