Natalie Perez of Natalie’s World conducted an interview with Dirge Within! You can also check out the video portion HERE.

1. What’s been the highlight so far of the Into the Mouth of Hell We Tour?
Shaun: The two tours were so near one another that the promoters decided to put them together into this big festival for the San Francisco and Los Angeles dates. But I think Los Angeles kicks ass better than San Francisco does which is rare.

2. Which band have you been hanging out with the most on this tour?
Shaun: Trivium, I ride a lot with them and hang with them. Cory, Matt, Paulo, and Nick are great friends of mine I just love those guys.

3. Is the economy affecting your tour attendance or merch sales? Is it impacting logistics or operation at all?
Shaun: Of course you see it. For the price we have to sell t-shirts they are 4 or 5 other bands you have to match it up with to keep it fair. So there are kids that have to miss out on buying shirts at times which sucks. Its reality so you just got to make the best of it I suppose.

4. What’s the best prank you’ve played on bandmates or other bands?
Shaun: Gabe of Whitechapel who I call Cartman we bought him an Eric Cartman drivers license and put it in his wallet that was hilarious.

5. I’m sure you get stories from fans about how your music impacts their lives. What’s one that really stands out?
Shaun: There was a girl in Hartford, Connecticut who said that our music helped her get through her illness. That’s always a very heartfelt to hear from our fans.

6. Tell me about your latest video for “Forever the Martyr”.
Shaun: It was a long day of bombs and explosions, I think the director got a good vibe of the band and we’re known to be an aggressive type of band when performing live. I want to have fun and crush some skulls.

7. Why should the fans own a copy of “Force Fed Lies”?
Shaun: I think every song has a different vibe and has a good American metal and do our own thing.

8. Any last words?
Shaun: Thanks for having me, and keep supporting metal!