This is not your ordinary EP oh no, this consists of 6 that’s right 6-tracks that live up to what they’re intended to do. Which is but of course to create music correct? Well that’s somewhat the answer. You do receive 6-tracks of your average take on what rock, metal, and industrial music is but where does it go, well it just so happens to go “Straight to the Middle”.

Being well known across the southwestern region known as Arizona, theAttitude formed just 4 years ago and since have not looked back. Brought on by musical veterans, vocalist Jim Louvau and guitarist Anthony Kirksey the two began to write and craft together songs with just one idea in mind. That they wanted to have absolutely no musical limitations whatsoever having coming from different backgrounds the more resources the merrier. Later on bassist Nick Ruggiero, second guitarist Jared Bakin, and drummer Kansas Farver completed this new adapted project.

This brings us back to the EP and the 6 so called tracks you get thrown into, “Best Days”, and “Rebel Yell”, are the major highlights enlisted here, but theAttitude is enforcing the music to establish this connection with its listener taking them to a whole another dimension. With the added industrial effects and mid bending guitar effects and solos aside from the occasional in-coming “screams” by Louvau – theAttitude has built a solid set of songs that not only can the listener relate to but accompany them on their own reality world.