‘BEE IN THE BONNET’ are four-piece rock band, The band is new and focused generally in the alternative style mixed with undeniable female vocals. The front woman has unique skills and promising stage presence, which is well coupled with the band’s playing style. The result is quite diverse and memorable sound – the sound of “BEE IN THE BONNET’.

Bravesoul records signed the band in October 2011 and released their first single “Stuck” at the end of October 2011. The label released their second single “There’s No time” at the beginning of January 2012 and is promoting the single heavily.

Bee in the bonnet also completes a lot of self-promotion and with the aid of the label is gaining a firm and established fan-base, here in the UK and Overseas. The label also intends to promote Bee in the bonnet further with the possibility of arranging through an established and well placed promotional company tours, festivals and general promotion through internet magazines and radio airplay.

Bravesoul Records
Steve Butcher