A German/Dutch Isthar is a band with respectable history behind. Their 3 issues : “Isthar” ( 1998 ), “The Weak Will Perish” ( 2000 ), and “Among The Ruins” ( 2006 ) has received some recognitions, where especially latest one “Among The Ruins” reaches to wider recommendations. After some period of discographical silence, they are active with newer edition, this time with an EP issue, entitled “Chaos Death Reincarnation.” A 5-track EP with hypnotic portions of slower up to mid tempos that break through each song played. The blend of black with death metaling vocals is a splendid touch added that goes off into a clear influence method taken from the 90’s black metal era. Overall displaying Isthar?s creativeness and has them becoming a unique source of music that will forever reign above all the rest.