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Obamacare Fact Check: What the President Really Promised, What He Actually Delivered

Health insurance is only different in its level of importance; you don’t get to just pay for what you use. Never have you been able to do that, and never was the Affordable care Act described as an á-la-carte medical service.Read More

Navy Yard Shooting Caused by Violent Video Games?

Needless suffering and so much carnage because someone deemed a professional, considered an expert would rather use the TV program, his allotted segment to expound on his pet peeve, the unsuspecting “evil” of virtual entertainment, especially video games than have a real conversation about mental illness other than saying said system is broken, he was improperly treated and too quickly proceeding to your “larger” point. Read More

Extreme Parenting- Public Shamming the New Trend

To quote one commenter on one of many stories across most of the western world; “god what passes for an adult these days.” Read More

The Invisible Equality Fight Marking the 21st Century

These are people, average Americans who experienced one divorce, one illness, one missed child support payment, resulting in needing food stamps, people…who may even be working and homeless…is who we allow selective news to criminalize, shame, not politicians talking about work who hardly have a day in their lives…Hooray for American values and the American values police.Read More

This is the World’s Red Line

Equally as important is why we already haven’t put our foot down, haven’t lifted as little as a finger to end the needless death of children, of ordinary people… It’s that we don’t want to get involved… not in the sense of refusing to be flippant about the costs of war, the price of intervention both monetarily and in lives ultimately lost, but in the callous sense of let them solve their own conflict, it’s not our business, it’s not our problem, a let someone else handle it kind of mindset, a we’re too tired of this mentality, we’ve spread ourselves too thin, a we don’t want to sort of way.Read More

Rights For Transgender Teens in High School Raises Eyebrows

Schools are likewise to be places of learning, not just reading, writing, arithmetic, science, music, art, but tolerance, seeing things from a different perspective, gaining knowledge about people different from you… how is any different, any less important? Read More

Miley Cyrus Isn’t Hannah Montana Anymore

Similarly it is just as important who is loudest in crying their outrage as it is that watchdogs, viewers are outraged; chief among said groups are people along the caliber of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, of MSNBC’s Morning Joe fame…people like those who cannot digest the change in Miley, who think Mayberry was real. Read More

Popular Psychiatrist Turned Columnist Slapped With Cease and Desist Order

. As a therapist who has written numerous books, columns telling parents how to get their kids to tow the line, follow the rules, be respectful, contribute to society, he should more than comprehend their concern, more than recognize he needs to follow the rules. An easy solution to his predicament would be to go through the process of having himself licensed in his current state, or at minimum, investigate what that would entail. Instead he seems to be deflecting and distracting, refusing to take responsibility, really behaving no better than the children he blasts in his column, or those older generations now wandering around shouting their 2 cents regardless of relevance…Read More

ESCAPE Album Release from Tony Bragano & Roberto Restuccia

Tony Bragano and guitarist Roberto Restuccia invites listeners to come out and play with the release of Escape

Saxophonist Tony Bragano and Guitarist Roberto Restuccia Collaborate on their 2013 release “Escape”. Together they bring a new and exciting sound to Smooth Jazz. The album is mostly instrumental, but features vocalists Steve Johnson and Sarai Usry on two tracks. Expect a diverse set of songs which offer smooth, soulful, romantic and soothing vibes. Escape for a bit and join us in a playful, and fresh new world. Read More

Andrew Jewell, Australian solo artist announces 1st Response

1st Response wide

1st Response has a frenetic sound, fierce and futuristic; heavy bass and wild drums are at the heart of every song.Read More