Zera Vaughan’s “The New Seed,” unleashes that trip-hop sound wave that enforces that English pop vibration that keeps the music constantly flowing, having that unique voice with catchy lyrics and easy-going beatings really makes the listener interact with what the musician is dealing with from daily life experiences down to personal issues and concerns happening within the everyday lifestyle of the world of which we live in.

Zera’s 12-track mix-up captures her true emotions showcasing her real talented abilities she enforces when creating music. For instance “Empty Spaces,” “One More Day,” “Where is the Love,” “The Message” and conclusion “Devil Must Die,” the music really conflicts upon the reality of the everyday lifestyle that not only Zera has dealt with but the listener may have as well.
The lyrics are really broken down and chorus lines really speaks to you when listening to the descriptive styling’s of how Zera progresses her emotions through music, the music’s poppy but classy at the same time – sounding very much like Miley Crisis meets Mandy Moore.

Her music impacts these overwhelming emotions non-stop displaying a waterfall of senses that can’t be contained.