Straight Faced Liars

What exactly are Straight Faced Liars? Is it a group of people that just spills their guts until there is nothing left of pure nothing but worthless lies on everyone in clear sight? Or is it an illness that can’t be cured? Well it exactly is both of those it happens to be the name of this modern rock sensation hitting the floor hard with its music drawing addiction you cannot miss out on.

“The Fall Of Sweet City,” a collection of 12-tracks each one more jaw-breaking than its last. Opening up with “Sweet City,” these modern rock stars aren’t just so modern anymore but bring on this fierce roaring aggressive curse of music as it invades your ear drums flowing in and out and all over you as the lyrics overwhelm you completely. The guitar work and drum beatings are extreme and spill out as the music is played fully through the vocals overlapping the music as they combined to create a tune so rough and raw its unbearable. Next you get hit in the face with “Key,” which holds the key to this dim city life shaking it with pure destruction until everything is crumbling downward. The vocals are more up front and in your face giving that aggressive feel right back in but this time it goes into overtime. The instrumental work is well mastered and flows right along with the vocals being smooth as a bell bringing out if you will that likeness of Stone Temple Pilots.

Another tune catcher has to be “White Summer Dress,” which also concludes the album of pure aggressiveness, but “The Fall Of Sweet City,” goes out with a bang even though everything is destroyed it still impacts that rush of energy that doesn’t leave you alone. Straight Faced Lairs brings out that modern rock and roll mayhem you just won’t want to sit back and listen in on, they make you want to get up and blow your mind to pieces from start to finish!