Tonight is Glory

When you’re not sure where to turn when listening to music why not take a stroll down a path of music worth listening too?

When you enter the state of Texas and come across the city of El Paso you’ll come to meet this band known as Tonight Is Glory. Tonight Is Glory’s album “The Vision And Reality,” gives us 10-tracks each one being more aggressive than the last.

Some tunes that stand out the most includes “Horizons,” “It’s Never Been This Quiet,” and “At The End Of The World,” each one having roaring guitar solos and creative non-stop going riffs with drumming blast beats that beat right into your head banging roughly against your ear drum. And if that’s not all your ears can handle Tonight Is Glory has been touring over the passed year making friends along the way also building up their fan base with an army of supporters right behind them. “The Vision And Reality,” takes you on one heck of a ride as each of these tracks breaks through the music completely, the vocals screaming until the singers throat is sore and bleeding from the inside out while the drums beat their way to victory, guitars falling quickly behind not missing a chord.

Along with a little help from their friends (the album features guest appearances by members of Before Their Eyes, Greeley Estates, and Agraceful), Tonight Is Glory is poised to become the next breakout rock act, be sure to not miss this because their sound ans style will surely blow you away in a instant!