It seems everywhere you turn, more new metal is being released, and you may have a hard time picking which band to buy. Well, here’s some more music to choose from. The Murfreesboro, Tennessee band A Plea For Purging has released their sophomore album on Facedown Records, entitled Depravity. Their musical approach can be described as August Burns Red with lot less breakdowns and more structure methods used. The vocals are low and very guttural, which sounds good for the most part, as long as they are supported by the instrumentation. During such tracks as “Malevolence,” “Holocausts,” and “Reputation,” the source of the music played presents itself fast and over ridden not showing off the band’s real skills at work. The guitars chug along in the typical metalcore style, occasionally breaking out into some fast runs or high, more ethereal accompaniment. Every once in a while, an electronic feel will emerge briefly, which is a nice touch. The overall sound is solid and exactly what the listener would expect from a metalcore band. But unfortunately there is an flaw that sticks out throughout the entire album. A variation between each of the tracks where the rhythm is concerned and at some points each song becomes slow and drags a lot longer than it is expected too. But in the end A Plea For Purging is a talented source of musical experience and exposure that plans to shine brightly showcasing themselves for a long time.