“Its’ the drugs in me that keeps me sane,” an interesting take on an amazing act that cannot be tamed, an act blending sex, drugs, and rock n roll in all forms imaginable. I?m talking about the one and only Midnight Reign, straight out of the forsaken depths of Los Angeles, California. This act brings out the pure insanity and intensity that rock n roll and heavy metal is well known to create and they decided to go a whole another route from electric to the mellow vibrations of acoustic necessities. Playing for a handful of loyal fans and new comers, Midnight Reign performed at the Glendale Galleria?s Hot Topic doing a 30 minute in-store set up consisting of old and new material. The old material taken off ?Never Look Back,? their debut LP that has been sweeping the radio waves and online craze forever now and some material off cellist Starla Baker?s upcoming LP ?Miserable,? not to forget Midnight Reign?s newest soon to be released follow-up ?Are you Gothic?? due out later this year. The performance was clear but not as clean as the goofy quotes being discussed during their performance was thrown around sending numerous laughs from the eye-balling audience. When it was all said and done, it was a Hot Topic exclusive that the small town of Glendale shall not want to forget.

Set list:

1. The Hollywood Rx
2. Breath On Me…
3. Your?
4. XXX (Playground)
5. The Mourning After
6. Hollow Man
7. Dead Girls Don’t Say No