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Jennifer Hope Interview with


In this interview, Jennifer Hope discusses the craft of songwriting, the making of her new CD Velvet Fire, and the passion that drives her art.Read More

Befallen’s Frontman Aaron is the Degeneration of this Generation

Western Australians Befallen are some modern day death metallers who are taking whatever they can to make their music the best thing their is.Read More

Limbo X the Scene from Greece!

Greece metalheads Limbo X has taken their influence of metalcore and twisted it together to format a unique style of metalcore, thrash metal, and melodic death metalRead More

Anagnorisis’ Zak, Zachary, and Sam says their an Act Unlike Any Other!

Louisville, Kentucky black metal act Anagnorisis is an act unlike any other since the release of their EP ‘Ghost of Our Fathers”Read More

Narrow Heart’s Discusses Debut EP, Music Writing Style, and Plans for the Future!

Narrow Hearts are some up-and-comers with a debut EP under their belts called “Strive to Change” with that the band has written and recorded a variety of tunesRead More

Ember’s Double Header Discussion

Gathering members from former or current projects heavy metaller’s Embers, from the Bay Area of sunny California got together in 2004Read More

Dismember the Fallen Establishes Career with Making Music

Dismember the Fallen is an act from Michigan released a new EP entitled “Moving In Dreamscapes” and has got a whole lot more ahead of themRead More

Maleficent Vigor Discusses Historic Past, Present, and Future!

Maleficent Vigor had the passion and love for music as any other person would with this they took it to their advantage and used it to their own doingRead More

Friend Slash Lover’s Josh Mintz Quirky Spirit

Friend Slash Lover began as a quirky art project about seven years ago since then they have evolved into a mainstream lush sound of uniquenessRead More

Truth Behold Discusses their Ways with Music!

Montreal, Canadiens Truth Behold is an aggressive deathcore outfit founded in 2010 consisting of five musicians the music is strongly composedRead More