Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Celebrities and politics are nothing new, whether throwing their popularity clout behind a particular office, candidate, social issue or world betterment project, some even throwing their hats in the ring for various office vacancies themselves. Hollywood and known names can have a big impact on choosing our leaders, becoming local forces to be reckoned with. And it isn’t just the typical liberal, democratic fair a-la Michael Moore, his scathingly provocative docudramas Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, criticism targeting opposing party entities during Bush 43’s presidency, eventual reelection. Whether recounting big name personalities, career icons like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura elected governor, Charlton Heston’s NRA involvement and staunch support for republicans from Ronald Reagan forward. They prove more than an existence of conservative veins in Hollywood, but lively vital ones who will make themselves apparent when they feel there is a need, when America can no longer afford their silence many would say. Look no further than gen X throwbacks Scott Baio and Antonio Sabàto Jr. prominent at RNC convention festivities this year alongside Duck Dynasty family member Willie Robertson. Who could forget last election cycle Clint Eastwood’s, viewed strange, monologue recitation to a chair meant to represent president Obama? Where he, among general observations standing out, mumbled frequently and filled gaps repeating the word uh a lot; impersonated our sitting, then up for reelection (obviously), president interrupting him, telling candidate Romney, our intrepid speaker of the hour both to shut up at several points. Purported the suggestion Mr. Romney go f- himself; imaginings president Obama told Eastwood he too could go f- himself at another juncture, after saying something he wouldn’t like. Legendary actor best known as Dirty Harry throughout older crowds and for Million Dollar Baby, if at all, among younger attendees/voters next criticized giving out target dates, goals bringing home troops from Afghanistan as opposed to Romney who asked why not bring them home tomorrow morning? Ignoring prep work needing to be done ensuring Afghanis could succeed on their own or sheer logistics involved in flying several thousand soldiers out of an area. Mocking air force one as a gas guzzler and his tours across various college campuses discussing student loans, Mr. Eastwood must have been remarking on president Obama promoting his planned legislation tying tuition rates to inflation, bringing college costs down, loan renegotiation options, coupled with existing programs offering loan forgiveness in part for graduates who become teachers. Opening educational possibilities offered deserving students and giving a greater sectioned everyone opportunities encompassing better careers, higher paying jobs through that education; did you mean those eco-unfriendly, ‘expensive’ tours Clint? People back then generating predictable mixed reactions, from viewers, analysts who thought it was republican swill to about time, a larger swath seeing the prolific actor, director, even composer as fragile, senile and out of his depth. Yet, considering Eastwood’s personal politics, shaking off reserved shadows once again sharing his views, it was little surprise he was back this year commenting on, even going so far as to assuage people’s curiosity telling readers he was voting for Donald Trump; however, it was his additional comments on society today that raised eyebrows. In an interview for Esquire he said of Trump and current culture in general, title lines spawning Salon’s piece and subsequently mine: “When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist.” Pontificating everyone was walking on eggshells and how Trump was onto something because people are secretly tried of political correctness, kissing up, calling such actions the kiss-ass generation, elaborating: “we’re really in a pussy generation.” Not included either by Eastwood himself, the Salon or Esquire authors so much as a singular example describing exactly what he alone has been called out for regarding racism, sexism, what he believes are over the top examples of political correctness calling something racist or sexist when it isn’t. We could be talking fan uproar swirling around black Hermione in stage adapted Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which was actually more about author JK Rowling’s character/casting inconsistencies, constant contradicting trickle down information pieces, characters’ background tidbits that don’t match series norms never mind shattering fan generated images accompanying their beloved Potter-verse. Or we could be talking substantive elements, without more information we’ll never know. But, his blow by blow ‘shrewdly’ analyzing one controversy over and over tripping up Trump, in the interest of political incorrectness, frankness over ‘eggshells,’ proves public perceptions’ point above his own. Indicating strong likelihoods he’s ignoring racist elements in Trump language, comments, rally speeches or doesn’t recognize it, partly due to his age, times he did grow up in, where American once was. Renowned actor breaking down his thoughts on Trump comments voiced disparaging the judge overseeing Trump University lawsuit proceedings, calling attacking said judge’s Mexican heritage and suggesting that renders him unfit to decide outcomes pertaining to his case from a fair, legal-based standpoint merely a stupid thing to say. Directly afterwards highlighting both sides say a lot of them (stupid things); stating everybody, press were making a big hoodoo out of it when they should just f-ing get over it. Major flaw represented within that uncouth explanation is, there, wasn’t the first or the tenth time Trump has literally shouted something honestly, accurately termed racist, inaccurately stereotyping, caricaturizing Mexicans. Doesn’t Mr. Eastwood remember Trump’s catalyst for building a wall, the Mexican government allegedly sending all their people with problems, murders, rapists and he guesses some good people here, leaving us to handle, manage, incarcerate them? Instead of understanding Mexican immigrants, independent legal status, overwhelmingly come here for a better life, opportunities they can’t get in their home country. Forging it would have finished any other candidate in history had they uttered statements so correctly identified offensive and anti-authority connected to a judge who, as far as can be ascertained, has done nothing untoward in his career, has done nothing unprofessional toward Mr. Trump despite his celebrity, favoring it or being uncharacteristically harsh. We can’t just f-ing get over it because, he isn’t you, he isn’t just an actor, a however good one with untold credits to their name and a stellar reputation. He is vying for the highest office in the land, completing job application materials toward hopefully becoming commander in chief demanding a higher standard of conduct, conversation; and he speaks this way about our melting pot country, on countless fundamental topics not simply immigration. That should be offensive to you in your long years Mr. Eastwood; sidestepping the too convenient jibe when he grew up dinosaurs still walked the earth, projecting all seriousness sadly, Clint Eastwood, like Charlton Heston, is an example of going a little nuts in your old age and hardly anyone notices. Until ominous chair incidents, until comments like those delivered in Esquire causing whispers of past his prime, dementia, doddering old fool. Unfortunately, we can’t just f-ing get over it; we must repudiate it because, Trump has already gotten as far as he has encountering few stumbling blocks. Because it sounds too much like Phil Robertson, who closed 2013 comparing homosexuality and bestiality, as if they were one in the same, and said he never saw an unhappy black person picking cotton circa the Jim Crow south. His failure to recognize, in his decrying entitlement, welfare, purposefully creating a population of second class citizens, second class human beings with whites only eateries, public restrooms, drinking fountains, public bus seats, schools was, is and always will be wrong. Reiterating, Donald Trump’s comments, satisfying though they may be to his avid listeners, were and always will be wrong as well, regardless who endorses them, supports them, and by extension him, encourages others to do so.

Confronting Eastwood’s asserted assessments, dismal stated descriptions of current American culture, it’s not rampant political correctness gone awry, social sensitivity run amuck hamstringing people so completely they can’t tell the needed, uncomfortable truth to expect people running for public office, particularly our nation’s highest office, reaching bona fide nominee status, certified by voters, to have their facts straight. Sure all politicians stretch the truth to serve their agenda, find debunked research, obscure scientific bits, tiny studies supporting their claims. Engage in half-truths toward selling their economic plan, solutions surrounding whatever fore-fronted social, national issue is most popular, paramount with voters from your party, those you need checking boxes next to your name. But it isn’t outlandish, an apocalyptic sign signaling stifling monoculture repression, the end result after decades of evolving political correctness to refrain from bellowing atop rally podiums, amateur bully pulpits and anything with a microphone, bullhorn Mexico is purposefully sending us ‘people with problems,’ murders, rapists, drug dealers and maybe some good people, fervently praying if you say it enough times audiences will believe it. Misrepresenting available research on rapes, sexual assaults happening at the Mexican/U.S. boarder waving those supposed materials at news conferences stopping short of playground rhetoric labeled see I told you so. When, truthfully it did document shocking numbers cataloging ordeals of girls and women who had been raped, but by opportunistic Mexicans or Americans aware potential victims would come through there vulnerable and unlikely to report. Coyotes charging so much per head guaranteeing desperate people passage onto U.S. soil, rape for attractive young women, children/teens drawing pedophiles’ attention perhaps part of the deal. That’s who’s doing the raping Mr. Trump, not fellow immigrants who simply want to make it to U.S. land, find work, start a family, make safer the family they already have. Pardon us for expecting our future president to know there were not large Muslim groups standing on rooftops in New Jersey cheering the World Trade Center’s duel tower collapse initiated by 2 planes. Trump started by saying he was there, witnessed with his own eyes, then saw it on television, when no such thing ever happened, came close to taking place. Striving to be commander in chief, presiding over infinitely more important things than average individuals, nuclear launch codes, foreign policy, economic policy, national security, you would think A- he would be proficiently able to distinguish between a plane, executing this much talked about Iranian money drop. 400 million dollars he called ransom despite America’s position we do not negotiate with terrorists, and a plane pictured with freed hostages, political prisoners disembarking. The latter in Geneva Switzerland, which doesn’t look remotely like Iran, Iran being predominately desert. B-he could distinguish between ransom and parameters stipulated via the Iran deal crafted to halt their nuclear program; that disputed 400 million freed assets returned to them as repayment for debt originating some 40 years prior under President Jimmy Carter. Financial arbitration related to the Iran hostage crisis resolved in international courts at The Hague, so not only is America terrible at foreign policy, international quagmires they are incompetent too? Or side note, this very information was covered back in January part of announcements explaining key sections framing said Iran deal; reason they were given cash, according to sitting president, Barack Obama, our strict sanction policy, as state sponsors of terrorism among other things no doubt, prevents writing a check. Salient details you would expect a decent presidential contender to grasp, let alone someone saying they’ll be the greatest, insert issue, president you’ve ever seen; especially if he’s going to sound the alarm about nefarious actions by United States government officials. Reasonable presumption, a candidate running on the slogan make America great again would have civilian available knowledge on jobs, economy numbers, trade; Donald Trump, unfortunately no. Saying Japan sends us boatloads containing cars, we send them nothing; while they do send a lot of cars to be sold here, we also send them meat, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing parts, cars, Japan our 4th largest trading partner. They likewise have created several thousand jobs spanning decades building Toyoda factories, plants making those cars right here in America; he does identical things referencing China’s U.S. trade deficit, that 500 billion number he continues relentlessly repeating. Simultaneously reviving old material for March’s GOP debate on our GDP (gross national product) he reported stands at zero, but 1 and 2 percentage points respectively per quarter are not equal to zero; slow growth yes, still managing growth all the same. Echoing other conservative republicans back in March, Donald Trump said referencing faith, Christianity, integral fabric underpinning our national heritage, they, liberals, progressives, atheists, take your pick, since he wasn’t clear had managed to shut Christianity down. Incongruent 1 in 7 U.S. residents who identify themselves as Christian; religion thriving daily, quoting Lawrence O’Donnell: churches still open in America. Ironic he would care responding, when asked about his own faith, with 2 Corinthians and describing catholic communion as having your little wine, your little cracker. Underlying problem behind Trump’s plan to stop businesses exporting their business operations off U.S. soil by imposing a 25% tax is less blatant oversimplification he can call up Ford, issue the threat and they stay. Rather ignorance of binding trade deals NFTA, CAFTA, WTO membership; these are laws, agreements you can’t just decide to ignore, must formally withdraw from. Problems behind leanings he won’t necessarily support NATO allies is not merely the political, public relations, perception optics remembering they helped us after 9-11. It’s fissures of fear sent through those NATO allies hearing his words, his plans, unsure about the structure of the world if he takes office. Equal roadblock to putting American suspected terrorists in Gitmo, bringing back waterboarding, torturing, killing family members of suspected foreign terrorists, all are illegal, unconstitutional. Latter tactics against the Geneva Convention dictating rules of conflict/combat adhered to by supposed to be civilized people during war, we would have to remove ourselves from. Bigger than political, public optics of racism when he pledges to surveil mosques or ban all Muslims coming into the country, it shows again utter ignorance or disregard for the constitution seeing as there is no religious test conditioning admittance. Watching mosques for no other reason than they are mosques amounts to racial profiling; A-against the law and B- subverting constitutional rights to freedom of religion. Political incorrectness edging into tangible danger when you fail to correct someone at your rally if not on the president’s heritage, Donald Trump long hammering birtherism claiming almost non-stop president Obama is from Kenya, educated in madrasas (Islamic religious schools), highlighting ‘no one ever heard of the guy, no one knew him here in school,’ saying there was something in his birth certificate he didn’t want Americans to see. Unable to get desired traction on that after releasing his long form birth certificate, Trump switched to demanding access to his school records, questioning how he got into Harvard, reads as exactly like what it is, a cheap shot; hardly political correctness gone bad for people to say so. Then on existence of terrorist training camps inside America’s borders when there are none. When he at minimum, no less than half a dozen times called president Obama the founder of ISIS last week and Hillary Clinton MVP (most valuable player); most jumping to his defense, conservatives from every corner clarifying what he meant. Including radio personalities (Hugh Hewitt) talking about president Obama and Hillary Clinton, positioned secretary of state, created the vacuum, lost the peace. And he says no I mean he’s the founder of ISIS, she their most valuable player; falling back on I was being sarcastic after his ‘test balloon’ didn’t go over well with the American people, RNC heads threatened to pull money from him helping those further down ballots in struggling, swing states. Neither is it political correctness reaching breaking record pace, negative infamy, wholly out of bounds when people, news outlets, reporters, fellow politicians point that out. It’s actually called good journalism, duties news outlets, reporters have been rightly accused of falling down on in the name of moving through the next topic to talk with him about, the next question to ask him.

Nor is it political correctness on steroids, gone horribly wrong, kissing up, walking on eggshells to dare require of political leaders, known names, influential persons understanding their words have increased power, significant weight. To that end, they should be careful with them comprehending; quoting Hillary Clinton, words matter. Following up another Salon piece challenging Republican surrogate Anne Coulter needs a dictionary along with her nominee, exclaiming words mean things. Added to their list ‘sarcasm,’ ‘rape’ and ‘legitimate,’ focusing less on whether Trump confused sarcasm and hyperbole, ‘just kidding,’ ‘obviously I was joking’ and ‘I was being sarcastic’ can’t be excuses for ideas, suggestions he’s put forth publicly talking, however quasi seriously, to America’s citizenry or foreign governments, leaders alike. His cavalier suggestion maybe second amendment people, i.e. gun owners, could do something about Hillary Clinton’s probable Supreme Court picks if elected. Political pundits, operatives, commentators listening aghast asking did he just threaten her assassination, insinuate people should attempt to assassinate her upon taking office thus achieving better, in their view, Supreme Court choices? Not buying his flimsy explanation he meant second amendment supporters, NRA members had tremendous power to influence outcomes using their cohesive unity, their vote; noting he was talking about after her taking the final step, being elected, the election being decided, not before. Rightly providing essential context news viewers, political watchers, all individuals at Trump rallies, within hearing distance of his voice aren’t strictly sane; Gabby Giffords shot by a man later deemed clinically insane and medicated for trial answered Trump’s remark in part, “responsible, stable individuals won’t take Trump’s rhetoric to its literal end, but his words may provide a magnet for those seeking infamy.” Columnist Thomas L. Friedman calling Trump comments so dangerous in today’s world; continuing, “They hear the signal in the noise.” Worth interjecting here, history too matters counting sheer numbers of assonated presidents, attempted assassinations effecting presidents, candidates, political figures, JFK, RFK, Harvey Milk, an attempt on president Reagan, making such rally low lights no joke. And, he can’t say people didn’t interpret it that way, a potential threat (until the liberal press/media ran away with it); because, surely someone, campaign staff showed him, news footage: isolated man in red shirt behind him grimacing and mouthing wow, turning to woman in next seat shocked. Clarifying something else, quelling murmurs his words possibly constituted, created an imminent threat, crossing criminal boundaries, separating prominent lawyers who vouch for their legality versus a directive on par with: go kill the president now, go kill Hillary Clinton now; few were talking illegality instead irresponsibility. Far from coincidence, less than 24 hours later a protester attending Hillary Clinton’s rally had to be physically restrained and escorted out, but words don’t have that kind of power, uh-huh. You had your own odd ball scaling Trump tower hoping for a meeting with you transported to Belleview and charged with reckless endangerment and criminal trespass, but people begging you to adjust your tone are establishment political elites, politically correct weaklings. To say nothing of, absorb your world Mr. Trump, frightening road rage incidents: woman recklessly waving gun at gas station, police searching for a person shooting into a van driving on the highway, children inside, dispute began over gun wielder’s vehicle being sprayed with windshield wiper fluid, innumerable blacks, Latinos gunned down by police. Observe the country you are so anxious to lead, man calls 9-1-1 about noise generated via neighborhood block partiers he terms hoodlums, tells dispatch he’s ‘locked and loaded going to secure his neighborhood,’ lines straight out of a movie, fires warning shot from garage, hits man walking by towards his home, unarmed, police unable to substantiate presence of guns, any guns. Evidence before you, there’s zero scenarios under which you would consider minor added restrictions to the 2nd amendment? Certainly you can’t be expected to censor your every word, factor in every twisted manner mentally unbalanced persons might distort your intended meaning, common phrases, adjacent to you can’t suddenly melt down, remove all guns and solve all problems. Yet you can avoid phrases, words, names categorized inflammatory, derogatory, negatively inciting without falling into excessive political correctness. Be cognizant your (Trump’s) recent history packs more relevance punch also, because he can’t say he didn’t know something bad might happen directly attributed to his words; reaching all the way back to deconstructing his relentless bashing Mexicans, not only was it not true, it was harmful. Post his comments 2 Boston brothers were arrested for beating up, urinating on a homeless Latino man, reportedly inspired by none other than Donald J. Trump; worse his response was only to invoke how passionate his people, his supporters are. Similarly dismantling long held public to media accusation Trump never called all Mexicans rapists, technically they’re correct, but it wasn’t semantics garnering him huge votes. It was the shorted interpretation filtered down to they are all murderers, rapist, drug dealers drawing angry, white voters to his banner; worse once more, he knew that’s how his statements were being interpreted and did nothing to correct them. He knew how stirred up, violent his supporters increasingly became and virtually cheered them on; talking about in the old days people like that would have been taken care of, taken out on a stretcher, abdicating any responsibility for fervor turned zealotry he began. Same way he did nothing to correct that town hall speaker, plugging away with birther themes deemed nonsense; now doubling down on this Obama/Clinton are the founder, MVP of ISIS. Extended an out causing you to look less like a deranged nut juxtaposed against the president you want to be, demonstrate you are ready to fill the shoes of, you don’t take it, shaking your head saying I meant he was the founder of ISIS; extoling your wonderful temperament every chance you get? Lacking forward thinking enough to see, should a credible threat befall our sitting president, people might link it to you; blame you and rhetoric spewing from your national attention at this level. Tell us Mr. Trump, was that your stellar temper on display going after the Khan family; people who gave, as Lincoln called it, the last full measure, they gave their blood, their child. And in return they get from you innuendo about why a mother, still grieving the gaping hole in her life once filled by her son, didn’t talk, because she’s Muslim ‘maybe she couldn’t talk;’ not what Chris Mathews said, all American white guy, who didn’t need an epiphany to interpret assailed by grief, too stricken years later to speak particularly in front of a massively packed convention hall. Forget of course they attacked you, challenged have you read the constitution having reached their naturalized citizenship, arguably more familiar with the constitution than average, born and raised, Americans, justifiably upset your proposed Muslim ban would excommunicate them too, the son who died for his country, appeared on other news shows responding to your vehement response. Displaying terrible insensitivity—sensitivity expected long before political correctness was a concept in our vocabulary—trying to relate the Kahn’s sacrifice to sacrifices you’ve made amassing your fortune, working your business deals, concurrently thanking a veteran supporter kind enough to gift you his purple heart by saying you always wanted one; this was much easier, mystified by the outrage? How can we believe you were being sarcastic, parroting Fox News joking, opening a press conference asking Russia to please find Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 lost e-mails, implying American press would highly reward successful hacker X? When, answering a reporters follow up, you didn’t say bating foreign actors, foreign governments into committing espionage, cyber warfare against your own country didn’t give you pause, because ‘I was speaking sarcastically silly, bimbo, incompetent journalist,’ bad enough, but because it was the president’s problem, let him talk to them, if they have them (the e-mails) they have them, we might as well find out. It gives you more pause a person in our government, crooked Hillary Clinton can… Experts, e.g. one former undersecretary of defense, who better to know, informing interested reporters jokes don’t translate well into foreign languages, taken deadly seriously by foreign leaders ripe for an international incident, escalating a crisis, if not now then should he win the presidency. This is your president Mr. Eastwood— oh democrats exploited the Khans—what rendering all else null and void in your mind, as if their story was the only thing that should have captured your anti-PC attention.

We are not living in a kiss ass, never mind pussy generation to be taking stock of our wars Afghanistan, Iraq, Libyan intervention and the cost beyond dollars. Thinking maybe we should do something different, maybe if we stopped bombing their country they would stop trying to kill us. Or, on the other hand, seeing on nightly national news evidence supporting chemical weapons attacks on Syrian civilians and we do nothing because it’s too expensive to get involved, we’re weary of the fight? Syrian kids creating their own no-fly zone burning tires while apologizing to environmentalist for global impact saying we abandoned them. Here at home taking stock of our political discourse, social conversation and the divisiveness, unrest it leads to, social injustice it allows to continue festering. 16 years into the 21st century and women still don’t have equal pay for equal work, face proven bias attempting to get ahead at work, seeking advancement, we’re the only developed country sans paid family, maternity leave. Translation it matters what Trump thinks about women; you have 5 daughters Mr. Eastwood, what would you do if he made that blood coming out of her wherever comment to them, called them a fat pigs, dogs, disgusting animals, suggested if one of them wasn’t your daughter you might want to date her? Would you want them working in a Trump affiliated business where the breast pump issue came into play; Trump and his daughter both seem to have a utopian view on what women can to about sexual harassment in the workplace, believing you can simply walk away, not be subjected to it, that you don’t have lots to lose in a higher position and no power in a lower one, living paycheck to paycheck you just can’t quit, taking it to human resources won’t generate consequences and not exclusively for the harasser. Even after Roger Ailes turned Fox News into his locker room, one woman filed a lawsuit, another testified to being pulled off the air and every woman under 50 and less than a size 18 told investigators about unwanted sexual harassment. Lawyers now subject to bar association discipline for sexist comments may seem PC gone mad from the outside, but not from women called honey, darling, told not to raise their voice it was ‘unbecoming’ of a woman plus having their approach, arguments degraded due to their gender, wondering why it took so long? Is it sinking in now Mr. Eastwood why political correctness is important; recognizing Wisconsin’s Sikh temple shooting came from republican fear mongering going in the wrong ears, white supremacists saw people with turbans, thought them terrorists, stealers of their jobs and shot them, leaving traumatized Sikhs unbelieving this happened to them in America. Shooting at the family values research council perpetrated by gay man active in the local LGBT center; search of his car revealed flyers, sandwich wrappers from Chick-fil-A on the heels of said fast-food chain’s owner making national headlines using his restaurant as a sermon pulpit. Those were 2012; fast-forward to present day, United Arab Emirates businessman, tourist, here for medical treatment tackled by police thought a terrorist after hotel desk clerk dials 9-1-1 reacting to his traditional dress. New York Imam (Muslim religious leader) randomly shot probably for his faith; except that mosque, those parishioners were Bangladeshi followers of Islam, no ties to terror, ISIS, like the Khans where Pakistani immigrants circa the 1980’s, divested from existing conflict. Comprehension president Reagan is responsible for military uniformity regs., why we have fights over hijabs (Muslim/Arab female head scarves) in military school; a Sikh originally had to choose between serving his country and his faith recently winning the right to wear his turban. Is it sinking in now Mr. Eastwood why political correctness is important, connecting dots between bathroom bills and conservatives out of North Carolina who would do anything to see LGBT residents statewide not get rights, equal access to housing, employment, social services? So they concocted their public safety arguments about grown men waking up one day deciding they feel like women to use the bathroom with your little girl, how much of a smorgasbord that created for pedophiles, e-gads what little girls might see. Noting the last said by Michelle Duggar mother to Josh Duggar admitted molester of his own sisters, one babysitter, owner of 2 Ashley Madison accounts possessing a self-confessed porn addiction. Resulting in what, several states across the south following suit passing legislation forcing people to use the public, school restroom corresponding with their birth sex assignment; pushing president Obama to way in, announce schools, by federal law will make accommodations for trans students, another battle destined for the Supreme Court. An uptick in attacks on trans-persons nationwide including a lesbian woman manhandled out of the women’s restroom because police insisted she was a man, a security guard working for a major grocery store chain doing the same; keeping in mind events happening after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. But we don’t need to change our public discourse. No we can’t ‘have a conversation about all lives matter, blue lives matter,’ regardless being called racist, when it’s painfully obvious black lives aren’t equal to all lives and blue lives have been under too much social protection independent atrocities committed in uniform. When whites don’t spend every day thinking about their whiteness the way blacks, Latinos, Arabs have to, aren’t having the same dialogs with their children as minorities, other ethnicities do to ensure their mere survival. Until we acknowledge those realties and fix them. Sickeningly it won’t do anything for your arrogant, anti-PC rhetoric brilliantly showcasing your white male dual privilege possessing a coveted penis, being part of the defacto ruling class daring to tell the rest of us ‘others’ incidentally outnumbering you in population by birthrates not immigration, how it should be; borrowing your famous monologue line, shut up. It isn’t political correctness out of control to no longer use the N word, no longer call Mexicans, Hispanics wetbacks, spics, view women as something other than sex objects, no longer subject to ‘domestic discipline,’ spanking by her husband, being married doesn’t mean ‘give it up whenever he wants it,’ marriage isn’t a shield against rape, realize women have the ability and right to work where they choose, all things happening in your lifetime. Here’s one going back to your youth, not making fun of people with disabilities; even on the playground in 1936, first grade, picking on the different kid with leg braces, physical deformities was a no-no. So, why is it Trump can mock a disabled reporter using flailing gestures and he’s still the man you plan to vote for, has a nomination period? It’s not political correctness, a new 4 letter word, vulgar phrase; it’s called being a decent, upstanding citizen worthy of the vote you cast. Conclusions reached for most sans high intellectual powers, powers perfectly adaptable to this analogy changing our vocabulary on gay people equates to removing the N word from acceptable speech, equates to removing the word retarded from federal documents. We removed the N word because it was wrong to refer to black people in such a debasing manner; changing how we speak about LGBT persons could allow them to be left alone in peace even if you don’t support their lifestyle. Big yay for political correctness; when the pope says Christians owe gays an apology time to rethink where our heads have been. President Obama removed the word retarded where he could, indicating other areas should do the same, because it is wrong to refer to variously challenged individuals in a way that will immediately marginalize them. Extracted from federal language also, Negro and oriental because both are old and out of date, former harkening back to Jim Crow era repression and there are multitudes of other ways, specific region, culture markers to describe Asian descent persons; a big yay for political correctness. They could never suck president Obama into spouting the phase radical Islam, radical Islamic terrorists, not because he’s a Muslim sympathizer, as if that’s a bad thing, to understand someone’s plight; instead because it doesn’t properly distinguish friend from foe, it doesn’t distinguish our enemies from peaceful practitioners of a religion. Radical, jihadists, radical jihadi extremist does just that; yay for political correctness. Mr. Eastwood is a bad kind of nostalgia we need to break away with, ASAP.–and-now-women-are-telling-their-stories/2016/07/22/5eff9024-5014-11e6-aa14-e0c1087f7583_story.html?tid=pm_lifestyle_pop_b

Clint Eastwood: At Least He Wasn’t the Candidate

Eastwood eerily close to mirroring Trump, synchronized on how they view government function, how to get maximum function out of it; evidenced listening to his monologue 4 years ago Salon link below illustrating quite nicely both are utterly clueless. Particularly embarrassing for Hollywood’s western guru being former mayor of a California town, granted most would have to google to find on a map, but a mayor all the same. Salon beautify picked this section of his 2012 speech to solidify their point comparing then and now, “It was silly at the time, but I was standing backstage and I’m hearing everybody say the same thing: “Oh, this guy’s a great guy.” Great, he’s a great guy. I’ve got to say something more. And so I’m listening to an old Neil Diamond thing and he’s going, “And no one heard at all / Not even the chair.” And I’m thinking, That’s Obama. He doesn’t go to work. He doesn’t go down to Congress and make a deal. What the hell’s he doing sitting in the White House? If I were in that job, I’d get down there and make a deal. Sure, Congress are lazy bastards, but so what? You’re the top guy. You’re the president of the company. It’s your responsibility to make sure everybody does well. It’s the same with every company in this country, whether it’s a two-man company or a two-hundred-man company. [Sic] Except they correctly explicate what flies over the heads of both Eastwood and Trump, America’s government is not a corporation, a president is not CEO and he can’t wave a magic wand, bombastically declare from a speech podium, floors of congress what he wants done and expect worker bees to scatter in all directions hastily making it happen. That description belongs to a dictatorship al-a Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un, government controls in China; although, who exactly did talk about shutting down ‘that internet thing?’ America’s constitution was drafted with 3 branches of government not one; executive branch (overseen by the president) tasked with implementing, enforcing the law, legislative branch (congress) tasked with making the law, changing existing law, judicial branch charged with interpreting the law, applying law to specific cases, ensuring laws do not violate the constitution. This is called checks and balances, separation of powers a safeguard against one section of government gaining too much power, leading to a dictatorship swallowing a democratic republic. Salon centering our focus on republican lead congresses’ pledge to block every one of his proposals no matter what, so instead of blaming congress for abject failure to execute their job, chastise voters who elected such ‘lazy bastards,’ better articulated agenda zealots who only care about abortion, overturning Roe V. Wade, criminalizing homosexuality, blocking gay marriage, abstinence only sex, ed. creationist science classes, throwing out all immigrants doing needed jobs Americans can’t or won’t. Republican governors who want to extremely localize education counter the exposed need for national standards, who think Mayberry was real; one who made his dog chief of staff, another who wanted to put homeless people in jail cells to teach them hygiene they never learned in dysfunctional homes to cut welfare, congressional hopeful from Delaware who believed masturbation akin to adultery and didn’t think condoms could prevent the spread of AIDS. Luckily none of these people were elected; he goes after the president? Who when he did use the bully pulpit to win American citizens over to his point of view, attempt to get people calling, writing, e-mailing their congress men and women alerting them to how they would like them to vote on issue X, exercising his powers in executive order to do what he can with an inactive congress, he was called king and emperor Obama, accused of trying to set himself up as monarch or dictator; meaning he can’t win for losing. No matter what he does it will never be enough, forgetting the expectations were far too high and unrealistic to start with. Instead of saying any of that we got ‘do nothing Obama’ and why it’s bad he doesn’t treat his occupancy in the Whitehouse like a corporation, go down to congress and make the deal. We got repeated rounds of shut up and go f- yourself, and now that there is a candidate mimicking a dictator, gestures tracked matching those of Hitler, Stalin, spewing putridly racist things against today’s supposed enemies his response is f-ing get over it, stop being so PC. 4 years ago my biggest defense of Clint Eastwood was: he wasn’t the candidate, amidst farcical speeches given by active political operatives, sitting governors, people we should be able to take seriously. He was an actor, then 82, explaining his grainy voice, uh’s, self-corrections, doing a monologue, trying to be funny failing miserably, but at least it was unique and it had been 4 years since we’d seen the Obama compared to a monkey signs, making the slicing guested across the throat taking about letting go, firing people less threatening. Still I chose to lay out his misconceptions contrasted against some of the very same things coming from candidates, political office holders endorsing his ideas coming back to, he wasn’t the candidate. However 4 years later we are in a different place where race is an ever present topic looking at what police have systematically done to blacks, the undeniable resurgence of overt and covert racism nationwide. Terrorist terror attacks and equally ever present thought considering France, Brussels, Turkey, lone wolves globally carrying out death and destruction in the name of ISIS, making that gesture alone ominously more striking And Eastwood’s comments now have people reviewing his monologue, people investigating who his is, him speaking to his own and Trump’s generation. Now this time around Trump his, CEO of a company ideas, is the candidate; Scott Baio and Antonio Sabàto Jr. speaking to their generations, Willie Robertson to his all supporting a guy who doesn’t know how the government works. And, Salon hitting another nail on the head, since people listen to actors, television personalities more than they listen to high school civics, social studies, history, government teachers, we’re poised to elect someone, by choice, who doesn’t know how the government works; scarier than Clint Eastwood’s hair, voice, strange monologue, political persuasions or the reasons for them.