Using fan friendly marketing, the Parisian electro duo The Glimps, comprised of members Christopher Paris and Victor Valdez, spread the word that once their new video “Please” reached 500,000 views on YouTube, it would become available as a free download. It didn’t take long. The video “Please” was posted on YouTube ( on September 11, 2012, and reached (and exceeded) their 500,000 views by September 30th. The advertisement was made on The Glimps’ Facebook page. The song and video have received accolades from both fans and media.

“Please” is a concept song, in addition to being an electro-funk track that’s catchy and has a nice beat. But because The Glimps like to involve their fans in their music as much as possible, the final product is always something that they know will be well received. By allowing their fans to have creative input and feedback on their songs via Facebook, they’ve created a very receptive audience for their music. They simply upload drafts of their songs and allow people to openly make comments. Once a song has been tweaked per the comments that were made, it is finalized and a video is made. The Glimps then upload the video and watch how quickly it hits their targeted number of views, which are followed by free downloads and there you have it – viral marketing.

The video “Please” is well produced and directed, with a steamy and seductive side to it. A group of seemingly nervous corporate workers are seated in a conference room, as footsteps approach and the door is opened. A very stern looking, but beautiful woman enters the room, and it’s obvious that she’s the boss. She sets her things down on the table, looks around at everyone, and then does something no one would ever guess – she gets the “I want you” look, and proceeds to passionately kiss the male colleague seated next to her. The kiss sets off a chain reaction as he too gets “the look” and turns to the woman next to him. This proceeds down the line, becoming steamier all the while, until the lady seated in the middle gets up and performs a well-choreographed dance, only to return to “the look” which she then passes on and it continues until everyone in the room has shared a little bit of office romance. The video is a somewhat risqué but fun one that focuses on a group of business people who are end up all getting intimate with each other, however done in an orderly fashion. The video then reverses itself hastily, beyond those initial steps and entrance into the boardroom, where viewers find that the “lady in charge” had walked past someone playing The Glimps’ song “Please.”

The single “Please” is available for free download on October 8th, with an album slated for release by the end of 2012.

The Glimps wish to thank their fans and friends for helping them to attain their goal of 500,000 YouTube views. Please enjoy the free download.

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