Author: pitchfork

Rachel Zeffira: The Deserters

Horrors frontman Faris Badwan was the famous face behind Cat’s Eyes’ 2011 debut, but Rachel Zeffira’s story has since proved more intriguing. A half-Irish, half-Italian classically trained opera singer with...

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Carmen Villain: Sleeper

Carmen Villain’s first single, “Lifeissin”, was a placid ballad with something dark and evasive at its core: Over a faint glimmer of guitar, Villain murmured sour nothings about closing the blinds, going to...

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Batillus: Concrete Sustain

The bulk of “Rust”, the fifth song on the new album from New York heavy metal hoarders Batillus, is pure pit invocation. The quartet falls in behind Willi Stabenau’s initial bass rupture and powers through an up-tempo crunch,...

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