When a name like Agent Mooshead came to my attention only one thing struck my mind and that was the timeless classic “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show” why you ask? Well if you don’t know who this funny going duo is you’re down right crazy. Rocky is the flying squirrel sidekick of front runner Bullwinkle the Moose so put two and two together and this band name should struck somewhat a resemblance.

Or at least I think so, but any whom, this progressive experimental jazz combination takes the musical inputs of 6 members and dishes out the styling attitude that is “Neil, Throw the Switch!” A 9-track rhythm machine of harmonic architecture with such improvisation that this band alone provides its own brand of jazz that tends to create itself as each song plays itself through. Like “Neckface”, “Tricycle”, and “Mow Your Lawn”, showcases the instruments craftsmanship with ease. The music just glides itself right through each tune piecing itself as the music slowly formats.

Concluding with such grace and smoothness the music just formulates over and over making each tune sound completely different and utterly unique in its own way. Agent Mooshead has a promising future ahead of them and this album is just the start of something totally unexpected come the future stances.