An award winning composer known as Christopher Lennertz scores big when scoring the album for the film entitled Adam. A tale about a man by the name of Adam, who is affected by Asperger’s a high functioning form of autism. Lennertz has created a simple theme reflecting upon Adam’s lifestyle. As Adam’s life develops becoming more complex so does the music surrounding him. Lennertz wanted to use ensemble with a Beatles influenced impacted rather than your basic orchestra like tone. This consists of guitar, upright piano, cello, bass, drums, mellotron, marimba, along with a celeste and bansuri. A small six string section is added in making the romantic sequences more vivid and captures the entire scene than just certain aspects of it.

Lennertz uses some creative tactics such as reversing the harmonic guitar notes and lowering the pitch of the bansuri to create such an unique texture it captivates all its own. But that’s not all Lennertz uses a wide range of other gadgets to keep the music embraced and moving from start to finish never missing a beat. All in all Adam is a film with excellent music passages that by pass one another clashing together to combine a source of music that stands out above all the rest.