When comes to the “break-down” of an album lyrically you get thrown a series of emotions, in this case we deal with “life, death, solitude, hope, faith and mental health” according to guitarist Pekko Mantzin of metal rock alternative The Jade straight out of Finland.

This mighty foursome have brought together some re-composed tunes that have been issued beforehand on their last set of self-published works but now that era is behind them, now is the time for us to bear witness to “Seconds Away From Salvation”.
The 13-tracked plus the added bonus lays it out to an arousing 14 altogether, gives us the lyrical formula for every type of emotional need we may be enforcing. With that said “Solitary Soul”, is the opener that literally blows this album away, for instance the drums come in quick and easy while the guitars riff structure just sails right on through, the vocals capturing the whole emotional musical meaning.

Moving on with “”Roses Are Burning”, you get thrown with that same vibe that you received with the opener. The music just impulses itself until it explodes directly at you, having all the instruments come at you all at once, the guitar’s structural work and vocal tactics clashing together with ease. Now “Drowning”, and “King´s Cross”, have the mellower effect. These are to be considered the “ballad songs” offered upon “Seconds Away From Salvation”.

Each compressing that real emotional stress that grips upon your heart and soul and unleashes itself slowly until your whole body is drained of your bodily fluids. When that being said and over with, The Jade has composed an arrangement of tunes that really captures what the band was going after when making this album, be just “Seconds Away From Salvation”.