The software is growing well with a hundred new users each day. With this new technology, users are able to play their own favorite mp3 tracks with an interactive add-on file format known as .ivs. These tracks can then be used on the TronMe player.

Patrick Levy Rosenthal, 3D Solar’s CEO said, “If an mp3 file is a gem stone, then to convert it to interactive is to add loops to it so you can see new dimensions shining from it. Every time your track is remixed it is like watching your stone from a different angle showing endless possibilities, bursts of light and color.”

After installation, the software will list all of the mp3 tracks on each user’s PC and will provide notice if other users already found interesting loops in a particular song. Therefore, users can decide to use the same loops for their tracks with the TronMe player. If the user subscribe with a small monthly fee he can use all of these along with plenty of new versions uploaded daily.

The player can also be used for free! To do this a user needs to convert his own tracks into the interactive format and publish the position of the seamless loops he found in his tracks for other users to try and vote for.

The most common scenario, as the library starts to grow, will be that the interactive track does not already appear on the TronMe server. In this case, users will be asked to go ahead and convert the music by clicking on the icon next to the title of the song. This will open a new interface, like that of a wave editor, where the bars and measures of the track will be visible. The goal now is to detect a seamless loop within the music that can be successfully sampled. A seamless loop must have a clean start and finish it must not have any unexpected noises to detract from the loop itself. The software does help in finding the loops they are often found in measures 2,4,6,8 and 16.

Once the user is happy with the result, loop positions can then be submitted and published on the TronMe server. The player is then able to create remixes of this track for free. The new version is made available for other users to use. On the beta version of TronMe only one solution of each track is available however; soon, there will be up to ten versions of each track. 3D Solar exists to provide a place where people can collectively determine the value of each version. These ten will be split into two halves. The top five will be permanently on the site, ranked by the votes they received. Once something new is submitted, other people will see it and vote for the version they like best. If a user’s submission is excellent and receives enough votes, it is promoted to the top five.

It goes without saying that the first users to convert the most popular tracks will reap the benefits; each time the track is used the user who converted it will receive “Trons” and these will be divided proportionally between those who converted the top five versions of that track. The more Trons a user receives, the higher his score, and with a higher score comes free tools, special effects and songs!

Interactivity is the future of music, be a part of it.


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