Skeletonwitch Breathing the Fire

Anthens, Ohio has delivered something extreme to the table this year not anything, that they haven’t done before though, this is just a continuation to a past creation, that being “Beyond the Permafrost,” (2007) by metal thrashers Skeletonwitch. The Witch’s almighty return has been a “making in the process” aside from all the numerous touring and believe it or not side spot on the Blackest of the Black Tour alongside classic rocker Danzig, which took place late last year, The Witch has gained the momentum required to create an ever-lasting exposure that is “Breathing The Fire,” (2009) the third achievement to call their own and one they are most proud of.

Skeletonwitch headed off to Seattle hooking up with the legendary producer Jack Endino who’s worked with such acts as, Nirvana, Soundgarden, and High On Fire, and make this fire ignite into a blaze of glory, these 12-tracks surely to not disappoint in any manner possible. For instance the thrashers rhythm’s, comes from “Where the Light Has Failed,” and “Crushed Beyond Dust,” while the melodic death metal portion settles in, with “Longing for Domination,” and “Blinding Black Rage,” throwing out some black metal “Released from the Catacombs,” and some of your everyday modern metal with “Stand Fight and Die” easily tossing around the genre mixture to ease up the album’s mixing process.

The Witch’s style is unique and well-rounded creating an overpowering sensation of creativity that builds up the metal being presented, having a long-ever-lasting sense of solos and leads that can easily be well remembered each time through, in short let the Witch be heard!

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