Author: Natasha Sapp

Neck in Neck Race With China For 5 G: How About We Make Sure Whatever G We Have 1, 2, 3, 4…10 It Works And Works Completely For Those Who Need To, Want To Use It

Absolutely make sure Huawei, ZTE isn’t a national security threat to us or more importantly developing nations with lesser, earlier generation technology, but after that we have bigger problems/barriers to wireless, internet, technology in general both brewing and worsening for decades.

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German Vs. American Parenting: The Crux America’s Perceived ‘Failing’ Isn’t About Suffocating Self Reliance It’s About Ensuring Safety

And when we say safety we don’t mean from skinned knees, scarped elbows, natural mild consequences of acting up at school, forgetting to do the laundry or let the puppy out, failing grades or non-life threatening common life experiences. We mean safety as much from the perverts, freaks, psychos, mass shooters, deranged killers, those specifically bent on hurting children as the once labeled ‘freak accidents’ that were, in retrospect to our own upbringings, the product of mild neglect and lax safety protocols now insisted upon because of repeated serious injury, death to children.

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