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Assange Statement on the First Day of Manning Trial

The alleged act in respect of which Bradley Manning is charged is an act of great conscience – the single most important disclosure of subjugated history, ever. Bradley Manning is effectively accused of conspiracy to commit journalism.Read More

Lick Library Bring You Jam With Foo Fighters Vol.2

LickLibrary have just launched their Jam With Foo Fighters Vol.2 guitar tuition DVD featuring over two and half hours of guitar lessons where you can learn seven tracks note for note.Read More

Nuclear Power & You

Alternative power sources are being looked at now more than ever to provide a resolve to the impending climate change crisis. Read More


A fun game of musical skill and fast moving fingers! Frets teaches you to play guitar with you keyboard at home while developing your accuracy skills. Read More

Why are so many opposed to advancement?

In June 2011 this video was post – Andrea Rossi Explains His Energy Catalyzer It took Rossi 22 years to get to this point with zero outside help. He has spent well over 3 million …Read More