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IndiMusic TV Signs On As Official Partner for 2016 Vans Warped Tour

IndiMusic TV Signs On As Official Partner for 2016 Vans Warped Tour – Alternative Press readers voted the Vans Warped Tour as the “Best Tour/Festival” and Rolling Stone called it “America’s Most Successful Festival”. Now in its 22nd year, the 41-date tour will commence June 24 in Dallas, TX and end on August 13 in Portland, OR.

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Popular Psychiatrist Turned Columnist Slapped With Cease and Desist Order

. As a therapist who has written numerous books, columns telling parents how to get their kids to tow the line, follow the rules, be respectful, contribute to society, he should more than comprehend their concern, more than recognize he needs to follow the rules. An easy solution to his predicament would be to go through the process of having himself licensed in his current state, or at minimum, investigate what that would entail. Instead he seems to be deflecting and distracting, refusing to take responsibility, really behaving no better than the children he blasts in his column, or those older generations now wandering around shouting their 2 cents regardless of relevance…

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Juror B-37 Exposes Race Relation Ignorance in America

…we, the world don’t know the name Trayvon Martin because he discovered the cure for a rare cancer; we don’t know the name Trayvon Martin because he became a revolutionary school teacher, attorney, because he became a human rights activist, a tireless social worker making a difference in the lives of kids or people with disabilities….We know the name Trayvon Martin because he is dead, because his is a life needlessly cut short, a life that matters no longer here…

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ESCAPE Album Release from Tony Bragano & Roberto Restuccia

Saxophonist Tony Bragano and Guitarist Roberto Restuccia Collaborate on their 2013 release “Escape”. Together they bring a new and exciting sound to Smooth Jazz. The album is mostly instrumental, but features vocalists Steve Johnson and Sarai Usry on two tracks. Expect a diverse set of songs which offer smooth, soulful, romantic and soothing vibes. Escape for a bit and join us in a playful, and fresh new world.

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Sorry Supreme Court You Got It Wrong

It’s New York City’s stop and frisk law warned to disproportionately and discriminately accost black individuals not fully realized perhaps until Forest Whitaker was frisked in a New York deli for shopping while black…and for some utterly idiotic reason store personnel A- didn’t recognize the academy award winning actor for his performance in The Last King of Scotland, independent of the fact many stars frequent their establishment and B- thought the well-dressed black man had a reason to steal something.

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