What do you get when you combine gore, horror and death metal? A very catchy music combination that has become one of the most recognizable styles around brought to you by Bone Gnawer. “Feast Of Flesh,? features some of the most elite musicians in the industry. With Death Metal icon Kam Lee (Massacre / ex-Denial Fiend / ex-Mantas/Death) serving up some of his trademark growls clearing stating ?That will teach you to f**k with me!? Coming off the album is “Cannibal Cook-Out,” “Hatchet Face,” and “Defleshed & Skinned feat. Killjoy,” is some of the most brutalizing tracks when it comes to “Feast Of Flesh.” As instrumental goes the guitars bring out this heavy intensity unlike any other being fast and purely brutal. As far as drumming goes same ordeal being just as heavy and just as fast never missing a bit but making the music that more enjoyable to bang your head or twirl it in an unspeakable fashion. Bone Gnawer displays that death metal and the many fantastic sources to use in the way of gore and horror are alive and well. Do not pass this album otherwise you?ll live to regret it. You have been warned now listen!