Southeastern Wisconsin singer/songwriter David Tomaloff offers music lovers a sneak peek at his brand new album, “Birds on Wires”, which is slated for release in mid-October.

David Tomaloff’s music comes across something like the sound of wood and sparks; a unique and ardent blend of Americana, Roots, and Folk Rock loosely reminiscent of such artists as Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, and Joe Henry.

Tomaloff has been best known for his work with the independent rock and roll outfit, The Dammitheads, whose two self-released albums garnered a fair share of critical praise and song placements on such shows as “Invasion” and MTV’s “Real World: Road Rules”.

His most recent musical incarnation finds Tomaloff decidedly many miles from the Dammitheads’ sound, immersed in a unique and ardent blend of Americana, Roots, and Folk Rock, all distilled and delivered in the form of his most accomplished and compelling work yet; a ten-song album titled, Birds on Wires.

Birds on Wires comes across as a more straight ahead and lyrically centered work than anything Tomaloff has done to date and, while his lyrics are most often delivered in the first person, they are never obviously “personal”, preferring instead to leave the cast of characters free to roam about and gel with the listener.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Birds on Wires is the record’s somewhat unusual recording process, wherein Tomaloff enlisted the help of friend, drummer-engineer, and NC native, Chris Garges, for what would become a very fruitful long-distance recording relationship.

For this process, Tomaloff sent Chris demo versions of the songs to record drums and percussion over as he saw fit. Garges then sent the tracks back to Tomaloff to finish. As the songs progressed, many of them were sent back to Garges for further recording, adding the heart wrenching pedal steel of Bob Barone.

Birds on Wires, which is currently set to be self-released in mid-October, was recorded by David Tomaloff at his own Hey!Low Sound System studio and by Chris Garges at Old House Studio in Gastonia, NC. The album was mixed by Chris Garges at Old House Studio and mastered by Brent Lambert at The Kitchen in Carrboro, NC.

“Tomaloff has just returned from some state that I’ve never been to and recorded some darn good tunes. They take me back to a place that I’ve never been, but always wanted to go – with the likes of Bob Dylan and Mark Twain and other essential notables as your tour guides.” – The Boy (Matt Geary)

“The new stuff is brilliant! It’s like you channeled Alyson Krause, Jeff Tweedy, Patterson Hood, Hayward Williams, and Ray Lamontange, then took all the best of each to make the perfect music.” – Steven Pfaff