Saosin is a intended to be one of those post-hardcore bands but easily falls into the alternative rock n’ roll category a lot easier. That being said, the band formed in 2003 and is from Newpor Beach, California, the band itself consists of vocalist Cove Reber, guitarists Beau Burchell and Justin Shekoski, bassist Chris Sorenson, and drummer Alex Rodriguez.

Their self-titled efforts exploded when it was unleashed in 2006 but three years later what has become of the almighty Saosin? Were they able to bring up their music ability up a notch to satsify their every need? The band thinks so at least that’s what can be heard and said when it comes to their second attempt at music making, “In Search of Solid Ground,” three of the songs being re-recordings that were offered on their brief but short EP “The Grey” (2008). But that was then and now we’re dealing with this effortlessness.

Since word has gotten out a handful of numerous tracks have been floating around the net and those tracks happen to be the most unique and catchiest of 13 offered. “On My Own,” “Is This Real,” “Changing,” along with “The Worst of Me,” and “It’s All Over Now,” are just the highlights of what Saosin has to express both musically and instrumentally speaking. As far as musically goes, the music has indeed matured and grown expressing the band as a whole showcasing their abilities a lot more while the instrumental parts have that on/off effect from time to time. “Changing,” the music progresses fast and heavily all in one single shot as the song plays a non-stop pattern that tends to just repeat it. While “On My Own,” and “Is This Real?” tend to beat up one another competing for which is more aggressive than the other guess you would say.

When the music draws itself to a closing point rounding off the whole album, Saosin’s “In Search of Solid Ground,” is a more focused and matured source of music unleashing their abilities a lot more detailed than ever before…..