About: Brandon Vee, new generation hip hop artist, recently turning 23 is one of the most talented young hip hop artists today. Brandon began writing at the age of 9 to cope with social problems he had at school. At 14 Brandon wrote and recorded his first track and hasn’t looked back since. “The first track is solid, I would say it’s a smash” in response to a song sent to him via email. In addition he and 20 others were chosen out of 8,000 to be part of a 25 city unsigned artist tour during the process of his signing with and Independent label in 2008. His lyrical talent and appearance capture a wide range audience from young females lulled by some of his pop and R&B undertone, to the young and older males dazzled by his lyricism. He is the new generation hip hop artist, one who can write and perform to any style of beat and make it a hit, his name is Brandon Vee.

Brandon Vee

Music: I believe song arrangement is critical to producing a solid and concrete radio hit. I always keep my ear to what’s hot on the charts, I dissect what is working and why its working to give me an idea of what “sound” people are currently into. Once establishing what that audience niche is on to the intro which needs to grab that audience in. The verses of a song must be in detail and clean cut but keeping the audience interested. Its important not to make things too complicated and that’s where choruses glue the song together, simple catchy and easy to remember

Audience: More importantly people love their styles even though they have their own unique ones I remind myself its important to take what works and build around it molding into my own. This is a way to ease an audience into accepting and knowing how to react to my style of music and that is why its important to know who and what my competition is doing, simply because i can take notes from each of them combine it all and use it in my own way.

Sales: For the kind of music I release, I’m targeting and making sure I am doing it all within the standard that the company has upheld. Fans well fans are my life they have supported me when no one else did I keep in very close contact with my fans emailing them everyday, taking request and suggestions to what they would want to here. I think its important to be as close to your fans in this new era of music then ever they want to feel involved as they most definitely are the direct cause to my success and should feel such. I know its not going to be easy it’s hard work but I am dedicated to what I love and what I love is my music and my fans.

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New generation hiphop artist, one of the most talented young hip hop artists today. His ability to formulate his own style on any type of hip hop is remarkable allowing him to be as versatile and successful one million plus fans as the city he was born and raised in, New York.
In the Journey – Brandon Vee, available on iTunes, Google Music, Spotify

Label: BMXE, http://bmxe.wordpress.com
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Website: http://onesheet.com/brandonvee
Contact: Maurice Dekatt, BMXE
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