Gary Paul Bryant has developed a reputation as a top new age/jazz pianist. His music blushes with the grandeur of classical composition and rushes with the life-blood of jazz and New Orleans style blues. On WildLife, Bryant’s 10th album, we are treated to thirteen tunes that would make the likes of Grusin, Isham and Lanz stand up and salute with respect.

WildLife opens with the title track, a taut and uptight new age bit of expressionism that explodes into jazz glory halfway through. Elephant In The Room explores Eastern sounds and rhythms in a composition that is sonically interesting even if quite limited. The fabulous No Possum In My Pond sounds like Herbie Hancock on a mind-altering substance, and Cue The Moose is a pleasure. Other highlights include the expressive Licking A Low Tide, the dark Storm On Sucia and The Grand Stampede.

WildLife is a dynamic collection of new age/jazz that is rewarding for the listener. This is not your typical dinner music, but is as intellectually stimulating as it is pleasant to listen to. Gary Paul Bryant has created a memorable album that should not only hold a prized place in your collection, but may well spawn several licensed movie compositions as well.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)