It seems like L.A. just can’t get enough music to toss around so they sweep up each and every act strolling down the street. Is this a good form to use when picking out “the next best thing” in music, perhaps it is but then again maybe it isn’t such a good idea to go along with. In this case though, an acceptation is put into effect, creating it quite hard to describe the music in general.

This indie rock n roll act Saint Motel is hard to resist with their drumming matters of fun, upbeat lyrics with catchy instrumental proportions slithering in and out of the music being played. What more could you expect, except perhaps maybe an EP to follow right along? “ForPlay,” is the name and EP making is the game that has been made, crafting together a mere 6 simple songs that put you directly at ease as soon as the opener takes off….. “Eat Your Heart Out,” ‘Dear Dictator,” along with “Pity Party,” and “To My Enemies,” is the bunch-ups that sound the catchiest.

Crafting out the most modern going rock n roll music available, Saint Motel tends to build up the adrenaline over and over each time their music blasts right on through. Clashing together the modern everyday mixtures with the over the edge fast pace rush of what L.A. considers “rock”.