Sin Of Man’s Pre-Halloween Bash

We all know about parties some celebrate because of a holiday or certain ocasion while others tend to celebrate all year long. But in this case this particular is an advanced party, let’s just say a “Pre-Pre Halloween Party”.

Taking place at the C.I.A. (California Institute Of Abnormalarts) you’ve invited to attend Filthy Phil’s Metal Shop 101. This being not your average take on your regular “metal shop” – this one being a lot more musical, with some of Los Angele’s locals in our mists, i.e. headliners Sin Of Man.

Who brought on the midnight sensation around 12:30AM late that Thursday night, throwing together a set list consisting not only of 1 but a total of 7 songs to get your rock n’ roll heavy metal adrealine rush pumping.

So pumped up that guitarist Mark shreded all night long with overwhelming guitar solos that the band’s frontman Dustry screamed until his bodily fulids spilled upon the floor. Bassist Chris and drummer Jordan being the back-ups to wrap it altogether having the music run smoothly at a break neck pace.

Overall Sin Of Man’s performance was unlike anything else you haven’t seen before, consisting of a repeating formula that runs into itself over and over again without allowing the music to get old.

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