When you get thrown an act with a name like Strike Anywhere what should you expect to come pouring out of their musical fingertips? Well something sounding exactly like Rise Against, Strung Out, No Trigger, and Smoke or Fire that’s what. It’s been 3 years since “Dead FM,” and now it’s the time for a recap on what we’ve been missing.

First off you get thrown with 13-tracks each of which flash right on through from start to finish. “Iron Front,” comes out with shrieking with unashamed styles just like all the other Strike Anywhere albums written. The band themselves aren’t shy in letting their listeners know that there’s still something wrong in their eyes, whether it’d be the government, or the world, it’s not even so much the lyrical portion that lets you know instantly how pissed off these guys can actually get. “Iron Front,” protests the dissatisfaction, of these current affairs at hand, and the listener can tell right away when listening in on, “Failed State,” “Hand of Glory,” right down to “Omega Footprint.”

“Iron Front,” maintains that progress and energetic tone of craftsmanship that Strike Anywhere, has done beforehand, seeing that this punk melodic setting is the hardcore outbursts that are in the present time nevertheless, carry out the most potent vigor display of music to date.