Ukrainian black metallers Khlors have released their third accomplishment “Mysticism,” eight tracks of somber, atmosphere rich melodies that showcase their real style and creativeness within the music itself. The black metal genre has been expressed again and again by numerous bands from all over the world. But when Khlors does it, they do it well. The instruments played through each of the eight tracks offered takes its matters into its own hands. The guitars and drumming tactics presented blend together easily with the vocals that send out a rough but raw source of energy that blends everything together. On such tracks as “Raven’s Dance,” “In the Cold Embrace of Mist,” and “Winterfall,” these three each create a tale. A tale that follows through leading into one another, for instance “Raven’s Dance,” dances its way right on through into “Winterfall,” letting the combination of the atmosphere of the instruments make their way through having the rapture of the guitar riffs blast louder and louder. Whereas “Winterfall,” goes off into a mellow driven tune that blasts loud every now and then letting the drumming blast beats take control showcasing the vocals that rise above. In the end concluding with “In the Cold Embrace of Mist,” that showers the trio in a cold blanket of air letting the blend of vocals start off and grunt their way bashing against the drums and guitars as the song is built. Khlor?s ?Mysticism,? is a mystical adventure.