Soundreef European Startup To Disrupt PRO Monopolies

Soundreef, European Startup To Disrupt PRO Monopolies, Is Seeking Music For Catalog Used By Over 2,200 Broadcasters

Soundreef, avant-garde copyright management company in Europe, is looking for musicians worldwide to insert into their catalog due to client demand. Soundreef specializes in background music for retail chains – an unexplored source of income & promotion for many musicians.

They are an alternative to performance rights organizations & collecting societies such as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SIAE, SACEM, GEMA & more for background music licenses used in Europe.
The agreement is non-exclusive so you can be a part of ASCAP/BMI/SESAC, etc. and still sign up with Soundreef.

Musicians collect their royalties every 6 months and get their dashboard online where they can see where their music is playing, how much they are earning, and when they will be paid. All earnings are distributed analytically along excel reports with relevant data – no market sampling!

Sign up for the chance to be broadcasted in over 2,200 points with more than 17.8 million in-store monthly radio listeners.

On European Monopolies:
On open registration:

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  1. The idea of being non-exclusive is a bit strange, as rights are managed by territory. So I might be able to sign with Soundreef for Italy, but can I do so only for rights in retail? These are performance rights, aren’t they? Do they also monitor radio plays there?
    michael recently posted..Music as a weaponMy Profile

  2. Hi Michael,
    For now we only manage royalties from background music in retail outlets, so radio plays and other types of rights would be managed by the other relevant PRO(s).
    For example, in Italy, someone can have Soundreef collect the royalties from retail outlets and have SIAE (the local society) collect for radio, TV and others.
    Right holders can split the management of their royalties by territory and/or type or right. So you could appoint different combinations of types of rights and territories to different societies.
    We’re developing web tools to expand our royalty collecting sources, so as to include other types of rights in the future – so stay tuned!

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