Red Maker Discusses New Album Plus More!

Up and coming and RED MAKER began not too long ago, releasing a few single’s with even a 2 hour length album of demo’s as well. The band has a debut album out this summer …Read More

Ryan David Orr Goes Into Detail on Music and More Music!

Indie rocker RYAN DAVID ORR is finishing up what he says is his tenth album, with a handful of single’s out as well as a lot more music and newer singles out soon! He goes …Read More

Polarity Talks of Gigs, Music, and More!

Elemental band POLARITY has two full-length album’s and two EP’s along with a single, and a live EP coming up as well. The band does have all new music in the works, and even is …Read More

Longfield & Super Skeleton Chats of Shows, Music, and More!

Unique up and comer’s LONGFIELD AND SUPER SKELETON have had two album’s out with another album out late this summer! Some shows are also set to take place this summer as well as much more! …Read More

Lilith’s Revenge Talks of Music, Performing and More!

Alternative metal rockers LILITH’S REVENGE has been around for a while, releasing a handful of single’s, with their debut album released earlier this summer! Shows have already been performed with a lot more in-store! The …Read More

Dying Vision Discusses About Themselves and Music!

Extreme metal band DYING VISION got their start way back in 2012, releasing two full-length album’s, with the process of a third in the works currently! The band discusses their time together, current recording’s and …Read More

Nasty Savage @ The Regent Theater 6-10-22

Hirax @ The Regent Theater 6-10-22

EvilDead @ The Regent Theater 6-10-22

Witchhaven @ The Regent Theater 6-10-22