A night of life with a night of fun, with a night dedicated to music? That’s right music! Some of the loudest and most intense music you could ever imagine or is it? Well in this case it is just your everyday basic source of rock n roll mixed in with modern punk with heavy metal thrown on top to add the flavor. Is that so bad? I think not! This flavorful combination is the mixture known as Revolution Mother and tonight they rocked the mini city walk in Burbank, California, for the die-hard skaters in the area and people just wandering the streets. Everyone whose anyone showed up at this small get together that blew up around 7ish lasting a mere 20-30 minute set up. That consisted of old and new material a handful of it being mostly new to promote their newest addition “Rollin with Tha Mutha.” Delivering to the audience witnessing this adrenaline rush of “Born to Rock N Roll,” Ride the Sky,” “Rollin with the Mutha,” Do or Die,” among other smash roaring hits that tear you completely to shreds. Vocalist Mike Vallely brought the intensity and energy rush that kept running in and out of the small Active store spot getting the newbie audience into the feel of the music’s presents. Once the band had wrapped it altogether an encore was called out and so Revolution Mother could not resist but brought it on fast and hard concluding the night of pure rockin insanity. After their set had drawn to a close, the band gathered at the table that was set up and did a meet and greets signing and shaking the many hands of their new fans that shall remain loyal and true…..