Dennis Hastert Update: Former House Speaker and Probable Pedophile Pleads Guilty to Keep Sorted Details of His Abuse Secret

Remember Hastert violated banking laws to pay huge amounts of money to this person for their silence; indicating, whatever their reason, they wanted to speak out about their relationship with Hastert. Is it possible it was to ruin his reputation, derail his successful life when this person felt they had nothing, sure it’s possible but not probable. Why then would you pay them, why then would you twist yourself in knots, break laws, unless you had something to hide? That said, he should be serving much more time in prison, the rest of his life accounting for his advanced age, and under the charges for which he should truly be prosecuted; banking charges immaterial, unimportant compared to what he did to those boys.

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Zach Anderson Update: Sentence Vacated, Threat of Sex Offender Registry Removed Justice Served

Too bad that didn’t happen in the first place; too bad judge Dennis Wiley remains on his bench… Too bad it took thousands of dollars of the Anderson’s personal finances, taxpayer dollars and man hours, time taken way from prosecuting more urgent cases, coupled with public pressure for a judge to do the right thing, for a judge to see the error of his ways.

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The Political Correctness We Need to be Worried About: The View Loses Advertisers When Host Says Nursing not a Talent

They made a joke, made fun of something that should be made fun of a contest still celebrating women, in the 21st century, singularly for their beauty, for their ability to measure up to a subjective standard of attractiveness. And when someone behaving stupidly, by participating alone, couldn’t even come up with a talent commiserate with the competition they entered by choice, they called them on it having a good laugh in the meantime.

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SB 1062 This Is What Gays Are Talking About When They Say Defamation, Discrimination

But this is what makes the debate, the fight for gay marriage so important; because, it’s not about the morality of homosexuality, is it right, is it wrong? It is about the right of every human being to be first and foremost treated like a human being no matter which lifestyle they choose to engage in, and in America, the right of every person to be treated equally independent of race, ethnicity, creed, religion, and yes, sexual orientation.

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