The relentless brutality that flows through every song and snaps your neck is just unbelievable, Vomitory returns with ?Carnage Euphoria.? Razor sharp guitars with professional, yet passionate riffing, pounding drums by the one and only Tobias Gustafsson and last but not least Rundqvist?s earth shaking bass lines and growling vocals creating a Death Metal whirlwind that will destroy you. Vomitory is what other Death Metal bands nowadays are not! Some of the tracks that stand out the most includes; “Serpents,” “The Ravenous Dead,” and “Possessed,” with such brutalizing force you won?t remember what you?re listening too. All the instruments working together all at once, crafting well rounded guitar riffs with solos that manage to keep up. Whereas the drumming tempo beats bash together heavily not missing a beat. Vomitory?s musical talents this time around showcase the band?s real skills and exposure throughout. Having the instruments not only being more intense and aggressive but embraces the music as well, taking it to a whole another level completely. Putting your body into a full blown panic attack, giving ?Carnage Euphoria,? the perfect timing to break free and consume you.