Your have been cordially invited to attend a school of witchcraft and wizardry will you accept? If you chose “Yes” then you are now an official member of Skeletonwitch! Ohio based thrash heavy metal sensational act Skeletonwitch has conquered up some magic and mystifying spells of their own creation. Their combination of raw intense emotion along with aggressive senses thrown altogether dishes out some adrenaline so strong it’s overwhelming. The Knitting Factory known to many as the main hot spot on Hollywood Blvd tends to always hold up the night life with its variety of shows and Skeletonwitch was to take part in it. Hitting the stage before the thrash Devils was Saviors a local act that tore up the front lounging area instantly soon departing letting the main headliners get set up.

Once everything was good to go a foggy mist covered the stage and the audience witnessing it as Skeletonwitch tore the place up! Doing no more than an hour set list consisting of old and new material soon to be released come October of this year the band was in high pulsing energy that just wouldn’t give up. Each song being more entertaining than the last the band threw together a killer set list of pure aggression that got the whole crowd in killer motion from banging their heads to the beat of the music, down to raising their fists in the air commanding more entertainment.

Skeletonwitch commented throughout their set during the last remaining songs front man Chance spoke out saying after their second to the last song, “You guys didn’t go anywhere” “Well neither did we.” ripping into the last song everyone was begging for, “Within My Blood.” Chance had left the audience with one last remark “Get drunk, smoke weed, and eat some pussy.” Causing nothing but utter chaos in the pit people getting tossed upon the stage to jumping off the stage the whole room was in high energy worshipping nothing better than the almighty Skeletonwitch!