Secrets of Music Licensing Industry Revealed.

The Music Licensing Directory ( creates a new and simple path for artists and music rights holders to get their music licensed and tap into a global multi-billion dollar industry.

December 4th 2012: Launched today, The Music Licensing Directory is a new online tool for artists, bands, producers, labels and music industry professionals that simplifies the music licensing process and enables artists to extend their reach to global music licensing opportunities.

This innovative new tool lists and analyzes more than 400 companies around the world, that license music into film, TV, advertising & games as well as new companies that license music directly to brands and new media.

The Music Licensing Directory was created by two industry experts in the music licensing and Internet industries, Winston Giles and Adrian Giles.

“Never before has a platform existed that allows users to quickly and simply find and approach companies across such a broad spectrum of the global music licensing industry. For the first time – one online resource provides an extensive and searchable database of music licensing libraries and music supervision companies whilst also including new types of companies that have emerged – music branding companies and companies that crowd source music licensing needs.” said Winston Giles, CEO of the Music Licensing Directory.

The music business, and in particular, the music licensing industry is rapidly evolving. Music licensing has expanded beyond film, television and advertising. Brands now look to artists and innovative music branding strategies as critical for successful marketing. New technology and new forms of media present fresh needs for music. Music licensing has grown to a global multi-billion dollar industry, and has always presented a difficult and complex process for artists, bands and music rights holders.

Music licensing is the last reliable revenue source for artists and the Music Licensing Directory provides an innovative solution to the complex licensing process. The Directory provides important details about how individual companies work and the deals and arrangements that they make with artists. A powerful search feature allows users to find companies based upon certain criteria, such as location, exclusivity, ownership rights and recent clients and sync placements.

The Music Licensing Directory enables artists, music representatives and music rights holders to quickly and effectively get their music licensed in countries around the world and to make good money with their music whilst taking advantage of the changing music and media industries.

Michael Parisi, Managing Director Of Wunderkind Records & Michael Parisi Management commented “Finally, a real-deal , proper one-stop online music licensing resource that is certainly going to revolutionize the international music licensing business! I think it’s a must for anyone in the music industry no matter who or where you are.”

About the Music Licensing Directory

The Music Licensing Directory and the e-book “A Guide to Music Licensing and working with Music Licensing Companies”, has been created by two industry professionals, who are in fact brothers: Adrian and Winston Giles. From different professional backgrounds (Adrian is an entrepreneur specializing in the Internet and information technology industry and Winston’s background is in the music and entertainment industry) the pair merged their knowledge and experience to create the Music Licensing Directory.

Winston Giles’ professional background is diverse. He is a recording artist, producer, record label owner and music licensing professional. He has released many albums under different monikers (The Winston Giles Orchestra, Atari Baby, Floor 13) and had a very successful career licensing his music. Winston has had dozens of sync placements for his own music, including some of the biggest TV shows in the world such as CSI and Desperate Housewives and with global brands such as Nokia and Coca Cola. Winston has also run his own record label and music licensing company for over ten years (Playup Music) and currently represents over 500 hundreds artists, whose music his company licenses to Films, TV shows, Advertising commercials, Computer Games & web based videos. Winston regularly attends music licensing conferences around the world and he has approached the Music Licensing Directory & writing the e-book with invaluable knowledge and insight as both an artist and as an industry professional.

Adrian Giles is an entrepreneur specializing in the Internet and information technology industry. In 1997 Adrian founded Sinewave Interactive, Australia’s first Search Engine Optimization company and in 1998 he founded Hitwise grew over 10 years to become one of the most recognized global internet measurement brands with over 250 staff operating successfully in the USA, UK, Australia, NZ, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Whilst positioning the company for a NASDAQ listing in early 2007 Hitwise was sold to Experian (LSE: EXPN). Throughout its growth Hitwise was ranked by Deloitte’s as one of the fastest growing IT companies in the Asia Pacific region for five consecutive years. Adrian is now the Managing Director of Yarra Ventures an advisory and private investment fund he formed after the sale of Hitwise and also Chairman of Australian listed technology company Webfirm (ASX:WFM).

The music industry has evolved and has increasingly become an online-based industry, bringing many changes. Within this evolution, Adrian and Winston saw an opportunity to merge their fields of expertise and create a powerful tool that provides a simple, reliable and fast solution to help artists, bands, producers, managers, labels and publishers to best make money getting their music licensed.


Contact: For further information, or to arrange a phone call, please contact Winston Giles on email